"Cloud Strife ain't got nothing on Dante."

I started to run around the local rental store to find Kingdom Hearts immediately when I got inside and even asked a worker when it would be back. During my search I glanced over at Devil May Cry several times and hearing good news about this game from people here at GameFAQs. ''If people say it's as good as they say it is then I'll rent it.'' With that I picked up the cover box and held onto it for a short period of time when I finally decided to pay for it and leave with this little delight.

Capcom is the full creator of Devil May Cry making this a Resident Evil and Onimusha: Warlords mixture. The graphics are very much Resident Evil like which you can read about in the graphics section of this review. Resident Evil gun models are also used in Devil May Cry including Dante's hand made guns name Ebony and Ivory. As for Onimusha: Warlords likenesses you have red orbs that you collect for currency at the end of missions or even sometimes in game. The green orbs
are for replenishing health. The purple orbs are used for expanding your demon gauge. The blue orbs are for expanding vitality. Last but not least, the yellow orbs are used if you die from an enemy or any other scenario you can think of.

Gameplay: 8/10, Great:
The gameplay is that which will keep you guessing what you have to do for several minutes. After you have killed off a gang of beasts, get prepared to give your sword a couple of practice swings, just in case. The difficulty is a very good placed one for fighting monsters and witches that don't care if you live or not. Even though the difficulty is set very good the puzzles are as hard as the ones you come across in Ico. There are many fun things in Devil May Cry that will make your playing, such as the demonic energy that you use to speed up Dante, make him hit twice as hard, and look really cool doing it in the process... Almost a ''Matrix'' form. Guns have one hundred percent accuracy, but that may not help as Ebony and Ivory are used only on the easier opponents were they rarely can block but once you get in the higher ranks of the game they get useless. The sword will guide you through out all of this game though as it is the ultimate weapon of power. Also elements come into play as they do in trading card games, a certain beast may have the element of thunder and when you use the sword of thunder it may take half of that damage that you would regularly dish out to your opponent. Besides that you basically run around killing demon spirits and solve puzzles at the same time.

Graphics: 9/10, Superb:
The graphics are done up to the high quality of Final Fantasy X, but missing several qualities of it. The hair looks of that from Sega's Shenmue with at least every strand done with the artists hard work. The characters look extraordinary, every bit down to the lip movement was done very well. The Resident Evil similarities in the graphics include the lighting, overall scenery, and just the characters themselves. If you do realize I put a nine out of ten, instead of a ten out of ten... This is because not all the graphics look hard work such as the ocean, it looks fine but in the farthest part back you can see that they rushed it a bit. Also the weapons looked a bit blocky, but besides that everything looked superb.

Sound: 10/10, Perfect:
The creepiness of the music gave it the feel of a gothic game, which was what Capcom was aiming for. Bells chiming then angel like music, repeating over and over to give a rattle from your cranium all the way down your spine to your tailbone. The voice actors were very good, especially Dante, he sounded magnificent for a half human - half demon and the creaking of the puppets at the first section of the game gives it that scary feel to it as well making you feel you are in a real world. There are hardly any flaws to really pinpoint on Devil May Cry in the sound department but Capcom knows what it's been doing after all of these years in the gaming business.

Control: 7/10, Good:
The only place in this game where it get's a low blow to the system. The controls are a bit clumsy to where you press different commands where as you want to do something else. If you press R2 instead of R1 for the demon gauge you will probably get upset, especially on a boss enemy. Also, the major flaw in the game is the camera angles, they show a small section (such as a hallway) and go to a different section of the hallway after you have passed that section. This can really be a problem when you have an opponent attacking you from a spot you can not see. Besides that everything is fresh.

Dante is a half human - half demon trying to save the earth from eternal damnation, actually forced by a mysterious woman named Trish who busts into the sword shop owned by Dante and forces him to help in the quest of saving the world by first challenging him to a small fight that makes him angry after plunging a sword deep into his torso. After this Dante learns about Sparda, his father, and decides to go with her to Malay Island. Basically he is a normal tough guy character who--- well actually in this case he tries to get the girl instead, not like some characters. His father is Sparda like said above. and he inherited his father's demonic powers and his skills in fighting. Dante though taught himself how to use a gun properly. This silver headed headed hero will stop at nothing to have his life back to normal in his sword shop Devil May Cry.

Replayability: 8/10, Great::
If you are the gamer who loves to play to the maximum you will play this game repeatedly to the point your friends may think that you are a bit of a hardcore gamer... If this does happen then you are just a fanatic of masterpieces. Besides this you may want to face up to Devil May Cry's challenging missions. So the probability of replayability is very, very high.

Buy or Rent?:
If you collect games or are just a regular gamer I suggest you buy this game to get different extras after beating the game over and over again. Anyway if this game gets more than one sequel you may just want to see how the series ends.

Overall: 8/10, Great:
This game is a very special game that gamers will never forget. The art of the sword is a special one in real life and this game teaches you about the art of the sword through out all of the game. I suggest you read the book Dante's Inferno which Devil May Cry was based upon. This game is one that only Capcom can successfully pull off.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/14/02, Updated 10/14/02

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