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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DWhitney

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         VOYAGER: ELITE FORCE for the Playstation 2
    This FAQ/Walkthrough was brought to you by Dan Whitney and GameFAQs.com
    Last Updated: Jan. 28, 2002
    FAQ Progress: Version 1.0 - 90% Complete
    Questions? Contact me at danwhitney@ignmail.com
    If you are reading this then odds are you probably own or rented the 
    game which it covers or are really bored. Voyager: Elite Force for the 
    PS2 is a sloppy port of the great PC game of the same name. Why bother 
    writing a FAQ for it then if it's so bad? Because under all the N64 
    quality graphics, buggy AI, audio glitches, and at times frustrating 
    controls is the same solid gameplay and level design from the PC 
    version, and in the end gameplay wins out overall... not to mention a 
    MSRP of $29.99 makes it's flaws tolerable. So sit back and enjoy what's 
    probably the best Star Trek game created to date.
    ****TABLE OF COTENTS****
    1 - Basic Info
       C)Menues & Options
    2 - Solo Play
       B)The Rescue
       D)Ghost Ship
       F)Pay Back
       H)The Forge
    3 - Multi Play
    4 - Codes & Secrets
    5 - FAQ Info
    ---SECTION 1 : Basic Info---
    Before starting a game here's some things you should know.
    ---1 -A : Prologue---
    I won't go to far into this as it is better explained in the instruction 
    manual and in the game itself. You should know that in the TV show the 
    USS Voyager has been stranded in the Delta Quadrant of in the far end of 
    the universe due to a strange chain of events. In the game Captain 
    Janeway and Commander Tuvok have decided to form a special team called 
    the Hazard Team to handle dangerous situations that could potentially 
    occur on their voyage back to their home in the Alpha Quadrant. At the 
    beginning Voyager responds to a distress signal from an alien vessel. 
    When Voyager scanned the vessel it triggered a self defense program in 
    the ship. Voyager was forced to destroy the ship. The alien vessel let 
    out a shockwave of sorts that transports Voyager into a region of space 
    filled with drifting ships all held by a gravity field. Damaged and 
    unable to move Voyager is clearly in a situation for the Hazard Team to 
    take care of.
    ---1 -B : Controls---
    Anyone familar with first person shooters should have zero problem 
    getting into the game, but knowing the controls doesn't hurt.
    Left Analog - Movement
    Right Analog - View
    D-Pad - Navigate Menues
    D-Pad Up/Down - Zoom in/out
    D-Pad Left/Right - Weapon Selection
    X Button - Use/Lean/Select in Menues
    Square Button - Toggle Run/Walk mode
    Triangle Button - Center View/Zoom Off/Cancel in Menues
    O Button - Mission Info/Use Item(Holomatch)
    L1 - Jump
    L2 - Duck
    L3 - Lean(Hold down)
    R1 - Primary Fire
    R2 - Alternate Fire
    R3 - Toggle View(Quick or Slow)
    Select - Mission Analysis/ Show Match Scores (Holomatch)
    Start - Pause Game
    ---1 - C : Menues & Options---
    -Main Menu -
    New Game - Start new game by choosing diffuculty (Easy, Normal, 
    Challenging, Difficult) and Gender. Also Tutorial.
    Load Game - Load a previously saved game.
    Holomatch - Multiplayer deathmatch. Choose the number of players, level, 
    and other options. See Section 3 for more details.
    Configure - Set Game Options.
       Audio - Set sound level for effects, music, and voices. Also chose 
    between Stereo and Mono.
       Video - Use the D-pad to adjust the screen size.
       Controller - Chose your control layout. Standard is the default.
    Voyager Crew - View information on Voyager, the Senior Staff, the Alpha 
    and Beta Squad of the Hazard Team, and the Hazard Suit.
    Credits - See the name of the people who helped bring you this game.
    -Pause Menu-
    Return to Game - Return to gameplay.
    Return to Menu - Go to the game's main menu.
    Save Game - Save progress to PS2 memory card.
    Load Game - Load previously saved game data.
    Configure Options - Set Game Options
       Controls - Set Control Options
          Controller - Select control configuration and customize button 
          Analog Stick - Set Pitch and Yaw. Invert Pitch.
          Keyboard - Customize keyboard controls.
          Mouse -  Set Pitch and Yaw. Invert Pitch.
       Audio - Set sound level for effects, music, and voices. Also chose 
    between Stereo and Mono.
       Other - Misc. Options
          Switch Weapon - Set to Safe, Unsafe, or Off
          Auto-Aim - Set to Widespread, Concentrated, Vertical Only, or Off.
          Crosshair - Choose crosshair style.
          Vibration - Set to On or Off
          Subtitles - Set to Cinematic, On, or Off
    ---1 - D : Weapons---
    The whole point of first person shooters, and STV:EF has some nice ones.
    Phaser - Standard Federation issue hand phaser
    Primary Fire - Low power shot (Less energy used, less powerful)
    Alternate Fire - High power shot (More energy used, more powerful)
    Power Source - Internal battery that recharges itself automatically over 
    Phaser Compression Rifle - Standard Federation issue assualt rifle.
    Primary Fire - Low power shot (Less energy used, less powerful)
    Alternate Fire - High power shot (More energy used, more powerful)
    Power Source - Weapon Energy
    Infinity Modulator (I-Mod) - Counter-Borg weapon designed by Seven of 
    Nine. Borg can not adapt to this weapon.
    Primary Fire - Small beam at fast firing rate.
    Alternate Fire - Powerful beam that uses more energy to inflict more 
    Power Source - Weapon Energy
    Scavenger Weapon - Main weapon used by the Scavengers.
    Primary Fire - Rapid firing small energy rounds.
    Alternate Fire - Large projectile, grenade-like energy ball that 
    explodes on contact.
    Power Source - Power Crystals
    Stasis Weapon - Energy weapon found on the Etherian ship.
    Primary Fire - Three balls of static energy.
    Alternate Fire - Five powerful beams shot in different directions in 
    front of you.
    Power Source - Power Crystals
    Gernade Launcher - Compound gernade launcher.
    Primary Fire - Launches tazer gernades.
    Alternate Fire - Launches magnetized gernades.
    Power Source - Weapon Energy
    Tetryon Disruptor - Large energy based minigun.
    Primary Fire - Rapid firing energy.
    Alternate Fire - Large, ricocheting balls of energy.
    Power Source - Power Crystals
    Photon Burst - Personal photon torpedo launcher.
    Primary Fire - Photon torpedo.
    Alternate Fire - High energy photon torpedo.
    Power Source - Weapon Energy
    Dreadnought Weapon - Massive energy beam found on the Dreadnought ship.
    Primary Fire - Constant energy beam.
    Alternate Fire - Powerful, fast moving energy burst.
    Power Source - Power Crystals
    ---SECTION 2 : Solo Play---
    Here you will find all the information you need to complete the game. 
    Note that I will be explaining things assuming your playing on the 
    Challenging difficulty setting. Even so I believe that this guide will 
    apply to any difficulty. Here's some information you might need.
    -Customize you're controls right from the start. If something doesn't 
    feel right in the game you can change it in the pause menu. Two big ones 
    for this game in my opinion is auto-aim and weapon switch. I prefer 
    weapon switch off and auto-aim on concentrated. Simply pick whatever 
    feels best for you.
    -Your phaser has unlimited ammo. Use it when you don't need the power 
    from your other weapons (Take out a stationary object, a single enemy, 
    -Combat Strategies: There's two basic ones you'll need; circle-stafe in 
    large open rooms and taking cover to snipe when the enemies only come 
    from one direction. Remember this and combat will be no problem.
