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"A True Classic, The Best Action Game to Date."

This game is excellent in just about every possible way, and in my opinion superior to any other PS2 title, it will long be remembered as a game that revived a dying (badly dying) Genre.

Gameplay: 10/10 This is the best part of the entire game, Devil May Cry has the fastest, smoothest, most fluid combo systems I have ever seen, its simple at first but in order to succeed, you will have to master it. In Devil May Cry, Dante, our hero, the half demon half human, uses a sword, or gloves, as well as guns, which can be either used very basically, such as 3 hit combos, or combined to reach super combos, at an experienced level, you can string together your basic moves in such a way, that you can kill an entire back of 20 enemies with the same combo. Unlike most Action games, all the moves seem to fit together, and the action never stops, any battle will most likely turn into a bloody feast of slashes and shots, not a ''hide and shoot you with missile launcher'' battle, and I feel, that is how action games are supposed to be made, where there is more action then anything else. The controls are pretty simple, there is a button to shoot, one to attack w/ melee weapon, one to roll, and a button that moves you around, the combos are based on timing, say for instance hitting the attack button rapidly will result in a different combo, then hitting it slowly will, the combos and controls are easy to get the hang of, but very hard to master, which makes it good for new gamers and Veterans alike. Devil May Cry is divided into missions, (but you can backtrack at any given time to a previous area if you want to mess around) and each mission isn't to complicated, the puzzles are simple and the missions are sweet and short, I mean after all, if I wanted to solve puzzles and go through massive mazes, I'd go play an RPG instead. Dante also has the ability to release his inner demon and go into a super powered up state, this demon state is far stronger then plain old Dante, and is necessary to getting through DMC. you'll have to come up with strategies to earn Devil gauge in order to transform into this demon in order take care of the bosses, and get through all this games challenges, and there are MANY. all of this and much more makes DMC's gameplay, the most enjoyable of all PS2 games.

Graphics: 10/10 Beautifully detailed backgrounds and enemies, superior lighting effects, and blood effects, the characters them selves look pretty good ( a few jags, but not bad ones), and excellent color, as well as great attack effects(the aura left when Dante swings his sword) all combined make the graphics of DMC, an example of the PS2's true power.

Difficulty: 10/10 Simply put, Devil May Cry is hard, it will REALLY put your gaming skills to the test, Normal mode is hard enough for the average gamer, and could possibly take you a week to beat, after you beat normal, hard is unlocked, which is also extremely challenging, and then after Hard comes Dante Must Die! mode, probably the hardest mode in any video game, its about as hard as Extreme in MGS2 EU, any scratch will take out 1/4 of your life, and most bosses can kill you with little or no effort, mastering this mode is VERY HARD, most gamers won't have the perseverance, or the patience to get through this, but those who do, get a great since of pride, knowing you have really conquered a game, that pushes your skills, and mental health to its limits.

Replay value: 10/10 oh yea, there's plenty of replay value here, especially if your a hardcore gamer, beating a mode, opens new harder modes, and a few secrets as well, heck, the game is so much fun, you'll probably play it even after you get every thing. the challenges in DMC are great, but so are the rewards. there are also secret missions to discover, you can upgrade Dante's health and Devil Bar, and there's the challenge of getting S ranks on all missions, which is very hard. all these thins will take a while to do, but all this isn't where the real game lies. The true replay value of DMC lies in discovering strategies to kill enemies, and get through fights where you are OBVIOUSLY OUT POWERED, and prove that you can take what they can dish out, only then will this game have been mastered.

Story:7/10 well its an action game, not much of a story, but it doesn't really need it. You're the son of a Demon Slayer who saved Earth long ago, and now its your job to do the same thing, basically sums up the story of the game.

Audio:10/10 The Music is pretty good, not as good as music from say the FF series, or GTA series, but still good, honestly, The voice acting is excellent, especially Dante's he sounds so dang cool and cocky, and has some of the best lines ever created like, ''let's rock, Baby'' or I'm not going anywhere, besides there's nowhere to go look around, this'll be your burial ground as well.'' and the sound effects of your guns, and even the sound of electricity, and things like that sound so realistic.

Final: 10/10 it lacks a little in story, but everything else is excellent, this game is a classic, and the best action game ever created.

I Highly recommend you buy this game, you will not be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/10/03, Updated 02/10/03

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