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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheeMikester

    Version: 2.20 | Updated: 05/19/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Heroes of Might and Magic, Quest for the Dragonbone Staff
    FAQ done by Mike W.
    created on... 4/16/05
    Last updated2.201.80
        _____   _____ ________  ________         ____     ________     _______
       `.   .' `.   ,'`.  ___ \ `.   __ `.     ,' __ `.   `.  ___ \  ,'  ____ \
         | |     | |   | |   `.\  | |  `  \   / ,'  `. \   | |   `.\(  ,'    `.\
         | |     | |   | |__/|    | |   )  ) / /      \ \  | |__/|   `. `.
         | |_____| |   |  __ |    | |__'  / | |        | | |  __ |     `. `.
         |  _____  |   | |  \|    |     .'  | |        | | | |  \|       `. `.
         | |     | |   | |        | |\  \    \ \      / /  | |             `. `.
         | |     | |   | |___.'/  | | `. `.   \ `.__,' /   | |___,'/ \`.___.'  )
         | |     | |  ,'______/  ,'_`.  `._`.  `.____,'   ,'______/   \______,'
         | |     | |      _          _      ___                         _
         | |     | |   /\|_  |\/| | /   |_|  |    /| |\ | |\  |\/|  /| /   | /`
       ,'___`. ,'___`. \/|   |  | | \_| | |  |   /-| | \| |/  |  | /-| \_| | \,
                           /      ____ /    \
                          /      /\\  \      \
                         /      /  ()__\      \
                         \      \  ()__/      /          1.) Title (GHJK)
                          \      \____/      /
                           \      /         /
                            |    /         |
                             \  /         /
                              |/        /|
                              |        / |
                              |       /  |
                               \     /  /
                                |   /  |
                                |  /   |
                                 \/   /
                                  |  |
                                                         2.) Copyright 
     This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances 
    except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site
    or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
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                                                         3.) Contents
    1.) Title   (GHJK)   This is easy find code, it should help you get to
    2.) Copyright (DJYG) where you need to go. To use it, highlight the 
    3.) Contents (ILTI)  code, and press Ctrl+F. Then, type in the code.
    4.) Before You Start... (HDSI)
    5.) Creatures (REUY)
     -Creature Stats
     -Creature powers
     -Creature Values
    6.) Artifacts (JKLK)
    7.) Spells (BDSK)
    8.) Villians (FHKL)
     -Villian payouts
     -Villian tips
    9.) Tips (KIKP)
    10.) Interactive (GJUY)
    11.) Walkthrough (HKDO)
    12.) The Secret (VSCD)
    13.) Your in good hands (VBNM)
    14.) Want to make a FAQ? (TDZQ)
    15.) FAQs (QBVE)
    16.) Other legal stuff (JGJK)
    17.) Last words (THND)
                                                         4.) Before You
                                                         Start... (HSDI)
    This information is purely for beginners, just so they know how to
    work the controller and stuff.
    Here is what each little button does.
    X- Chooses a spot when you have moved to it. Also attacks if in range.
    Square- Centers camera in which current selected creature is facing.
    Circle- Turns on the spells menu for battle.
    Triangle- Skips a monsters turn to attack.
    Start- Brings up battle pause menu.
    Select- Nothing.
    D-Pad- Moves monsters.
    Left analog stick- Moves monsters.
    Right analog stick- circles view around a monster.
    R1- Changes from 5 different viewpoints.
    R2- Gives info about the selected monsters (your monster when it is his
    turn and the monster it is looking at)
    L1- Shows you your game statistics.
    L2- Shows you your army.
    X- Nothing.
    Square- Reveals map to Dragonbone Staff.
    Circle- Brings up Travel spells menu.
    Triangle- Press to make you fly. YOu must have only flying monsters in
    your army to do so. To check what monsters are fliers, then go below
    to the creatures section.
    Start- Brings up start menu.
    Select- Nothing.
    D-pad- Moves you in the air, on the ground, or in the boat.
    Left analog stick- same as D-pad.
    Right analog stick- Zooms you in and out of your guy. Also can speed up
    travel. To see how, visit the tips section.
    R1- Brings up world map.
    R2- Brings up the contract you have.
    L1- Brings up character status.
    L2- Brings up army status.
    Here are the characters you can choose from in the beginning of the 
    Knight- Starts out with 7,500 Gold, 1,000 Commission, 100 Leadership,
    20 Militia, 2 Archers, and no spell ability.
    Turns into...
    At 2 Villians and gets +1000 commission +100 leadership +1 spell power
    +3 Spell capacity
    At 8 Villians and gets +2000 Commission +300 Leadership +1 spell power
    +4 Spell capacity
    At 14 Villians and gets +4000 Commission +500 Leadership +2 Spell power
    +5 Spell capacity
    Barbarian- Starts out with 7,500 Gold, 2,000 Commission, 100 
    Leadership, 20 Wolves, and no spell ability.
    Turns into...
    At 1 Villian and gets +2000 Commission +100 Leadership +1 Spell Power
    +2 Spell capacity
    At 5 villians and gets +2000 Commission +300 Leadership +1 Spell Power
    +3 Spell capacity
    At 10 villians and gets +2000 Commission +500 Leadership +1 Spell Power
    +3 Spell capacity
    Paladin- Starts out with 10,000 Gold, 1,000 Commission, 80 Leadership,
    20 Peasants, 20 Militia, and no spell ability.
    Turns into...
