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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ChetFlavin

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 01/09/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Soldier of Fortune for pc
    By Chetflavin
    Ver 3.0
    Version 3.0 Updates: Just added two answers to some really frequently asked
    Version 2.0 Updates: I think this was the first guide of mine that suffered
    yahoo cutting off text so since I sent it in zip format it should all be here
    now. Now to check the other guides!
    	Hey everybody its me again....who am i? i went after the bounty for Blood Omen
    2 you jerks. And here i am again with alot of extra time on my hands before
    collage starts and very poor. So i've decided to become a Cowboy again and make
    some quick cash......its a Cowboy Bebop reference! Oh well, guess i've lost my
    touch.....even though i never had it in the first place.
    warning, this reads like stereo instructions mainly because the game is very
    linear and because instead of typing this as i went along (because its a
    computer game!) i dictated what was going on into a tape recorder and typed
    from that later. Also this might have some bad jokes that are very lame.
    A.The Second Introduction!
    F.Answers to the two toughest spots of the game.
    A.The Second Introduction!
    	First things first, enemies are placed in the exact same place on each
    difficulty to my understanding (i played the first level on effortless and
    challenging) so if i'm wrong oh well leave me alone its my faq! Secondly i
    cheated, big time, i mean i like the challenge of the game and all but having
    all weapons and god mode are just too fun so check out gamefaqs.com for more
    info on the cheats. So basically in the long run what i'm trying to say is i
    played on effortless with cheats just to do this faq really fast. So no one
    will beat me to the bounty, unless they allready did in which i hate them for
    it now.
    1.Knife - First Attack - Slice
    	- Second Attack - Knife Throw
    2.9mm Pistol - First Attack - Regular Shot
    	     - Second Attack - None
    3..44 Pistol - First Attack - Powerful Shot
    	     - Second Attack - None
    4.Shotgun - First Attack - Powerful Spread Shot
    	  - Second Attack - None
    5.Sniper R - First Attack - Armor Piercing Shot
    	   - Second Attack - Zoom
    6.SMG - First Attack - Rapid Fire
          - Second Attack - None
    7.SLG Thrower - First Attack - Cannon-Like Shot
    	      - Second Attack - Grenade
    8.Heavy MG - First Attack - Powerful Rapid Fire
    	   - Second Attack - Steam Grenade
    9.Suprresed SMG - First Attack - Rapid Fire
    	        - Second Attack - None
    10.MPG - First Attack - Laser Beam
           - Second Attack - Laser Pulse
    11.Flame Gun - First Attack - Flame Thrower
    	- Second Attack - Flame Grenade
    12.Rocket Launcher - First Attack - Single Rocket
    	           - Second Attack - Four Rockets
    1.Nightvision- Green screen, see in the dark.
    2.Flashpack - Temporarily blinds enemies.
    3.Plastique - Sticks to most surfaces, four beeps and explodes.
    4.Grenade - Like Plastique only doesn't stick to anything and rolls around.
    Explodes in same time frame as plastique.
    Well these are just random things you can do in the game. First is disarming a
    terrorist(not literaly,even though its fun) with your crafter aim, try using
    your 9mm to shoot out the gun from the terrorists hand. Now they'll cower and
    be all please don't kill me. So just use the knife on them for torture.
    E. FAQ
    1.Level One or as i dubbed it, the subway level!
