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Reviewed: 02/15/03 | Updated: 02/15/03

When Devil May Cry is a rockin' don't come a knockin'!

There is no doubt about it that this game rocks! It surpasses any Action game in existence. Devil May Cry has set the bar for the Action genre, and not yet have I seen any game pass it. This game is just incredible. I admit it..I love this game! Now, enough of my babbling and onto the review.

Okay, lets just get this thing out of the way. For those expecting a very excellent, well written story, this game is not, I repeat, is not for you. The story is not bad, however, it is not going to win a prize, especially legendary knight Sparda. You learn that evil has risen once again, and you, like your father did, destroy it. That's it. There are cutscenes that really add some excitement to the story though which is great.

A 10/10 for graphics. I gotta say that, in motion, this is one of the best looking PS2 games out there. They really made use of the PS2's hardware and made a great looking game with a gothic feeling that went well with the game. From the enemies to Dante himself, everything just looks very stylish. The bosses look downright awesome especially the dark knight.

A really great job was done. The sounds fit perfectly with the actions that are being done. The sound in this game really plays a big part. By listening to the sounds, you can tell if when an enemy is going to attack if you can't see them in the area. As for the music, well, there isn't a lot of different songs. There isn't much variety. When walking around, the music has a gothic feel and sounds like something from a church in a way. But, when you are in a battle, the music is sort of a techno/rock mix. The battle music really keeps you pumped up, ready for action, but, if you get tired of listening to the same music over and over, you'll probably end up turning your volume down.

Very easy to get into it. Their not complicated to understand and you can always switch what button does what around. The controls are very responsive and well planned out.

The best thing about this game. It's what DMC is all about, gameplay! This game is full of action. Fast and furious yet fun and simple. This game will show you what Action games are suppose to be like. You can easily string together combos to demolish your freakish foes. Combining your weapon with your gun to unleash a very satisfying combo sure is a lot fun. Transitions from weapon combos to gun attacks are smooth most of the time (depending one what type of gun you hold in your hand). What's very interesting about this game is Dante's ability to use his Devil Trigger (DT) to transform into a demon like character. He gains new abilities and his attacks are far more powerful. But, there is a limit to how long you can DT, using a line of symbols, but they can be recharged by attacking enemies. You can also dodge. You can dodge right out of combos too.

Also the idea to add 2 different types of weapons really gave this game some depth. The two elemental weapons, lastor and Ifrit also have their own abilities such as a double jump you can do with only Alastor and a flaming kick you could only do with Ifrit.

You have Force Edge/Alastor/????? (It's a spoiler, can't give it away). They're all swords, Force Edge being the weakest and the last one being the strongest. The swords are very useful and you will most likely use the most of the time since they're easier to master than the other weapon. With Alastor, you can DT and he gains super speed so you can run laps around your enemy(ies) and hit them hard.

Then, you have Ifrit. Ifrit are gauntlets so you go hand-to-hand with your enemy(ies). They are stronger then Force Edge and Alastor but attacking with them is slower. With Ifrit, Dante becomes a mighty powerhouse. When he DTs, his strength increases and very strong abilities are open to him. His strength is greater than Alastor so he doesn't gain super speed in DT mode.

This adds up to some pretty frantic action. Weapons flying everywhere, hordes of enemies coming towards launching stuff at you. And the bosses, they're just cool. It requires some strategy to defeat them. Not a lot of strategy, but some, which will keep you on your feet.

Replay Value
Devil May Cry shines in this department as well. There are 3 modes to unlock and 6 modes in all. Most are just different difficulties. If you're someone who likes to get the most out of games, even if it means playing the game over and over with only minor differences, this game is definitely for you. This game has loads of things to do and you'll enjoy every moment of it. You'll find yourself coming back every now and then to kick some demon butt. Especially in the harder modes, where the enemies are stronger, you'll be building up your skills and you can become a great DMC gamer.

So, all in all, this game is totally awesome. It just oozes with style. Best gameplay ever, amazing graphics, good sounds/music, a replay value that scores really high, and an average story. There are hardly any problems with the game except one...and that is the length. First time may take you 6 or so hours, then probably less and less. Also, the camera angles might cause some problems, but usually they don't. Sometimes it does allow enemies to get a cheap shot on you though. Still, this game is great. If you like to play a game over and over I definitely recommend buying this game, however, if you just want something quick to play through, maybe once or twice, then rent it. Either way, you're gonna love this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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