    -Use R3 and Square when in battle. This will significantly improve your 
    -Going in guns blazing isn't always the best stategy. Use objects in the 
    enviroment to help. Sneak past enemies to avoid fights altogether. If an 
    area seems overwhelming there's usually an easier way to do it if you 
    use your mind.
    -On missions your teammates can take alot of damage so don't worry if 
    you hit them in heated combat. Also if your health/ammo is low you can 
    hide behind your friends until they finish the enemies off.
    -Sometimes enemies will stop moving for no reason, a bug in the game. 
    Don't ask questions, just pick them off with your phaser and consider 
    yourself lucky.
    -Remember you can save anywhere and you can save up to six files. If 
    you're not sure about an area ahead then save before you enter.
    -While health and ammo are common in most of the missions, if you end up 
    low on either it's usually a good idea to backtrack a little if there 
    was any you past up before.
    -Have fun! Listen to your crewmates wierd conversations or go crazy in 
    the weapons room. Remember the point of a game is not the finish, but 
    the journey to get there.
    Now that's clear there's one more thing left before we get into the real 
    ---2 - A : Tutorial---
    The tutorial is optional at the start of the game. Most of the training 
    is listening to Lt. Commander Tuvok explain control basics. Unless 
    you've never played a first person shooter before or you just have to 
    hear Tuvok's lovely voice I recommend skipping past it. The only reason 
    I have a walkthrough for training is for completeness sake.
    The training begins in the holodeck with Tuvok. He explains basic 
    movement and the hazard suits functions. There's little for you to do 
    until Tuvok is finished. The next area teaches climbing, jumping, and 
    crawling skills. Look up and walk forward to climb the ladder and then 
    use the L1 button to jump over the obstacles until you can make it out 
    in the far right hand corner. Go to the Jefferies Tube, press and hold 
    L2 to duck and go to the end. You've completed the first part of the 
    training! Reward yourself with a cookie or other sugar based treat... 
    you've earned it.
    In the next exciting training excercise Tuvok will spend about a minute 
    talking about your Tactical Eye Display (TED), most commonly know as a 
    Health and Shield bar. Like before you can't really go anywhere until 
    he's done so sit patiently and enjoy your cookie. Tuvok will then 
    instruct you to cross a pit of lava by moving across the rocks in it. 
    Simply jump across the line of rocks and don't worry about dying... it's 
    only a holodeck simulation. In the case you do "die" you will reappear 
    in front of the lava pit. Again you'll be forced to stop and hear one of 
    Tuvok's many pearls of wisdom, this time about how to use Health 
    Terminals (Walk in front of them and press X). Do as he says to 
    The next area involves using all the many skills you've learned to find 
    your way through. There are a few enemies to avoid but it takes a REALLY 
    LONG time for them to kill you, about a minute if you stand right in 
    front of them and take it, and even then you just reappear at the 
    beginning of the excercise. Go straight then left (The right is a dead-
    end) through the little crawl space, left again to the end of hall and 
    through the door. Jump up the crates to the next room. There are two 
    Klingons inside. Ignore them and run to the door at the end of the room. 
    Through there is a health terminal and the exit. Tough training, eh?
    Next: Weapons. Don't get too excited yet as it's nothing special. You 
    are given a Compression Rifle while Tuvok explains the use of weapons in 
    great detail. Thank him for this wonderful training by zooming in (D-Pad 
    up zooms in, down zooms out) on the center of his forehead and firing a 
    couples shots (R1 primary fire, R2 secondary). Don't worry... it's just 
    a simulation, nobody gets hurt. Targets will evantually appear and you 
    must try your best to shoot them. Given the sloppy controls and 
    incredibly small size of the targets destroying even one is a major 
    accomplishment. Your reward for destoying the targets is Tuvok's essay 
    on how to use Weapon Energy Terminals (Cliff Notes version: Press X).
    This next part is the closest thing to fun in the tutorial. A simulated 
    fire fight with 6 Hirogens. Along with the Compression Rifle there is a 
    Scavenger Weapon in the center room. Enjoy and remember... it's just a 
    And you're done! You even get congratulated by Tuvok! Wasn't that all 
    worth it?
    That's what I thought. Now on to the meat of the game.
    ---2 - B : The Recue---
    -Reclaim the I-Mod from the Borg
    -Rescue your teammates
    Basic Strategy:
    -Use the many health/weapon energy terminals frequently if need be.
    -Destroy distriution nodes and plasma filters to help you progress.
    - There is always a wierd sound before the Borg attack. Listen for it.
    - The I-Mod is the only weapon the Borg can't adapt to. Use it.
    - Watch your back as the Borg can teleport anywhere.
    Area 1 -
    After you start a new game and read/listen to the backstory or press 
    start to skip it, you'll find yourself in the middle of a Borg cube. 
    Ignore all the Borg unless they are actively chasing you. If they don't 
    percieve you as a threat they'll let you be. Turn left from the start 
    and destroy the distribution node. This will deactive the force field 
    blocking your path as well as all the Borg in the area. Ahead you'll see 
    a plasma filter on the wall. Blow it up to find a room with a weapon 
    energy terminal. Continue down the hall and you'll find more Borg, a 
    force field and a distribution node. Blow up the node and move on. 
    Straight through and to the right is a hidden room with health. If you 
    go left instead you'll see a plasma filter that leads to a ladder. Go 
    through and you'll end up right above where the I-Mod and a fellow 
    crewmate are being held. Jump down and grab the I-Mod off the table and 
    eliminate the 4 or so Borg that transport in. Use the console to free 
    your teammate, Biessman. From this point on you can consider yourself a 
    threat... the Borg will now attack you no matter what. Head through the 
    nearby archway. Not too far through you'll see some more crewmates being 
    attacked by Borg. Take aim with the I-Mod and shot the Borg before it 
    assimilates your friend. Soon after a few Borg will beam in and surround 
    you: 1 from behind and 2 from straight ahead. Going straight ahead leads 
    to more health, to the right where your crewmates came from progresses 
    further into the level. Ahead is a archway protected by a blue force 
    field and an elevator. Use the elevator while your friend waits by the 
    door. Below you'll find three Borg drones, weapon energy, and a crawl 
    space to your right covered by a weak grating. Shoot it out. Go through 
    the small series of tunnels until you see the set off plasma filters. 
    Shoot one to bring down the blue force field. On your way back Biessman 
    will be captured by the Borg. No big loss there. Continue on fighting 
    the many Borg that now block your path. Use the control panel to bring 
    down the yellow force field.
    Area 2 -
    Right away you'll find a health and ammo to give you a boost. Good thing 
    as the entire area ahead is infested with drones. At one point you can 
    use a plasma filter explosion to take a large group of them. To the 
    right is weapon energy and the distribution node, to the left is health 
    and an elevator. Up above an injured crewmate blows up the path to 
    continue on. He is helpful enough to tell you that ahead is where the 
    crew is being held. Thanks a bunch, pal. Fortunately to the right is a 
    moving platform to take you to walkway higher up. Seven drones await you 
    up top. Kill them and go to the moving platform on the oppisite side to 
    get back down. Up ahead are... you guessed it... Borg, weapon energy, 
    and elevators. It's pretty easy as most of them are down on a lower 
    level staring up to you mumbling their threat's of assimulation. Do 
    watch out for the one or two that beam in behind you as they may make 
    you fall into the pit of waiting drones. Use the control panel to 
    activate the elevator at the far end of the room. Back up you'll find 
    health and some more drones. Use the nearby plasma filter to destroy a 
    large group of them. In this room use the large moving platform to get 
    up on the cat walk. Two Borg upstairs and one down is all the resistance 
    to the last area.
