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"Solid Rayman platform adventue worth a look by everyone"

Rayman’s adventures continue on PS2 thanks to the newest instalment: Rayman Revolution from Ubi Soft. I bought my copy on platinum and it came with a free demo of Rayman 3 for only £20, which was a steel! But it was on platinum because it’s old which present some problems in the graphical area, if you’re real fussy that is.

The game was a release title and whilst graphically being big and beautiful some textures are bland and lack detail but there are no major problems. The one thing that really stands out though are hill and rocks etc. being slightly blocky and square, instead of the lovely flowing, round curves were all used to. But with that aside they’re good, and because of the games graphically exaggerated style, it doesn’t ruin the experience tremendously, but is noticeable. Possibly some may find that the game is short, but the challenge to fully complete every level is there. Another minor quibble is that the game loads too often, but none of these complaints made me enjoy the game any less.

To fully complete every level you must collect every lum and rescue everyone from the evil pirates who have over run the land. Some are in easy locations, whilst some are in tricky, hard to reach areas which you must risk some health to get. Another incentive to fully finish every level is the fact that you will not be able to access bonus levels unless you fully complete the level, although you can progress as long as you reach the end of the level (which most people will do).

There are 25 worlds and the game play is non-linear which makes it more entertaining. It also becomes more difficult as you progress which plays you into it nicely. The game has some improved features such as having over 230 animated characters, exclusive bonus levels and new powers. For the first time there are also multi-player maps which is a welcomed addition, as well as some mini games.

The usual lums, pirates and switches are included to make the gameplay more interesting. You can power up by buying powers from a shop, which your lums, which is a nice idea.

The gameplay is like any other regular platform game, defeat enemies, collect all pick-ups, and be on your way.

Graphics: 7 - Big and bland, but fit well with the gameplay and will be familiar to all Rayman fans. Can be square at times but there no worse than the PC version’s graphics.

Gameplay: 7 – Linear platform levels but if that’s what you like, there’s no problem. There are other tasks, which you need to do in game, such as switches, climbing, searching and some simple puzzles. And Murphy the fly is here to help you out!

Sound: 8 – Regular Rayman score is included as well as loads of solid sound effects. Very nice!

Life Span: 6 – Haven’t completed it yet, but if you’re an expert at this genre it won’t take too long, but see if you can access all of the bonus levels!

Overall: 7 – Solid Rayman experience. Short but sweet. Is still worth the purchase on platinum, and you get a free Rayman 3 demo! Great stuff!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/12/03, Updated 05/12/03

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