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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BlitzRonin

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    Victorious Boxers: Ippo's Road to Glory Walkthrough
    By BlitzRonin (blitzronin@gmail.com)
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    Copyright 2005 Dynamite Glove
    Created November 27 2005
    Note: In these FAQ's I will be using the names of the boxers as they appear in 
    the US Version of Victorious Boxers.
    Example - Ippo (First Name)  Makunochi(Last Name)
    In Japan the last name comes first, just wanted to let you guys know that.
    Game Info/Backstory
    Victorios Boxers roughly follows the storyline of a popular manga series named 
    Hajime no Ippo. Hajime no Ippo is the brainchild of manga creator, Morikawa 
    Jyoji. It was first published in 1990 in Shukan Shonen Magazine in Japan. The
    manga became very popular and also spun off an anime series, motion picture,
    original animated video releases, and video games. Set in Tokyo, Japan, Hajime
    no Ippo is about a 18 year old high school student named Ippo who decides to
    take up boxing. This decision occurs after an enounter with a professional 
    boxer named Mamoru Takamura, who saves Ippo from bullies after school. After 
    saving him, Takamura takes Ippo to the Kamogawa Boxing Gym, so he can treat
    his injuries. While there Takamura believes it would be good stress relief for
    Ippo to hit the sand bag. Unknown to Takamura, Ippo has spent his whole life 
    helping with his family's fishing boat business,which has yielded him strong
    legs and arms. Ippo executes an upper cut that sends the sandbag flying and 
    jaws dropping. Takamura sends Ippo home with a video highlight reel of
    Mike Tyson's greatest knockouts. This really gets Ippo interested and he
    decides that night that he wants to learn how to box.
    The next day Ippo waits for Takamura around the same spot. He asks Takamura
    if he can come to the gym again so he can learn how to box. Takamura makes a
    deal with Ippo. If Ippo can catch ten falling leaves off a tree, then Takamura 
    willtake him to the gym to be trained. It looks easy when Takamura does it, but
    when Ippo tries, it is pretty hard. Ippo has a limited amount of time to do 
    this, so he practices as much as he can. Finally he realizes that the sound his
    punches make are nothing like Takamura's. So he loosens his fist then tightens
    it once his arm is fully extended. He applies this to principle to catching the 
    leaves. The next day he successfully catches ten leaves on one hand. 
    Impressed by this, Takamura takes him back to the gym where Ippo has to 
    prove himself to Genji Kamogawa, the gyms owner. (Ippo looks very meak and 
    shy, so a lot of people do not think he has what it takes to be a boxer, just 
    on first glance.)
    Kamogawa arranges a spar with a member the same age and weight class as 
    Ippo, his name is Ichiro Miyata. Miyata has been boxing since he was very young
    and is highly skilled, especially when compared to a novice like Ippo. 
    Takamura tells Ippo not to worry about winning, but to just show some 
    potential. Ippo gets beaten pretty bad, but he keeps standing up after every 
    down. This kind of guts impressed Kamogawa, who is reminded of the Japanese
    Boxers of the past. Kamogawa personally trains Ippo from this point on, a 
    rematch spar with Miyata will be in 3 months.
    Victorious Boxers Character Walkthrough: Ippo Makunouchi
    Boxer Profile
    Name: Ippo Makunochi
    Class: Featherweight
    Type: Infighter, Peek-a-Boo
    Strengths -
    Ippo is a very strong puncher. For a feather weight class boxer his punches are
    almost freakishly heavy, which allows him to make short work of his opponents.
    Has great stamina, good chin, strong body, he can go the distance.
    Weaknesses -
    His foot and hand speed are not the fastest in the world, but they are not that
    bad either. He is not a technician, but he makes up for it in raw power and his
    arsenal of special moves.
    Special Moves - Match they become available
    Jofle Upper Cut - Special Button + Right Hook (Ichiro Miyata Fight)
    Smash - Special Button + Right Straight (Sendo Takeshi Fight)
    Gazzele Punch - Special Button + Left Straight (Vorg Zangief Fight)
    Dempsey Roll - Special Button + Left Hook (Ponchai Chuwatana Fight)
    (Note: Dempsey Roll Available in Ippo's Comeback Story Mode)
    Match #1
    Ippo Makunochi vs Ichiro Miyata
    Background: Along with Takamura, Miyata is the future hope of the Kamogawa
    Boxing Gym. He is still an amateur, but his skills are easily on the pro level. 
    He is an awesome outboxer (outside fighter), who has a lot of potential in the 
    ring. He adopted his fathers boxing style at a young age, and has devoted his 
    life to mastering it. Miyata does not have a hard punch, but he makes up for it 
    with his fast hand and foot speed. He also desires to fully master the art of 
    counter punching, something that his father failed to do and it cost him his
    career. He plans to make sport of Ippo and down him quick.
    Fight Strategy: Miyata is pretty much a pushover in this game. Us this first
    match to get a feel for the controls and general ring movement. Beating
    Miyata is not very complicated. Start out with some hooks to his body. After
    performing those a few times then start using your special move, the
    Jofle Upper Cut. Crouch down and blast him with the Jofle Upper Cut in the
    gut and he will go down fast. He might get up once or twice, but keep at it. 