    Area 3 -
    To your left: your teammates and a control panel. To your right: a 
    distribution node and three Borg. Taking out the node stops the Borg and 
    gives you access to the control panel. Using the console leads to a 
    realtime cutscene where your character gets frustrated and blows up the 
    console with his Compression Rifle causing a gaint explosion killing 
    everyone in the room.
    Just kidding. It was just the holodeck simulation. Of course your 
    reckless actions earns you a scolding from Tuvok. I'm starting not to 
    like this vulcan. While talking with Tuvok the ship goes to red alert. 
    An alien ship is attacking Voyager. Voyager manages to destroy the ship, 
    but the ship let's out a shockwave the transports Voyager to a graveyard 
    of dead ships. Cue opening scene.
    ---2 - C : Attacked---
    -Stop warp core breach in engineering
    -Repel intruders in loading docks and cargo bay
    Basic Stratagies:
    -Try to help fellow crewmates when possible.
    -Feel free to explore Voyager a bit.
    -Sniping and taking cover from enemy fire is the best way to stay alive.
    Area 1 -
    You're on the bridge of Voyager. There's nothing important to do other 
    than use the turbolift behind you to head towards engineering. Feel free 
    to take a tour of the bridge and listen to the conversations of the 
    senior staff if you wish.
    Area 2 -
    On your way the turbolift breaks and you're forced to find another way 
    to engineering. Head down the corridors and don't bother with the doors 
    along the way, none of them open. Along the way you'll see someone 
    running towards you with an explosion following right behind him. The 
    good thing to would be to wait for him to make it out the hallway before 
    raising the force field with the nearby controls. There's no punishiment 
    for raising early though so if you want a cheap laugh you can watch him 
    disintergrate in the explosion. Make sure whaterver you do you raise the 
    force field before the explosion reaches you. Continue down the 
    available path and turn right into the Jefferies tube. Another explosion 
    will block you're path. Turn around and head up the ladder in the 
    turbolift. Head through the Jefferies tube and use the console in the 
    room ahead to bring down the forcefields. Head back and go left from the 
    turboleft. You'll see Chell and another crewman working. Another 
    accident will happen.  Again no bad consequences for not helping, but to 
    be nice press X on the console when they say. Continue and you'll come 
    to a room that has a ladder desending down.
    Area 3 -
    Through the nearby Jefferies tube you'll find a storage bay flooded by a 
    deadly liquid. Use the objects on the floor to get over the liquid to 
    the far right side of the room. Climb the ladder and use the console on 
    the wall to drain the liquid. Head down and use the console near the 
    door to leave the room. Head right and then left to find B'Elanna Torres 
    waiting for you near engineering. After a short cut scene where she 
    explains the situation you'll find yourself in engineering. Forward a 
    little and to the left is the console you need but  you'll need the 
    access codes from the console at the far right end of the room. Get the 
    codes and use the console. Don't worry if you take some damage from 
    core. Then head up the elavator at the far left end of the room. Find 
    the flashing red console on the upper floor. Use it and you've stopped 
    the core breach. Torres will congratulate you and you may leave 
    engineering. Once you leave Commander Chakotay will announce there are 
    intruders in the docking bay. Turn right to find the Turbolift to take 
    you there.
    Area 4 -
    A crewman will come up to you and give you a phaser to use. Follow him. 
    You'll see the docter along the way. If you need to be healed at any 
    time go back to him. Once your at the docking bay doors Foster will 
    update you on the situation. Inside will be your first real fire fight 
    with an enemy. You can either run through and take them from behind or 
    snipe them from a distant. I suggest pressing R3 and Square to help 
    boost your accuracy. Be sure to pick a Scavenger weapon from one of the 
    dead enemies. Next you'll need to head towards Cargo Bay 1 to help Tuvok 
    fend off more intruders. Just follow Foster and beware of Scavengers 
    beaming in along your path. In the next room either snipe from the 
    platform above or take cover on the ground. Fight off these enemies and 
    they will evantually retreat. Good job.
    ---2 - D : Ghost Ship---
    -Locate terminal to download information
    -Meet up with Foster's team
    -Turn off main computer core
    -Turn off power core
    Basic Strategy:
    -Stand your ground in battles with the flying enemies.
    -Destroy the devices that beam the enemies in if there are no fire flies 
    -The purple fireflies will repair anything that is damaged.
    Area 1 -
    You'll be briefed on the current situation of Voyager and your first 
    Hazard Team away mission. You'll be heading over to an apparently dead 
    ghost ship. Chances of enemy contact are slim... yeah, right. Feel free 
    to talk to the rest of the Hazard Team throughout the deck. Be sure to 
    go to the equipement room to pick up your weapons and try the Holodeck 
    training entitled "High Noon", a classic western gun fight. Once your 
    done looking around head to the transporter room to beam to the ghost 
    Area 2 -
    Not much to do at first. Chell finds a working terminal right away and 
    starts downloading the information. Foster's team is attacked during the 
    download and you're team soon follows. These flying enemies, the 
    Etherians, cannot shoot at you so hold your ground and keep firing. 
    Evantually they'll just stop. You now have the data you need but the 
    shields of the ship have gone up blocking the transporter. Chell will 
    lead you to the door you need to take. Go through fighting any enemies 
    in the way until you find a mini transporter. Walk into it to get across 
    the huge gap in the room. In the next room with three pillars you'll 
    find a health terminal and weapon crystals. Through the hall to the next 
    room into another transporter. Enemies will surround you quickly. Defeat 
    them and move on. The door in the next room is locked. Climb the pillar 
    in the center of the room to reach a console on the upper level that 
    opens the door and makes another mini transporter available. When you 
    get back done to the lower floor more enemies will appear, except now 
    they can shoot back. Hold your position and take them out before they 
    get their shots off. In the next room the non-shooting Etherians attack 
    in great numbers. Stand in the door way and take them out before they 
    reach you. The next room should look familar... it's where you started, 
    but now a new transporter is available. In the transporter and through 
    the hall leads to a new enemy. They float in place and shoot a steady 
    pace at you. Stand in the archway and take your time in destroying them. 
    Back out so the door closes if your taking too much fire. Inside you'll 
    find plenty of health and ammo. Go up the spiral ramp to the next room 
    with a transporter. In the next there's a cut scene where you'll find 
    Foster's team.  After the scene you'll find a new weapon in the room, 
    the Stasis weapon. More enemies, both shooting and non-shooting, will 
    appear. There are two health terminals in this room so don't worry about 
    damage. Head through the door to the left of where the Stasis weapon was 
    and down the hall.
    Area 3 -
    In the next room you are again surrounded by hordes of enemies. Fend 
    them off, use the health in the room, and continue. The right is a dead 
    end for now, but go that why to take care of the enemies over there. A 
    new, really small enemy is in the last room. It packs a powerful  punch 
    so keep moving while you try to destroy it. When you go to the left 
    you'll see a short cut scene Telsia steps on to a stange floor and 
    vanishes. Destroy the crystal across the room and use the transporter. 
    You'll end up on a higher floor in the room from before. Use the 
    terminal to activate a transporter on the lower floor. Jump down and go 
    through. In the next room is the computer core. Use the terminals to 
    check out the computer data base. Chell will explain that you need to 
    use the control on the upper floor to shut down the computer core and 
    will unlock the nearby door. In the next hall enemies flood through to 
    attack, be sure to have as much health and ammo as possible.Take your 
    time and try your best to conserve health. At the end of the hall is 
    some health and weapon energy. In the next room is one of the small 
    enemies that shoots energy balls and hordes of the common flying 
    enemies. By this point you may only have you're Phaser to rely on. In 
    this case keep circle-strafing around the enemies until they're all 
    gone. Go back and finish off the last health terminal if you didn't do 
    so before. The next room has a small flying enemy, a weapon energy 
    terminal, the electrified floor, and a transporter. Destroy the enemy 
    and use the transporter. On the other side you'll see and be able to 
    destroy the power source for the floor. Some power crystals and a door 
    are now accessable. Another hallway filled with Etherians lies ahead. 
