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    FAQ/Walkthrough by FFrulez

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                                            WETRIX 2  
    [       CONTENTS      ]
    1] Introduction 
    2] Controls and game thingy's
    3] Story-mode
    4] Quickpuzzle-mode
    5] VS-mode
    6] Tips and secrets
    7] Credits
    1. Inroduction
    I think AA(aqua aqua) is an awesome game. The meaning of the
    game is to collect as much water on a platform as possible 
    without letting water slip of the edge. You get certained 
    landblocks(Tetrislike) to create deep craters and trap more
    water. If you don't get the meaning of the game, there's the
    training-mode that explains everything in the game. Soon you'll
    be duilding lakes like you were born to do it.
    This guide is mainly about a certained strategy to complete levels. 
    Some levels or modes require other startegy's.
    I only have quikpuzzle-mode available
    Simply complete all the lessons in the training-mode and you'll
    unlock the story-mode and the vs-mode. 
    2. Controls
    Menu controls
    X = confirm a selection
    Triangle = cancels a selection
    left/right = selcect/adjust
    up/down = select
    Ingame controls
    X = drops the block faster
    Square = turns block
    Start = pauses the game
    L1(hold) = change view
    R1 = zoom in on your land
    R2 = change camera view
    Tube: right of your screen, when it's full it's 
    game over.
    Next block: it's shown at the upper-right of the 
    Bingo card: if you evaporate a lake an item will 
    drop down. Your aqua aqua will colect it. Your're 
    bingo card looks like this:
    [ ][ ][ ][ ]
    [ ][ ][ ][ ]
    [ ][ ][ ][ ]
    [ ][ ][ ][ ] 
    If you evaporate a lake at the upper-right corner 
    you'll get a bingo item that will be collected
    and kicked at upper-right corner(get it?). So try 
    to make a bingo line by dropping a fireball on the
    right possition. 
    Below are the bingo effects.
    There are a lot of different things that drop down so here
    they are.
    Pieces that raise your land or repair holes.
    Removes pieces of land or makes a hole bigger.
    Note: use these to avoid an earthquake
    Drop these in your craters and you will have a lake.
    lose lots of water.
    The fireball rox!! It evaporates a lake with water.
    When dropped on a high piece of land it will lower 
    Note: use these to score points
    The bombs make an instant hole in your land. So.....
    Note: make sure you always have a piece of land left
    to drop bombs and unwanted pieces. Make a sort of 
    Ice cubes
    You can't control these(and you'll wish you could). 
    Most of the time you'll get a warning when these drop.
    They freeze your lake and then you'll need 2 fireballs
    to get rid of the water or dig it all away with downers.
    Note: DON'T DROP A BOMB in a frozen lake cause it will 
    work like a mine(see below). Try to raise a piece of land
    in your lake where the ice cube drops.
    These are a pain in the @$$. When a mine drops in your
    lake, DON'T EVAPORATE THE WATER. If you do the mine(s) 
    will blow up causing lots of damage to your land and
    leave holes for your water to escape.
    You can't control these. They fall randomly on your land
    and will leak of the edge(just like water). 
    Note: Trap as much rain by building a big lake that covers
    a wide area. 
    Lake mates
    These appear when you have a 2 wall-high lake with enough
    water in it. 
    Note: these give you extra points
    When you have lots of water on your land you'll get a
    Note: this gives you extra points
    Other things
    Levels: the higher your level, the more points you get 
    for evaporating water.
    Scoreformula: Evporated water bonus or land repair bonus x(level + number of 
    lakes +(number of lake mates x 2) x 10 if you have a
    So for example I have evaporated water bonus of 3000, 6 lakes,
    4 lake mates and a rainbow on level 6 my score is:
    3000 x(6 + 6 +(4 x 2) x 10) = 600000 points 
    Just below the screen is an earthquake-meter. If it's full
    you'll get an earthquake destroying yor land. Use downers,
    fireballs and bombs to manage the land.
    [1 ][2 ][3 ][4 ]
    [5 ][6 ][7 ][8 ]
    [9 ][10][11][12]
    1= Appel
    2= Feather
    3= Heart
    4= Binoculars
    5= Beachball
    6= Bone
    7= Agenda
    8= Scubagear
    9= Burger
    10= Pie
    11= Camera
    12= Hook
    13= CD
    14= Umbrella
    15= Shell
    16= Fruit
    If I type 1,2,3,4 it means collect bingo-items
    1,2,3,4 for the line. So in this case I mean the
    upper first horizontal line. Each bingo effect lasts
    for one minute.
    1,2,3,4: Double Rainbow - increases scores by 20 
    5,6,7,8: Aurora - increases scores by 25
    9,10,11,12: Power lake - increases scores by 30
    13,14,15,16: Cloud - increases scores by 35
    1,5,9,13: Bigger drain - drain gets 25% bigger 
    2,6,10,14: Bigger earth - your piece of land get 25% bigger
    3,7,11,15: Timestop - time stops(for one minute)
    4,8,12,16: Slow - Pieces fall slower 
    Hint: just go for power lake or cloud, the rest is not 
    Double bingo-effects: make two lines at once for double 
    3. Story-mode
    In the beginning there are four monsters on the planet. 
