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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Shaboogie25

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                                  Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero
                                    FAQ/Strategy Guide
                                     FAQ Information 
           FAQ is for     :    Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero
           Played On      :    Playstation2 Computer Entertainment System
           Started On     :    Saturday July 19, 2003  [7-19-03]
           Current Ver.   :    .75
           Last Updated   :    07-26-03
           *Throughout this guide you will see special codes next to each
           section title. Yes, these codes do have a purpose. They are 
           there so the readers can easily press CTRL+F and type in any 
           of the codes and instantly jump to any certain section. Now 
           isn't that easy? Heres an example if you don't understand:
           [Under table of contents]
           EXAMPLE:  1. Section Name [Code]
                                    Table of Contents
           1. Introduction                    [Intro]   
           2. Version History                 [VerHst]
           3. Controls                        [Contrl]
           4. Basics of Racing                [BascRce]
           5. Game Modes                      [GmeMds]
           6. Quest Walkthrough               [QstWlk]
              I. Half 1
                 A. Beating the King
              II. Half 2
                 A. Beating White Charisma
              III. #400
           7. Car List                        [Carlst]
           8. Wanderer List and Requirements  [WLstRq]
           9. Upgrade List                    [UpgrLst]
           10. Tuning Guide                   [TunGde]
           11. Contacting Me                  [Contct]
           12. Copyright                      [Cpyrit]
                                 1. Introduction [Intro]
           Ok, so I took a bit of time off from writing (all right, a 
           while), but I have decided to come back and give this another go.
           This time, I have decided to go in a completely new direction and
           try something I have never done before...a racing FAQ!!! Liek omg!
           So anyway, I chose to start off with this great little title,
           Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero. Let's find out a little about this game,
           shall we?
           Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero is, in my opinion, a highly underrated
           game. It is a fresh blast of new un-breathed air that takes us away
           from the classic same old racing doing laps around a track against
           5 or 6 other guys. This is street racing. 
           Illegal street racing, set on the highways of Tokyo, where some 
           of the best racers ride. Now this isn't the quarter-mile-ten-second
           -drag-racing that became so popular after the Fast and the Furious 
           was released, this is high speed minute long races dodging traffic 
           and sliding through corners. Quite fun.
                               2. Version History [VerHst]
            .70 - Did just about everything. Next update I will add the 
                  Wanderer List and Requirements section. Also will be adding
                  all the minor details I missed out on in this update, 
                  especially in the tuning guide.
                                  3. Controls [Contrl]
                  Button       -              Control 
           Left Analog Stick   -    Turn Left/Right, Horn [Press IN]  
           Back Button         -    Not Used                           
           Start Button        -    Pause Game                         
           Square Button       -    Brake                             
           X Button            -    Accelerate, Confirm [Menu]        
           O Button            -    Reverse                           
           Triange Button      -    Change View                       
           Right Analog Stick  -    Turn Signals, 4 Ways [Press IN]    
           R1 Button           -    Upshift                              
           R2 Button           -    Flash Highbeams
           L1 Button           -    Shift Down
           L2 Button           -    Show In-Car View
           D-Pad               -    Turn Left/Right       
                               4. Basics of Racing [BascRce]
           So you got the game and now you want to learn how the right way
           to race and everything in-between. Geez, people today are so damn
           demanding. Well I guess I can teach you a few things. Heh, might as
           well teach you a lot. I'll explain just about everything there is to
           know about racing in TXR0. Just sit there and read this, and you'll
           be racing like a champ in no time. Well, maybe in a little time. 
           The HUD
           Have you ever heard of the Heads-Up-Display, or HUD for short? Well
           if you haven't or you have and don't know what it is, then read this
           and I'll explain it all to you. The HUD is basically the display of
           stats, etc. during a race or time trial, etc. It displays everything
           from time, to maps, to distance, and all other sorts of neato info. Did
           I just say "neato"?? God I need to get out more...Anyway, lets go over
           all the different parts of the HUD you see during a race in TXR0.
           - Your/Rivals Speed Points - 
           These are the two long bars stretching across the top of the screen
           that show the amount of Speed Points you and your Rival have left.