    Snipe the enemy transporter from the dooway and it'll be real easy. In 
    the next room are the controls to shut down the computer core. A short 
    cinamatic follows where you'll contact Foster's team. Foster's team is 
    then attacked and over come by aliens. You and Chell are all that's 
    Area 4 -
    This next area includes health and ammo, some enemies, and a broken 
    transporter (Smooth move, Chell). Once the enemies are cleared you need 
    to create a path of destruction that leads the purple fire flies to the 
    transporter. Once they repair it enter. Ahead is a large room with a few 
    enemies and crystal energy along the way. In the room is a small, flying 
    creature and more of the common ones. Once clear Chell will have to stay 
    behind to lower the force filed blocking the path ahead. More enemies 
    ahead, just stand in the doorway and wait for them to attack. Grab the 
    power crystals and go into the transporters. In this room there's an 
    electrified floor but now the fire flies repair it's power source any 
    time you dstroy it. Destroy the nearby computer first then the power 
    source. While the fire flies are busy repairing them run across. Down 
    the long hallway you'll find Foster pinned down by enemies. Help him out 
    and he'll explain what happened to his team.  Through another hall 
    you'll come across a few bad guys and a stasis chamber where all your 
    teammates are being held alive. Further up are health, crystals, and the 
    power core. Fight through the enemies to the transporter. At the power 
    core panel the Etherian leader appears in a cut scene and asks you not 
    to turn off the core. As it turns out everything has a big 
    misunderstanding as they thought you where invaders. The Etherians lower 
    their shields and allow you to return to Voyager with the data.
    Area 5 -
    Beamed to sickbay. Let the Doc heal you and head for the Turbolift to 
    start with your next mission.
    ---2 - E : Infiltration---
    -Relax in the lounge and go to locker room for briefing
    -Go to shuttle bay and release docking clamps
    -Infiltrate base and collect three samples of Isodesium
    -Re-route power to help Telsia
    -Find Odell and his last Isodesium sample
    -Rescue Telsia
    Basic Strategy:
    -Sneak past guards to aviod long fire fights.
    -Walk to aviod waking sleeping enemies.
    -Kill enemies with one shot from the Compression Rifle's alternate fire 
    to keep them from warning others.
    -Don't waste weapon energy.
    Area 1 -
    Laughable. You actually need to go to the lounge and relax. Go there and 
    listen to your teammates. After that's done head for the locker room to 
    wait for the breifing. In the briefing they'll go into detail about who 
    the Scavengers are. You're mission is is going to be to infiltrate the 
    Scavenger base to find an energy source known as Isodesium. You'll be 
    reported to go get your equipment and go to the shuttle bay. In the 
    weapons room you'll be given the Gernade Launcher. Go and try it out in 
    the holodeck. Today's training, "Camelot". Once down use turbo lift to 
    reach the shuttle bay.
    Area 2 -
    Head towards the shuttle. They're having trouble with the docking clamps 
    and need you to go in and fix it. Go through right under where you first 
    entered the shuttle bay. Inside you'll find a crewman laying on the 
    ground with barrel about to explode near him. As always it doesn't 
    matter if he dies or not, they don't even ask you what happened to him. 
    If you do choose to save him just use the console on the wall to the 
    left of him. Go back up and go through the hatch just above where the 
    crewman was. The console at the end turns off the gas and the door to 
    the right leads to the docking clamp controls. Go back up and Tom Paris 
    will inform you of the flight plan. On to the base.
    Area 3 -
    On to the real mission. Remeber if anyone see's you it's not the end of 
    the level, it just means Klingons will be actively looking out for you. 
    Most of this section will assume you have not attracted attention to 
    yourself. The first section you'll come up to has a Klingon sleeping on 
    a chair. Press Square to turm walk mode on and go to the console on the 
    Klingon's left side to unlock the door. In the next area lean around the 
    corner to see when the woman Kligon turns her back. When see does 
    vaporize (Alternate fire for Compression rifle) her followed by the 
    sleeping guard in front and a sleeping guard in the back to the right 
    side. Turn right down the hall through the unlocked door. Stand in the 
    doorway and you'll see a strange creature go past. DON'T SHOOT! There 
    are some Kligon's on a catwalk above that will kill it. Go behind the 
    nearby crates and wait for the Klingons to leave before going any 
    further. There is health and ammo in the room if you need. Shoot down 
    the hanging crates to reach the higher level. Use the control panel up 
    there to unlock the door below. Through the door and to the left are 
    four Kligons enjoying a nice meal. Go that way if you'd like to die. To 
    the right is a Klingon working at his station. Vaporize him. Up the 
    ladder is another one to vaporize. This leads right above where the 
    Kligons are eating. Cross over the ceiling beams and be sure not to 
    fall. While you walking across you can hear the Klingons having a nice 
    discussion over their warm and tasty meal. In the following hallway is a 
    patroling enemy. Lean around the corner to see and shoot when his bac is 
    turned. Go through the door with the green lights. The control panel in 
    that room unlocks a door at the far end of the hall where you'll find 
    you're first sample of Isodesium, weapon energy, and another control 
    panel. This opens yet another door in the hall. Through that door is a 
    hole in the floor. Vaporize the sleeping Klingon and drop down. Through 
    another hall you'll see a door cracked open with a few Klingons inside. 
    Go past this and down the hall further until you find a ladder. In this 
    room there are a few Klingons so you'll have to sneak by using the 
    crates as cover.
    |    o__     __     __     |   * You
    |    |__|   |__|   |__|    |   o Klingon
    |      __  o               |   = Door/Goal
    |     |__|  __    __       |
    |__ *______|__|o_|__|__= __|
    The Klingon in the center patrols back and forth. Wait until he's 
    walking away then walk across and duck behind the crate at the other end 
    of the room. When he walks back head for the door/goal. In the next room 
    Telsia will contact you and ask for you to re-route the power in the 
    engineering section of the Kligon base. Go to the center of the room and 
    fry the Klingon on patrol upstairs. Climb up the ladder and do the same 
    to the sleeping guard. Climb back down a look for a small crawl space on 
    the right side wall. Another sample of Isodesium is inside. Go back up 
    now. On the floor above that are a couple Kligons working at their 
    stations. Let them be. Hide behind the crates up there until the path to 
    the control panel is clear (It's left from the ladder). Once completed a 
    Klingon will open a locked door on that level to go check out what just 
    happened. Follow him.
    Area 4 -
    In this follow area you'll see two Kligons and four Malon on a lower 
    floor blaming each other for the power re-routing. Climb down the ladder 
    to your right and make you're way around the crates to be sure they 
    don't see you. Right before you leave the room you'll see the third 
    sample of Iosdesium. Grab it and go through the exit. You'll find more 
    weapon energy on your way through to the next room. You'll then recieve 
    a communication from Foster saying that Odell has not reported in and 
    you'll have to find him. Kenn will override the locked door ahead to 
    allow you to continue. Inside is alot of heavy machinery. There's a 
    loose grating to the left that leads to a lower floor. Directly to your 
    right leads to more weapon energy and a view of a switch. Go back and 
    through the crawlways ahead of the ladder. Small insect creatures are 
    crawling in there. Kill them with your hand Phaser. At the end a door 
    leads to a room filled with toxic green liquid. Use the health nearby if 
    you need it and go across the boards and boxes over the slime. Up the 
    ladder and to the right if you face the locked door is a ledge with a 
    loose grate. Jump to it and climb over the pipes inside to a ventelation 
    system that leads into the next room. Vaporize the patroling Malon and 
    use the switch you say earlier to the right. The remaining two Malon 
    will go down to see what happened to the pumps. Hit the switch they were 
    standing by to raise the liquids level and kill the two Malon. The crate 
    that was in the first room you saw the slime in will float up and create 
    a new path to jump across. Climb up the newly accessed ladder to find 
    more health and the path to the next area.