    This is the best strategy to use until you get more accustomed to the controls.
    Once you get the hang of it you can come back and pretty much have your way
    with Miyata anyway you want: Hooks to the head, uppercut his chin, etc...
    Match #2
    Pro Test
    Ippo Makunochi vs Naoya Ogawa
    Background: This is Ippo's test to become a professional boxer. He lucks out
    and gets a rather weak opponent.
    Fight Strategy: Ogawa is even worse than Miyata, so don't get worried. Feel
    free to play around with him a bit and try a different strategy than what we
    used for Miyata. I recommend dodging his punches, then hitting him with some
    left and right hooks. Keep that up until he starts staggering from the force of
    the hits. Once that happens either use regular upper cuts or the Jofle 
    Upper Cut to finish him off. If you want to aim for his chin, by all means do 
    so. If this strategy doesn't work out for you, don't worry about it. Just go 
    back to the same one that we used for Miyata. 
    Match #3
    Pro Debut
    Ippo Makunochi vs Yusuke Oda
    Background: Oda is a decent boxer, who has some power in his punches. 
    Normally he is very lazy and doesn't train to hard for fights. However, before 
    the match he hears that Ippo's gymmates were making fun of him, so he goes
    all out in preperation for the fight. He is kind of a mix of an outboxer and 
    infighter, but it doesn't really matter since he is not that talented.
    Fight Strategy: This is your third match and you should be ready to do some
    basic combinations on Oda. Just start out trying to dodge his punches and go
    to work on his head. Throw some hooks, straights, and maybe a few upper cuts.
    He should go down pretty fast since his chin isn't that good. If you are having
    trouble, go back to the same strategy we used for Miyata.
    Match #4
    Ippo Makunochi vs Yoshio Fujiwara
    Background: Ippo fights Yoshio in his second pro fight. He is a real dirty 
    infighter who likes to use headbuts. 
    Fight Strategy: Another wimp, but his special move is butting. This will
    allow him to headbutt you, but that is easily countering by a left straight.
    If you hit him with a straight punch when he is coming at you with a headbut,
    it will be more powerful than a normal straight and might even knock him out.
    If you be aggressive and keep brawling with him, you won't even have to use 
    that strategy though. Just keeping throwing hooks, upper cuts, and straights at
    him and he will go down.
    Match #5
    East Japan Rookie King Tournament Round 1
    Ippo Makunochi vs Jason Ozma (Ozuma)
    Background: Ozma is an African American boxer currently residing in Japan. He
    trains at a small gym that doesn't have a lot of money. He hopes to win the
    East Japan Rookie King Tournament so the gym will be able to afford better
    equipment. He also wants to pay back the kindess his trainer has shown him. 
    Ozma is a lot like Ippo, but not quite as well rounded. He isa powerful 
    infighter whose hook punches are his most deadly weapons.
    Fight Strategy: Don't be scared of this guy, just go toe to toe with him and
    exchange power punches. Be sure to dodge though, Ozma does have a good
    bit of power in his fists. Very basic strategy actually, hit him more than he 
    hits you, then finish him with a Joffle Upper Cut. Once again, if all else 
    fails go to the body, but it might take longer with Ozma.
    Match #6
    East Japan Rookie King Tournament Round 2
    Ippo Makunochi vs Kenta Kobashi
    Background: A weak boxer who passed the first round thanks to his clinching
    ability. His first round was won on points, which most of his fights are. He 
    does not have much power or stamina, so he is not much of a threat.
    Fight Strategy: This guy is terrible, just do whatever you want to him and have
    fun. I suggest hitting him with hooks back and forth across the ring until he 
    is knocked out. 
    Match #7
    East Japan Rookie King Tournament Semi-Finals
    Ippo Makunochi vs Ryuichi Hayami
    Background: Hayami is an outboxer like Miyata, only faster. He is a popular 
    boxer among the female crowd, but isn't really that good. His special move is
    called the Shotgun. It is a just a series of rapid punches, but if you get hit
    with all of them, you might get knocked out for good.
    Fight Strategy: His Shotgun is pretty overrated in my opinion, but his speed is
    the real deal. He is the third fastest featherweight in the game and he has 
    decent defensive abilities on top of that. You have to start out going to the
    body on this guy. A round or two of pure body hits will slow him down enough
    so that you can get some hooks, upper cuts, and straights in on his chin. If
    Kamogawa tells you, "Brilliant!", then keep it up. Watch out for his Shotgun
    move though. It is easily dodged, so you don't have to worry too much about it.
    One time by luck, I nailed him right after he threw the final punch in his
    Shotgun and it knocked him out. Give that a try if you are a brave, but wait for
    the later rounds when you have worn down his speed. This will be the toughest
    fight you have had yet. If all else fails go back to the basic strategy and try
    that. Worst comes to worst, if you can do that and avoid his punches, you will
    win on points most likely.
    Match #8
    East Japan Rooki King Tournament Final Match
    Ippo Makunochi vs Ryo Mashiba
    Background: Mashiba lost his parents in a car accident when he was only 15.
