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"Far from repetitive, this kept me interested for hours"

Rayman 2 is about a limbless wonder who can shoot bursts of energy from the palms of his hands. Sound kinda strange? It gets better. As, in my opinion, one of the better action/ adventure games for the PS2, I strongly recommend this game to all players. Even if you already own the N64 version, Rayman 2 Revolution is still worth trying out.

Gameplay: 9
The controls for this game are “easy to learn, yet hard to master”, like they're supposed to be. The basic moves, like running, jumping, and shooting are easy to get the hang of. It's applying those moves in things like boss battles that are the actual challenging parts. There are also varying game modes, so if you don't enjoy underwater stages, there are still many other courses you'll like. Plus, instead of traveling on a chain of stages (like the N64 version,) there's an actual overworld. The only reason this category did not get a perfect ten is because of the bad camera angles.

Story: 6
An evil pirate wants to take over the world, and you, as the hero, must stop him. You journey to many places, meeting new friends, and gaining stronger abilities as the game goes on. While infiltrating his many hideouts, you battle against his evil pirate henchman as they attempt to thwart your plans. If you're looking for a unique storyline, this probably isn't the game for you. It's not bad… it's just not good either.

Graphics: 10
The graphics have definitely improved since the N64 version. Everything is very colorful and detailed. There's a really clear contrast between light and dark. The texture was done really well also- especially the water and lava. The explosions weren't bad either. There really isn't anything to complain about here.

Sound: 9
The sound effects and music were basically the same as the previous ones, but were still good. The background music does not get repetitive and boring, but still fits the game environment. It's not like I'd go hunting for a soundtrack, but nonetheless pleasing to the ear. The parts when the characters actually talk though, … were… interesting…

Replayability: ?
It really depends on the player. Some people strive to collect every lum, unlock every bonus course, while others just want to beat the game. I myself only replay those super fast obstacle/ race stages because I like those sorts of things.

Rent/ Buy
I would, for sure, buy this game. There's no way anyone could beat the game or get the most of it in less than a week. The only reason I can think of not to buy it would be if you already own other versions of it or if you're one of those people that get frustrated and give up easily.

Overall: 9/10
Even though I am mostly an RPG person, I still came to like this game a lot. Far from repetitive, like many other adventure games, this kept me interested for many hours. So if you have some extra cash on hand, this is one game you should consider buying.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/22/04

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