           Speed Points are basically equal to Hit Points in an RPG or Adventure
           game. Speed Points are litterally a kind of health in a race. Your 
           meter will deplete if your Rival is ahead of you, and vice versa.
           When either of the two meters run out, that racer loses and the race
           - Your Battle Name -
           Your Battle Name, simply put is a nickname given to you by the other
           racers, depending on how you race and if you usually win or lose. This
           name is displayed right below your Speed Point meter. Your battle name
           will change throughout the game depending on your driving manners or 
           sometimes the way you match stickers with cars.
           - Your Sticker -
           This is shown below your Battle Name. It shows the current sticker
           which you have displayed on your car.
           - Odometer -
           This is displayed below your sticker, next to the word "ODO". The 
           Odometer shows the total amount of miles you have driven in your 
           current car. The further you drive, the higher this meter will read.
           Your Odometer will mostly be used to count your mileage until you reach
           1864 miles. This will be determined in a later section(see parts list).
           - Trip Meter -
           This is displayed right under the Odometer. The Trip Meter shows the
           total amount of miles you have driven on your current trip since you
           left the garage. I don't think I really need to go into that detailed 
           of a description for this.
           - Course Map -
           Displayed below your Odometer and Trip Meter, this is the map of 
           the current sections of highway that you are traveling on. The course 
           map is mostly used for finding Rivals and knowing which parts of 
           the highway you are traveling on and traveling to. Rivals that you
           have not raced against are shown as a blue arrow. Rivals who you have
           defeated are green arrows. Rivals that have defeated you are shown as
           a purple arrow, and rivals currently racing you are red arrows.
           - Tachometer - 
           The big round meter displayed under your rivals sticker, this shows
           how many RPMs your engine is revving to. RPM stands for Revolutions
           Per Minute. Simply put, this shows how fast your engine is revving.
           - Gear Display -
           The number shown in the round circle right inside the edge of the
           tachoemeter, this shows the current gear your car is in. The gears
           are R for Reverse, N for Nuetral, and 1-6 for each individual gear.
           - Speedometer -
           The set of numbers to the immeadiate left of the Gear Display, shows
           how fast your car is currently traveling in Miles Per Hour. The numbers
           increase as your car travels faster and faster. Not much of a detailed
           description is required for this.
                                  5. Game Modes [GmeMds]
           Wondering what all the different modes of this game are? Well
           then read on, my friend, read on!!
             - Quest Mode -
           Instruction Book Description: Try to rise to the top by seeking
           out and racing rival drivers on Tokyo's Highways.
             - Quick Race -
           Instruction Book Description: Attempt to defeat 100 rivals with-
           out regaining your SP!
             - Time Attack -
           Instruction Book Description: Race through a particual couse as
           fast as possible.
             - Free Run -
           Instruction Book Description: Freely drive around Tokyo's highways.
             - Versus (VS) -
           Instruction Book Description: Race against a friend (2 player split
             - System -
           Instruction Book Description: Change Key assignments, load and save
           games, and change game settings.
             - DVD Extras -
           Instruction Book Description: Watch the trailer for "The Fast and
           the Furious" and the "Night Warrior" documentary.
                               6. Quest Walkthrough [QstWlk]
                                    The First Half
           Ok, so you decided to get started on your very own quest to the 
           top of the illegal street racing world. Congratulations, you picked 
           a fine career. So, you learned how to drive, got your license, and 
           you're ready to start burnin rubber and takin down rivals left and 
           right. Whats the first thing you should do? Buy a car! 
           Now a lot of people will tell you to buy a lower class car and 
           put a lot of money into it and you'll have a great car. Well let me 
           tell you something. Don't listen to that person. Honestly, you will 
           be much better off buying an A Class car and putting little money 
           into it and have a much better car that you can take through almost 
           ALL of your quest. So therefore the first thing you should do is head 
           to the A Class car shop.
           Welcome to the Car Shop! Here is where you can buy all sorts of 
           cars from tons of different companys. All of the cars go by a code 
           name, so if you want a certain make or model, you'll have to know it 
           by look (or just check out the car list in this FAQ). There are only 
           about two cars that can be purchased from the start, so you don't have 
           much of a selection right now. Check the car list for the info on 
           both of the cars and make your choice for your first car.