    Not only does he box, but he works the docks during the day to support his
    younger sister Kumi. She wants to be a nurse and needs money for school, so
    Mashiba fights for this reason. He may seem just seems like a mean guy who
    wants to hurt people anyway, but he really isn't. During the series this is a 
    tough match for Ippo.
    Fight Strategy: Alright, Mashiba is kind of tough, but not as bad as 
    in the series. First off, don't be afraid of him. He has fantastic reach and
    good power. His hand speed isn't bad either, so watch out. Just work inside
    and work his body in the first 3 or so rounds. Be sure to defend, especially
    watch out for his special move called the Chopping Right. If that hits you in
    the chin, then you will freeze for a few seconds and he will be able to pummel
    you. Sway away from that when it comes. After a few rounds of body blows try
    hitting him in the face with hooks. Once you do that and you feel you have the
    timing down, finish him off with some Joffel Upper Cuts.
    Match #9
    All Japan Rookie King Championship Match
    East Japan Rookie King vs West Japan Rookie King
    Ippo Makunochi vs Sendo Takeshi
    Background: Sendo is very similar to Ippo when it comes to fighting style, but
    their backgrounds are a bit different. Sendo's dad was a fireman who died 
    saving someone in a fire. Sendo grew up as a tough kid who became the leader
    of a number of street gangs. One day he started beating up these boxing 
    students behind the gym for fun, this is when he was discovered by his trainer
    and he started to take up boxing. He is known as Rocky, because his idol is
    Rocky Marciano, who was a knockout artist and never lost a fight. His biggest 
    fans are a group of young kids who made Sendo promise to buy them all 
    video game systems when he wins the Rookie King Tournament. Time to make
    the kids cry.
    Fight Strategy: Sendo is actually a lot similar to Ippo in fighting ability and 
    style. He is not the best defensive boxer, but chances are at this time
    neither are you. He has incredible destructive power, so don't go head to head
    with him at the start. He has a set of special moves called Smashes, which 
    is a combination of a upper cut and a hook. Watch out for those, because they
    deal serious damage when they actually connect. You have a version of a  
    smash too, but it is more like a straight and uppercut put together if that
    makes sense. Don't worry about using that because you won't need it. Stick
    to the old strategy, go low for a few rounds and hit Sendo with hooks and jabs
    to the body. After he goes down thanks to body blows, then take it upstairs.
    Throw some hooks, smashes, and upper cuts at him and he should go down
    fairly easy. 
    Are you happy? You just made five kids cry. Don't feel bad though, they have 
    enough money for one system and share it.
    Match #10
    Japanese Featherweight Rank Match
    Ippo Makunochi vs Keigo Okita
    Background: Okita is last years All Japan Rookie King. He belongs to the same
    gym as the Japan Feather Weight Champion, Eiji Date. He idolizes Date and 
    models his boxing style after him. One day Date invites Ippo to his gym for
    a practice spar, so Date can prepare for his upcoming title defense. This 
    sours Okita because he is jealous that Date did not choose him. Okita then
    challenges Ippo to a match.
    Fight Strategy: Okita is a pretty well rounded fighter, he really doesn't 
    excel in any area, but he isn't horrible in any either. When he throws his 
    special move, the Corkscrew Blow, try to do a low counterpunch for tons of 
    damage to his body. If he hits you with the corkscrew blow squarely in a 
    critical area, you will be stunned for a moment. This leaves you open to a 
    barrage of punches and you could be knocked out. For the first few rounds start
    low and work his body. Sneak in a few hooks and upper cuts if you can too. By 
    the third round just take the fight to him hard. Throw upper cuts, smashes, 
    hooks, anything to get at this guys chin. He has a lot of fighting spirit, so 
    he might not stay down the first time, but keep at it.
    Match #11
    Class A Boxer Tournament 
    Ippo Makunochi vs Takuma Saeki
    Background: Saeki is a former amateur champion who attended a sports college
    in Tokyo. He turned down going to the Olympics so he could be a pro boxer. He
    sees taking punches as an adrenaline rush, and is looking forward to dodging
    Ippo's powerful punches. The strongest legs will meet the strongest arms.
    Fight Strategy: Saeki is without a doubt the fastest character in the game. 
    This will be your hardest fight yet. He is so fast that even your normal moves
    will not hit him if you go for head shots. Completely forget about special 
    moves, including your new Gazzele Punch. They will just waste stamina that is 
    essential to you winning this fight. Saeki's hand speed is pretty fast, but
    thankfully his punches are not that powerful. Unfortunately when he strings 
    them together into head combos, they can be some of the most devastating
    blows in the game.
    The gameplan is simple, but it will require some patience, don't rush this 
    plan. At the beggining of the fight, before the bell even rings, watch how fast
    Saeki is moving and remember what it looks like. From this point on, duck down
    and hit him with low jabs and some low hooks if you can get them in, but jabs 
    work well. Even without special moves Ippo has a lot of power, so the damage  
    will build up after a few rounds. Once you notice a significant drop in Saeki's
    speed have some more patience and do some low hooks for another round. Then 
    after that see if you can get some head shots in on him. Head hooks are the 
    easiest to hit and are the most effective. If you are having trouble landing 
    them, go back down to the body and use some upper cuts and hooks. He will 
    eventually go down. Keep this process up until you TKO him or win on points.