    	 You first start off at the top of a stairway, going down their'll be a guy to
    your right quickly jumping in and out of view trying to take you out while
    taking cover, their are alot of these guys, just rush down the stairs circling
    him trying to shoot him in the head. Go down the next stairway and take out the
    two guys down here, one hiding behind a vending machine that doesn't have the
    new vanilla coke! Anyways after their dead don't ruch ahead or you'll get
    ambushed from behind. Instead just walk toward the door to the left of the
    vending machine and show this guy what a real ambush is like. Continue on
    you're way and you'll come along some guy holding up a hostage shouting "stop
    screaming!". You think he could be a little nicer to induce a stolkholm
    syndrome but no, he has to yell. Anyways cap him,trying to avoid shooting the
    hostage, and now you have a choice of going to the left or right. I went to the
    right and thats the way this faq is going so ha! Anyways going right you'll
    come upon two more guys holding up hostages, one right infront of you and a
    shotgun wielding jerk to the left, so blast em both in the face and continue on
    your merry way. past a locked door that you'll use to get out of a room later
    and stop at the end of this hallway. If you're lucky you stopped before any of
    the bad three guys to you're right ducking behind a counter saw you and you can
    start off by getting a quick head shot before a melee begins. After the
    shooting begins  another guy will pop out from the left so kill him. If you
    want to continue the game from here and not kill more people that you missed
    from before, head down to the next paragraph, otherwise keep reading this. So
    after everyones dead go down the path to the left back to the fork in the road.
    You'll run into another one of those corner poping jerks and like all enemies,
    of which i have no real strategy for, just shoot him. Further on you'll find a
    shotgun wielding guy holding up a hostage, and i think we all know how to deal
    with this situation. Following the path you'll come accross a doorway right
    infront of you and a passage to the left that leads to the bathrooms. And for
    arguments sake lets say you had a big gulp from 7-11 and ya have to use the
    facilities so go left! Apon entering the bathroom area take out the guy marking
    his territory to the left and the guy right behind him. As they say, ladies
    first, so first go to the womens bathroom on the right. In here you'll find
    another jerk holding up a hostage. Take him out and stop! Now before you go
    forward heed my warning! There will be two guys jumping out of stalls on the
    right so take them out and as soon as you start fighting them a guy will pop
    out of a stall right behind you! so now that you know the game plan, go kill
    the three perverts hiding in the womens bathroom. On your way out of here a guy
    will blast the doorway of the womans bathroom with a shotgun so be prepared to
    send him to terrorist heaven.(gimme a break, its hard trying to come up with
    new lingo for killing people.) Now its time for the mens bathroom. Head in
    there and shoot anything that moves! There are three guys in there and some
    ammo on the ground so no big whoop, unless you like ammo and you arn't
    cheating. Now leave the bathroom area and go to that door you passed up
    earlier, not the locked one but the one right before entering the bathroom
    area. Open it up and get ready to be ambushed from behind, you can even see em
    run at you if you look at the monitor doorway adjacent. All thats in here is
    ammo and other doohickys so grab it and blast the three jerks rushin ya from
    behind. Now that everyone in the immediat area is dead head back to the counter
    to continue on with the game.
    	Jump onto the counter and crouch to get behind there. As soon as you do, two
    guys will ambush you from behind so treat them like everyone else and they
    should be dead as doornails. Now look for a switch in there to open shutters
    which you'll see a shotgun man is waiting for ye! Now you can either to try to
    get out of the counter area the same way you got in or use the previously
    locked door in the back. Either way go kill shotgun willie and enter the area
    you just opened up. Continue on your way killing everyone you see....unless its
    a hostage. There will be a surprise guy jumping out of a door to your upper
    left, i wonder what you should do to him?!?!?!? Anyways continue on, past the
    missing child poster above you're head, boo hoo, killing anyone you see and
    you'll finally hit the subway tracks. You'll see a hostage get murdalized so be
    his revenging angel and smote that terrorist. Now jump onto the subway tracks
    facing right to kill some jerk who was waiting to get the drop on you. Do a 180
    and switch to nightvision goggles because it gets pretty dark up here. Try to
    save the hostage you come apon on where the track diverges by shooting the
    terrorists 15 or so feet infront of him. Be careful on the next subway track
    because there are active subway cars that you can trigger. After passing one
    aclove to the right duck into the one on your left because a train is about to
    come, hopefully it'll hit the guy shooting at you up ahead, otherwise take him
    out the old fashion way. Continue on along the passage watching a policeman get
    shot as you go. A guy will literally jump at you so try to shoot him out of the
    air quickdraw, then deal with his little buddy to your right. Jump up to where
    the guy just jumped off of and kill a couple more people. Go up the stairs and
    you'll see your partner has everything undercontrol ..... but Sabre is getting
    away! So follow your partner to the balcony and jump down on top of the train
    which will start chasing after Sabre. Look to your left and there will be
    another train with three gun wielding maniacs waiting to kill ya so shoot them,
    don't worry, even if you miss their train will crash infront of yours because
    yours stops. Jump off and kill the three guys infront of you and thanx to your
    partners keen eyesight he'll warn you of the terrorists approaching from
    behind, so turn around and kill thos three guys and BAM! you beat the first
    level, yippe hurrray!
