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"A massive adventure filled with a great variety of well-implemented gameplay elements"

If you think about Rayman your thoughts will doubtless be upon the multitude of party games released with his name attached. It's unfortunate that the world works this way as a new great Rayman platforming game is far more needed than another mediocre party game staring Rabbids – and no I do not qualify Hoodlum Havoc as great. This is indeed Ubisofts main weakness as a company – they release fields of mediocre and bad games and it's only once every five years or so they finally get round to releasing a gem. This is the latter, a true gem of a game.

Amusingly enough Rayman Revolution is great for exactly the same reason Beyond Good and Evil (another Ubisoft title) is great – it has a large variety of very well-implemented gameplay elements. To give you a brief glimpse of what I mean you have to do traditional platforming, ride on creatures that keep running forward and explode when they touch walls, take part in three completely different methods of flying, ride on plums using your attacks to control what direction the plum bounces, slide down surfaces over long distances as you avoid being attacked and hit by objects, fly ships through the air, swim after a whale as he delivers a supply of oxygen to you and much more. This large variety keeps you constantly interested and makes the game so much more enjoyable. And to those who are worried about these elements being bad just like they are in most 3D platformers, don't be – all of the elements are at least good and many of them are great.

The basic platforming consists of running and jumping as you would expect. Your attack consists of throwing little orbs of energy and as you proceed through the game you can gain the ability to charge up the shot, fire faster shots and rebound shots off of walls. You can lock on to enemies with your attacks during the multitude of battles that will occur throughout the game. Other abilities that you gain early on include being able to slowly hover down from a jump, being able to carry and throw explosives and being able to swing on floating pink rings.

The graphics are absolutely stunning considering when this game was released. Character models all look very detailed and the environments are atmospheric and detailed and range from colourful to dark and brooding. The music is generally great, though it can get annoying occasionally.

Gameplay = 9.5/10
Graphics = 10/10
Music/Sound = 9/10

Final Score = 9.5/10 (rounded to 9/10)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/15/08

Game Release: Rayman Revolution (EU, 12/22/00)

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