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    FAQ/Hints and Tips by JChartrand

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    The "I-Tried-To-Write-A-Complete-Game-Guide" 
    Guide to Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero
    V1.0     -     July 26, 2001
    	So, you bought yourself a new game didja? Congratulations. 
    Welcome to the world of addictive video gaming. Or, if you've already 
    been on this flight - welcome back. Its good to see you again, sit 
    down, have a drink, relax and tell me how you've been. By the way, 
    here's the controller and.... What? What? You don't want to talk anymore? 
    Oh all right... On with the guide.
    	Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero is perhaps the best racing video game to 
    date. Gran Turismo 3 has recently been released and so all the 
    comparisons are being made. Make no mistake, however, TXR0 is the best 
    racing game ever created. With more modifications, rivals, and 
    territory than any other game, you are in for MANY hours of fun.
    	This guide is intended to relate to you all the things I've 
    picked up out of the message boards for TXR0, the already existing FAQs 
    that are out there, and my experience playing the game. Now, I'm not 
    some freaky dude who has hundreds of hours to devote to this game. I 
    work full time and play a few hours when I can, so don't be concerned 
    over how much time you have to play. I have beaten the game all the way 
    through twice now and I think I'm about done. Besides that, I was just 
    disheartened that I had to comb the damn message boards looking for 
    answers when someone should have just written them all out in the 
    	Everyone has a theory on which car is the best starter car and to 
    everyone out there who is solidly in favor of a single car I say, "Stop 
    sucking your tailpipe". My only advice is one of those things that I 
    feel is imperative to this game... so here it is:
    Is that simple enough for you? Don't even bother with the lesser 
    classes until later - they're useless. Trust me just this once... Please. 
    Many people feel that you should take your car out for a spin first and 
    see if you like it. To this, I agree. I picked my first car at random, 
    got through about 10 races and realized it was a POS that I didn't 
    enjoy driving. (I personally recommend the Z15A, but that is hardly 
    firm.) Whichever car you ENJOY the most - use it. Period.
    	Simply put - upgrade when you can. Here is the list of upgrades 
    in order of how I see their importance:
    This upgrade increases everything cool about your car across the board.
    This improves the handling of your car, if your engine is huge and your 
    tires are puny, what is going to keep your car attached to the road? 
    Improves your overall horsepower, das ist gewd.
    The better the transmission, the faster you'll hit top speed.
    Works with your new transmission.
    Better overall handling and cornering for your car.
    Increases the rigidity of your frame and durability of your car.
    Makes your car lighter and makes it look sweeter. Hellz yeah.
    These are a few little things... very little.
    	Basically, if I were you I would upgrade these items one at a 
    time in the order shown. (Hell, it worked for me.) This way you 
    maintain a well-balanced and manageable car while at the same time 
    keeping up its ass-kicking ability.
    	A lot of people are asking about what levels of upgrades there 
    are... I've beaten the game twice now and here is the list of upgrades 
    that I have gotten both times. If I've missed anything, someone please 
    email me and let me know. I'll add your wisdom into the doc and we can 
    move on with our lives.
    ENGINE:		7 levels*
    MUFFLER:		8 levels*
    TRANSMISSION:	4 levels
    CLUTCH:		4 levels
    SUSPENSION:		5 levels*
    WHEELS:		9 levels
    BODY TUNE:		5 levels
    	F. BUMPER		5 levels
    	HOOD			2 levels
    	MIRROR		2 levels
    	OVER FENDER		1 levels
    	SIDE SKIRT		5 levels
    	R. BUMBER		5 levels
    	R. SPOILER		5 levels
    	The idea with upgrades is not always necessarily to give you more 
    power or to dramatically improve your car in some way. Sometimes an 
    upgrade can simply be a way of shaving off some weight from your car. 
    As an example, there are many cars where the level 5 aero tune looks 
    the same as the stock configuration, the difference is that it probably 
    weighs about 1/3 less. But remember; shaving weight is not ALWAYS a 
    good thing. Some cars are simply too light for their own good and must 
    be weighted down to stay on the road.
    * - Ok ok, here it is, the upgrades with the asterisks next to them are 
    achieved for only a SINGLE CAR when that car reaches 1864 miles on the 
    odometer. This is how I understand it and this is how it's done. *8)
    	So, this is the simple part... There are clubs that travel on 
    certain parts of the highway system, beat all the members and you will 
    be challenged by the leader of that particular club. When you beat the 
    leader, you receive the option to use their decal on your car. 
