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"This is the best 3d Action game, without a doubt."

Devil May Cry is one of the best games ever made. I'm here to tell you why. This game has been out for just about two years now and will still be a great buy. Devil May Cry has spawned tons of other (low quality) spin offs. This even includes its sequel, Devil May Cry 2. I will compare Devil May Cry 1 to Devil May Cry 2 on some occasions. Let me break this game down for you.

Game Play: The game play is the most important part of an action game. This is also Devil May Cry’s strongest point. This game is 3D of course. You control Dante, a bad ass in a red trench coat.

The concept... This is an action game like I told you, so the main point is to kill things. You basically travel through a giant castle through out the game (There is more, but I can’t spoil it) fighting demons and solving same puzzles.

The fighting... When I first put this game in my Playstation, I though it was going to be another one of Capcom’s Resident Evil clones again (I almost lost hope after seeing how bad they milked it with Dino Crisis). Any ways, Right when I started, I noticed hitting up on the controller made you go up instead of moving forward in all the other resident evil type games out there today. Then I noticed you can jump, so I said to myself, it’s still might be resident evil with swords and jumping. I kept thinking this until I got to the first puppet fight... I was thinking these were going to be like most games of this gender… Slow and stupid. I was wrong. From the very first fight till the last, you’ll see how great combat is in this game. Your swords and guns can be used together, better than I ever seen in any. No longer must you go into you inventory and constantly switch to melee to ranged. Not only does knocking you enemies into the air and shooting them look so freaking cool and stylish, but it also is effective and actually gets you more red orbs (A form of currency). It doesn’t stop with just swords and pistols. Through out the game you get a few more guns (ALL with very different strengths and weaknesses) and a totally different melee weapon. It’s called the Ifrit, they are fiery gauntlets instead of the basic sword. This alone makes the game twice the fun, since you can go through the game with either them or a sword. It also adds strategy to this game, because every enemy is weak to a certain devil arm (That’s what they are actually called).

Another VERY important part of the combat system, is a little thing called a Devil Trigger. Very early in the great you get a weapon and little bars appear under your life gauge. You fill it up to at least 3 gauges (runes) and you can change into a Devil. Other than obvious changes in power and speed, you can do more things while in a devil trigger. More special moves are available to you, such has flying and shooting lighting. It also changes your appearance when you attack, so it looks nice too.

One part most people hate about this combat system, is that you can not block. I think that is good, why? If you ever played a game with a block, you would just stand there waiting to get hit thus being boring. Instead, you have to rely on dodge by either rolling, jumping, or parrying. Every attack can be dodged, so blocking isn’t necessary any ways.

Enemies... The enemies in this game are the best I ever seen in a video game, and I’m seriously not being a fanboy. First off, every enemy and boss look very different and are unique (Except for a stronger puppet). Not only that, but they are VERY well detailed. Capcom actually put a lot of work into this game and made even the simplest enemies detailed and complex with noises, ambiences, motions, and looks. Now this game isn’t just a pretty graphical game, the enemies fight back. Another great aspect of this game’s enemies are that they all have more than five attacks each (Give or take a couple smaller ones). Even the regular puppets have a melee attack, a ranged attack, a stronger spinning attack, a throw, and a special attack. This was unexpected for me to say the least. Other games of this gender have never displayed this many attacks before. Thing about how many attacks a zombie has in the average game. This is also true for bosses, they are even more complex and challenging. Every enemy also has a telegraph telling you what attack it is going to use, this only means you can blame you slow reaction speed instead of bad luck and cheap hits. Even if it is off camera, they still make their own sounds when performing a move.

To top this all off, every enemy has a large written file in a filing section in the pause menu. You see a new enemy, you’ll know what it is on the FIRST encounter.

Puzzles... The only bad part about the game’s game play, is the puzzle system. Not because it is bad, it just isn’t needed. They aren’t hard at all, and in most cases are things you just want to get over with. If you play Resident Evil for the sole purpose of solving complex puzzles, stay far away from this game at all costs.

Other than a couple more obvious things in this game, there are various items to collect, twenty-three missions to complete, and twelve secret missions to conquer.

This game’s game play blows most and Devil May Cry 2’s game play out of the water.

Challenge: This can be Devil May Cry’s winning or losing formula. I will break this part into two groups.

Soft core/casual gamer... This game isn’t for you. I’m not saying this game is the hardest thing on the market, but it is one of the most frustrating games for beginners and has a semi-steep learning curve. You see, the first mission is usually easy for most people, then so is the second mission... Then the third mission has a boss in it. This boss isn’t that hard per say, but most “soft core” gamers will usually die TONS of times and just get so fed up with the game. Then the next mission... Well you’ll find out if you buy this game... Any ways, another turn off to this game, if you die with in the first 3 missions and do badly, you get an option to go on the Easy Auto difficulty. Well this easy difficulty takes just about all the fun out of the game. It makes the game WAY too easy for any body. It makes every thing rapid fire for you controller (You no longer have to tap square to shoot, you can just hold it in) this may be good for a beginner, but you can actually shoot faster if you press the buttons and you lose the ability to charge shoots. Not only that, but it makes all you combos up for you, this eliminates any from of creativity and thus babies you through another very important aspect of this game. The worst part is, is that you can’t change difficulties once you are on easy auto. This means you will slowly lose any skill you once had and go adapt to easy auto. Hell, you don’t even get to see all the enemies in easy auto.

Hard core gamer... If you love a challenge, this game is for you. If you love the idea of fighting new and harder things in just about every level, you will just love this game. After you beat the normal difficulty, you can advance to a hard mode. This will enhance you gaming skills for sure. After hard, you unlock an even harder “Dante Must Die!” mode. The games bosses on Dante must die are extremely hard, harder than about 98% of the games I’ve ever play in my life.

