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"New appearance ! New life !!!"

The first reason why I picked up this game was that it had been produced by Shinji Mikami - the creator of naughty Resident Evil series, which has been one of my most favourite game. But when picking Devil May Cry, I was wondering a lot. I myself had hated sword-fighting games very much, and I was afraid that this game would be abandoned like some other action games of mine such Nightmare Creature. But no, the game did show an opposite result. I was fascinated !

Gameplay 10/10
The gameplay of this game is really high. Devil May Cry is not completely a survival horror as Shinji Mikami's style. It's truly an action game. The battle system is little similar to Resident Evil style, but with manual weapons even firearms, combined between modern and ancient style. The game is neither so easy nor so hard. It's decent, and every gamer can touch it. Devil May Cry has advanced graphic of Playstation2, an interesting mysterious story and high fun factor. Unlike simple survival horrors like Resident Evil series or Silent Hill, the control and battle system of Devil May Cry follows free faction. Your character moves very gracefully, and the nice camera angles rotate as you go. But it's pretty fixed, not as messing as Tomb Raider. As I told about, there's a combination between modern and ancient style, so where is it ? ...It's very the battle system. Your main character is a half-devil, half-man creature, and he can use manual weapons like ancient style, along with firearms of modern. Is there any interesting besides these ? Yes, this game tons of secret missions and several difficulties to play. You can pass first modes easily, but it will be a true challenge to pass over harder modes. You unlock secret characters, with better and different styles, along with some new stuffs. Each enemy or boss in the game has unique skills and attacks that you need long-timed experience to deal with them well. The bosses are all real challenges, require various strategies as they are all difficulties in any mode. Those things easily attract strong players to be stuck to the game, like me.

Storyline 8/10
Although the story of the game doesn't have many plots Resident Evil or Silent Hill, it has its own good point. I'm a person who is very interested in mysterious story, and the story of Devil May Cry has all of my standards : It's about the long war between human and demons two milleniums ago. Then a demon woke up in justice to fight alone and stopped the war. He reigned the human world and continued preserving the harmony. As 2000 years later, the true sealed demon has been resurrected, and you take role of Sparda's son to stop it. The son has found a lot of secrets about the true identity of his family in his adventure, as he again met his relatives who were considered to be dead many years ago.

Controls 8/10
I don't like this control so much, as we use the Left Analog Stick to move the character, instead of using the directional buttons. It's hard to get used to, as your character is too free-acting. But also because of this, the character can execute graceful moves as you have been able to use the stick. Many various moves are created, along with different skills are born, besides the ones you purchase from the game. Generally, the Left Analog stick control is not completely suck, for those who have been experts in using it. It makes the game becomes true action.

Battle System 10/10
This point has partly made the success of Devil May Cry. You use Devil Arms (manual weapons) combined with Firearms(guns) which is rarely seen in the game world. Most of the games we know either have manual weapons only (Vagrant Story, etc) or firearms mostly (Resident Evil). But Devil May Cry has combined them into one. None of them is useless or subordinate in the game. You must know how to use all of them to survive the game. Besides, your hero is part devil. That means you use weapons along with his unique demonic power, making the game more exciting than ever : Devil Trigger Mode. Dante turns into various demons who have various unique skills on different elements. Another good thing of the game is how to beat the bosses. Each boss has their own attacks, and you, striking or beating like crazy doesn't make sense. You must try to the best strategy for each one, and practice a lot to dodge their attacks, or your insanity will always make you fail. Although sometimes you feel it's so hard, you'll be attracted to it more to finish the game.

Enemies 10/10
Although the enemies in this game are not as various as other games, besides Trish who is a demon with human figure, all your enemies are demons only. But demons here have their own variety : puppets (Marionettes...), living creatures (Blades, Nobodies, etc), ghosts (Sin Scythes, Sin Scissors) and so on. That's so enough to create a great enemy system with the monsters have their own skills and different characteristics. Isn't it enough to satisfy you ?

Weapons 9/10
The current weapons of the game are cool enough to cause excitement on players. But the game should have more than those : Devil Arms are not only swords or gauntlets, Firearms are not only those old-styled guns which are the same as Resident Evil. Devil May Cry has been so unique from Resident Evil, and it should be more unique at this point.

Secrets 9/10
Secrets Missions, Secret Characters, Secret Weapons... are plentiful in the game. But it seems that is not enough. According to a recent interview with director Hideki, he said that he would add more secret playable characters, but the released date has been given which cannot be changed. It's really a pity and I hope Capcom or Hideki Kamiya would have more certain plans to make such good game, especially if they decide to keep working on the sequel/prequel of this game.

Graphic 10/10
I myself have never touched sword-fighting game like this before. But Devil May Cry has been the first game which changed my old terrible opinion about this genre, after Onimusha : Warlords. The messing camera angles have been corrected, and the mixture gameplay with beautiful character designs have all attracted me : Dante and Trish both have their own demonic beauty, along with the human nature hidden in their souls. I like the character designs of the game, and even the impressive graphic of the background. Everything is clean and clear, the sceneries are designed strangely but lively. Vagrant Story has bored at its confusing graphic and hard character's actions, but Devil May Cry has all corrected them, to be a perfect action game.

Music & Sound 10/10
This is the new style I have just seen in Devil May Cry. It's an action game, partly mixed with survival horror atmosphere. But let's see, j-rock music melodies rise when you get in battles, and none of the background music which is not frightening, make the game lose its nature. It's still horror in some respect, even with rock music. Let's see, other games are made with more and more frightening music to dread you, but Devil May Cry doesn't need that. It's good enough to attract you. The sounds of Dante's actions and enemy attacks are very various and realistic, which is Shinji Mikami's advantage on making Resident Evil. I have no more ideas about that.

Replayability 9/10
As I told you in the beginning of the review, this game is completely worth replaying, to drill the whole of it and to search for more excitements. You'll find that you still have a long way to go : To get pass the hardest modes and to obtain the last playable character. Remember that, you are still a DMC ''child'' if you just complete the game one time. Trust me. Just play next and find out what I mean.

Rent or Buy ?
You can rent first to know the taste of the game. But for me, BUY IT NOW. I have explained to you that it won't make you disappointed. Many people who have played trial version think that the game itself worse than the demo. I repeat, it's just TRIAL to make you understand the game. It can't show all the excitements you'll find when playing through the true game.


- Great graphic and sound system.
- Impressive storyline and extremely interesting battle system.
- High fun factor and gameplay.
- Character designs are so cool !!!
- High replayability, with tons of secrets.

- This is not very important disadvantange : The game is too short ! Why couldn't Capcom make it longer ?

Final Score : 9.5/10 (not an average score)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/04/03, Updated 02/04/03

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