Review by Rudi Seitz

"A mid-ranged Platformer"

To start off, Rayman Revolution isn't in any case sort of revolutionary..
Being valued fairly high on score charts, I put high hopes in this game - especially that I always liked silly jump'n'runs such as Crash Bandicoot. So I enthusiastically popped in the disc to drop into a fine adventure. A sort of fine disappointment it was...

Gameplay: Rayman plays fairly easy, even for a newcomer, the controls are after a few minutes of warmin' up intuitively to use. With the camera angle to adjust and a selectable first person view you shouldn't get the problem not seeing where you go. Only in the later busting levels steering the flying shell is difficult due to its fast pace, especially in the narrow angles, but that doesn't subtract any points from the gameplay at all because of the huge fun factor keeping you wanting to master it.

Graphics: The scene is bubbly colorful - cartoonish, like it should be -, the animations fluently and the textures most of the time great. However occasionally there are odd looking glitches like an arm sticking through a wall but that doesn't really hurt. The graphics are overall good.

Sound: The sound department I‘ve divided into three sections:
Sound F/X: For a cartoonish platformer the sound effects are fine, you won't
miss anything. Unfortunately the helicopter sound sample sometimes (though seldom) bugs up, relooping and amplifying itself, leaving the only option to reset the PS2.
Music: Adequate as well, it fits in good and brings the ''feeling'' over. But nothing to impress your grandma with ;)
Voices: Here is where the sound falls. And it falls deep. The English as well as the German synchro are totally wrecked, it wants to make you run up the walls! *aaahrrg*

Story: This section is carried and disturbed by the bad voiceover, which wouldn't let you get into the cheesy story.. Yet I don't think it's that essential for a jump'n'run to feed you with an epical drama..

Replay value: If you truly enjoyed this game till the end, you will surely come back. There are 1000 yellow lums and other more to get. Collecting them will give you credit to ''buy'' abilities, and as special feature it will unlock some minigames - nice!

Conclusion: Why on earth did I give the overall score then only a moderate 70%?
I don't like giving up a game that I spent a couple of hours on already. And I don't like using a walkthrough, taking the rewarding feeling of accomplishing it by myself. So I chewed this through.. and after 15 hours of playing my face kept on falling asleep ;)! The usual running and hopping around gets tiresome after a while, only few scenes (the water skiing and shell riding and flying parts) are a real TREAT. But the main event is done jumping, running, looking for..., jumping, talking (#$%#$!!!), running.... *bzzzzzZZZZZZZ*.... And it's not the case that I'm an action seeking meat reaping zombie. I like slow paced games with intelligent puzzles (as ICO) a lot. But in this one you don't find any mind flashing puzzles. Nor pure adventurous action (maybe a little, but too little). It's almost only an exploring game - get from here to there, find somebody and chat some crap to get to the next level while collecting some lums - with little thrilling sequences in between. So, if that turns you on, get it and you'll get some rockin' time! It surely isn't a bad game - heck no! - but certainly no must-have-played-to-be-fulfilled classic..

My scores:
Gameplay: 75%
Graphics: 80%
Sound: 60%
Story: 40%
Replay value: 75%
Overall: 70%

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/29/02, Updated 03/29/02

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