    Area 5 -
    Below you'll see two Malon waiting for the Hirogen to unlock their door. 
    Ignore them and jump down to the busted pipe below. Follow where the 
    pipe leads. Some more insects are at the end except they spit acid. Use 
    you hand phaser again to save ammo. Make your way across the slime pit. 
    Both doors are locked so climb up the junk to the upper floor where 
    health and weapon energy await. Climb the series of ladders there to 
    make it the Hirogen section of the base. Walk through the ceiling until 
    you find a gap you can jump down from. In this next part you can throw 
    stealth out the window. There's one Hirogen on your left and one to the 
    right and two more that come through the doors at the end of the room. 
    They're not to hard though so finish them quickly and move on. There are 
    thre Hirogen to your right in the next room. Again no problem. Go left 
    and use the elevator to meet head to head with a good number of enemies. 
    Dodge their fire fire by strafing while shooting them with the Scavenger 
    weapon or Compression Rifle. There's health in the room if you take a 
    beating. Find the crawl space in the room to find Odell. He's hurt bad 
    and has to be transported to safety. You, on the other hand, need to 
    find his last Isodesium sample. The large room ahead is filled with 
    Human scavengers. Wait for them to come to you. Once it's clear head in 
    and take out the enemies across the bay. Once all enemies are eliminated 
    a cut scene showing where the Isodesium is. Telsia helps create a path 
    to reach it, but is captured by the Human Scavengers. You'll have to 
    save her, but first use the ladder on the platform she just moved to 
    jump onto a horizontal moving lift. Grab the Isodesium and go find 
    Telsia. Go through the yellow door to find a turbolift.
    Area 6 -
    Leave the turbolift and enter the huge metal door on the left. A room 
    full of enemies is ahead, but they're all sleeping. Walk by slowly to 
    avoid detection. Go through the rooms without waking anyone. Ahead 
    you'll see two people playing chess. Go through the first door on the 
    left near them for some power crystals. For some weapon energy go left 
    from the room of sleeping people through the hall until you find a door 
    on the left side that opens. Make sure the chess players don't see you. 
    Go right from the napping room to find a door wit a force field 
    protecting it and damaged door. You'll hear the two chess players on the 
    other side of the broken door coming to fix it. Hide at the end of 
    hallway (ignore the creatures there) until they pry the door open and 
    leave. You'll be able to reach a room with health and a control switch. 
    This will open the force field door. Inside is a crawl space with two 
    insects. Through there you'll see a corridor that leads to health and a 
    red door. Through the red door you'll see a yellow door and a ladder. Go 
    up and look in the next room. You'll hear the Scavengers saying Telsia 
    is being questioned by their doctor. Wait for the two to leave. Sneak 
    past the last guy to some power crystals and the door up the steps. 
    Blast the grate on the left and crawl through. Watch for the insects.
    Area 7 -
    Turn left and go through the living quarters on the right side. Go down 
    the hallway but DON'T open the blue door. Two guys are on the other side 
    and will come to investigate if they hear something. Ahead you'll see 
    two guys talking. When their done wait until their backs are turned and 
    make a break down the hall to the left and through the door. Inside 
    Monroe will find some Scavenger clothes and puts them on. You can now 
    walk past the enemies without a problem. Use the door next to the mirror 
    and continue on down the ladder nearby. Turn right and go through the 
    blue then red door to find the doctor's office. He'll ask you to pick up 
    some Veritrax 12 (truth serum) in the back to use on Telsia. Right. Grab 
    the Solinol (tranquilizer) instead and use it on the doc. After you 
    rescue Telsia you'll come up with the plan to pretend she's your 
    prisoner. Follow her and she'll unlock a door to a room filled with four 
    Scavengers. They don't buy your story. Shoot the controls to the door 
    you just came through to prevent renforcements from coming and kill the 
    four enemies by circle strafing. Use the switch on the chair to open the 
    door at the rear of the room. You'll enter a room with three guards. A 
    short scene shows Monroe distracting the guards while Telsia sneaks 
    past. After it's over duck behind a box and take them all out. Load up 
    on crystal energy in this room and health in the next room. Take the 
    lift down.
    Area 8 -
    A Hirogen catches up with you and explains he's been hunting you from 
    the start. You'll be forced to battle him. Watch out because he's using 
    a Tetryon Disruptor. Take aim at him when he's not firing, hide behind 
    crates (the ones on the left from the start are unbreakable) when he 
    turns yellow and starts firing. He's not too hard as long as follow this 
    simple strategy. A few Klingons will bust open a door on the lower level 
    once you beat him. Wait for them to enter and blow them away. Use the 
    health and weapon terminals in the room before leaving. After that it's 
    a long fight back to the extraction poin through at. Take your time and 
    try to avoid enemy fire as best you can. Head back and use whatevers 
    left in the health terminal if you need to. I recommend using the 
    Tatyron Disruptor or the Scavenger weapon for the battle in the tight 
    hallways. Switch to the Gernade Luancher or alternate fire on the 
    Scavenger Weapon to take out the Klingons that pour out of archway at 
    the end of the crate filled room. When you reach the beam out spot a cut 
    scene shows four Borg drones beam in, take the Isodesium and Foster, 
    kill Kenn, and beam out. You'll have to head back to Voyager and report 
    the bad news to Tuvok.
    ---2 - F : Pay Back---
    -Talk to teammates and wait for Tuvok to summon you
    -Have Seven find the location of the Isodesium
    -Recover the Isodesium from the Borg
    -Eradicate Species 8472 infestation
    Basic Strategy:
    -Weapon energy is EXTREMELY important, don't waste it.
    -If you run out of I-Mod ammo take cover behind your allies and let them 
    kill the Borg.
    -Destroy distribution nodes to avoid fights with Borg drones.
    Area 1 -
    Tuvok was not pleased with the results of the last mission (As if it was 
    your fault). He tell you to wait for him to contact you. In the meantime 
    check and see what the other members of the Hazard team have to say in 
    the locker room and the lounge. When Tuvok calls you head for the 
    Turbolift to find him inside. He'll inform you that you'll be taking 
    command of the Hazard team and you're next mission will be to retrieve 
    the Isodesium from a nearby Borg cube. In the Astrometrics Lab Captain 
    Janeway and Seven of Nine will go over the mission in detail. Time for 
    some pay back.
    Area 2 -
    On the Borg vessel destroy the node at the far left hand of the room to 
    lower the force field. Head down the path. A Borg will activate and walk 
    towards your group, ut don't fire as he's just passing by. Ahead is a 
    room with a blue force field. Seven will try to override it. When she 
    fails to open it she orders Chang to destroy the generator powering the 
    door. Back away before it explodes. This will attract attention right 
    away. These Borg are different in that they can now fire projectiles. 
    Use a crystal powered weapon first then the I-Mod when they adapt to 
    save some weapon energy. Head through the next hall and kill the Borg 
    you pass by. A room with five yellow force fields holds Foster. Time to 
    set things right. Chang will point you to the force field at the far 
    right end and straight ahead that drop. You must hurry to save him. Head 
    through the right archway, turn right, go up using the control on the 
    assimulation bed, turn around and crawl under the mess of pipes, left, 
    down using another control panel, and straight towards Foster. Don't 
    worry about killing the drones along the way, just move. Foster will be 
    beamed out and you can use the control panel behind where he was to drop 
    all the force fields. Go through the one at the end of the room. Follow 
    the hall to the next room where more Borg attack. Further down is 
    another room full of Borg. Destroy the node on the other side of the 
    wall in the middle of the room. Get the health near the node. Take a 
    left through where the force field was and prepare to face Borg in close 
    combat and ranged combat. Their are a number of enemies across the gap 
    that snipe at you while you're fighting the ones on your side. The Borg 
    on you're side are easy as they walk in a straight line down the narrow 
    path. Once your side is clear snipe out the ones at the oppisite end.  