    At 2 villians and gets +1000 Commission +80 Leadership +2 Spell Power
    +4 Spell capacity
    At 7 Villians and gets +2000 Commission +240 Leadership +2 Spell Power
    +5 Spell capacity
    At 13 Villians and gets +4000 Commission +400 Leadership +2 Spell Power
    +6 Spell capacity
    Sorceress- Starts out with 10,000 Gold, 3,000 Commission, 60 
    Leadership, 30 Peasants, 10 Sprites, Spell ability, 2 Spell Power,
    5 Spell capacity.
    Turns into...
    At 3 villians and gets +1000 Commission +60 Leadership +3 Spell Power
    +8 Spell capacity
    At 6 villians and gets +1000 Commission +180 Leadership +5 Spell power
    +10 Spell capacity
    At 12 Villians and gets +1000 Commission +300 Leadership +5 Spell Power
    +12 Spell capacity
                                                         5.) Creatures
    Creature stats
    Here are brief descriptions of creatures, along with info...
    It will be set up like this...
    Cost Up Front-
    Cost weekly
    Health Points-
    Mostly found in:
    Max. number you can buy:
    These creatures are very expensive, since they were trained.
    Militia- Good for starters, but not as good fighting dragons.
    Cost Up Front- 50
    Cost weekly-5
    Power- 1-2
    Health Points- 2
    Skill- 2
    Move- 2
    Archers- Expensive range shooters. Can shoot 12 times.
    Cost up front- 250
    Cost weekly- 25
    power- 1-2
    health points- 10
    skill- 2
    Move- 2
    Pikemen- A great creature for starters, since it is level 3 and it's
    close by.
    Cost up front- 300
    Cost weekly- 30
    Power- 2-4
    Health points- 10
    Skill- 3
    Move- 2
    Cavalry- Another nice creature, mainly fast power.
    Cost up front- 800
    Cost Weekly- 80
    Power- 3-5
    Health points- 20
    Skill- 4
    Move- 4
    Knight- A slow, powerful creature.
    Cost up front- 1,000
    Cost Weekly- 100
    Power- 5-10
    Health points- 35
    Skill- 4
    Move- 1
    All of the following are all found in King Argus's castle in Arcathia,
    and you can buy as many as possible.
    Hill Creatures
    Seem powerful to me!
    Orc- A great range shooter to start with. Can shoot 6 times.
    Cost up front- 75
    Cost weekly- 7
    Power- 2-3
    Health points- 5
    Skill- 2
    Move- 2
    Mostly found in: Arcathia
    Max. Amount you can buy: 200
    Dwarf- Not too great, slow and expensive.
    Cost up front- 350
    Cost weekly- 30
    power- 2-4
    Health points- 20
    Skill- 3
    Move- 1
    Mostly found in: Elestria
    Max. Amount you can buy: 200
    Ogre- Same as dwarf, basically.
    Cost up front- 750
    Cost weekly- 75
    Power- 3-5
    Health points- 40
    Skill- 4
    Move- 1
    Mostly found in- Elestria (Maybe Pearl Islands, not sure)
    Max. Amount you can buy: 200
    Giant- A powerful, fast moving ranged attacker. Can shoot 6 times.
    Cost up front- 2,000
    Cost weekly- 200
    Power- 10-20
    Health points- 60
    Skill- 5
    Move- 3
    Mostly found in: Vazara
    Max. Amount you can buy: 50
    Dragon- The best creature of all.
    Cost up front- 5,000
    Cost weekly- 500
    Power- 25-50
    Health points- 200 (this is the only creature you couldn't buy with
    your starting leadership)
    Skill- 6
    Move- fly
    Mostly found in: Vazara
    Max. Amount you can buy: 50
    Actually, these guys have a little less power than the rest (or is it
    just the inpression the peasants make?)
    Peasant- the lowliest fighter.
    Cost up front- 10
    Cost weekly- 1
    Power- 1
    Health points- 1
    Skill- 1
    Move- 1
    Mostly found in: Arcathia
    Max. Amount you can buy: 200
    Wolf- Fast creature.
    Cost up front- 40
    Cost weekly- 4
    power- 1-3
    Health points- 3
    Skill- 2
    Move- 3
    Mostly found in: Arcathia
    Max. Amount you can buy: 150
    Nomad- average, really.
    Cost up front- 300
    Cost weekly- 30
    Power- 2-4
    Health points- 15
    Skill- 3
    Move- 2
    Mostly found in: Elestria
    Max. Amount you can buy: 150
    Lizardman- Level four. That's good.
    Cost up front- 750
    Cost weekly- 75
    Power- 1-6
    Health points- 40
    Skill- 4
    Move- 3
    Mostly found in: Pearl Islands
    Max. Amount you can buy: 100
    Archmage- Doesn't really belong to the plains group. Can shoot 2 times.
    Cost up front- 1200
    Cost weekly- 120
    Power- 2-3
    Health points- 25
    Skill- 5
    Move- fly
    Mostly found in- Vazara
    Max. Amount you can buy: 25
    Forest Creatures
    These guys (or girls, in sprite's case) are more delicate.
