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"Capcom's Stylish Thriller Action Game!"


This review is a bit late in fact. Since my 17th Birthday, I really wanted my parents to buy me a game that is so unique in style. Devil May Cry was their obvious choice and after a few days of playing through this game up to the 5th or 6th mission, I'm really glad they bought me this game. Devil May Cry is one of the most popular games on the Sony PlayStation 2, apart from Metal Gear Solid 2, Grand Theft Auto 3, and Final Fantasy X. It was given a high rating for mesmeric visuals and bone-chilling special effects. This is a great collection for any action fan to their PlayStation 2 game library.

The creators of Resident Evil brings you this stylish action game.

This game was originally going to be Resident Evil 4, but then they decided it would be better to leave that project for the Nintendo Gamecube system and work on a new title for PlayStation 2. The creators of Resident Evil and Onimusha(Shinji Mikami and Hideki Kamiya) announced Devil May Cry.

Who are the characters? What is this game all about?

The first person you'll meet moments after the prologue has been displayed will be the character you are physically controlling throughout the entire game. You'll meet others eventually as you progress. I wont spoil too much on the storyline. It's going to be nasty... You'll enter a world of devils and your mission objective is to destroy the leader by slashing and gunning down your foes. If you fail, you may as well cry over Dante's dead body. Finally, the game doesn't span too many characters in the cast, given the fact that Capcom doesn't want to turn this into a RPG-like game.

How does this game live up to the S Rank on a Capcom ranking system?

The gameplay in Devil May Cry is just jaw-dropping. Starting the game will equip you with a Normal difficulty setting, Ebony & Ivory dual pistols, and a Force Edge in which Dante likes to call it ''Woozy''. As you progress through the game, you will obtain more weaponry for your use. Yes, more guns and more devil arms so you can shoot and hack away at your enemies like crazy. This is probably the most fun and challenging part of the game, as you need to learn/buy new abilities for Dante to execute. Then you try your best to earn a stylish rating as it will show up on the top right of your screen. Pulling off devastating combos is one of the true elements for survival in this game. Other elements include getting to know the enemy and its weakness and show no mercy.

The difficulty may seem too frustrating at times. But if you keep practicing, you'll get use to it. You start on Normal difficulty. If you do really bad because you have a hard time finishing a mission, the game will prompt you and give you a option to switch to Easy Automatic mode so that it can make things easier for you. Half to most of the combos you wont need to execute by yourself as pressing attack repeatedly makes Dante do the stylish combos for you. Once you master Normal and Hard difficulties, the true challenge awaits next....Dante Must Die mode! There's not a whole lot of difference between Hard and DMD modes, as DMD is basically the same as Hard with you being weaker and the enemies stronger.

The visuals and presentation of this game.

The graphics in this game are just mind-blowing. It is so graphical that there is no use for CG movies anymore. You'll see a couple in the game, but that's it. Shinji Mikami(Executive Producer) and Hideki Kamiya's(Director) team really utilized power of the PlayStation 2 to show us what the hardware is capable of(as of 2001). From the character models to the backgrounds(like the front of the castle in the very beginning), I just couldn't believe my eyes. This is(as of 2001) the best work Capcom has ever done to a console game. The visual effects include Dante's transformation from himself to a devil(so he can run faster and become more aggressive with his skills), the way Shadow and Nightmare changes shape, etc...

The screen only shows what's necessary. Basically, only your life bar, amount of red orbs, and your Devil Trigger Symbols. Moments later it will disappear, and the reason for this is because the game wants you to see the nicely done backgrounds without anything else in the way. It'll only reappear once you start to encounter your next set of baddies.

The game just sounds amazing.

We all know PlayStation 2 can provide good sound, and it depends on how the developer programs it. Well, Devil May Cry fits for a 10/10 rating in this category. The sound and music Capcom has done are just beautiful to listen to. You'll listen to all the music from the beginning of the game to the end and you'll wonder if there is a soundtrack for the game being promoted by Capcom. Well, the answer is yes, there is a soundtrack available somewhere out there. Read Mysticcat's Soundtrack Guide for more information about the soundtrack. My favorite track from the game would have to be ''Seeds of Love'' which is sung by Julianne in the ending theme. The game did reuse the same theme a few times, but it fits perfectly with the scenes. After hearing the theme a few times, it just amazed me. For Capcom, their music presentation is just magnificent just like their past titles(Capcom vs SNK: Millennium Fight 2000, and Street Fighter Alpha 2).

Can you control Dante properly? How well are you at juggling your enemies constantly?

The controls are not that bad. In fact, Capcom's controls for the game fits perfectly for me as I am playing. One button to shoot, another to jump, another to attack, and so on.. Each button does a different command. Using the Left Analog Stick to move Dante isn't bad. The camera angles might be bad at times, as this game uses the Resident Evil schematics, but overall its okay. Executing some moves might be hard though, so keep practicing. You'll eventually have to buy a new controller sometime, but it'll take a while before that happens. This game supports both the Dual Shock and the Dual Shock 2.

Is this game too difficult?

This game is not some action title where you just shoot your guns right in the enemies face, but in fact combines the element of sword-fighting and guns at the same time. You wont have to look around for ammo, given the fact that there isn't any. Your guns will fire constantly without the game telling you how much ammunition you're holding.

Some people complain that this game was just way too hard. Well, PlayStation 2 needs a game like this. If you just do basic sword-fighting and shooting guns normally, you're missing out on a lot. You need to learn new abilities as you progress through the game. In order to learn new abilities, you'll need to buy them through the game using red orbs. To get red orbs, you need to kill enemies. The higher the stylish rating, the more orbs you get. Once you get use to it, you wont be complaining anymore, unless you just earned Dante Must Die and haven't started yet. Then you'll need to be careful about your strategies as enemies will get tougher and use their version of Devil Trigger if you don't kill them in time.

The Replay Value is not bad. With several secrets to challengingly unlock, you'll want to play this again even if you beat every mode, just for the fun of it.

Now we talk about the ups and downs of Capcom's smash hit.

+ Great, Stylish Gameplay
+ Mesmerizing Visual Effects
+ Perfect Control
+ Awesome Music
+ Game that fits the ''Mission Impossible'' category. Basically the difficulty.
+ The game that makes you cry
+ Good Storyline

A must-have action game. You'll have to reconsider.

A lot of people have bought this game because of its mind-blowing gameplay elements, so maybe you should too. Unless you like easy games because its easy to beat, this game is for you. It's only $19.99(maybe less) out there and there may be a Greatest Hits lying around. Their all the same, so don't worry about anything different(unlike Silent Hill 2..grr..). And to give a reminder, this is the MUST-HAVE action game for all PlayStation 2 owners.

Did Capcom produce a sequel? How was it?

As a matter of fact, they did. Guess what? It didn't live up to the expectations of this game. Why? Capcom switched teams only because the original Team Little Devils fled to Gamecube support. Devil May Cry 2 is not something you would expect to be better than the original counterpart. Capcom sure made us cry again by not giving us what we wanted. If you were to choose between the two games, I'd say go for the first one. You will feel much better playing this one instead.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/31/03

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