    They'll take down Nelson before the battle ends. Once they beam his body 
    out more Borg will beam in next to the two green force fields. Killing 
    them lowers the fields. Continue on.
    Area 3 -
    The two other crewmates will watch for Borg while you and Seven move 
    ahead. There's health and three weapon energy terminals ahead. Another 
    blue force field blocks the way. It'll take Seven some time to turn it 
    off. In the meantime the Borg are attacking the two that you left 
    behind. The Borg will walk straight down the small hallway while your 
    team takes shots at them from behind cover. Take cover and try to hold 
    them back as long as possible. Recharge your weapon energy at one of the 
    terminals when you start to run low as the I-Mod is the only thing that 
    can hurt them. The Borg will keep coming closer and closer until Seven 
    lowers the force field. Continue on.
    Area 4 -
    Ahead you can go either left or right, both lead to the same place. 
    There's health and weapon power terminals in the area. You'll need them 
    as there are also alot of Borg. You'll often be surrounded so put your 
    back to a wall to prevent enemies attacking you from behind and stafe to 
    avoid enemy fire. Try using R3 and Square to steady your aim. Where the 
    two paths connect again and in the next room Borg pour out in large 
    numbers. Wait for them to come to you rather then charging in. In here 
    is weapon energy and crystals (useless). The node to lower the force 
    field is on the other side so go left from the room entrance and you'll 
    see a crawl space through the wall. Go through and shoot out the node 
    from there. Grab the health and weapon energy on the left in the next 
    room then go right. In here is a huge elevator in the center. Waste the 
    Borg that transport in and head down. Step out of the elevator and then 
    back in. More Borg will come in and move in on your position. Hold your 
    ground in the elevator until all the Borg are killed. Head for the 
    smaller elevator in the room to desend further. More Borg beam in. Here 
    there's no cover so try to dodge enemy firing by strafing. In here Seven 
    will find a terminal she can access information from. She finds more 
    information about the Forge and the Harvesters. More importantly she 
    finds the location of the Isodesium. Time to get moving.
    Area 5 -
    In the up coming room with the large pillar in the center are drones and 
    health/weapon energy. Save yourself some time and ammo by shooting a 
    gernade behind the fenced area where the distribution node is to the 
    left of the force field door. This stops all Borg in the room and opens 
    the path. Through the hall to the next area a few Borg will beam in and 
    try to surround you. There will be four ahead of you and from behind. 
    Finish them and continue down the elevator to the next area.
    Area 6 -
    Directly to your right is weapon energy. Turn left to work your way 
    around the pit to the door. Halfway there drones beam in and surround 
    you. There's no cover and no room to move so just kill them as quickly 
    as possible. Through the hall leads to a room with many pillars. Wait in 
    the hall for some of the Borg to come to you and then go in to wipe out 
    the rest. Two health and two weapon terminals and another elevator are 
    in there. Below are more Borg, wepon energy, and another elevator to 
    desend further. Circle around the pillars to avoid the Borg attacks and 
    kill them. At the bottom a few more Borg block the path to a green force 
    field. Halfway down the elevator is a grate with a plasma filter next to 
    it. Shoot the plasma and crawl through to find a distribution node, 
    health, and ammo. In the next room is a huge object hanging in the 
    center of the room. A cut scene plays where the Borg abush you and take 
    control of Seven. They offer to give you the Isodesium and let you go if 
    you destroy the Species 8472 infestation that are resisting them. You 
    don't really have a choice. Head to the right and down the hall and let 
    Seven lower the blue shield blocking the path to the infested part of 
    the ship.
    Area 7 -
    No need to worry about Borg for now so use any weapon you like for the 
    battles ahead. I recommend the Tatryon Disruptors primary fire. Head 
    down hall attacking any enemies you find. They can only attack you close 
    up so it should not be a problem. You're only concern should be ammo 
    since they do attack in great numbers. When you get past the bridges 
    you'll find health and ammo in the room as well as some more throug a 
    crawl space to the right. Go to the door with the blue outline and kill 
    all of Species 8472 to proceed to the next area.
    Area 8 -
    Ahead is a walkway over a massive pit. Wait in the doorway and kill the 
    enemies that run at you. Go across and kill the enemies that appear. 
    Through the hall is a huge room with large, transparent blue pillars. 
    Species 8472 will try to surround you in this room, but it's still not 
    to hard to fight them off. Back across the gap on the oppisite end are 
    some more enemies, health, an elevator shaft. Watch out for the aliens 
    that jump down from the elevator. Go up and across the catwalk, fighting 
    enemies as needed, to find the Isodesium. The Borg will beam in and try 
    to take the Isodesium. Fortunately for you Chang left an explosive 
    device where their main control hub was. Use the I-Mod to take out the 
    Borg that beam in by circle-strafing. Once they're all taken out your 
    team will beam out with the isodesium.
    ---2 - G : Dreadnought ---
    -Visit weapon room and try new weapon on the holodeck
    -Meet Telsia in the mess hall
    -Escort Tuvok to vontrol center of the ship
    -Restore environmental integrity and artificial gravity
    -Re-align plasma focusing router to power firing mechanism
    -Load firing mechanism
    Basic Strategy:
    -Health and ammo are less common in this level, so don't waste either.
    -Try taking out enemies before they can see you.
    -Use the hand phaser when there are few enemies to save ammo.
    Area 1 -
    Stepping of the transporter pad you'll be congratulated for a mission 
    well done. You have some free time so you can go hear what your Hazard 
    teammates have to say. You should pass by Telsia. She'll ask you to meet 
    her in the mess hall later. Be sure to check out the new weapon in the 
    weapons room, the Personal Photon Torpedo Launcher. The holodeck program 
    takes place on Kronos, the Klingon homeworld. Once your done here use 
    the turbolift to head towards the mess hall.
    Area 2 -
    Go to the mess hall (Left, right all the way down, last door on the 
    right). You'll find Telsia ordering a drink. You'll both talk for awhile 
    Telsia will evantually leave. Explore the area a little bit (You're 
    quarters are on this floor). After a while you'll see a cut scene where 
    a bunch of your crewmates look out the window and see a ship heading 
    towards Voyager. The captain calls all senior staff to the conference 
    room. You'll find that this ship is a harvester coming to rip Voyager 
    apart. The senior staff comes up with the idea to use a gaint 
    Dreadnought gunship nearby to destroy the vessel. Listen to the 
    briefing, grab your helmet from your locker, get your weapons, and head 
    for the transporter room to beam into the Dreadnought.
    Area 3 -
    Make note the the gravity in this room is lighter than usual, giving you 
    extra jumping height. Follow Tuvok. The door ahead won't open. Jump up 
    on the platforms to the left of the starting position to reach the 
    controls on top. Use the elevator to get back down and take lead point 
    of the team when Chell opens the door. On the way through the hall there 
    will be a small explosion from a ceiling pipe above and Chell will open 
    fire on some small insect creatures behind some crates on your left 
    side, neither event threatens your life. There's health energy on a 
    platform near the door. Have Chell open the door and go up the elevator. 