    Match #12
    Class A Boxer Tournament Finals
    Ippo Makunochi vs Vorg Zangief
    Background: Vorg is a former Amateur Champion and hails from Russia. His
    mother is sick and he turned pro to make money to support her. He is kind
    outside of the ring, but when he enters the ring he becomes a wolf. Avoid his
    fangs or you will be shredded.
    Fight Strategy: Ok, he isn't as scary as he sounds, but he is the best all 
    around boxer that you have fought up to this point. He can fight outside and 
    inside, making him great practice for your next fight. Without getting ahead of
    ourselves lets focus on how to beat this guy.
    First off, he is a pretty easy if you use our old body strategy, you just have
    to keep an eye out for his upper cuts and special called the White Fang. It is
    a punch that hits you both on the top of the head and on the chin at the same
    time. Needless to say it deals great damage and will at least stun you if it 
    hits. After a few rounds of going to the body to wear him down start going at
    his chin. Hooks work very well, as do straight combinations. Play around and 
    see what works best for you. The only thing the White Fang will be eating is 
    the canvas if you follow through with the plan.
    Match #13
    Japanese Feather Weight Championship
    #1 Contender Ippo Makunochi vs Japan Feather Weight Champion Eiji Date
    Background: Date is 29 years old, and is probably the best featherweight boxer
    in the game. This is his second run as the Japan Feather Weight Champion.
    When he was in his early 20's he became champ for the first time, but then 
    tried to take on the World Feather Weight Champion and lost in the second round
    after getting his nose busted and scarred. He came back years later and has 
    risen to the top again. He plans to go after the World Title again after he 
    takes care of his unfinished business with Ippo in this fight.
    Fight Strategy: This is one of the hardest fights in the game. Date is an 
    amazing boxer who has it all going for him. He is powerful, fast, agile, and is
    easily one of the top two technicians in the game. If you try to match up to 
    him man to man the first time, you will get beaten very badly.
    Instead follow this strategy. Start out the first few rounds in this pattern.
    Execute three or four left hooks to his body. Then get on Date's right side, so
    that your left leg is lined up with the middle of Date's legs. Do a Gazzele 
    Punch a few times, then go back to the left side. He has a corkscrew punch that
    is pretty deadly, so when you can counter with a low left hook to the body.
    I beat him in four rounds using this strategy. You know that you are doing good
    when Kamogawa tells you, "Brilliant!'. 
    Here is a link to a video I made that shows you how to beat Date -
    Did you win? Congrats you are now the Japan Feather Weight Champion, but
    there is more to be done. Check out Ippo's next story mode, Ippo's Comeback. 
    More strong boxers have come out of the woodwork and they want your title.
    Victorious Boxers Character Walkthrough: Ippo's Comeback
    Match #1
    Comeback Fight
    Ippo Makunochi vs Ponchai Chuwatana
    Background: Ponchai Chuwatana is the hope of Thailand. He beat Jimmy Sisfer who
    many thought
    would be Thailand's future. Ponchai has some power and decent boxing abilities.
    Too bad for him that you have the Dempsey Roll now.
    Fight Strategy: Keeping hitting him with left and right hooks for a few rounds.
    Once he starts to stumble it's time to break out the Dempsey Roll. Just keep
    hitting him with it and he'll go down for the count. If he doesn't stay down, 
    then don't worry you'll still win by TKO if you knock him down three times in 
    one round.
    Match #2
    Japanese Featherweight Championship
    #1 Contender Ippo Makunouchi vs Japanese Featherweight Champion Sendo Takeshi
    Background: Ippo vs Sendo II! This fight is called Lalapalooza because of the 
    stadium shaking punches the two exchange. Sendo wants to get Ippo back for his
    defeat in the All-Japan Rookie King Tournament. He now has a few new moves such
    as a quick dash and a new smash. Still, he's going down.
    Fight Strategy: Spend the first few rounds doing up-down combinations on Sendo.
    Blast his body with uppercuts and hooks, then hook and jab his head. Once he 
    slows down start throwing the Dempsey Roll. If you can't knock him out don't 
    worry. Just keep hitting him and he'll go down enough times to get a TKO 
    Match #3
    1st Title Defense
    Japanese Featherweight Champion Ippo Makunochi vs #1 Contender Kazuki Sanda
    Background: Sanda is the former Japanest Junior Featherweight Champion, he 
    relinquished his title so he could fight Ippo. He's also a medical doctor, so 
    he brings those skills with him into the ring. He doesn't have that powerful of
    a punch, but he's a pretty decent technician with fast hand speed. His special
    moves aren't that good, they can be easily countered and overpowered.
    Fight Strategy: You'll notice that you now come out of the red corner since 
    you are the champ. 
