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Reviewed: 03/15/03 | Updated: 03/15/03

Great 2-player puzzling game

This is a true gem and one of the reasons, why PlayStation2 is on top.

I saw it on television one day. Well, I didn't have a PlayStation2 at that time, but the game got into my mind. Anyway, I even forgot the name of it. Around 6 months later, I saw this game on amazon for 15EUR (which is really cheap). I needed a SCART-cable for my PS2, so I remembered how ''nice'' it looked. Well, I ordered it and you can't believe how addicting this game really is.

The story is kinda crazy and looks like the game would have been made for children. There is some kind of ''moon-festival'' and those 2 animals (rabbits? I'm not sure!) wanted to party there, but evil came upon the land and now the 2 have to go through 4 levels each till they meet an end-boss and battle with him.

The gameplay is weird too (like the rest of the game). You control both characters at the same time. One with each analog stick. You also jump and do actions using the shoulder buttons. This is quite funny, but you have to know that you got a) a pain-in-the-ass as time-limit, b) another pain-in-the-ass called time-stealers and c) you don't have any weapons, you have to puzzle and jump&stomp (like mario) your way through the levels.

The levels scroll up and down, sometimes even left and right. Anyway, you got split-screen, which means one character may stay where he is and the other one may walk up to the end of the level (theoretically). Sometimes even one character may join the side of the other character, but only if both characters are aligned at the same position on the map. Now you have to pull ropes, jump on blocks, trigger switches and much more.

Fact is: This game is actually not for kids. Or to be correct: It's definitely nothing *one* kid is able to do. I tried to get through the levels by myself and I got stuck at the ''puzzle world'' (plz, stop laughing ;-). It's really that hard.
You got to solve a puzzle, you also got to move both characters otherwise so-called ''time stealers'' appear, take your character up into the air and waste your (spare) time. You also got that freakin time-limit. That's the only reason, why this game didn't receive a 10/10, because the time-stealers are just UNFAIR on 1-player mode. One should have been able to turn them off. It's like playing GTA3 on 2 televisions at the same time AND having some sort of ''you gotta move every 3 seconds, otherwise you will get killed''.

Now to the good side: There is a 2-player mode. You can actually play by using 2 controllers or by just using one. And playing this game WITH a friend is truely addicting. I love it! That way, the time-stealers and even the time-limit gets fair and it's just plain fun.

Another great feature is the multiplayer ''bomberman-style'' mode. You may play with up to 4 players (!) against each other, but by using 2 controllers only. No multitap required. As I said previously, you only need one analog stick and 2 shoulder buttons per player, so this is possible. The multiplayer is truely fun, just like I said: ''bomberman'' style.

Given, this game is not for people that want violence or brainless gameplay.

- Many, many levels
- Great puzzles and great bosses
- Replay value through ranking and hidden puzzle pieces
- Playing this game with a friend is truely addicting
- complex puzzles
- *GREAT* multiplayer mode for up to 4 players, but no multitap needed
- Crazy music (japanese style)
- Time-stealers, when playing alone
- Crazy music (japanese style)

This game is even worth 30EUR. I wouldn't pay 60EUR for it, but I think it was never sold at that price anyway. If you get it for 15EUR, *GET IT NOW*. I mean it! There are so many stupid games out there and this is a real gem. What are you waiting? You are still reading? Buy this game!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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