    The hall ahead is blocked and the door to your left is jammed shut. Go 
    through the door to the right. Behind the crates to the left is a small 
    crawlway. Blow up the crates in your path and go through to the other 
    side. Some insects are inside. Through the other side you'll go through 
    the room that has the jammed door. Use the controls behind the laser gun 
    (it's not harmful) to aim it at the debris in front of the door and use 
    the control in the small room to fire it. Head to the next elevator and 
    wait for Chell to open it. Up to the next level.
    Area 4 -
    Through the hall you'll find some Scavengers that were trying to break 
    into the control room. Clear them out and allow Chell to open the door. 
    Tuvok will manage to get control of the ship, but the weapon loading 
    will have to be done manually. On a side not Chell will find an audio 
    log of the crews encounter with Harvesters. In the next area  you'll 
    trigger an auto defense system. The robots that attack you don't move or 
    shoot very fast, but can dish out and take alot of damage. The Tatyron 
    Disruptor's primary fire is your best bet. The Photon Launcher can kill 
    them with one shot, but you usually take damage from the explosion if 
    you're too close. Destroy the robots blocking the path and head down the 
    elevator. There's a gun turrent on your right and more robots to the 
    left through the door. Take out the gun first and snipe the robots from 
    the door. To the left on the walk way is another gun turrent underneath. 
    Take it out without letting it see you. Further down and to the left is 
    another gun and a lift to the lower level. Another gun is straight ahead 
    on the lower floor. Go across the lower catwalk, jumpimg over gaps when 
    needed. Ahead is a power crystal and a control panel. The panel opens a 
    path back on top. Through the door and up another elevator three more of 
    the bots wait. Kill them and head for the door at the end, not forgeting 
    the health to the left.
    Area 5 -
    Up on the next level is a long, twisting hallway filled with more 
    enemies. In the room at the end you'll face off against a large droid 
    walker enemy. Use the Photon Launcher and circle around the pillar in 
    the center to avoid his attacks. Use the lift where the attack robot 
    came from to continue on.
    Area 6 -
    The up coming room is a cargo bay filled with more of the robots. More 
    importantly, though, is the Dreadnought weapon and the plentyful ammo 
    resources. To the left down the hall you'll find some of the common 
    enemy robots, two of the large ones, and a flying one that shoots 
    missles. Use your new found weapon to lay waste to them. Be sure to keep 
    moving to avoid as much counter-fire as possible. Some health at they 
    end of the hall will fix you up after the battle. The room the baddies 
    came out of are some gun turrents, lots of health, and a moving machine 
    with a control panel on it. Clear the turrents out and use the machine 
    to create a ramp to go up. Through the door is a small room of normal 
    enemy bots and health/ammo. The next door leads to the catwalk over the 
    cargo area you found the weapon in. One normal crawler bot and a flying 
    one is all that's in the way. Clear the three enemies in the next room 
    and head towards the lift at the end. You're now at the barrel of the 
    Dreadnought gun.
    Area 7 -
    You're team will take a horizontal lift to a new area. Forward and to 
    the right is blocked by leaking energy. Up the lift is just more baddies 
    and some weapon energy. To the far rightof the room is a crawl space 
    that leads to the source of the gas blocking the path. Snipe out the 
    third generator from the left to stop the ion gas. Go past where your 
    path was blocked and to the right is more crawlers and a big bot. Down 
    the hall you'll find weapon energy plus some more bots and wall guns. Be 
    sure NOT to hit the yellow pipe. In the next room you'll find two gaint 
    robots and two flying ones. Take them out and head right to find the 
    Plasma Focusing Router and a bunch of crawlers. Nothing you can do from 
    this side so leave the room and head right. In the room with the 
    floating platforms the gravity is weak enough to let you jump up. Watch 
    for the flying bots and a couple crawlers. Once at the top lower the 
    elevator to let your friends up. Chang will blow up the locked door. 
    Head through and go down the hall to the elevator fighting baddies along 
    the way. At the bottom you'll find a path filled with crawlers, flyers, 
    and a big bot blocking the path to the plasma room. Grab the health at 
    the end. Back at the plasma router use the control panel to fix it. A 
    walker will come out the door the plasma beam was blocking. Finish it 
    and head for the loading chamber.
    Area 8 -
    Head down and right fighting the small and large bots as needed. The 
    harvester is now getting close to Voyager. Use the elevator at the end 
    to head down. The path ahead is blocked so head right. Two more gaint 
    bots are in the way. Grab the health ahead and use the next elevator. 
    Above another series of small and large robots awaits. Don't forget the 
    weapon energy near the door in the first room and the power crystals in 
    the second. Above in the caged area a few flying bots corner you. Waste 
    them and get the crystal energy and health. Use the contol at the top to 
    move the red rods that were blocking your path before. Fight you're way 
    back down and cross the cleared bridge. Three gun turrents are at the 
    other end of the bridge. Grab the ammo and fight the the crawlers and 
    walkers in the next room. Grab the health and crystal ahead and use the 
    controls to lower the shell for the Dreadnought's cannon. Take the 
    nearby elevator down  and take out all the turrents to open the force 
    field. Repeat the process in the next three rooms. Crawlers are in the 
    third room and the yellow pipes in the fourth (Don't shoot yellow 
    pipes). The shell will enter the loading area and all you have to do is 
    press the control panel to the left. Now sit back and watch the 
    ---2 - H : The Forge---
    -Repel Harvester intruders
    -Navigate the super-structure of the Forge
    -Shut down the security grid
    -Locate main central shaft of the Forge
    -Meet up with reinforcements
    -Destroy dampening field generator
    -Defeat the Vohrsoth leader
    Basic Strategy:
    -Enemies come in huge numbers so be sure to use a weapon with enough 
    ammo to last.
    -Walk backwards while shooting Harvesters.
    -Some enemies shoot, some attack physically. Take out the latter first.
    -In the boss battle save just before you finish off the last wave of 
    enemies in case you die in the final battle.
    Area 1 -
    You've disabled the Harvester ship but that hasn't stopped the creatures 
    inside from boarding Voyager. Restock on weapons and health in the 
    equipment room then follow the transporter guy. There will be an 
    explosion on the left side right before the door. Harvesters will pour 
    out the crack in the wall. They're an insect-like creature that can move 
    very fast. Head through the room to the door at the end. More insects 
    are in the corridors ahead. Grab the Compression rifles laying around to 
    replenish ammo. Take a left and open the door on the right. More enemies 
    try to attack. Follow through the broken walls fighting as needed. 
    Through the door on the other side three Harvesters are to the left and 
    some on the right where the door you need to reach is. In the next room 
    you'll see lots of Harvesters crawling around on the floor below. They 
    keep coming no matter how many you kill and they take down the walkway 
    in front of you so wait in the doorway until Biessman comes to help. 
    Head for for the lift near Biessman and jump up on to it. Miss and 
    you'll have to survive down with the Harevesters until it comes back 
    down. Head straight through the door ahead and you'll find Tuvok pinned 
    down on a room in the left. The Harvesters have been repeled. Now it's 
    time to take the fight to the Forge.
    Area 2 -
    Head down the hall to find yourself on the outside of the Forge. You'll 
    have to jump from platform to platform to reach the other end. Kill the 
    Harvesters before making a jump to another platform. Get a running start 
    before jumping. Once you get across go inside the small structure, 
    destroy the turrent and enemies inside, and use the control panel to 
    create a path for your friends. Chell will lower the force field. In the 
    room ahead jump down the gap in the middle.
    Area 3 -
    Straight forward and down you'll find health and ammo. Use the anti-
    gravity beam to ride back up. Go through the door ahead the Harvesters 
    big brothers. Snipe the two above. Once they're down lower the force 
    fields by using the controls in the center. More large creatures will 
    come out of where the force fields were. Go through the opened path 
    (Both lead the same way) and take out three more baddies. There are gun 
    turrents at all four corners of this room. Head up the ramp through the 
    door. Chell will use the controls at the end of the platform to bring 
    down the secuirity grid and unlock the last door below. Tuvok's team is 
    on the way. Go down and continue forward.