    Sprites- A great starter creature.
    Cost up front- 15
    Cost weekly- 1
    Power- 1-2
    Health points- 1
    Skill- 1
    Move- fly
    Mostly found in: Arcathia
    Max. Amount you can buy: 200
    Troglodytes: Slow, blind creatures.
    Cost up front- 60
    Cost weekly- 6
    Power- 1-3
    Health points- 5
    Skill- 2
    Move- 1
    Mostly found in; Arcathia
    Max. Amount you can buy: 200
    Elves- Nice little range shooters. Can shoot 24 times.
    Cost up front- 200
    Cost weekly- 20
    Power- 1-2
    Health points- 10
    Skill- 3
    Move- 3
    Mostly found in: Elestria
    Max. Amount you can buy: 100
    Trolls- Big, slow creatures.
    Cost up front- 1,000
    Cost weekly- 100
    Power- 2-5
    Health points- 50
    Skill- 4
    Move- 1
    Mostly found in: Pearl Islands
    Max. Amount you can buy: 50
    Druids- Powerful, but not as powerful as Archmages. Can shoot 3 times.
    Cost up front- 700
    Cost weekly- 70
    Power- 2-3
    Health points- 25
    Skill- 5
    Move- 2
    Mostly found in: Pearl Islands
    Max. Amount you can buy: 25
    Expect low health points here.
    Skeleton- OK as a starter monster.
    Cost up front- 40
    Cost weekly- 4
    power- 1-2
    Health points- 3
    Skill- 2
    Move- 2
    Mostly found in: Arcathia
    Max. Amount you can buy: 200
    Zombies- One word description; Slow.
    Cost up front- 50
    Cost weekly- 5
    Power- 2
    Health points- 5
    Skill- 2
    Move- 1
    Mostly found in: Elestria
    Max. Amount you can buy: 100
    Ghosts- Can create more ghosts when it kills other creatures.
    Cost up front- 400
    Cost weekly- 40
    Power- 3-4
    Health points- 10
    Skill- 4
    Move- 3
    Mostly found in: Pearl Islands
    Max. Amount you can buy: 25
    Vampires- I particularly like these creatures.
    Cost up front- 1,500
    Cost weekly- 150
    Power- 3-6
    Health points- 30
    Skill- 5
    Move- fly
    Mostly found in: Vazara
    Max. Amount you can buy: 50
    Demon- Not as powerful as I thought it would be.
    Cost up front- 3,000
    Cost weekly- 300
    Power- 5-7
    Health points- 50
    Skill- 6
    Move- fly
    Mostly found in: Vazara
    Max. Amount you can buy: 25
    Okay, I know some of the stuff here was a little incorrect, correct me
    at TheeMikester@aol.com.
    Creature Powers
    Here are the powers of certain creatures...
    Castle Creatures
    Archer- Can attack from a distance.
    Hill Creatures
    Orc- Can attack from a distance.
    Giant- Can attack from a distance.
    Dragon- Can move anywhere, immune to magic and both Peasant and Sprite 
    attacks. Also can fly you to certain places while you're traveling.
    Plain Creatures
    Peasant- Can't hurt dragons.
    Archmage- Magic attack can't hurt Dragons, can attack from a distance,
    can move anywhere, and can fly you to certain places while you're 
    Forest Creatures
    Sprite- Can't hurt dragons, can move anywhere
    Elf- Can attack from a distance.
    Druid- Magic attack can't hurt Dragons, can attack from a distance.
    Troll- Regenerates lost hit points at the end of a turn.*
    *Doesn't regenerate any monsters. EX. one troll was lost, and another 
    took 25 points damage. The lost troll wouldn't be recovered, but the 25
    points lost would.
    Dungeon creatures
    Ghost- Gets an extra ghost when it kills another creature. Turns into a
    bunch of peasants when the week of the peasant comes around.
    Vampire- Can move anywhere, regenerates hit points when it hits 
    another moster, can fly you to certain places while you're traveling.
    Demon- Can move anywhere, immune to Peasant and Sprite attacks, can cut
    the number of creatures in any given singular monster mass in half, and
    can fly you to certain places while you're traveling.
    When I say can move anywhere, that means that monster can fly to any 
    open square and attack any monster in battle.
    Got info? E-mail me at TheeMikester@aol.com.
    Creature values
    Never know what they mean when they say some dragons? Find out here.
    Few- not too many. 5 or less creatures.
    Some- Still not many, but more than few. 6-30 creatures.
    Many- larger numbers. 30-60 creatures.
    A lot- Starting to get in te triple digits. 60-100 creatures.
    Horde- Tons. 100-500 creatures.
    Multitute- So many, it's almost impossible to kill. 500+ creatures.
    This was confusing, so I'll clear it up. Basically, what I mean here
    is what they say in the towns. For example, at Rockville, they may
    say a few skeletons, a few wolves, a few orcs, some peasants, and some
    sprites. Before the creature's name, there is either few, some, many,
    a lot, horde, or multitude. that's what that list up there is for.
                                                         6.) Artifacts 
    Here are the artifacts. I put these in the most importance (in my 
    Flaming sword
    Found in Vazara
    Increases damage caused by your army by 50%
    This is important because...well...you can win battles a lot easier 
    when you can cause twice as much damage!