    Then the creator wants to create water on the planet, using 
    aqua aqua's to guard the water, cause the monsters disagree 
    with the creator. The creator then gives each monster three
    chances to attack. If they fail to stop the aqua aqua's they 
    will be banished. So it's you're task to guard the water.
    The story-mode has four levels and one secret level. To open up the
    secret level score 2.000.000 points on al of the other levels.
    You guard the water by just playing on a piece of land, then
    after while you'll get a warning there's a monster coming. You 
    a minute to gain a certained amound of points. If you get it in
    time a shield will appear to stop the monsters attacks. If you didn't
    get to the limit, the monster will attack your land and destroy your
    Just so you don't get any surprises here are the point limits.
    [level][1st attack][2nd attack][3rd attack]
    [  1  ][   500    ][  10.000  ][  20.000  ]
    [  2  ][   600    ][  20.000  ][  40.000  ]
    [  3  ][   700    ][  30.000  ][  60.000  ]
    [  4  ][   800    ][  40.000  ][  80.000  ]
    [  5  ][  1.000   ][ 300.000  ][2.000.000 ]
    Drip = 0-100.000 points 
    Cool =  100.000 - 500.000 points
    Champion = 500.000 - 1.000.000 points
    King = 1.000.000 - 2.000.000 points
    Master = 2.000.000 or more points
    Well let's get started, shall we.
    IMPORTANT    \ 
    Basic startegy \
    Fisrt use your uppers to build a big lake. Throw unwanted pieces
    in a corner to create a bomb-site. Once downers start to fall, use 
    them to make your walls as thin as possible to avoid an earthquake
    later on. Another thing is to do this as fast as possible since you don't
    have that much time. Then when getting []-formed uppers, use them to create
    small lakes in corners. Place two on eachother and fill them with tiny 
    waterblocks to create lake mates. Wait with evaporating water, unless 
    you're losing water fast or going for 2.000.000 points. If you have no water 
    and you get a fireball, dump it on your bomb-site. That goes the same for
    unwanted downers. When your bomb-site has lots of holes, repair it with an
    upper. Also make sure you still have space to make a bingo line, going for
    Cloud or Power lake off course.
    Use the basic strategy at the start each level.
    Level 1
    Monster: Earth monster
    Attack: 4 earth balls that destroy your lakes.
    Surviving chance: medium
    1st attack: 500 points
    Simply just evaporate one lake or repair some holes. 
    2nd attack : 10.000 points
    You should have some lake mates by now. Keep filling up your lake fast and 
    evaporate it when you have a rainbow. If your water gets frozen, keep it that
    way. The damage done by the monster will only be to the walls of your lakes. 
    If lots of your water is frozen it can't escape over the edge, giving you the 
    chance to repair your walls.
    3rd attack : 20.000 points
    By now you should have about 3 to 4 lake mates. Repair holes and be sure you get
    a rainbow before getting evaporating your biggest lake. If your lake gets frozen
    use a fireball and hope for another one.  
    When going for 2.000.000 points: 
    Be fast and have about 6 lake mates. Create a small bombsite and get lots
    of bingo's(cloud off course). Whenever you have a fireball evaporate. If you have
    trouble with ice-cubes, raise a small piece of land where the cube is about to 
    fall. If you have a rough start, pause and restart. 
    level 2
    Monster: Vulcano monster
    Attack: 4 comets that destroy your lakes
    Surviving chance: medium
    1st attack: 600
    Repair some holes or evaporate a lake.
    2nd attack: 20.000
    Have about 3 lake mates and be sure to get a rainbow before evaporate your lake.
    When it gets frozen raise a piece of land or fireball it.
    3rd attack: 40.000
    You should have about 4 lake mates. Get the cloud bingo-effect or a rainbow and 
    evaporate. After that evaporate again. If your water gets frozen, good keep it that
    way. Repair your walls and keep it up, cause the end is in sight.
    When going for 2.000.000 points:
    Be fast and have about 6 lake mates. Create a small bombsite and get lots
    of bingo's(cloud off course). Whenever you have a fireball evaporate. If you have
    trouble with ice-cubes, raise a small piece of land where the cube is about to 
    fall. If you have a rough start, pause and restart. 
    Level 3
    Monster: Blizzard bigfoot
    Attack: uses ice breath
    Surviving chance: high
    1st attack: 700
    Repair some holes or evaporate a lake.
    2nd attack: 30.000
    It doesn't matter if the attack hits you or not cause it freezes everything. 
    Build up your walls after that and melt the water.
    3rd attack: 60.000
    If lot of your water and land gets frozen, repair the land and let the water stay 
    for as long as possible to get to the end of the level. When melts evaporate it.
    When going for 2.000.000 points:
    Have 5 lake mates and let the monster attack freeze you sometime. Use a fireball
    to melt land as well as water to get a big lake. Evaporate it for more points. Be
    fast and use a small bomb-site.
    Level 4
    Monster: Fire dragon
    Attack: uses his fire breath to destroy walls
    Surviving chance: medium
    1st attack: 800
    Repair some holes or evaporate a lake, but do it fast.