    Periodically, as you defeat rivals, you will earn the right to purchase 
    either their custom model car or the stock (original) model. Once you 
    have defeated the club on a given highway segment, move on. After every 
    club boss you beat (or sometimes every other) you will be challenged by 
    a member of the 13Devils club. They are sometimes tough and sometimes 
    pushovers. When you have worked your way through every available club 
    boss and thereby all but one of the 13Devils, you will be challenged by 
    Speed King.
    	I'll tell you right now, his speed is retarded. No matter what 
    car you are using you will be no match for him. He will blow by you 
    like a coked-up bat out of Watts during the riots. Like many of your 
    biggest challenges, you must defeat him through a combination of two 
    simple things: (1) Don't make stupid mistakes. (2) Wait for him to make 
    a stupid mistake.
           Oh, BTW... After you beat Speed King you're going to get some game 
    text and then the credits... THE GAME IS NOT OVER. Don't worry. *8) Just 
    keep reading.
    	Once you've defeated Speed King, you will earn the right to buy 
    his car. This is not a stock original but his customized version. DO 
    IT. BUY THAT SUCKER AND RUN. I have yet to find a better car in this 
    game. (I call it the Mirage, since that's what the sticker says.) Once 
    you have the Mirage, don't sell your first car. You may need it. You've 
    learned the handling of that car and your inexperience with the Mirage 
    may hurt you in some races.
    	THE MAP
    	Ok, so everyone asks about the map in TXR0. "How many areas are 
    there?" "How can I unlock more tracks?" Here is the answer as I have 
    come to know it. There are three main sections of the track: 
    1) Kanjyo
    2) Shinkanjyo
    	CW (clockwise)
    	CCW (counter-clockwise)
    3) Wangan/Yokohane
    	North bound
    	South bound
    	That's it.
    	Get used to it. The rest of the areas are closed off and are not 
    accessible to you. Believe me, this is enough track for anyone to lose 
    himself or herself in. You have areas of all types and temperaments 
    that will test you driving ability to the max. So, in other words, 
    don't get greedy. *8)
    	Now, you've defeated everyone on the road and knocked off the 
    head honcho of the highways... Not quite. Once you defeat Speed King, a 
    new band of clubs will be out and about ready to challenge you with 
    their cars and technique. Even with Speed King's car, you must be at 
    the top of your game to defeat them all. So, for now, I will assume 
    that you ARE at the top of your game and that you WILL defeat them all.
           If you are looking for clues to beat a specific member of a 
    specific club, I'm sorry, you won't find that here. Every member has a 
    weakness. Race them again and again, lure them into areas you know 
    particularly well, or race them over and over looking for a flaw. You 
    WILL find it if you persevere. I promise you.
    If you don't find it - you're not trying hard enough.
           As you defeat club bosses, you will be challenged by members of 
    The Zodiac club. There are 12 members, so sometimes when you defeat one 
    another one will challenge you right away. Don't be afraid, just rip 
    through each one as they come at you.
           At the end of the Zodiac club is White Charisma. This rival is 
    the equivalent of Speed King on anabolic steroids. What does that mean 
    exactly? Well, he's faster and stronger... But dumb to boot. Beating 
    White Charisma is as simple as waiting for him to make a mistake. No 
    big deal. And if it takes a while for him to screw up (10 races or 
    more) don't feel bad. *8)
    Again, more of those stupid credits. The game is STILL NOT OVER.
    Stop crying.
    	So, you've defeated White Charisma. You've won an ass-load of 
    money and you're itching for some real competition. Sorry, you wont 
    have it for a while.
    	Next on my list of "Things to do" is to go out and beat somebody 
    and then let your car go on auto-pilot. Now, put down the controller. 
    That's right, lay it right there on the floor at your feet. Now go to 
    bed. That's right, go.
    Good morning.
    Take your car off of auto-pilot and look at your odometer. If its not 
    over 1864 miles, beat someone else and let it go back to driving 
    itself. Leave it like that until you DO pass 1864 miles. Come back and 
    start reading when you're done.
    Welcome back.
    Now, go back to your garage. Pressing the L2 and R2 buttons while in 
    the garage will give you a read-out of some of your statistics. Press 
    R2 once and a list titled USER INFORMATION should come up. Second to 
    the bottom will be DISTANCE. This is the amount of miles traveled WHILE 
    IN RACES. Get it? This number needs to be above 1864 as well. So... Go 
    race. Again, come back and read when you've accomplished this.