    Armor of Defense
    Found in Elestria
    Decreases enemy damage by 25%
    This is important because your guys can outlast your opponents.
    Wizards Hat
    Found in Vazara
    Increases spell power by 5
    This is important because all your ressurections will be a lot more
    powerful, along with your fireballs, ect.
    Helm of Victory
    Found in Pearl Islands
    Doubles Leadership
    This is a great artifact. The only reason I put this in 4th was because
    this causes financial difficulty.
    Cards of Fortune
    Found in Arcathia
    Helps Keep Enemies From Defending Themselves
    This is the most confusing part of the game, this artifact. I believe
    that enemies might not attack on their turn when you have this. The
    simple reason is that your monsters might foresee the enemy's attack,
    and then dodge it. I also think this because, before, enemies always
    attacked on their turn, but they didn't when I had the cards. This
    mostly happens when there is one enemy monster group left on the field.
    F.E., My militia attacked the dragon. On the dragon's turn, the dragon
    didn't attack.
    Pouch of the Leprechaun
    Found in Arcathia
    Gives You +2000 Commission Every Week
    This is important because it helps you pay for your army.
    Arcane orb
    Found in Pearl islands
    Doubles spell capacity
    This is important because you can carry more spells into battle.
    Badge of Passage
    Found in Elestria
    Reduces Boat Costs by 400$
    This really isn't important, besides for saving a few bucks.
    All the artifacts also come with a map piece for the DragonBone Staff.
                                                         7.) Spells
    Here are the spells.
    ***Bridge- Makes a bridge for you to cross.
    **Instant army- Automatically makes you troops.
    ***Find Villian- Find's the villian you have the contract for.
    Time Stop- Stops time for *10 days. You can do stuff, but the rest of
    the world can't.
    ***Castle gate- Teleports you to a previously visited castle.
    ***Town gate- Teleports you to a previously visited town.
    **Raise Control- Raises your leadership stat.
    Fireball- Does *20 damage to an enemy.
    Lightning- Does *10 to an enemy.
    **Ressurect- Revives your lost troops.
    **Clone- Clones troops (not as powerful as ressurect).
    ***Freeze- Completely disables an enemy for one turn.
    ***Telelport- moves an enemy from one space to another.
    **Turn undead- Majorly damages Skeletons, Zombies, Ghosts, and 
    *Times your spell power
    **Not sure how powerful the spell is.
    ***Has nothing to do with spell power.
                                                         8.) Villians 
    Villian Payouts
    Here are the villians and their bounties.
    *Nic Nimble- 5,000 Gold
    +!Dromm- 6,000 Gold
    @Cael- 7,000 Gold
    Jerloc- 8,000 Gold
    *Andrin Lake- 9,000 Gold
    @Gemelex- 10,000 Gold
    +Mercion- 12,000 Gold
    !Bogmar SkullBelt- 14,000 Gold
    Nayaku- 16,000 Gold
    *Baron Naurmont- 18,000 Gold
    Rhengla- 20,000 Gold
    @Vostok- 25,000 Gold
    +Tarcanis- 30,000 Gold
    !Zabrina- 35,000 Gold
    General Piraxus- 40,000 Gold
    Dedrus- 45,000 Gold
    ^Malazak- 50,000 Gold
    *Upgrade point for Barbarian
    @Upgrade Point for Sorceress
    +Upgrade point for Paladin
    !Upgrade point for Knight
    ^Unless you don't catch him, you shouldn't worry about the money.
    Villian Tips
    Here are tips for the battles. This is all for the general walkthrough.
    Nic Nimble- He doesn't really need tips. YOu may lose 1 militia, but 
    you shouldn't lose any more. Take down all the peasants with range
    attacks, have the pikemen attack the wolves and militia. Wow, that was
    Dromm- Same thing as Nic, but be a little more wary. he has a more 
    powerful army. It should be easy, because you should have cavalry, if
    you are the barbarian.
    Cael- NO threat, except the ogres. You should probably have cavalry
    by now, so have them take down the ogres. If not, just surround him
    and keep hitting the ogres.
    Jerloc- He is easy too, but watch out for the trolls. You have to have
    a pretty nice army to take down those, since they regenerate health
    points every turn. The Dwarves might be dangerous, too.
    Andrin Lake- He has lizardmen, for sure. He also has two ranged 
    attackers, so watch out for your archers, or orcs, or whatever range
    shooter you have. Just surround the lizardmen and the range shooters,
    and you should be good.
    Gemelex- This is where it gets hard. He has archmages, which will 
    devour your archers. Kill these guys with your cavalry and a few 
    teleport spells. Archmages can only fire two rounds, and they aren't
    strong in hand to hand combat.
    Mercion- This guy has a pure castle army. Use most of your spells on
    the knights. Just teleport the knights to the back and use fireballs
    on them. Watch out for the cavalry, too.
    Bogmar Skullbelt- This guy is a problem. He has a horde of sprites,
    which can fly right to your army, and three ranged attackers. Have
    your ranged attackers hit the sprites, cast a spell on the druids,
    and have the cavalry move RIGHT in front of the other two ranged
    attackers. Be wary of the pikemen, but they aren't the problem.
