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"A great fighting game that really followed the Manga"

I bought this game because I have been reading the manga of Hajime No Ippo since 1993. 10 years down the road today the story still hasn't ended. But it goes to show how popular the story is that they have to make a game on it.

If you want to compare the storyline to that of an RPG then the score would never be 10. However I'm gave it 10 based on the fact that it actually followed the manga's storyline carefully and accurately. However fans who have never seen the manga or the animation might not care about the storyline. My only complaint about the storyline is perhaps the fact that Miyata never got a story mode even though he was also one of the main characters in the game. In fact he is the main character Ippo's rival in the manga.
I would suggest that fans who love this game should read the manga or watch the animation. Its really funny and touchin at times.

Actually most of the boxers really look like the drawings in the manga. Sadly there were a few who didn't really look like their counterparts in the manga. The most obvious been Miyata and Kimura. Although I guess if you aren't a fan of the series you wouldn't notice or care.
As fot the fighting graphics I feel that the stage and the graphics were quite well presented. The build and height of the characters were also quite well done.

The music is not really special but its still quite nice.
The ring announcer's voice isn't too bad either. But I guess this is a boxing game you can't really expect much. I guess it would be unrealistic for me to say I was hoping that there was commentary in the game. In fact in the manga during every fights the buddies and coaches and friends of the boxers would be making commentary. But I guess one can not be far too demanding.

This game really deserves a 10 for gameplay but since I realised that some of the really powerful boxers in the manga actually seemed weaker in the game.Another problem was that there was some guys who were supposed to be jobbers(losers) in the manga who are actually quite powerful in the game. These seem a bit hard for me to accept since I was a great fan of the manga.
But apart from these inaccuracies the game is still quite accurate. Most guys have their own special moves and their own strengths and weaknesses.

Conclusion- This game is actually quite fun to play. As a fighting game its quite unique and special. As for game based on the managa its still fairly accurate enought that fans of the manga will still love it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/10/03, Updated 06/10/03

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