           Ok, so you got the car and now you're in the garage. What should you 
           do with the little bit of money you have left over? You can either 
           buy a part or two and put it into your car, or you can save it for 
           when you have more money so you can buy bigger and better parts. The
           first thing I bought was a cheap exhaust, or you can go with some Aero
           parts to lighten up the car a bit to improve acceleration, but I'll 
           leave that choice up to you.
           Alright, you either bought a new part or decided to save up your
           money. Now my friend, you are ready to race and start takin down
           rivals and bringing in a nice cash flow. Go out and do a few races,
           beat a few rivals, and when you either:
             1. Have enough money to buy some part upgrades or
             2. Have become tired of racing
           Then come back to your garage. Once you're back, buy some parts
           for your car. The best parts to upgrade at the start are Power,
           Drivetrain, and Aero. With power you will boost up your HP, with
           drivetrain you can upgrade your Transmission, clutch and tires,
           which can all improve your acceleration and tires also improve how
           well your car handles and takes corners. If you upgrade the Aero
           you can make your car lighter which further improves acceleration and
           Now go back out, do some more races, blah blah blah. Once you beat
           a few Rival Gang Leaders, you should start to be challenged by members
           of the Gang called the 13 Devils. These guys can be pretty tough, and
           they should be, since they are pretty much the kings of the highways
           at this time. Keep taking down leaders and 13 Devils, maybe racing
           some wanderers here and there. Upgrade your car more and more as you
           make more and more money.
           *Note*I suggest that for at least this first half of the game you
           keep your original car and upgrade that to the max. You will most
           likely be better off with your first car upgraded completely then
           you would with two or three new barely upgraded cars.*End Note*
           After you beat a certain amount of Devils, a new section of the
           highway will open up. I suggest going through it a few times, but
           stick mostly to the original parts of the highway for racing now, or
           at least for a while until you beat most of the gangs there. Just keep
           on racing rivals and beating the gang leaders, and taking down the 13
           Devils as you go. Before you know it, you will have beaten all but one
           Devil. Now, prepare to face the current King of the highway...
           Speed King.
                                   Beating the King
           Alright, so all but one of the 13 Devils has been defeated, and now
           you have been challenged by the one and only, Speed King. Let me start
           off this section by saying one thing...this guy is so fast your pants
           may be blown off while racing. Now that that has been said, let me give
           you a bit of advice for beating this insanely fast fat 40 year old.
           So the race has started and Speed King took off like a mad mother
           trucker. Now you're scared right? Are you thinking something along the
           lines of "LIEK OMG THIS GUY IS FAST IM DEAD WOWZOR!!"?? Ok good. You
           basically cannot beat this guy by just giving it your best shot. First,
           make sure you race as close to perfectly as you can every time you race
           him (yes you will most likely have to race him at least two or three
           times). Next, just wait it out until he messes up badly and you win by
           a lot.
           Trust me, this guy will mess up eventually, and when he does you 
           will almost definitely win. Just make sure you don't mess up after he
           does =P After you finally beat him and win a nice big wad of cash,
           exit to your garage and SAVE YOUR GAME before anything happens and you
           have to redo that entire race with him. Now you have the option of 
           buying Speed Kings fully customized car. Buying it is up to you, but
           let me say that if you don't buy this car, you are actually very 
           stupid and need a bit of help.
           Ok, so you bought the car, right? Now watch the credits and start
           to cry because you're so happy you beat the game. Wait, whats this? The
           game isn't over? WoW!!! Alright, onto the second half of the game!!!
           WOoohoo!!!....Please excuse that sudden outburst. I will be serious 
           from now on in this FAQ.
                                    The Second Half
           Alright, we got an incredibly fast new car, upgraded our first car
           as far as we possibly can for now, and now you want more. Well you're
           in luck, because a whole new load of gangs and rivals have just come
           out for some action. 
           You're basically going to be doing the same thing now as you were
           in the first half, only new rivals and new sections of the highways.
           Just keep beating rivals and leaders, and you'll start to be challenged
           by The Zodiac club members. They are simply the 13 Devils of the second
           half. You'll be challenged the same way, sometimes one right after the
           other, so always be at your best.