    Nayaku- We have a problem here. Nayaku's range shooters are incredibly
    powerful, with Giants and a horde of Orcs. Hill bot with ranged attacks 
    and spells. THe rest of the guys aren't too important.
    Baron Narmaunt- This guy has a full undead army. All you need to do is
    use lots of turn undead spells. These won't work on the demons, so have
    the calvary or knights kill them.
    Rhengla- He has the same frickin army as Narmaunt does! Use the same
    tips as I listed in Baron Narmaunt's section.
    Vostok- Oh, great, he has dragons. Just send everyone after the 
    dragons. Since the dragons are immune to spells, use fireball spells on
    the giants to keep them off the range shooters. Once the giants are
    gone, do the same thing with the orcs.
    Tarcanis- THis guy isn't hard. I took him down with only archers. Hit
    the peasants with creatures with high skill level. Peasants barely
    hurt level 5 creatures, and they don't hurt level 6 creatures at all.
    Zabrina- Oh, great, now she has dragons. You know the deal, surround 
    the dragons, slaughter them, no problem. Besides dragons, she also has
    an all castle army, only missing militia. Except for the knights and 
    cavalry, the castle guys shouldn't be hard.
    General Piraxus- Okay, watch out for the demons. Hit the 5,000 peasants
    with a level 6 creature, and do the same with the troglodytes. Also,
    kill the archmages, or they're gonna kill your range shooters.
    Dedrus- Okay, he has a powerful army. The demons should be the first
    to go. Why? Can't risk them halving any of your troops. Then, kill
    the dragons. Watch out for the monster amounts of cavalry and knights,
    though, cuz they will devour you after a while. Also, those archmages
    will take a huge chunk of your range shooters down.
    Malazak- This is the big fight. Have a huge army ready, filled with 
    many dragons. You don't need 500 dragons to win this fight (it'd be 
    nice!), as long as you have the flaming sword. Okay, kill the demons,
    then the vampires, and then find out some way to kill the three groups 
    of dragons.
                                                         9.) Tips (KIKP)
    Here are little pieces of info reguarding the game.
    *If you hold the Right Analog Stick and the D-pad in the same 
    direction, it will speed your travel up.
    *If you have only Dragons, demons, vampires, and archmages in your
    army (you don't have to have all 4, but your army must completely be
    of those monsters), you can fly over mountains and trees! To do so,
    press Triangle.
    *When you sail from continent to continent, time wires down to the next
    multiple of 5. This simply means that you have to pay the weekly 
    "Bills" every time you sail from continent to continent.
    Send me more traveling tips at TheeMikester@aol.com.
    *When you hit an enemy,  only the first guy that hits him gets a hit. 
    EX. A pikeman attacks a dragon. The dragon strikes back, but when the 
    Militia hits the dragon, the dragon doesn't strike back.
    *Always let the guy with the most hit points attack an enemy first, so
    he can take the defensive attack, and not the weaker guys.
    *When multiple guys are around an enemy, the enemy will only strike the
    guy with the lowest hit points. EX. A pikeman and a Militia are around
    a dragon. The dragon will attack the militia.
    *When you have higher skill points, you caouse more damage. EX. A 
    militia strikes a dragon. Then a knight also strikes the dragon. since
    the knight has five skill points, and the militia has only two, the
    knight will cause more damage.
    *Range shooters can't shoot if ther's an enemy troop adjacent to them.
    Likewise, they won't go out and attack other troops if they can shoot
    an arrow.
    Send me more battle tips at TheeMikester@aol.com.
                                                     10.) Interactive 
    Alright, this is the interactive section. What does that mean? It means
    you can show off the most monsters you have, the fewest days it took,
    most money you have, ect. You will get all credit, but if someone sends
    in a better record than yours, then yours will be replaced with the
    better record. To destroy his record, just bomply with the guidelines
    and beat your opponent. (F.E. You put 100 Dragons.  Someone E-mails me 
    that he has 101 Dragons. You have to get more dragons than him, or you 
    lose the spot. You may E-mail me to ask if the record is better or not)
    My E-mail address is TheeMikester@aol.com. And, title the E-mail Heroes
    Record, so I know what it is. Oh, and don't say you did something when
    you really didn't. That's just weak and cheap.
    If you have the same record as somebody else, they got there first and,
    not to be rude, I won't post yours. Sorry!
    I also posted my own records for status, so you have something to beat.
    I didn't put them for creatures, simply because I couldn't remember
    how many I had! Also, The high score is low because I used most of the 
    days to find out info and tips.
    Most points scored- TheeMikester at 2,576 points
    Fewest days game was completed in- TheeMikester at 469 days
    Highest Commission- TheeMikester at 15,587
    Highest leadership- TheeMikester at 4869
    Most times beating the game- TheeMikester at 14
    Most Peasants owned-
    Most Wolves owned-
    Most Nomads owned-
    Most Lizardmen owned-
    Most Archmages owned-
    Most Skeletons owned-
    Most Zombies owned-
    Most Ghosts owned-
    Most Vampires owned-
    Most Demons owned-
    Most Sprites owned-
    Most Troglodites owned-
    Most Elves owned-
    Most Druids owned-
    Most Trolls owned-
    Most Orcs owned-
    Most Dwarves owned-
    Most Ogres owned-
    Most Giants owned-
    Mose Dragons owned-
    Most Militia owned-
    Most Archers owned-
    Most Pikeman owned-
    Most Cavalry owned-
    Most Knights owned- 
    If you have more records, E-mail me at TheeMikester@aol.com.
