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"Capcom, you brilliant bastards."

Originally, Devil May Cry was to be Resident Evil 4. Somewhere along RE 4's development, Shinji something something (I forgot his last name), the game's developer (?), must have realized that he did not have a Resident Evil at his hands. Gone were the akward controls, the constant running away from enemies, and the limited was all gone. He had probably realized he had created a totally new game, a game so....devilish......that he decided to rename it to ''Devil May Cry.'' Just the sound makes my body tingle, baby!

To replace the slow as hell zombies are bloodthirsty demons. Yes, Devil May Cry takes place in the realm of demons. Through the dark castle of Mallet Island (the gateway to the underworld) you will be controlling Dante, the infamous main character. Armed with only two blazing pistols (that sport the names Ebony and Ivory) and a sword that only the most skilled of demon hunters can wield, Dante heads off on this adventure through hell.

Well, with my introduction done, it's time to begin the review. I heard of Devil May Cry from some game review - I think it was Chaos Legion - and it was described as an awesome game. In fact, I heard somewhere it was the ''king'' of all action games. To put it quite simply, a masterpiece. So, I decided to check up on a review of Devil May Cry. One thing lead to another, and before the day ended, I had looked at every friggin' review of DMC on the net. I was hooked on a game that I didn't even have, which is kind of sad.

Anyway, I knew I needed to buy the game, and eventually, I did. I popped it into the PS2...and wow. I was in awe at almost everything my senses told me. Dante controlled like a dream, the graphics were jaw dropping, etc. Well, there was one tiny flaw - the story.

You've heard it before, and I'll say it again. DMC's story is just not that great. It may be suitable for a game of the action genre, but if a Final Fantasy title or any other RPG had this story.....ouch. The game's beginning scene features Dante in his little devil hunting agency, Devil May Cry. He's talking to himself about something (I forgot what) and bam! Some gothic chick on a motorbike bursts through one of the walls. She throws a sword through Dante's chest for starters, then throws that sexy motorbike of hers at Dante. Dante, that sword still jammed in his body, whips out his guns and blows the bike to smithereens. The gothic chick, Trish, then tells Dante she's on his side, and they head off to some island to save the world. Talk about bad social skills.

Yeah, that's the story. To me, it feels like some 3rd grader's action fantasy, written in a few short minutes on some scrap paper. What's worse is that Dante isn't as cool as I thought he'd be. The reviews I've read describe Dante as ''icy cool'' with a rock star attitude. Well, truth is, I'm not impressed. Sure, Dante looks cool with that gothic cape/boot combo going on, and not to mention all that leather, but when it comes to his actual attidude...well, what's so special about him? His famous line ''flock off Featherface!'' said to a certain boss didn't really get my juices flowing. And even when I did not skip any of the game's cut scenes, I still couldn't find anything to like in Dante apart from his clothes. Oh well, back to the story.

I'm going to say what most people say when it comes to DMC's story - screw it. Hey waiter, I ordered some action! And I want it now.......

Devil May Cry is definetly one of the greatest action games ever. Nearly nothing can compare when it comes to Dante's slick movements. I said before that Dante comes armed with two pistols and a sword. He can use these two at lightning speed, mixing the two up as he wishes to form some of the most twisted combos ever thought up by mankind. His jumps defy the laws of gravity, his demonic powers come in all shapes and sizes, and he can roll out of danger at the push of a button....well, actually, two. These are only Dante's basic moves. His better moves are, to say the least, pretty cool. He can uppercut an enemy and send it into the sky, and from there, begin pumping it with some lead. He can jab his sword into an enemy and lightning speed, execute different sword combos, and more. And this you won't believe: it's done with the same three buttons! One for sword, one for gun, one for jump....all of those moves you'll find listed under the game's menus are used with the same three commands: gun, sword, jump. It's genius lies in its utter simplicity.

Defeating enemies results in red orbs. These red orbs are kind of like dollars. You need them to buy things at a time statue, which is sort of like a ''power-up station.'' The better your rating is for defeating enemies, the more red orbs you'll get. What's clever is the rating system uses words like ''dull'' and ''stylish!''

Well, Dante will not only be fighting demons, he'll be transforming into them too! The left trigger button (L1) turns Dante into two different devils, depending if he's got the ''Thunder'' or ''Fire'' Devil equipped. Not only does Dante radiate with cool light in this mode, but he can fire electrical beams of energy, cause fiery explosions, and power up his basic attacks immensly. Now, with all these cool moves I've explained, and with all this talk about Dante being quite a force to be reckoned with (because believe me, he is), you'd think this game would be easy, a piece of cake, right? WRONG!

DMC features some of the most chaotic battles, a long time. During combat, your fingers will never have a break. The action is intense at its most intense. In no time at all, Dante will have wiped out dozens of demons in front of your very eyes. That is, of course, if you survive.

Now, if you're an average gamer, meaning you're good at video games, but nothing special, like me, then DMC will be YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE. Demons in DMC are brutal, cunning, and unforgiving. The demon puppets lash at you constantly with their axes when they're not slowly lumbering around. The lizard men will come at you from all angles, slashing at you with deadly accuracy. The floating blade creatures will laugh at you as their scythes barely miss Dante's flesh. Oh.....the pain is immense. Expect to see the game over screen a lot, the words ''You are Dead'' laughing at you all the time. If you're a video gaming God, then you'll still probably have a hard time beating some of the later bosses. On normal mode, Devil May Cry is hell (haha). The game's unforgiving difficulty brings me to the one major flaw that kicks DMC's rear.

If you're an average gamer, you'll definitly be dying a lot at DMC, mostly when fighting bosses. Actually, the boss battles will probably get you the most, pushing your skills to the limit. And, like a lot of video game bosses, they come near the END of a level. And DMC, when you die, brings you back to the beginning of whatever level you're on. Are you getting the picture? Capcom made a huge mistake putting DMC's hard as hell bosses at the end of some of the larger levels, since every time they slaughter you, it's ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE BEGINING OF THE LEVEL! Now, one or two times this may not seem like a problem, but when you start dying ten, say twenty times in a row (I know, it's sad), DMC becomes a very annoying game. Kurse you, Kapkom! I wish they had a better saving system, maybe?

Gameplay aside, DMC possesses some pretty top notch graphics that are not pre-rendered. The dark castle is very gothic with its suits of armor, gates, statues, etc. Not only will you explore a terrifying castle, but a ghost ship, a coliseum, and more.

The sound in the game is not perfect, but it's acceptable. There are some sounds that really annoy me - some of them being when Dante gets hit by an enemy attack. He goes ''urgh'' like any normal person would, but he sounds like Frankenstein, which is not at all like Dante.

Devil May Cry is one kick ass game. You honestly need to buy it if you have a PS2. If you don't get this game and you own a PS2, you ought to have your kneecaps shot. Get it?

Of course, if you hate difficult games, stay away from DMC! It's insanely difficult. I mean, I'm honestly ashamed of calling Zelda, OoT and FFX difficult games. DMC is a million times harder, and yet, a million times cooler :)

Devil May Cry 2, here I come!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/20/04

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