           Just keep racing over and over, and don't give up until you finally
           beat them all. Trust me, even when it seems like you'll never win,
           you'll finally come into a race and they'll mess up and you'll win by
           a mile. After you beat all but one Zodiac, you'll be challenged  by 
           the last and final Zodiac and current king of the streets...
           White Charisma.
                                Beating White Charisma
           So whats the deal with this White Charisma guy? Well simply put
           he is the very suped up version of Speed King. This race will be just
           the same as Speed King, only maybe a bit harder or longer. Just keep
           racing him over and over until he screws up and you'll beat him easy.
           He may be super fast and super skilled, but he is also super clumsy
           Well, you raced him about five times, you finally beat him, won 
           another huge ass amount of money, and now you're so happy because you
           finally beat the game. Well not what should you do? STOP CELEBRATING!!
           The best thing to do now is get to knocking off some of the wanderers
           that you've met along the way. Check out the Wanderer List and
           Requirements section for info on all of them. Once you get almost all 
           of them defeated, you will probably want to get the last upgrades for
           your car and/or cars. I know you're saying to yourself "But I already
           bought the best of everything there is!" Well, sorry to tell ya but ya
           didn't. In order to get the last sets of parts you need to meet a few
           To get the final parts available, you have to have at least 1864 
           miles on the CAR YOU WANT THE PARTS FOR. Not just one car to unlock the
           parts for all cars, you need 1864 miles on every car you want the parts
           for. Now I know you're flipping out throwing things wondering how you 
           will ever get that many miles. Easy. Go out and do a race, and when you
           come to the screen that has a few options like Free Run, Exit to 
           garage, etc. just put the controller down and go do something else for
           about a day. Go sleep, party, do whatever for a while.
           Alright, you're back and ready for those new parts. Get back into the
           game and check your odometer. If its at 1864 or over, then head back
           to your garage. If its under 1864, let your car run on auto pilot again
           for a while. Once you have 1864, go to your garage. 
           Once in your garage, press the R2 button and a page with User Info
           should come up. Look down towards the bottom to where it says DISTANCE.
           Make sure this is over 1864 miles as well. If not, go race again!! When
           it is over 1864, come back to the garage again.
           Alright everything is over 1864 miles now, right?? GOOD! You now have
           some more Power upgrades, as well as a few others. Upgrade what you
           want or can afford, then head back out to finish off all the rest of 
           the wanderers. Yes I know the requirements for a lot of them are very
           annoying to do, but you want to finish this game, don't you??
           Alright, 399 rivals have been defeated. Only one left to race. Now,
           you should know that when you see how fast this guy accelerates, Speed
           King, White Charisma, and rocket cars will seem like old guys with
           walkers. Yes, he IS that fast. But if your car is maxed out and you
           have enough patience, you CAN beat him. Just continue to race him
           until he finally screws up and gives you the win. 
           You beat him? Good job! Now my friend, you can cry. Yes, you have
           finally beaten the game!! Woohoo!! Now go buy some more cars and max
           them out! I'm sure you have MORE than enough money by now!!
           Even though your quest is complete, that doesn't mean its time to
           toss this game on the shelf just yet. Try maxing out every car, and
           try out all the other game modes.
                                  7. Car List [Carlst]
             Wondering which cars are which? Here is a list of all the cars
           with the code name given to them and their real-life name.