The true satisfaction comes from S ranks. Going through the game S ranking every missions feels great inside plus you actually get a reward for doing so. Going through the game without using items is also a great accomplishment, not many people have the time, let alone controllers (Most people toss theirs off walls due to the frustration ) to get all S ranks.

Either way, you should only be into action games if you are a hard core gamer, so this game is very good in the difficulty aspect.

This game has better balance in difficulty and greater difficulty than Devil May Cry 2, in every aspect.

Control: The control in this game is nearly flawlessly done. To do most moves, you must hold in a shoulder button and press a direction relative to the enemy or direction you are facing. The sword combos are done with attacking, then pausing for a certain amount of time. Certain moves can take a while you master as well as most of the devil trigger special moves. There is a file for moves as well, so this isn’t that hard to do with or without an instruction manual.

The one flaw with the whole entire control system, is that once you switch to a different camera angle, you have to hold in the same direction to move the same direction. This is hard to explain, but you’ll know what I mean when you run down the first stair case in a hurry how it can tick someone off.

Other than that, the basic controls are easy to get down. Hell some buttons aren’t even really used along with a ni-useless map access button.

Story: This is Devil May Cry’s weakest point. Well, it all depends on how you look at it. The story is there, it is even not that bad. The bad part is, is that is very little and sometimes you don’t even know why you are doing something. But since this is an action game, a story is not even really needed in the first place.

I’ll go into to it a little bit. You are Dante, the son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda (No, not batman). He stopped the rule in hell from an evil “person.” This person has rose up again and is trying to take over the world again. So you are sitting in your own little place conveniently named Devil May Cry and some girl comes into it and starts trouble. You follow her to a castle and then the story picks up from there.

So if you are into role playing games or your regular resident evil, stray from this game. There are very good full motion videos in this game, too. They don’t add too much to the plot, but they are really fun to watch your first play through.

Both Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 2’s story and plot can be considered cheesy to say the least, but if I had to pick, I would pick Devil May Cry.

Visuals: Not only does this game have wonderful game play, it also doesn’t sacrifice anything in the looks department. All the characters are very detailed. Everything looks nice. The back grounds are filled with nicely placed objects and the majority of them or interactive (As in smashing them). There is not really that much to say, the graphics are just really that great and it surpasses many of today’s other games as well. The only flaw I seen in this game’s graphic department is its use for sprites for moves involving fire. This is minor and isn’t really annoying.

Audio: This game sports one hell of a soundtrack. The music fits the game very well. Many of the themes are techno/gothic/rock (If that’s even a type of music in the first place). All of the songs are original too. Not only that, but every area has it’s own background music. Every boss have its own theme music as well. This is just one of those games where you actually want to listen to the music, it also pumps you up a little for a fight.

From the first battle theme you here, you’ll love it. There really isn’t any bad music in this game at all.

Dante also sounds great. Weather it be grunts from attacking repeatedly or moans from being impaled, there is no cheesy voice actors. (Except for two lines that Dante suddenly decides to go through puberty, but what game doesn’t have a dramatic part like that? ) All the enemies have their own sounds which range from wooden claps of puppets to sheer noises of a spear. Some bosses also talk in “monster” like accents. This adds personality to the game as well. The only flaw I could find he is that things obviously reoccur, but don’t worry, this happens in 100% of all video games today.

From high ampting music to very evil demonic laughter, this game is perfect in the sound department.

Re playability: This game has tons of hours and playing in it. Well if, you see it, that is.

This game, has you know from the challenge section, has three different difficulties (Not including Easy Automatic). The first play through should take you (Well this is what it took me.) about anywhere from six to eight hours. This time will be about 20% Exploring, 30% Screwing around with new enemies, and 50% fighting. Hard and Dante Must Die! should take a little bit less, but are more fun to complete. Actually Dante Must Die! usually takes more than two months because you need to really sharpen your skills.

There is also a ton of hidden items to collect (Most are things that increase you life’s maximum capacity). No only those, but there is also twelve secret missions to complete. Don’t forget about totally filling in your enemy file.

You can also skip all the cut scenes in this game. This makes going through the game a hell of a lot easier your second (and up) times around.

There are also three characters to go through the game with. This may also make it more enjoyable.

Great fighting system
Great graphics
Revolutionary enemies with a lot of attacks each
Melee and ranged at the same time
Dante is bad ass
You will remember the boss fights, as they are memorable
Easy puzzles for people that can’t be bothered with them
This game will last you a long time (I still play it, even after about 2 years)
Finally, a 3D game that doesn’t suck
Jumping is also easy and not a chore

Cheesy story with some cliches
This game is short if you don’t play through the other difficulties
May turn off soccer moms and soft core gamers alike
You get stabbed a lot... Oh wait, that’s a good thing :)

This game is a most buy. It you like any sort of game with adventure/fighting/gore/action this is the perfect game for you. This game is also about twenty bucks in a US store, I promise you, if you but this game, it will be the best $20 you’ll ever spend on a video game. If you never heard of Devil May Cry before in a store, PLEASE try this one first and rent the second installment. Capcom went to hell on that game and raped most of the things that made this game good out of it. Besides, you should start a game at its original.

Other than in story wise, this game is nearly perfect in every aspect. I give this game a ten out of ten. No, I’m not being biased because this is one of my favorite games of all time, it actually deserves it. If anyone says this game deserves anything lower than a seven, they seriously need a grasp on what is a good game opposed to what is not.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/15/03

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