    2nd attack: 40.000
    You should have about 4 lake mates. Get the cloud bingo-effect or a rainbow and 
    evaporate. After that evaporate again. If your water gets frozen, good keep it that
    way. Repair your walls and keep it up. If your lucky he'll even evaporate water for 
    3rd attack: 80.000
    Drop blocks very fast and hope that his attack will evaporate water for you. If your water 
    gets frozen just before the attack begins melt it fast. Make small lakes and keep 
    evaporating water like a mad.
    When going for 2.000.000 points:
    Be fast and get lots of bingolines. Have 6 lake mates and a rainbow before you evaporate.
    If you have cloudstatus drop blocks like a mad on your bomb-site and go for a fireball
    to get extra points.
    Then now for the experts.
    Level 5
    Monster: ????(you don't get to see him/her/it)
    Attack: very frustrating and big meteor storm that totally destroys everything
    Surviving chance: very small(might as well be none)
    1st attack: 1.000
    Have 1 or 2 lake mates and evaporate your lakes. Repair some holes too.
    2nd attack: 300.000(what the???)
    Be fast and have about 5 lake mates. Get the rainbow before you evaporate a lake.
    Every point counts here. If you think that you can't make it, evaporate all your
    water(if you can). A bingoline(cloud, powerlake) could be very useful now.
    3rd attack: 2.000.000(AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!)
    Now this is some serious score. Have 7 lake mates and a 2-wall high big lake. Get
    a rainbow and cloudstatus. If evaporate about three lakes this way your almost there. 
    Just drop nblocks like a mad and fill up those lakes fast. If your very lucky you'll 
    survive the attack and can end the level shortly after that.
    So you got every level on master rank. Good for you, but your scores caneasily be 
    bigger, cause here comes the quikpuzzle-mode.
    The quickpuzzle-mode rules!! It offers lots of fun and you can go on to infinity.
    There are no monster attacks. 
    Strategy1 \
    Build a big lake and build lots of small lakes to create lake mates. Fill up the
    lakes and have a small bomb-site. If your bomb-site has about 4 holes repair it.
    Keep your big lake at the leftside of the land, so you can get a cloud 
    bingo-effect. Fill up those lakes like a mad and evaporate your big lake when you
    have a rainbow or cloudstatus. Keep it up and raise land in your big lake when an
    ice-cube drops down in to it. If an ice-cube falls into one of your small lakes,
    don't raise any land, but simply melt it with a fireball. Use downers to make your walls
    as thin as you can or to lower walls inside your big lake.
    Then on level 5 suddenly mines start to drop. When a mine drops in a big lake, simply wait 
    till they disappear and then drop the fireball. If they won't disappear, evaporater 
    another lake. Good luck on the further levels cause blocks will keep dropping faster.
    Strategy2 \
    Create one big lake and have a large bomb-site. Make the lake 2-walls high and fill it up.
    Evaporate it when you have a rainbow. Drop anything else on the bomb-site except for 
    waterbubbles and fireballs(when you have a rainbow). Raise a piece of land when you spot
    an ice-cube and get the cloud bingo-effect a lot. Use downers to flatten walls inside
    your lake. When mines start to drop, wait until they disappear still dropping all 
    waterbubbles in the lake. That's also why it has to be 2 or 3 walls high. When you have
    a fireball and there are no mines, evaporate the lake.
    It's great fun when playing agianst a friend. You'll be playing this for months or
    maybe years. It's way past cool. 
    The bingocard has been replaced by this card.
    You'll play of noughts and crosses against eachother(on the bingo card)
    The first one that get's three in a row will launch a random attack
    on the opponent. Theses are the attacks.
    Upper attack - rains mini uppers on your opponent's landscape
    Downer attack - rains mini downers on your opponent's landscape
    Fireball attack - rains fireballs on your opponents landscape
    Water attack - rains water on your opponent's landscape
    Ice attack - rains ice-cubes on your opponent's landscape
    Bomb attack - Launches a bomb that falls in a random spot on your opponent's landscape
    So here we go.
    Strategy \
    Create one big lake and be sure to set your cross in the middle as the first. 
    Concentrate on getting a bingoline. Well that's about all I can say. Keep an eye on
    your opponent's drain and hope (s)he plays worse than you.
    6. Tips and secrets
    -if you have a leak and can't see it press and r1 or l1 to change your view.
    -still can't locate the leak? Look through your aqua aqua's eyes by pressing r2.
    -make your walls as thin as possible, to avoid an earthquake. 
    -make your bomb-site a bit large, it's better to make it to big than to small.
    -drop blocks fast and score more points
    -if your almost getting an earthquake, let lakes fuse with a downer.
    Vs-mode and story-mode become available after you complete training-mode.
    Score 2.000.000 points on every stage in story-mode to unlock the fifth stage.
    Thanx to:
    Myself, FFrulez a.k.a. optimus9(capcom board)
    E-mail: optimus9@dolfijn.nl
    Gamefaqs for posting this Walkthrough.
    Sci, Renderware 3 and Zed Two for making this game.
    My local store for selling this game very cheap.

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