           - A Class - 
           01.  ST205   Toyota Celica GT-Four 1998                         
           02.  SW20GT  Toyota MR-2 GTS
           03.  A70TTR  Toyota Supra TT-R MKIII
           04.  A70GTA  Toyota Supra 3.0 GT MKIII
           05.  A80RZ   Toyota Supra RZ MKIV
           06.  A80RZM  Toyota Supra RZ MKIV (modified)
           07.  100TV   Toyota Chaser Tourer V
           08.  100TVM  Toyota Chaser Tourer V (modified)
           09.  100MV   Toyota Mark II Tourer V
           10.  100MVM  Toyota Mark II Tourer V (modified)
           11.  JZZ30   Lexus SC 300
           12.  100TVK  Toyota Chaser Tourer (custom)
           13.  JZZ30K  Lexus SC 300 (custom)
           14.  A80RK   Toyota Supra RZ Twin Turbo MKIV (custom)
           15.  A70GTK  Toyota Supra 3.0 GT MKIII (custom)
           16.  A80RZK  Toyota Supra RZ Twin Turbo MKIV (custom)
           17.  S15R    Nissan Silvia spec-R Aero Turbo S15
           18.  R34GT   Nissan Skyline GTS-t Type M R34
           19.  R34GTM  Nissan Skyline GTS-t Type M R34 (modified)
           20.  Z32VS   Nissan 300ZX Version R 2by2 Twin Turbo
           21.  R32RN   Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo R32
           22.  R32RV2  Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II R32
           23.  R33RV   Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec R33
           24.  R33RVM  Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec R33 (modified)
           25.  R34RV   Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec R34
           26.  R34RVM  Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec R34 (modified)
           27.  S15RK   Nissan Silvia Spec-R Aero Turbo S15 (custom)
           28.  R33RK   Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec R33 (custom)
           29.  R34RKK  Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec R34 (custom)
           30.  S15RKK  Nissan Silvia Spec-R Aero Turbo S15 (custom)
           31.  R34RK   Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec R34 (custom)
           32.  Z32VSK  Nissan 300ZX Version R 2by2 Twin Turbo (custom)
           33.  R32RNK  Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo R32 (custom)
           34.  S30ZX   Datsun 280Z
           35.  JS4     Honda S2000 Convertible
           36.  JS4L    Honda S2000 Hardtop
           37.  RPT6    Honda NSX Type R 4AT
           38.  RPT7    Acura NSX Type S-Zero 6MT
           39.  JS4X    Honda S2000 Hardtop (custom)
           40.  RPT7B   Acura NSX Type S-Zero 6MT (custom)
           41.  RPT6B   Honda NSX Type R 4AT (custom)
           42.  CE9A    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III GSR
           43.  CN9A    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III GSR (modified)
           44.  CP9A5   Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR
           45.  CP9A6   Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR
           46.  CP9A6M  Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR (modified)
           47.  CT9A    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII GSR O.Z Rally
           48.  Z16A    Mitsubishi 3000GT Twin Turbo MR
           49.  Z15A    Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4
           50.  Z15AM   Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 (modified)
           51.  Z15AMK  Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 (modified) (custom)
           52.  Z16AK   Mitsubishi 3000GT Twin Turbo MR (custom)
           53.  FD3RZ   Mazda RX-7 Type RZ
           54.  FD3RS   Mazda RX-7 Type RS
           55.  JCESE   Eunos Cosmo Type-E CCS
           56.  FD3RKK  Mazda RX-7 Type RZ (custom)
           57.  JCESEK  Eunos Cosmo Type-E CCS (custom)
           58.  FD3RK   Mazda RX-7 Type RS (custom)
           59.  GC8C4   Subaru Impreza Coupe WRX-R STi Version IV
           60.  GC8S4   Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX STi Version IV
           61.  GF8W4   Subaru Impreza Wagon WRX STi Version IV
           62.  GC8C5   Subaru Impreza Coupe WRX-R STi Version V 
           63.  GC8S5   Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX STi Version V
           64.  GF8W5   Subaru Impreza Wagon WRX STi Version V
           65.  GC8C6   Subaru Impreza Coupe WRX-R STi Version VI
           66.  GC8S6   Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX STi Version VI
           67.  GF8W6   Subaru Impreza Wagon WRX STi Version VI
           68.  GC8K    Subaru Impreza Coupe 22B STi
           69.  TAGDA   Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX STi Version VII
           70.  TASTI   Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX STi Version VII (modified)
           71.  BE5     Subaru Legacy B4 RSK
           72.  BHE5    Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon GT-B E-tune
           73.  E36     BMW M3
           74.  964C2   Porsche 911 Carrera 2 964 Series '91 Model
           75.  964T    Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Turbo 3.6 964 Series 93
