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"Decent rpg"

Story The king has been poisoned by a dragon who wants revenge for his fathers death. You are sent out by the queen to find the Dragon Bone Staff. There is more to the story but it is way to much to type and isn't even mentioned in the game, only in the instruction book. The story is ok but there is no plot twists or anything you just have to find the staff and that is all. You don't even get to know your character. I give story a 5/10

The control is easy to learn and takes only a few minutes. Some of the menus are kinda complex but they aren't that hard to figure out. Battles are all turn based and it is easy to move around the field unless there is a big rock in the way. Sometimes you have to hit a button more then once to make your character do an action. I give control a 7/10

Voice Acting, Sound Effects and Music
There isn't many voice in the game only in the cut scenes which is just a couple. I wish there were more voices but since you never get to know your characters it isn't a big deal. The sound effects are good. The sound of your horses hooves and the grunts from characters being hit. I wish the characters would scream or something when they die so it would be easier to tell. The music is average and isn't really noticeable. I give voice acting, sound effects and music a 6/10

Game Play
The game play is confusing at first. You have to travel from castle to castle fighting the leaders. Sounds easy enough but it isn't you have to have a contract to catch them if you want to get a piece of the map and you have to get the pieces. Finding guys to join you is easy but it gets annoying when you take all the guys from a special place and then they all get slaughtered in one hit by a ghost which in turn turns them all into ghost. Most of the battles are easy except a few are hard if you don't have strong guys or if you don't have any good spells. The world you travel is nicely detailed and everything is easy to find. Chests are scattered around the world containing spells, money or map pieces. The battles are all turn base and you ALWAYS go first no matter what. There is no way to tell when someone gains a level or if characters even gain levels. The game play has a few problems but it is still fun. There is also a time limit and it varies from what difficulty setting you have it on and with days ticking away it makes you rush through the game. I give game play a 7/10

Replay Value
There are a couple characters you can start with but it doesn't matter which you choose. The game can be beat in a couple days. There isn't anything to do after you beat the game which really hurts the replay value. I give replay value a 3/10

Final Score
I give Heroes Of Might And Magic: Quest For The Dragon Bone Staff a 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/15/07

Game Release: Heroes of Might and Magic: Quest for the Dragon Bone Staff (US, 04/18/01)

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