    Plus you have some cool new turnks. Just pummel this guy. It doesn't get any 
    simpler than that. Hit him in the body a fewtimes and then start rocking him 
    upstairs. He has a couple special moves that are punches at odd angles.Just 
    avoid those and you should be ok. If you just Dempsey Roll him when he's weak 
    you are guaranteed a win. The biggest thing here is to take your time, don't 
    rush it. Build up enough damage on him then finish him.
    Match #4
    2nd Title Defense
    Japanese Featherweight Champion Ippo Makunochi vs Japanese Featherweight 
    Ranked 7th Hammer Nao
    Background: This is actually a former protege of Ippo's who comes back to 
    challenge him. He's a powerful puncher with a decent amount of stamina. He 
    dropped three weight classes to fight Ippo.
    Fight Strategy: Very similar to when you fight Sendo, just exchange blows and
    use the Dempsey Roll. If all goes well you will KO him or win by TKO. It's just
    going to be a brawl, your strength is your strength so you have to just go with
    it. Nao has a hard head, but he can't last long against Ippo's Dempsey Roll. 
    Just build up damage before you break it out though. Get him stumbling from 
    your hooks then hit him with the Dempsey Roll. Remember, if you knock him down
    three times in one round you win by TKO. So keep that in mind if this sucker 
    isn't staying down.
    Match #5
    3nd Title Defense
    Japanese Featherweight Champion Ippo Makunochi vs Japanese Featherweight 
    Ranked 5th Yi Yonsu
    Background: A foreign boxer from Korea. He's kind of wimp.
    Fight Strategy: Everytime I have fought him, I've gotten a first round TKO. 
    Just Dempsey Roll the heck out of him. You don't even have to take time to 
    build up damage. He's a weakling.
    Match #6
    4th Title Defense
    Japanese Featherweight Champion Ippo Makunochi vs #1 Contender Iwao Shimabakuro
    Background: Shimabakuro is from the island of Okinawa and is a powerful 
    infighter. He's tiny, but he's mighty. He is also a fisherman so he is 
    battling Ippo to see who is the better Man of the Sea.
    Fight Strategy: This is the first time you are fighting someone shorter than 
    you, so it might take a few seconds to ge used to. This guy has a hard body, 
    so go for the head. Hooks and straights to build up damage, then start Dempsey
    Rolling. Eventually he will get weak enough to go down. Knock him down three 
    times and it's a TKO. Keep hitting him as he goes down, because he has a hard 
    head. It will take a while to build up damage. If you Dempsey Roll from the 
    start ou should be ok.Just make sure he isn't countering them. If he is, then 
    step back and go for hooks and uppers to his chin. The key to beating him 
    though is the Dempsey Roll. He can take a lot of punishment. If he knocks you 
    down twice in one round step back! You don't want to get TKOed. Take the rest 
    of the round off doing body punches, then resume the Dempsey Roll the next 
    Match #7
    5th Title Defense
    Japanese Featherweight Champion Ippo Makunochi vs Japanese Featherweight 
    Ranked 5th Ryuhei Sawamura
    Background: Sawamura is a very crazy guy. He is the same type of fighters as 
    Mashiba, he's strong and
    lives to hurt people. Unlike Mashiba though, he has some great counter punching
     abilities. He's pretty
    quick on his feet and he has fast hands. On top of that he can take a good 
    amount of damage and has
    some power. 
    Fight Strategy: Just beat the crap out of his body with uppercuts and hooks. 
    When you think you have slowed him down enough go to his head with hooks. Then
    hit the Dempsey Roll to knock him down. If you are feeling brave you can try 
    the Gazelle Punch strategy we used against Date. That should work well in 
    building up body damage on Sawamura, then finish him off with the Dempsey Roll.
    I found it easy to TKO him with the Gazelle Punch.
    Way to go Champ! You defended your tile 5 Times! Keep your skills ups though, 
    because there are more where these came from in Victorious Boxers 2!
    Victorious Boxers Character Walkthrough: Masaru Aoki
    Boxer Profile
    Name: Masaru Aoki
    Class: Lightweight
    Type: Infighter, Unorthodox
    Strengths -
    Aoki has some crazy moves that can do a lot of damage. He also has decent power
    and a very good left jab. 
    Weaknesses -
    His special move, the Frog Punch can be countered very easily. And his Double 
    Punch is difficult to hit unless you build up damage. 
    Special Moves - Match they become available
    Frog Punch - Special Button + Right Hook (Bull Ushida Fight)
    Corkscrew Blow - Special Button + Right Straight (Bull Ushida Fight)
    Double Punch - Special Button + Left Straight (Bull Ushida Fight)
    Look-Away - Special Button + Left Hook (Katsutaka Imae Fight)
    Match #1
    Class A Boxer Tournament Round 1
    Masaru Aoki vs Bull Ushida
    Background: Ooh a scary name for an opponent huh? Get used to it because all of
    Aoki's opponents at the start are named after vicious animals. Luckily they 
    aren't quite as intimidating as their namesake.
    Fight Strategy: Ok Aoki plays a bit different than Ippo. You want to utilize 
    Aoki's left jab to start off the best position to hit this is to get to the 
    right side of your opponent then just start spamming it.