    Area 4 -
    Through the next room more Harvesters will come through the hall ahead. 
    Strafe left and right while you pick them off at a distance. Clear the 
    next room from the the archway and enter to find some weapon energy and 
    where they take the supplies they got from Voyager. Walk through the 
    shield to the right when it drops. Using the controls in this room will 
    lower the force fields and make more enemies both big and small come in 
    from behind you. Grab some health and ammo in the next room. Down the 
    ramps more enemies will attack from the front and from behind. Through 
    the door on the left is a long hallway filled with baddies. Grab the 
    ammo halfway through the hall. In the next your Harvesters drop from the 
    ceiling. Stand in the doorway a frag them. Weapon energy in the far 
    right of the room. To the left you'll see some Harvesters under glass 
    containers. They're harmless for now. More Harvesters will come through 
    the force fields and attack. Use the health and weapon energy in the 
    room when it's all clear. Left again through where the force field was 
    is a control panel for the elevator in the room. The next room is gets 
    completely flooded by Harvesters. Chell raises the force field to one 
    area but more keep coming through another door. Keeping moving and fight 
    them off best you can, refueling health and ammo at the terminals in the 
    room if you run low on either. After awhile there will be a cut scene 
    where Biessman berserks and mows down a ton of them before going down 
    himself. You'll have to hold off more after the cut scene. Evantually 
    Tuvok's team will come to help. Once it's clear restock on the terminals 
    in the room and use the lift at the center to go back down. A new path 
    is clear.
    Area 5 -
    Through the next room you'll encounter a new enemy not too unlike the 
    humaniod ones you've fought before. After you kill them all the creature 
    controlling the Forge communicates to you telepathically, calling itself 
    the Vohrsoth and boasts that it will take over the entire galaxy with 
    it's army. After you recover the Voyager team decides that they need to 
    destroy the Forge completely. Head for the door at the end, grabbing 
    health and ammo along the way, and destroy the enemies that come out. 
    The next room has more health and ammo plus some baddies. In the next 
    room enemies come through the shields on the left and right. Kill them, 
    grab more ammo, and head down the elevator shaft. Stand in the elevator 
    and snipe away the enemies ahead. Go forward a little it to lure out the 
    Harvesters that come out from the shielded area. Grab the crystals near 
    the door and the health on the catwalk above. Go through the next room 
    and kill the three baddies ahead. Make you way to the elevator switch 
    and head down. Crawling Harvesters will come out the door ahead. Over 
    the empty gap is an invisible path. Turn walk mode on and use you phaser 
    to find the path. Below is a simple map of the invisible path.
    ||  _
     \_/ \\
          ||   S = Start
           \\  F = Finish
    Through the hallway a some enemies blocking the path to ammo an a lift. 
    Head down, fight the Harvestors in the room, grab the health and ammo, 
    and go down the next hallway.
    Area 6 -
    Through the door a few of the Harvesters attack. Once you clear the ones 
    on your side of the gap more will jump across. Use the controls on the 
    left to activate the bridge. Jump across and enter the next room. You'll 
    find health on your floor and some Harveters on the lower floor. Take 
    them out from above. Drop down and go for the elevator through the door, 
    not forgeting the weapon energy on the left and right. Down below are a 
    few of the humaniod Harvesters. Go right after you waste them and kill 
    the enemies in this room. Grab health/weapon energy and use the next 
    elevator. Keep clearing the following rooms and heading down the lifts, 
    grabbing any ammo and health you find. At the bottom you'll find the 
    dampening field generator. Shoot out the four energy things to destroy 
    it. Head through the doors at the end.
    Area 7 -
    Right through the first door enemies await. Fight through them to the 
    exit. You'll hear another telepathic message from the leader. He says 
    that they'll launch a seed to create a new Forge. Monroe decides to go 
    on alone and stop this from happening. Go up the elevator and fight 
    through the enemies in the hallway to the room at the end. You'll find a 
    terminal that gives 999 energy for all your weapons. Take the lift to 
    the left of this terminal to the final battle.
    Area 8 -
    In the room before the boss you'll find much needed health. There's 
    plenty of health and ammo (Again weapons will fill up completely) in the 
    boss room so use it when you need to. The first half of the battle is 
    fighting wave after wave of the Vohrsoth creatures you've encountered so 
    far. Keep circle-strafing and firing with your Dreadnought weapon or the 
    Tetryon weapon's alternate fire to make waste of the baddies. After a 
    few waves the Etherians from the ghost ship come to help. Finish off the 
    last wave and they destroy the seed. You now have to face off against 
    the Vohrsoth leader. His attacks can kill you in as little as two shots 
    at full health so keep strafing from left to right and try to avoid all 
    his shots. I suggest going into control options and assigning the "Lean" 
    button to something other than L3 as you may accidently depress the 
    analog stick far enough to click the button, and coming to a dead stop 
    is not what you need in this battle. There are three forms of attacks 
    from the boss; an overhead missle attack, an energy ball attack, and an 
    explosive attack that can send you airbound. Use the Dreadnought 
    weapon's primary fire and the boss should go down once you've unloaded 
    almost ALL your ammo into him. Once he his defeated you'll be beamed 
    back to Voyager. The Forge is finally destroyed. Sit back and enjoy the 
    ---SECTION 3 : Multi Play---
    ---3 - A : Levels---
    Beta Station*
    Blast Radius*
    Boarding Party
    Borg Attack
    Dangerous Cargo
    Data Matrix
    Delta Station*
    Harvesters Keep
    Judgement Day*
    Sea Temple
    The Machine
    USS Raven
    Waste Disposal
    * Two-player only
    ---3 - B : Options---
    Advaned Options -
    Point Limit: Increments of five from 5-100 or unlimited
    Time Limit: Increments of five from 5-60 minutes or unlimited
    Force Respawn: Players respawn after a certain amount of time
    Weapon Stay*: Weapons stay where a player dies
    Falling Damage: Players take damage from long falls
    Team Play: Divide players into teams
    Friendly Fire**: Ability to shoot teammates
    *Unavailable if Team Play is on
    **Unavailable if Team Play is off
    Player Options -
    Character: Choose from 52 character skins
    Outfit: Choose default, red, or blue. To choose team when teamplay is on
    Control Style: Choose control style
    Switch Weapon: Safe, Unsafe, and off
    Auto-Aim: Concentrated, Vertical only, and off
    Crosshair: Choose crosshair style or none
    Vibration: On/Off
    Invert Pitch: On/Off
    ---SECTION 4 : Codes & Secrets---
    To enter the following codes first pause the game, hold down the button 
    combination, and press select.
    Full Health - R1 R2 L1 L2
    Full Armor - L1 R1
    Auto Lock - L1 L2
    Full Ammo - R1 R2
    All Weapons - R1 R2 L1 L2 L3
    God Mode - R1 R2 R3 L1 L2
    ---SECTION 5 : FAQ Info---
    ---5 - A : Version---
    Version 1.0
    Jan. 28, 2002 - 90% Complete
    First version of FAQ. Basic info, solo, multiplayer and codes added.
    ---5 - B : Thanks/Credit---
    All the people who worked to make this game
    My friend Ryan who first showed me the PC version
    DrunkenMonkey2k2 at GameFAQs (for game codes)
    Geomod at GameFAQs (for game codes)
    Gene Roddenberry - Creator of Star Trek
    ---5 - C : Legal---
    Copyright 2002 Dan Whitney
    This document is not permitted to be modified or altered from it's 
    original format. It may not be used on any other web site or publication 
    without my permission. Contact me at danwhitney@ignmail.com to get 

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