    Ok, so, now everything is set for you to finish off all of the 
    Wanderers in TKR0. You've faced a few of them from time to time and 
    they may have been a challenge, but if you've been faithfully upgrading 
    your car like I told you (don't forget about the new upgrades you just 
    got) then they should be no match. Follow the instructions in the 
    Wanderers FAQ that should be available and kill off the ones that you 
    need to. Some of them have requirements that are a bitch, but you just 
    have to suck it up, spend the money and do it.
    Some of the Wanderers require you drive a certain car. This can be 
    altered a little bit because you can usually get the B class version of 
    the required car and they will still race you.
    DO NOT attempt to race the Wanderers in the order they are listed. This 
    is simply stupid and does not work. Fulfill all the requirements you 
    can for each one and do not worry if you have to skip down the list.
    If a Wanderer does not appear on a day when you think he/she should, 
    don't despair, they WILL show up eventually in the area that the FAQ 
    says they should. Some of the "calc 4" cars listed in the FAQ wouldn't 
    show up when they were supposed to, but eventually would come calling.
    	Ok, everyone on the message boards has been making a huge deal 
    over this guy. Don't sweat him. Seriously. He is driving a car that 
    goes so fast it could escape a black hole, but its handling is for 
    crap. Just wait a few races and he'll screw it all up. Trust me. I got 
    lucky and it only took two races for him to blow it both times I got to 
    him. NO SWEAT!
    There is no way to earn more money from your wins against Speed King 
    and White Charisma. Just deal with it. Besides, what you get is MORE 
    then enough for the rest of the game. No problem.
    There are no more secret hidden portions of track left to be found. 
    Deal with it.
    There are no codes you can do with your controller to do ANYTHING. The 
    game was simply not made with any secret codes. Deal with it.
    The Wanderer "Final Flight" is listed in a FAQ as requiring a Battle 
    Speed of 249mph. Just for the record, I encountered and raced (and 
    defeated) him with a battle speed of just 237mph.
    For those of you who do not think of it immediately (I didn't either), 
    the Wanderers who require a Real Time of some sort can be fooled by 
    simply resetting the time on your PS2 console. (Just don't forget to 
    set it back.) *8)
    	This is a HUGE topic on the message boards. I mean gargantuan. 
    Wow. People everywhere want LISTS of the best ratios for the best cars. 
    Now that's just lame IMHO. I mean come on, what's the fun in that? What 
    I will do for those of you who are curious to know what they do and 
    interested to learn how best to figure it out for yourself is give you 
    a bit of knowledge.
    	First, take your car and change the ratios to the maximum high 
    point. Now go to the Time Attack mode and select the full oval race. 
    While doing this race, watch your gear readouts and your tachometer.
    -If when you start the race, first gear drops very low and it take a 
    long time to build any speed, then change the first gear setting lower.
    -If when you are racing you hit top speed in 5th gear not 6th, then begin 
    lowering your ratios so your acceleration is more evenly distributed 
    between the gears.
    -Try to get a quick, evenly spaced, up-shift tempo as your car is 
    accelerating. The smoother the better.
           Now, switch from the full oval to the 400m dash and run your car. 
    Look at the completion time and begin tinkering with the ratios to see 
    what set of timing is best for your car. I understand that this is 
    vague in the extreme, but I do not believe in whole lists of ratios 
    being given out online. It rather defeats the purpose of the feature 
    even being in there.
           As a last note on ratios, a person could go through this game 
    never once touching anything having to do with their car's ratios and 
    still do perfectly well in the game. The ratios are there so that if a 
    person WANTS they can make their car perform above and beyond the 
    stock/custom level. It is not a requirement, but a feature.
    Don't get all worked up - that's just what I'm calling this section.
    So, after all is said and done you've finally finished the game.
    Now the goal as I see it is to perfect your Time Attack runs on all the 
    courses so you can blow your friends out of the water when you start 
    playing in Versus mode with them. *8)
    Ok, the Wanderers Requirements FAQ is available from the same page you 
    got this... Or at least it should be. If not, go to:
    It's a damn good FAQ that's had a lot of time put into it.
    Heed it well, young jedi.
    I am available at: jonc@digitalspark.net
    Additions, corrections, spelling errors, and grammatical suggestions.
    Thanks to Ru-Dogg. Play it up, pal.

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