                                                           11.) Walkthrough
    Here is the walkthrough. I used a barbarian with 900 days.
    Stockin' Up
    The game has started! Now, with 20 wolves, we are weak. Not many armies
    would be begging for mercy. Well, we can fix that, since we can recruit
    creatures in the castle behind us. Before we do that, in the closest
    possible area to the castle that is purely grass, press the start
    button, then hit search for the staff. What this does is burn 10 days,
    but it also gives us 4 grand. Then do it again for another 4 grand.
    With this new money, buy as many militia, archers and pikemen as 
    possible. Now, we should have some money left. Go into the nearest town
    (Rockville) and get siege weapons. Now, we should be able to take
    castles. Oh, and by the way, find orcs (they live in a mountain-like
    thing with a cave in it). They give more punch to your army.
    Grabbin the dough
    Okay, we have an army. Now, find as many treasure chests as possible.
    Every time you get a treasure chest in this level, press triangle after
    you have reached the chest. Doing this will give you leadership. Now,
    find the two artifacts. One is a pot of gold and the other is a bunch 
    of cards (if you need exact names go to the artifacts section). Now,
    with more control and new powers, buy more militia, pikemen, archers, 
    and orcs. Leave the wolves alone.
    Takin' Castles
    Okay, we have a decent army. Go to the nearest town, and get the 
    contract for Nic Nimble (it's the first option once you reach the 
    town). Now, find the castle he's in (it will have a red roof). Since
    we supposedly have the siege weapons and the army and contract to do
    it, lets get Nic Nimble. Once he's down, leave the wolves for garrison. 
    This will get you money. You need the contract, or Nic will move to 
    another castle and you lose 5,000 dollars (which you are going to 
    need). Now, with this money, go north of the castle. There should be an
    area full of treasures and stuff like that. In one spot, you should see
    a mountain-like thing. Enter it, pay 5,000, and get spell power. 
    Without this, you can't cast spells, which is a way to hurt enemies, 
    and heal your guys. Also, take all the treasure you find there. Well, 
    that was cool, but we have another surprise. Go to King Argus's castle 
    (the one where you recruited the pikemen and the militia and the 
    archers), and audience with the queen. She gives us more commission 
    (money you get every week), and more leadership! This simply means that
    you can get more militia, archers, ect. Added with the bonus, we can 
    now equip Cavalry! These guys are powerful, fast movers. Now, one by 
    one, take down all the other villians getting their contract before you
    battle them), but don't take down Gemelex. Once everyone else is taken 
    down, go do what you did after you defeated Nic, except get knights, 
    since now that you can get those. The reason you shouldn't take down 
    Gemelex is the simple fact that his army is really tough. He has 
    Archmages, and those guys do tons of damage to your archers. If you
    have a teleport spell, teleport some Archmages close to you so you can
    attack them. We have 10,000 dollars, plus the spoils of war. Lets go to
    Elestria, assuming you have the map.
    Stockin' up
    Not much to write about. Get the artifacts, find some druids and equip
    them, find treasure. The one thing I wanted to tell you about was the
    river. At the end, there are three treasure groves, supplying you with
    TONS of cash and leadership.
    Takin' Castles
    Nothing much to write about here, either. Get the contract for Mercion,
    take him down, get the contract for Bogmar Skullbelt, take him down, 
    get the contract for Nayaku, take him down, get the contract for Baron
    Naurmont, take him down. After this, find the map to the Pearl Islands.
    Before you go, though, audiende with the queen again, and get more 
    leadership and commission. You don't unlock any more guys to throw on
    your army. Then, go to Pearl Islands.
    Pearl Islands
    Stockin Up
    Pretty much do the same thing as you did in Elestria. But, this time,
    when you get treasures, take the cash. The reason why is the Helm of
    Victory. It doubles your leadership stat, meaning you can now get
    double of what you already had in your army! Visit a town quick. You'll
    find out why in a second. Now, we should have decent finances to pay 
    for this huge army. Get the army. The reason we visited a town in the
    Pearl Islands is so we can use a town gate to get to Pearl Islands.
    If we traveled in a boat, it would take a week, meaning we would have
    to pay the "bills".
    Takin' Castles
    Not much to say. Get the contract for a villian, take him down, and
    repeat 3 more times.
    One more thing
    Before you go to Vazara, GET THE DRAGONBONE STAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You can't win the game without it.
    Stockin' up
    Okay, this is where we undergo some major changes. Whatever army you
    had before, dump it. That's right, dismiss all of the soldiers you had.
    Even the knights. Now, go to every habitat in Vazara and get the
    Nothing else should be in your army. The simple reason is that you can
    fly around the island now. What this means is you can fly over enemies,
    land, take treasure, and run. Get the money and the creatures you need.
    Takin Castles
    This is the end of the road. Here is the end of the game. *cue creepy
    music*. First, get the contract for General Piraxus and beat him. Then,
    do the same thing for Dedrus. Then, the last enemy is Malazak. Make 
    sure you have the following...
