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"Cory's Devil May Cry Review"

Devil May Cry is Capcom’s new action series. It is a mixture between their long running Resident Evil series and Eidos’ Soul Reaver series. It has the gothic feel of a Castlevania game.

Gameplay 10/10
In Devil May Cry you will hack and slash through many monsters with an arsenal of weapons. You will have your choice of three melee weapons that consist of Dante’s sword called Soul Edge which will be upgraded later in the game and then be called Sparta. The second melee weapon you will receive is a sword called Alastor that has lightning quick attacks and the ability for Dante to turn into a devil himself. The third melee weapon is two gloves called Ifrit that will have powerful fire attacks and also the ability to turn into a different devil than Alastor. To use your melee weapons you will use the circle button, press it a few times in a row and you will do a five or six hit combo, mix it up with the directional buttons to make a combo look more stylish and last longer. The guns in the game will consist of Dante’s two hand guns called Ebony and Ivory, a shotgun, a grenade launcher, a needle gun for a few underwater missions and the mysterious beta-nightmare gun that can bounce off walls. To shoot your weapon you will have to hold R1 and press X, hold X and your weapon will power up and shoot a more powerful shot. There is a row of devil triggers at the top of the screen, under the life bar. As you do combos these triggers will fill allowing you to temporarily turn into a devil, the amount of time allowed in the devil form will depend on how many triggers you had when you pressed L1 to turn into a devil. The advantages of turning into a devil are that it will make you faster, more powerful weapons, more powerful guns, more moves, and it will gradually refill a portion of you life. Pressing the triangle button will allow you to jump; you can also hike off walls to get more air. As progress through a mission and complete missions you will gather different types of orbs. Red orbs will allow you to buy items and upgrades from the store such as more moves for weapons, more life or more devil triggers. Yellow orbs will bring you back to life incase you die and green orbs will replenish a large chunk of your life. All in all the control for the game is excellent; everything is responsive and flows well.

Story 7/10
In Devil May Cry you will take the role of Dante, a tough gun slinging man that fights with style. He is the son of the legendary dark knight Sparda who had trapped the devil prince, Mundus, into the Underworld. Two thousand years later, Dante has opened up a shop called Devil May Cry where he takes missions killed demons (reminded me of The Ghostbusters). One night a mysterious woman named Trish arrives at his shop and challenges him to take on a mission to prevent Mundus from coming back to our world. Dante accepts and the game begins. As you progress through the 23 mission game you will learn more about Dante’s father, his mother and the mysterious girl named Trish. The game is mainly driven by the action and cool moves rather than the story line but that doesn’t mean it is bad.

Graphics 9/10
In Devil May Cry the graphics will meet anyone’s standards. There are some very good textures and very few jaggies. The character models are well done but the hair on many of the characters looks out of place. The background and things in the distance look very realistic such as the water and sky. The game has a very nice atmosphere that is complete with birds and fogging effects for the outdoor areas and fire for the indoor areas.

Sound 9/10
In Devil May Cry the sounds will give a very nice atmosphere to the game. If you’re by the water you will hear the wind, flapping of flags, and the crashing of waves. If you in a building Dante’s footsteps will echo making it feel like very deserted. The swords sound very realistic and if you’re using Alastor the sword will have an electric sound to it swinging because it is a lightning based weapon where as Ifrit is fire based and has the sound of flames. All the guns are very good especially the two handguns which I like to use just for the awesome sound they make.

Music 9/10
In Devil May Cry the music is mainly gothic horror style where it is slow, suspenseful and quiet. Though when you start fighting or encounter some monsters the music will change to something more up beat, along the lines of techno and rock and roll. Generally the fight music doesn’t get annoying or repetitive; neither does the music that plays during the game. On the other hand there isn’t much of a variety in music but what music there is suits the game very well in many different ways.

Play Time/Replayability 10/10
Devil May Cry will run you three hours or more. There are five difficulty levels that you will have to unlock. The game will start out on the normal difficulty setting, if you die and have to use a yellow orb to continue then the game will ask you if you want to continue to auto easy mode. Auto easy is an easier mode but once you beat the game you will not unlock anything and will not be able to advance to a harder mode. If you beat easy you will be able to use all your weapons and power-ups on the next difficulty, hard, or you can replay normal again. After hard you will be able to go on to a harder difficulty level called Legendary Dark Knight and finally after that the super hard Dante Must Die. Once you complete missions and the game it will give you a ranking on how well you did. Your goal will be to get an “S” ranking, where if you get an “S” ranking in all the levels in a certain difficulty then you will be able to unlock more rewards. All in all, this game could last some people three hours or forty plus hours depending on how much you want to unlock.

Final Recommendation
I recommend Devil May Cry to anyone who wants an awesome action adventure game. It is definitely a game where you can show off your skills and do some cool looking moves. Like all games, if you are unsure that you want it then a rental would be a safe bet so you don’t waste you money on it.

I Wish
I don’t really have anything to wish for with this game. I think it has a great balance of melee weapons, ranged weapons and combos. There is a nice variety of bosses and monsters to kill. The control is great and I think it is a very solid game.

Average Score 9.0/10
Cory's Score 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/15/03, Updated 02/15/03

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