    Ok from here on out I'm not telling you about every guy you have to kill, i
    think its obvious, but just how to get thru the level. Maybe I'll tell you
    about ambushes but for the rest of the walkthru just assume there is someone to
    kill in every room you go to, because there usually is.
    2. Level 2 or as i dubbed it, the train level! (yeah so what if i don't have a
    good imagination punk?)
    	First off, be careful because falling off the train is deadly, duh! Start by
    climbing up onto the first train car. Continue along this shooting the bad guy
    underneath the tarp and jumping onto his car. You can jump onto the tarp or
    down below, it doesn't really matter. Anyways continue along jumping onto each
    next train car, shoot the guys popping out from the hatches on the train car
    ahead and when crossing there try not to fall in. If you fall in open the door
    on the side and carefully go around to the next car. Kill those guys and wait
    for a helicopter to shoot a box infront of you and jump over that to the next
    car. Keep car jumping, making sure to pick up the sniper rifle if you don't
    have one. And carefully try and snipe out the pilot of the helicopter so you'll
    have one less annoyance. Next you'll come upon a wall of boxes, shoot the
    canister at the base to clear the way. Keep on car jumping to near the end of
    your journey.! Stop before the second to last car. Fall down onto the train,
    not off of it, and go around to the left side and open the door to kill two
    more bad guys. After they're dead turn around and shoot the lock off the door.
    Run in and BAM! you finished the level.
    3. Level 3 or as i dubbed it, the level that isn't really a level!
    	Just go into the magazine shop, talk to the guy behind the counter as if you
    were opening a door, follow him to a secret terminal and buy some guns for your
    next mission.
    4. Level 4 or as i dubbed it, level 4!A.K.A. Kosivo
    	This level is pretty fun because there are alot of guys wearing gascanisters
    for backpacks that explode into flames if you shoot them. But anyways this
    level is split into about three segments and is like usual LINEAR so don't
    expect these directions to be entertaining.
    	Start off by going thru the tunnels killing almost everybody that moves.
    Eventually you'll come across an area where to your upper left there are people
    shooting at you from an elevated ledge, later in the level you'll be there, so
    for now just kill them and continue on the path. You'll see some rubble fall,
    big deal?, so jump down and once again, continue the on the beaten path. You'll
    come apon what seems like a dead end but turn around and go up the sides of the
    exit of the tunnel you just exited and up thru the tunnel on top of it. Hmm, i
    wonder if i'm over using the word tunnel.....Anyways you'll come accross a
    ladder so climb up that and you'll see your pal Hawk killing two guys, gee
    thanx hawk, well after that look for a valve to turn and watch an ingame
    cinema. After that jump down to the area right of the valve and continue along
    the tunnels! You'll come accross a previous tunnel that you were in but just go
    to the tunnel straight infront of you. Kill people you come accros, follow the
    tunnel, kill the guys getting an eagle eye view on ya, jump over a pipe into
    some muddy water, climb up the next ladder you come accross. Keep on killing
    and path following trying not to fall off(this is the elevated ledge from
    earlier) you'll pass some chain link fences on your right and jump down into
    the next area, or take the ladder down, whichever you think is safer. Continue
    along the path going down to an area where a truck to your left is blocking
    your path so instead go to the right and jump down into the hole in the ground.