    At least 50 dragons
    At least 50 Archmages
    At least 50 Demons
    At least 100 Vampires
    Malazak's contract
    The Dragonbone Staff
    Siege weapons
    THe flaming sword
    The Armor of defense
    The cards of Fortune
    The Wizard's Hat
    Plenty of battle spells
    Malazak has over 160 Dragons, over 100 Demons, and over 100 Vampires.
    You will probably lose on the first go. If you do, search for the staff
    (as described above in Stockin' Up in Arcathia) millions of times, get
    as many Knights and Cavalry as possible, use castle gate and get to
    the castle Malazak's in, get siege weapons, and FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (You should still have all your spells and Malazak's contract, check
    to make sure). Once you win, you won the game! YAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!
    Then an ending movie shows up, you see where you placed among the high
    scores, and it takes you back to the start screen. That's the end of
    the game!
    I particularly don't like this method, but some of you might, so here
    it is. I also used barbarian with 900 days for this one.
    Okay, you start out with 7,500 in gold. Don't strengthen your army. All
    you want to do is grab some treasure, trade the gold for leadership,
    find the two artifacts, and find the map to Elestria. I suggest that
    you go down the rivers in the middle of the continent, then circle the
    borders. You do not want to get in fights with the creatures there, or
    get in castle fights. Twenty wolves isn't as powerful as you think.
    Once you have all that, sail to Elestria.
    Basically, do the same thing as in Arcathia. What I suggest first is
    going down the river. At the end, there are three treasures to the
    left, three to the right, and two in the center. Also, you might wanna
    scavenge the top border of the continent. It has some quick run-in-and
    -grab tresures. Once you have the map and the artifacts, sail to the
    Pearl Islands.
    Pearl Islands
    Okay, do the same as you did in Elestria. This continent will be 
    easier, though. On the big Island in the middle, it is surrounded by
    areas with treasure and no enemies guarding it. Also, the smallest
    island has two free treasures. It is imperitave that you get the
    Helm of Victory, so you can double your leadership. Once you have the
    map and the artifacts, sail to Vazara.
    Okay, you should have enough money and leadership now. If not, then 
    just search for the staff a bunch of times on the outskirts of the
    island to make two weeks go by, and to give you quick cash. Now, go and
    buy as many dragons, demons, vampires, and archmages as possible. Don't
    buy Giants, and make sure you get rid of the wolves. Now, you have a
    powerful Vazaran army. Sail back to Arcathia.
    Okay, you have all of the artifacts, the ability to fly around a 
    continent, and a really powerful army. Just take down all the villians.
    A couple dragons should have the strength to take down these armies. 
    Also, fly around the continent and pick up as much treasure as
    possible, because you missed a lot of treasure while avoiding enemies.
    Sail to Elestria now.
    Do the same thing you did in Arcathia. Again, this shouldn't be too 
    hard. If you need to restock, go to vazara and restock.
    Pearl Islands
    NOw that you're here, you need to make your army powerful. You should
    try to get promoted. Otherwise, just take the guys down as you did in
    Okay, these armies are alot harder. Get as many creatures as you can.
    I will not post exact ways to beat these guys, as I have done so in the
    previous walkthrough and also in the villian tips section. You just 
    beat the game.
                                                       12.) The Secret   
     I have done research, and found out the secret to making monsters have
     more power. It's simple, in fact, it can be said in one word. Morale. 
     The more morale a monster has, the more powerful it will be. These    
     are the causes for morale changes...                                  
     Monsters- The more monsters in your army, the less any given          
     creature's morale is.                                                 
     Monster Choice- Monsters have feelings too, and this applies to       
     morale.  If a monster is forced to work with a monster it doesn't 
     (F.E. Archmages will not like working with Dragons), the morale will 
     be reduced. (Side note: This is mostly found in monsters that have 
     some kind of immunity from eachother. F.E. Druids, Archmages, and 
     maybe peasants and sprites won't like working with dragons because 
     dragons are immune to the druid and archmage attacks, and peasants and 
     sprites can't damage level 6 monsters at all)
     Usage- This has not been verified, but I think the way certain monsters
     are treated (some monsters might hate not being used in battle, some
     might hate being on the front lines all the time) might have an effect
     on morale.
     This is not completely verified, and I'm not sure of all the monster 
     combinations that would make a good team with high morale, but this is
     the basic lowdown.
                                                        13.) Your in good
                                                              hands (VBNM)
    *****PLEASE NOTE: Due to user complaints I must say that this is not
    directed at any FAQer at all. Thank you for your concern.*****
    Know what i'm tired of? people writing FAQs that don't even have the
    game themselves, giving us all wrong information! So you can be sure
    you're in good hands, here are my files...
    I have had this game for three years, and have played it many times.
    I have beaten this game over ten times.
    I have used the Barbarian with 900 days, just to see any glitches or 
    One of my most amazing feats was taking down Tarcanis' army with only
    495 archers. That may seem like a lot, but against 20 Giants, 45
    Lizardmen, 210 Troglodites, 800 Peasants, and... uhh... can't remember
    the other one, but that's still hard.
    This is not to brag, this is so you can feel safe about this FAQ.