    Then once damage is build off hit his head some more and do some body blows. 
    Finish him off with either Corkscrew Blows or if you are really brave, Frog 
    Punches. Either way you will either get a KO or TKO.
    Match #2
    Class A Boxer Tournament Semi-Finals
    Masaru Aoki vs Jackal Ito
    Background: Again, another scary guy who doesn't live up to his name. He's 
    basically a slightly stronger version of Bull Ushida.
    Fight Strategy: Same thing that you did with Bull Ushida. This guys has a 
    little bit more power and skill, but you shouldn't have any problems. Just go
    for the KO or TKO. 
    Match #3
    Class A Boxer Tournament Finals
    Masaru Aoki vs Snake Thomas
    Background: Snake Thomas is a tough boxer from Thailand, or so they say. In my
    opinion he is easier than Bull and Jackal by far. I beat him by TKO in one 
    Fight Strategy: Start off with left jabs. Just keep hitting him, then throw in
    a right straight after you hit him with three jabs. Throw some hooks, then 
    start doing special moves to down him. You don't have to rush, if you don't
    TKO him in the first round, you'll get him in the second or third. Just use 
    Corkscrews, Frog Punches and Double Punches on him. He's fast, but not very 
    strong so don't worry.
    Match #4
    Japanese Lightweight Ranked 7th Masaru Aoki vs Philippine Lightweight Rank 8th
    Boy Arate
    Background: An overseas fighter who is pretty skilled. He's still nothing you 
    can't handle so don't worry.
    Fight Strategy: He has very fast hands, but Aoki's jab is faster. Just get in 
    the usual position and start nailing him with it. Then hit him with hooks to
    the head. Once he slows down a bit hit him with special punches. Watch out for
    the Frog Punch though he may be able to sidestep that unless you really slow 
    him down. So focus on the Corkscrew Blow and Double Punch for now.He should be
    the loser by TKO in no time.
    Sparring Match
    Masaru Aoki vs Ippo Makunouchi
    Background: Be prepared for one of the most challenging fights in the game. 
    Ippo is a really strong character, but if you pressure him you can beat him.
    Fight Strategy: Ippo is a good bit smaller though you so it might take a while
    to get used to the angles. Start out with your left jab and wear him down. Then
    start doing hooks to the head and whatnot. It wouldn't hurt to build up body 
    damage either. Beware, he can really counter your Frog Punch and Double Punch 
    easily. Wait until he is worn down to throw them. If you need a good hit use 
    the Corkscrew Blow until the time is right. Just keep hitting him and he will
    get either KOed or TKOed. He's a tough little bugger though. He always gets 
    back up. Just be smart and DON'T RUSH through this. Take your time this is your
    toughest fight since Date vs Ippo. Conserve your specials, mostly use the
    Corkscrew Blow. If you overspam your specials your stamina will be tapped and 
    Ippo will outlast you.
    Match #5
    Japanese Lightweight Ranked 5th Masaru Aoki vs Philippine Lightweight Rank 10th
    Paddy Magramo
    Background: Paddy is another fighter from the Philippines and is pretty good 
    for being ranked 10th.
    Fight Strategy: Just start out spamming him with left jabs. He's going to see 
    fast because you just fought Ippo and Paddy is a outboxer. Just take your time
    and do damage to his head first with jabs and hooks. If you want throw some 
    Corkscrew Blows. Continue this process until he is KOed or TKOed.
    Match #6
    Japanese Lightweight Championship 
    Japanese Lightweight #1 Contender Masaru Aoki vs Japanese Lightweight Champion 
    Katsutaka Imae
    Background: Imae is someone who reached the top of the Lightweight Division 
    through hardwork and he hates how Aoki does such silly stuff. He vows to make 
    Aoki respect boxing. Aoki has a new move for this fight called the Look-Away.
    You can only use it once and it is pretty handy for getting a quick knockdown. 
    You don't really need it though.
    Fight Strategy: This guys is pretty technically sound and has some power and 
    speed as well. He's just a good all around boxer (duh Blitz, he's the champ),
    Remember, stick to what Aoki is best at. Stick him with your jab, then go for 
    hooks and when he is weared down nail him with some of your special punches.
    Start out with the low risk Cork Screw Blow and when those start landing do the
    Double Punch. You might want to use Look-Away and Frog Splash in conjunction 
    with each other. Just be careful this guys isn't the champ for no reason. He is
    very well rounded and has a lot of stamina. I'm telling you, he could eat 
    Aoki's left jab all night though. There is no stopping that from going in once
    you get in position. Just keep that in mind and build off that. Don't rush! 
    Just take your time and go for the TKO.
    Nice job! You just guided Aoki to the Japanese Lightweight Championship! Next 
    is the OPBF Lightweight Title and then the World! (OK let's not get carried
    Victorious Boxers Character Walkthrough: Tatsuya Kimura
    Boxer Profile
    Name: Tatsuya Kimura
    Class: Junior Lightweight
    Type: Outboxer
    Strengths -
    Kimura is one of the strongest fighters in this game. He's fast and his punches
    are not light either. Later when you get the Dragon Fish Blow he gets even 
    better. He's great to have fun with in VS Mode.