    Follow this path and you'll see the truck that was blocking your path race away
    leaving two guys for you to shoot, so don't dissapoint and blow them a steal
    kiss. Once they're dead go to where the truck was, to the left, and their will
    be yet another ladder to climb, so climb up the ladder and toss the valve you
    see up there. Go back down and to the left of the ladder into the tunnel on the
    right. Jump onto the pipe you just knocked down by turning the valve but don't
    climb up the pipes incline just jump into the hallway near where the pipe
    touches the ground. Kill everyone you come accross, yes even that guy! with the
    gun! shooting at you! So just follow the path , killing people, jumping over a
    barricade, onward thru a system of pipes, and eventually you'll be heading for
    what appears to be a dead end but a part of the pipe falls down so jump out of
    the pipe and head to the left thru some more hallways. Eventually you'll come
    accross an area where to your left a pipe has fallen blocking your pathway, so
    ignore that for now and jump to the ledge to your right and following a hallway
    to a dead end and a ladder. Climb up the ladder and shoot out the steam
    spraying pipe to turn this dead end into.....the opposite of a dead end.
    Anyways go into the pipe and follow it to its opening right above where your
    path was blocked earlier, so jump over that pipe and into the tunnel ahead.
    Continue along your way and its pretty linear so if ya get lost you should
    assume you are retarded. Eventually you'll see some vents to your left with bad
    guys in it that you can start shooting at or go to the end of the tunnel, up a
    ladder, and face them on their own level! Once you kill everyone in this are,
    this segment of the level is over!
    	4b. This once again starts off in a tunnel. Walk out of the tunnel and you'll
    see a ladder to your left. Climb up this ladder and you'll see some people
    getting blown up, don't worry, you couldn't have saved them. Like always kill
    things that move. Go past the burning chapel to the tunnel you see on the left
    it will explode and amazingly the chapel will stop burning.....the game hinting
    you should go in there or devine intervention?!?!?!!? Well either way go into
    the chapel following the path that was fortunately laid for you by explosions
    and destrunction. Shoot some guys on high ledges and follow the path to a
    somewhat destroyed iron ledge, jump on it and go thru the doorway their only to
    follow the path yet again! You'll see some more people get killed and it was
    the gascanisterbackpack guys who did it so get medeival on them and continue
    the path! A new enemy finally appears, a lovable dog that you'll have to kill.
    Did someone say Kujo? Anyways follow the path opening any doors that you might
    come accross until you see some guys on your left shooting at you from behind a
    wall. Kill them and run to where they were and start shooting where you used to
    be because a wall falls down with two guys to greet ya. after they are dead
    walk out from behind the wall and into the only door you see. Go thru it and
    down the stairs. Go up the next set of stairs you see killing the man at the
    top of them and turn to your left. Jump over to the ledge and go thru that
    door. Just follow this tunnel killing people, going up stairs till you come to
    a doorway. Go thru it and shoot the people in the windows. After they are dead
    head to the left and watch as the right side of the bridge is destroyed by a
    tank conveniently opening up the path for a difficult jump. Carefully go to the
    edge and look down and to the right for a pipe sticking out of the wall. Line
    up your jump, back up a little bit, dash forward jumping to it. If you miss
    you'll be in a familiar area and all you have to do is climb your way back up
    the same way you did before. If you made the jump Crouch down and crawl along
    the tunnel and up the ladder. Going along this corridor, past a baracade, past
    some more dead bad guys, the sequel of kujo, just follow the white line on the
    ground till you see a truck. When you see the truck go to the left up a broken
    stairway and thru yet another door. Head along this path and you'll see a wall
    below you blow up revealing more path for you to follow, yippie hurray! So go
    thru their, kill kill kill. and if you need some ammo and armor go thru the
    door on the right. If not go into the  hole in the building adjacent to the
    door. Climb up into the rafters and look for a small window, shoot it out and
    crouch thru to get to the final area in this segment. Kill everyone around the
    huge pit and you beat  segment 4b!
    	4c. Here we are again, starting off in another linear level. But in this level
    there are friendly's that if you kill enough the level will end so be careful.
    Follow the tunnel going up the ladder and pressing the switch you find there.
