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The BEST console flight simulator!!!!!!01/22/0267ShelbyGT500~M
Can't fly fighters in the Navy? This is just as good.02/04/03AceFrehley03
This is TOPGUN!, there's NO points for 2nd place.04/25/02Althor
The Greatest Plane Sim Ever!09/03/02Amplifier
Sweet Flight Sim02/28/02Arcias
The Jet Simulator10/01/02Art
What more could ya ask for?07/28/08bigvinu
Imprssive flight sim surprises many, especialy me.02/19/02CKallander
Ahhh! My neck!!03/03/02Collider
After pulling a few high-gee turns, I am starting to feel airsick.02/18/02DGMS
'KABOOM!' There goes every other flight sim game.05/30/02Ender1241
This is without a doubt, one of the finest games I've ever played!02/13/02Fishbone49
Flight Sim Supreme.03/14/02Fonce Diablo
Ace Combat 4 keeps the fun factor, but still lacks...11/05/07Fossil
Mobius 1, Engage!11/12/07koolman78
An incredible Fighter Combat Game02/21/08MAX PAIN
The Most Groundbreaking Flight Sim Game Ever Made06/15/02maximus2242
A Flawlessly Executed Game11/30/01MIDN_4
This review is a memorial to my Ace Combat 407/08/13NinjaSonicBoom
AC4 is a ridiculously awesome game!!10/27/01NintendoKid19
Welcome Back04/06/10PickHut
What top gun could never shoot down...02/11/03SatonicSonic21
I never did like flight sims, until this...03/16/02Sephiroth101
Namco made a flight sim? Okay, then...08/29/02Starwind
Ace Combat 04 is NOT the best console flight sim I've ever played12/02/02Swift1
Amazing! Simply Just Amazing!!!11/10/02vgxtremist
Simply put it: One of the worst games made.08/29/05zombiesmusher01

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