    Weaknesses -
    While he has no weaknesses he doesn't really have too many strengths either. 
    He really only has one offensive weapon and you get that in his last fight.
    Special Moves - Match they become available
    Quick Dash - Special Button + Right Straight (Shinji Kanzaki Fight)
    Dragon Fish Blow - Special Button + Left Hook (Ichiro Miyata Fight)
    Note: I'm not sure why Aoki has Date and Okita's Corkscrew Blow.
    Match #1
    Class A Boxer Tournament Round 1
    Japanese Junior Lightweight Ranked 5th Tatsuya Kimura vs Japanese Junior 
    Lightweight Ranked 7th Shinji Kanzaki
    Background: Shinji is from the Nakadai Gym and his corner man is Coach Nakadai.
    The same trainer who trained Eiji Date, the Japanese Featherweight Champion. 
    Needless to say like all boxers from the Nakadai Gym he is well rounded and 
    technically sound.
    Fight Strategy: Just an FYI since you are ranked higher you start out in the 
    red corner (AKA top right corner). Shinji is good, but Kimura has the edge. 
    Start out by doing hooks and uppers to his body to slow him down. Once he calms
    down start going for his head. He'll keep getting back up, so just TKO him in 
    a round. It's probably the easiest and less risky way to beat him. 
    Match #2
    Class A Boxer Tournament Round 2
    Tatsuya Kimura vs Hiroshi Nishimura
    Background: This guys is a brawler who can really take a beating
    Fight Strategy: I started out with just cranking him in the head with jabs then
    hooks. If you can get him into a corner and keep abusing him with hooks that 
    send him staggering. I beat him in two rounds. Knocked him down twice in the 
    first, then finished him in the second. 
    Match #3
    Class A Boxer Tournament Semi-Finals
    Tatsuya Kimura vs Takeishi Ryuzaki 
    Background: A boxer who models his look after Gushiken, the Fierce Eagle.
    Fight Strategy: This guy is the same type of boxer as Kimura. Get inside of 
    him and start throwing uppercuts to the body. Eventually he is going to go 
    down and stay down by KO. It doesn't get much easier than that. Just be careful
    this guy is actually pretty fast.
    Match #4
    Class A Boxer Tournament Final
    Tatsuya Kimura vs Porn Morocotte
    Background: A fighter from Thailand who has some skills. And as is the case 
    with all fighters from Thailand he has some strong punches.
    Fight Strategy: As always weaken the body first with hooks and uppercuts. Then
    in the next round start cranking on his head. 
    Match #5
    Japanese Junior Lightweight Ranked 6th Tatsuya Kimura vs Philippines Junior 
    Lightweight Ranked 5th Nefma Ozca
    Background: A Philippine fighter who has a weak body.
    Fight Strategy: Just crank on his body with uppercuts. I beat him in one round
     by TKO this way.
    Tatsuya Kimura vs Ichiro Miyata
    Background: Miyata is the same time of boxer as you are and he knows a lot 
    about your next opponent Mashiba, having fought him in the East Japan Rookie 
    King Semi-Finals. Miyata lost because Mashiba stepped on his foot and knocked 
    him down, spraining it. It's time for Miyata to get his revenge so he helps 
    you. You are in different weight classes, but he's good now, so watch out.
    Fight Strategy: This is going to be very similar to fighting yourself. Miyata 
    is good, but you are one weight class above and have the Dragon Fish Blow.
    Start off with going to the body for a round, then start going upstairs. When 
    Miyata is staggering it is time to use the Dragon Fish Blow. 
    Match #6
    Japanese Junior Lightweight Championship 
    Japanese Lightweight #3 Contender Tatsuya Kimura vs Japanese Junior 
    Lightweight Champion Ryo Mashiba
    Background: After Mashiba lost to Ippo in the East Japan Rookie King 
    Tournament, he had trouble making the weight limit and moved up to Junior 
    Lightweight. He quickly ascended to the title. Kimura now has the joy of facing
    Fight Strategy: Don't throw your Dragon Fish Blows right out of the gate. Take
    your time and wear him down for a few rounds. I usually pound his body for a 
    round then head upstairs for the next round. If you get him stumbling around 
    after you hit him with a hook then start throwing the Dragon Fish Blow. 
    Luckily Mashiba is easier than his anime/manga counterpart.
    Nice job! You just guided Kimura to the Japanese Junior Lightweight 
    Championship! Everyone says that Kimura's boxing far exceeds Japan, so who 
    knows what could be next for him.
    Victorious Boxers Character Walkthrough: Takamura Mamoru
    Boxer Profile
    Name: Mamoru Takamura
    Class: Middleweight
    Type: Hybrid
    Strengths -
    Takamura is the perfect boxer. He's boxing ideal. The perfect blend of wild 
    instincts, power, speed and technical precision. It doesn't get any better 
    than him. He is good at both infighting and outboxing equally.