           76.  VGTS    Dodge Viper GTS
           - B Class -
           01.  ST202   Toyota Celica SS-II '97
           02.  SW20G   Toyota MR-2 G-Limited
           03.  XE10RS  Lexus IS 200
           04.  T231    Toyota Celica GT-S 2001
           05.  UZZ30   Lexus SC 400
           06.  A80SZ   Toyota Supra SZ-R MKIV
           07.  A80SZM  Toyota Supra SZ-R MKIV (modified)
           08.  S161V   Lexus GS 300
           09.  S161VM  Lexus GS 300 (modified)
           10.  UCF30B  Lexus LS 430
           11.  S161VK  Lexus GS 300 (custom)
           12.  UZZ30K  Lexus SC 400 (custom)
           13.  S13K    Nissan Silvia K's S13
           14.  PS13K   Nissan 180SX Type X
           15.  PS13KK  Nissan 180SX K's
           16.  RPS133  Nissan 240SX Fastback Type S
           17.  RPS13X  Nissan 240SX Fastback Type X
           18.  S14K    Nissan Silvia K's S14
           19.  S14KM   Nissan Silvia K's S14 (modified)
           20.  R30     Nissan Skyline RS-X 2000 R30
           21.  R30M    Nissan Skyline RS-X 2000 R30 (modified)
           22.  R32GTM  Nissan Skyline GTS-t Type-M R32
           23.  A31C    Nissan Cefiro
           24.  C34     Nissan Stagea 25t RS four V Autech Version
           25.  C34M    Nissan Stagea 25t RS four V Autech Version (mod.)
           26.  Y33CV   Nissan Cedric 250LV Y33
           27.  Y33GTU  Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo Ultima Y33
           28.  Y34CV   Nissan Cedric 250LV Y34
           29.  Y34GU   Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo Ultima Y34
           30.  Z32ZX   Nissan 300ZX Fairlady Z Version S 2 Seater
           31.  S30ZG   Datsun 240Z
           32.  S13KKK  Nissan Silvia K's S13 (custom)
           33.  Z32ZXK  Nissan 300ZX Fairlady Z Version S 2 Seater (custom)
           34.  S14KMK  Nissan Silvia K's S14 (custom)
           35.  Y33CVK  Nissan Cedric 250LV Y33 (custom)
           36.  PS13XK  Nissan 180SX Type X (custom)
           37.  Y34GUK  Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo Ultima Y34 (custom)
           38.  O89G    Honda Prelude Type SH
           39.  MH5     Acura Integra Type-R
           40.  MH8     Acura Integra Type-R (modified)
           41.  ML3     Acura Integra Type-R 4 door
           42.  ML5     Acura Integra Type-R 4 door (modified)
           43.  4K1     Honda Accord Wagon SiR-T
           44.  4E1     Honda Accord Sedan SiR-T (JAP)
           45.  4BV     Honda Accord Sedan EX (US)
           46.  4BU     Honda Accord Coupe EX (US)
           47.  DE3A    Mitsubishi FTO GP Version R
           48.  D32AGS  Mitsubishi Eclipse GT-S
           49.  ECGT    Mitsubishi Eclipse 2000 GT
           50.  A187    Mitsubishi Starion Turbo
           51.  CBAEP   Mazda Lantis
           52.  SAGTX   Mazda Savanna RX-7 GT Turbo
           53.  FC3X    Mazda Savanna RX-7 GT-X
           54.  FC3E3   Mazda Savanna RX-7 Infini III
           55.  FC3E3K  Mazda Savanna RX-7 Infini III (custom)
           - C Class -
           01.  AE86L3  Toyota Corolla Levin GT-APEX 3 door AE 86 Typell
           02.  AE86T3  Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX 3 door AE 86 Typell
           03.  AE86L2  Toyota Corolla Levin GT-APEX 2 door AE 86 Typell
           04.  AE86T2  Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX 2 door AE 86 Typell
           05.  AE111RL Toyota Corolla Levin BZ-R
           06.  AE111RT Toyota Sprinter Trueno BZ-R
           07.  W30     Toyota MR-S S edition
           08.  XE10AS  Lexus IS
           09.  NCP35   Toyota Bb
           10.  NCP35K  Toyota Bb (custom)
           11.  N15N1   Nissan Pulsar Series VZ-R N1
           12.  S13Q    Nissan Silvia Q's S13
           13.  PS13Q   Nissan 200SX Q's
           14.  S14Q    Nissan Silvia Q's S14
           15.  S14QM   Nissan Silvia Q's S14 (modified)
           16.  S15S    Nissan Silvia spec-S S15
           17.  S30Z    Datsun 200Z
           18.  KPGC10  Nissan Skyline GT-R (original model)
           19.  YT1     Honda Beat
           20.  ML11    Honda CRX II Si
           21.  ML11C   Honda CR-X II Si Sunroof
           22.  QW3     Honda Civic Hatchback Si
           23.  QW      Honda Civic Coupe Si
           24.  QX7     Honda Civic Hatchback Type R
           25.  QX7A    Honda Civic Hatchback Type R (modified)
           26.  RF2     Honda StepWGN Ultra
           27.  PG6SA   Mazda AZ-1
           28.  NB8RS   Mazda Miata MX-5 1.8RS
           29.  NB8RSM  Mazda Miata MX-5 1.8RS (modified)
           30.  RX3     Mazda Savanna RX-7 (original model)
           31.  EA11R   Suzuki Cappucino E-EA11R
           32.  EA21R   Suzuki Cappucino Gullwing
           33.  N5S16   Peugot 306 S16
           34.  N5S16M  Peugot 306 S16 (modified)   
                            8. Wanderer List and Requirements
           Coming in the next update!!!