                                                        14.) Want to Make 
                                                          A FAQ? (TDZQ)   
    This section is purely for people who want to make more out of Gamefaqs
    by contributing. This may not be the same for all sites, mainly for
    First, go to notepad, under accessories in the start menu. This is 
    given to Microsoft users, so if you don't have it, you can always
    download one. Once you have Notepad up and running, make your FAQ.
    I suggest some ASCII art (art with the text) to brighten up your FAQ.
    Once you've typed it, save it.
    If you're registered to Gamefaqs, all you need to do is login. To 
    register yourself, at the upper left hand corner, there should 
    be a login box. Click sign me up. Then, give them your info, and you
    should be in!
    Once registered, click contribute at the top of the page. A page titled
    Contributor Central should come up. Scroll down and click submit a 
    file. Then, type in the game, and the system it's for. A list of games
    should come up. Click the one you want, and then another page should
    come up. Type in the title of the FAQ, the version, ect. Uploading the
    file is confusing, though. What you have to do is go into your files,
    Double click the title you saved your FAQ under, and click load. Give
    CJayC (the runner of this site) any additional side notes, then upload
    the file. It's in!
    Problems that might occur...
    1.) YOu may have a problem logging in.
    2.) The way you typed it (format) may not be so good.
    To see if your FAQ got accepted, go to Contributor central, and click
    contribution status. If it's rejected, add some more info and try 
                                                        15.) FAQs (QBVE)
    Here are some FAQs.
    1.) Q.    I gather up armies and power  and leave the first continent 
    to go to Elestria, no problem.  As I leave Elestria ( I hope that is 
    spelled right),  I have a partial army. So, I go back to the first land
    area and completely fill in my army.  Doing very well, until I 
    approach the first castle in The Pearl Islands and discover that 1 or 2
    types of soldiers are completely missing!!!
    I have restarted the game 3 times and have the same problem, just can't
    hang on to the complete set of warriors going from one land to the 
    Is this a problem with the game itself, a glitch? Or is this normal?  
    Please hurry with the answer because as I said, I love playing this 
    A. You are the first person that has E-mailed me about this. Well, as
    I described in the walkthrough, going from continent to continent takes
    a week, meaning the weekly bill is due. Your problem is that you did
    not have enough money to pay for your armies. If you do not have enough
    money, your strongest monster group(s) will dissapear. Make sure you 
    have enough money when you are switching continents. Or you could just
    use a castle/town gate spell. That way, you travel for free without a 
    bill or losing any days.
    Send in more questions at Theemikester@aol.com.
                                                        16.) Other Legal 
                                                              Stuff (JGJK)
    Sites with permission to use this FAQ...
    *Will always have the latest issue of my FAQ.
    I would like to thank...
    3Do- Making this awesome game
    kat9528982- Q1 in the FAQs section.
    StYoung- The ASCII. His site: http://www.freewebs.com/styoung/index.htm
    If you have anything to tell me, then feel free to do so. My 
    email address is TheeMikester@aol.com. Oh, and don't send my anything 
    stupid, please. And, it'd be nice if you let me know you're 
    contributing to this faq (title it Heroes or something).
    don't E-mail me...
    If you plan to send me a virus or spam.
    If you want to send me something stupid.
    If you want to send me an E-mail doing nothing with the game.
    If you plan to E-mail me about something already clearly mentioned in
    the guide.
    If you plan to be rude.
    If YoU PlAn To TyPe LiKe ThIs.
    This is a bad letter...
    HeY MoRoN! WhErE ArE ThE MoNsTeRs In ThE DuNgEoN ClAsS? I NeEd To UsE 
    YoUr ToIlEt. HeRe'S A ViRuS. HaVe FuN!
    Write Me about...
    Mistakes I have made.
    Additions to the guide.
    If you have any questions.
    Be polite in the E-mail, please.
    If you need permission to use this on your site.
    Here is a good letter...
    Excuse me, I need help on beating Malazak. I can't seem to be able to
    beat him! Can you add my question to the guide? Thanks!
    Version history
    1.00- Started this FAQ, and finished it.
    1.15- Fixed possible chapter errors, added Want To Make A FAQ? section,
    added tips on how to beat villians
    1.30- Added The Secret section and added Neoseeker to the list of 
    websites. The versions may be wrong, not sure why this is happening.
    1.80- Added a new walkthrough, added more information to the Table of
    Contents section, added Just so you know note below, added Before you
    Start section. I'm sorry for before, I forgot to take it out of the
    contents section *Smack myself*
    1.81- Fixed content errors
    1.90- Added sorry note.
    2.00- Added cheathappens.com to site list.
    2.10- added supercheats.com to site list.
    2.20- Added FAQs section w/ Q1.
    At the current moment, I am doing a FAQ for Midnight Club 3 DUB
    Edition, so I won't be updating this for a while. Sorry!
                                                        17.) Last Words 
    Here are my last words...       
             ********** **      ** ********   ******** ****     ** *******  
            /////**/// /**     /**/**/////   /**///// /**/**   /**/**////** 
                /**    /**     /**/**        /**      /**//**  /**/**    /**
                /**    /**********/*******   /******* /** //** /**/**    /**
                /**    /**//////**/**////    /**////  /**  //**/**/**    /**
                /**    /**     /**/**        /**      /**   //****/**    ** 
                /**    /**     /**/********  /********/**    //***/*******  
                //     //      // ////////   //////// //      /// ///////   

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