    Weaknesses -
    Special Moves - None
    Match #1
    1st Title Defense
    Japanese Middleweight Champion Mamoru Takamura vs #1 Contender Atsushi Tamaoki  
    Background: Tamaoki won the Middleweight Class A Boxer Tournament so he is now
    the #1 Contender and has a shot at the champ. He's not bad, but Takamura is the 
    Fight Strategy: I love being Takamura. Just beat the crap out of this guy. Work 
    the body, work the head, knock him all around the ring. You'll get a KO.
    Strongest Beast in Japan Match
    Takamura vs Bear
    Background: Takamura decides to fight at bear while training at Ginpachi
    Nekota's mountain pension. He wants to prove that he is the strongest beast in
    all of Japan.
    Fight Strategy: This is a tough one. You have to hit it with uppercuts on the 
    head multiple times for it to go down. So duck down and launch some, then back
    away. You have to dance out of the way of his slashes. If you get hit two or
    three times you are KOed. So be careful. This can be the hardest and most 
    frusturating fights in the game if you don't do it right. One you get the hang
    of it though it's easy.
    Match #2
    2nd Title Defense
    Japanese Middleweight Champion Mamoru Takamura vs #1 Contender Takaaki Ito 
    Background: A #1 contender who is hardly worthy of the title.
    Fight Strategy: Just hit him in the head over and over again. Start out with 
    jabs and straights then progress to hooks. I beat him in one round.
    Match #3
    World Junior Middleweight Ranked 1st Mamoru Takamura vs Philippine Middleweight
    Champion Morris West
    Background: Takamura gets a challenge from the WBC Junior Middleweight 
    Champion and drops down to Junior Middleweight. Takamura is naturally a 
    Heavyweight, so it takes a lot for him to just make Middleweight. This Junior
    Middleweight limit is torture for him. He has to lose a lot of weight really 
    quick and isn't in the best condition because of it.
    Fight Strategy: You play as a depowered version of Takamura. He isn't at his 
    best due to the fast weight loss he had to endure. Don't worry though, this 
    guy on his best day couldn't beat Takamura on his worst day. Just use the same
    strategy. It might just take you two or three rounds to knockout this guy 
    instead of one, that's all.
    Match #4
    World Junior Middleweight Ranked 1st Mamoru Takamura vs WBC Junior Middleweight 
    Champion Brian Hawk
    Background: Brian Hawk is a lot like Takamura only more of an outboxer. He
    fights all on instinct and didn't really study the technical side of boxing at
    Fight Strategy: You're gonna win. It's a sure thing. The game is built so 
    Takamura has more of everything than Hawk stat wise (except for Hand Speed and
    Foot Speed). So just take your time and go to his body, then go to his head. 
    I recommend using body uppercuts as his hand speed is faster than yours.
    A new World Champion is crowned! Next Takamura vows to get a World Title in 
    every weight class from Junior Middle to Heavyweight.
    Victorious Boxers Character Walkthrough: Genji Kamogawa
    Boxer Profile
    Name: Genji Kamogawa
    Class: Bantamweight
    Type: Infighter, Technician
    Strengths -
    Has a strong punch and very good boxing skills for this time period. He also 
    has a nice left jab and a talent for landing hooks.
    Weaknesses -
    Isn't very fast on his feet and his hand speed isn't that good either.
    Special Moves - Match they become available
    Tekken (Iron Fist) - Special Button + Left Hook (Ralph Anderson Fight)
    Match #1
    Genji Kamogawa vs Ginpachi Nekota
    Background: Nekota and Kamogawa take us down memory lane to Post-WW2 Japan 
    where they met each other as prize fighters. 
    Fight Strategy: Man Nekota is good! He's like Saeki and Date rolled into one. 
    First off just go for the body for like four rounds. After he slows down
    walk right up to him and hit him with uppercuts. His height is perfect to land
    it on his chin. It works trust me. He'll go down for the KO in no time.
    Match #2
    Genji Kamogawa vs Ralph Anderson
    Background: Anderson is a officer in the American army, but before the war he 
    was the 5th ranked Welterweight in the world. Now he beats up on local Japanese
    fighters and chases Japanese women. One of his first victims is Dankichi, whose
    jaw he shatters. He has to cheat to beat Nekota though, which worsens Nekota's
    state of punch drunkeness. Kamogawa decides to fight him to get revenge for all
    the Japanese men he has destroyed in the ring, including Nekota. 
    Fight Strategy: You are a Bantamweight fighting a Welterweight, so this isn't 
    going to be easy. Luckily you have the Tekken! Work his body for a few rounds
    then start throwing the Tekken to finish him off. You can only use five of them
    so be conservative. Don't try to punch him head to head, be safe and go for his
    weak point.
    Congrats! You just defeated a former World Welterweight contender and have 
    successfully completed Victorious Boxers. Have fun in Arcade Mode with all 
    the boxers you unlocked. Try beating everyone with Ippo, it's pretty fun. You
    might have trouble beating Kimura, Brian Hawk, Takamura and Kamogawa though.
    Seriously Arcade Mode is a lot of fun, you will get even more hours of
    enjoyment from this game. 
    Copyright 2004 Dynamite Glove
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