                                 9. Upgrade List [UpgrLst]
           Power Up Tune
           Upgrade your engine and exhaust system to boost your max Horse
           Engine Upgrades:  7 Levels
           Exhause Upgrades: 8 Levels
           Drive Train Tune
           Upgrade your cars performance by purchasing new transmissions,
           clutch, suspension, tire and brake parts.
           Transmission Upgrades: 4 Levels
           Clutch Upgrades:       4 Levels
           Suspension Upgrades:   5 Levels
           Wheel Upgrades:        9 Levels
           Body Tune
           Upgrade your car's stability by upgrading roll cages.
           Body Upgrades: 5 Levels
           Aero Tune
           Upgrade various parts of your car in order to improve weight,
           down force, and overall looks of the car.
           F. Bumper Upgrades:   5 Levels
           Hood Upgrades:        2 Levels
           Mirror Upgrades:      2 Levels
           Over Fender Upgrades: 1 Level
           Side Skirt Upgrades:  5 Levels
           R. Bumper Upgrades:   5 Levels
           R. Spoiler Upgrades:  5 Levels
           Dress Up Tune
           Upgrade your Grill, Headlights, and Horn.
           Color Change
           Paint your car any color you can come up with.
           Purchase the stickers of rival gangs and leaders to place on your
                                 10. Tuning Guide [TunGde]
           Settings to Tune:
             - Response -
           -Handle: Adjusts your steering response
           -Accel: Slow or Quick Acceleration 
           -Brake: Slow or Quick Brake response
             - Brake Balance -
           Adjust where more brake pressure is applied between the front
           and rear of the car.
             - Ride Height -
           Adjusts the height of your car for turning and handling.
             - Gear Ratios -
           Adjust the gear ratios of your cars transmission for quicker
           acceleration or better top speed. Ratios to adjust are gears one
           to six and a Final gear setting.
             - Spring Rate -
           Adjust how stiff your springs are, affecting how your car rides.
             - Damper -
           Adjust how stiff your shocks are, affecting how you car rides.
             - Turbo Boost -
           Adjust the boost level of the engine. Setting low results in better
           top speed, and setting higher results in quicker acceleration.
                                11. Contacting Me [Cntct]
           If you wish to contact me with questions, comments, submissions,
           or anything helpful/constructive for this FAQ, my email address is
           I can also be contacted on AIM at Shaboogie258. All criticism is
           welcome and appreciated, but please no hate mail/spam.
                                12. Copyright [Cpyrit]
                        - This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2003 Shaboogie25 -
           This document is copyright to Shaboogie25 and cannot be used without
           proper permission from the author himself. It has been decided that
           from this point on, the only website that has permission to use this
           document is [http://www.gamefaqs.com] and no others. If this FAQ is
           seen on any other sites besides said site, please contact the author
           with the address of the site. 
           The act of copying and/or claiming this document as your own is 
           illegal and actions can be taken against you. Taking small PORTIONS
           of this FAQ and using it for your own will be accepted, providing
           that all credit is given to the original author. 
                        - This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2003 Shaboogie25 -

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