    In the next room is some supplies to your right but otherwise just go straight
    forward jumping and then ducking to go to the next path to follow. Follow this
    path taking a left when there is a fork in the road and going up another
    ladder. Kill the solitary guard here and go to the left into the warehouse
    looking building, kill anyone you see here and to get a drop on the people in
    the next room, climb up the ladder to your right and look into the monitor.
    Anyways, go back down and thru the single doorway, not the double doors, into
    the place you just saw on the monitor. Kill everyone here and to you're left
    you noticed an area behind a counter you can't get to. To the right of it are
    some double doors that lead the way. After a small ingame cinema go past the
    ladder thru the single doorway and hit the switch in the area behind the
    counter to further open up your path to the helipad. Now exit the way you came,
    you can go up the ladder to get some armor, and go thru the double doors
    directly accross from the counter. when you go in, look to your left and you'll
    see the next hallway you have to follow to get to the area you just unlocked.
    Follow this pathway until you get to an area where it looks like a helicopter
    is taking off carrying some cargo. From here, go to your right into the room
    with all the green flashing monitors and look for a switch to push that will
    move a crate out in the pit infront of you. Go to where the crate was and shoot
    out the grating, crouch, and then jump up thru the next grating you come
    accross. From here you can hit the switch in the immediate area but that just
    opens a door to the previous area. Anyways, follow the path and you'll come
    accross an open area with some items directly infront of you and a hallway to
    the left. Go to the hallway and thru the double doors to see a truck explode in
    a courtyard. Well from here just go to thru the doors on the right following
    the path, up the stairway. You'll see another hallway but ignore it, instead
    look for a door to go thru and well go thru it. Go in killing almost everybody
    except the one friendly in their, and once they're dead another ingame cinema
    will start. After that exit the building back to the courtyard and straight
    into the door that a guy jumps thru right infron of you. You'll be back in the
    area from before with the counter and all that good stuff. Well from where you
    entered go right and look for a door on the building within this building to go
    into. Kill everyone in here and you beat the mission!
    5. Level 5 or as i dubbed it, Ice Canyon! A.K.A. Siberia
    	This level's enemies are dressed up like an arctic expedition and have the
    back up of automated turrets, the guns not the condition, so be careful.
    	Like always follow the path, killing the three guys you come apon until you
    see a stair way. Go up the stairway unless you want to take a chance with the
    chasm up ahead. Anyways climbing up the ladders will lead you to your first
    turret gun so take that out and continue on your way shooting all the guys in
    parkas. Run past an area where a tank starts to move then stops. Remember that
    area because you'll have to race to the pipe that is to the left later in the
    level. Anyways continue along the snowy path past the tank on the bridge and to
    the next brokendown tank ya see. Take cover behind it and shoot the two turrets
    and bad guys before moving on. Go thru the first tunnel of the level opening a
    door to reveal a hanger like place. Kill everyone here then proceed thru the
    door behind the tanks. Once again, kill, then go up one ladder, on the next
    level you'll see another ladder but ignore it for now and instead go thru the
    solitary door and get ready to fight the queen of the harpies! After she is
    dead hit the switch next to her and you'll have 45 seconds to race back to that
    pipe mentioned before. No need to worry, just go up that ladder in the previous
    room and up the next ladder you see. Press the first button you see and go thru
    the opened door and you'll be back in the pipe area, so jump in the pipe and
    continue on your way. Eventually the pipe will end and on the right you'll see
    a crack in the pipe, shoot it and carefully climb out, unless you want to take
    a chance with this chasm. Just continue along this path,shooting people and
    maybe a turret if you decide to go up some ladders which lead to items. But
    either way just continue along the snowy path and eventually you'll see a tank
    on a bridge falldown into the chasm, guess they didn't head my warning. Well
    now that the bridge is out how will you proceed? EASY! just look to the left of
    the chasm and you'll see a pipe steaming. Shoot it open and carefully jump into
    it and follow the piping to the opening on the end.  Climb out of the pipe and
    head up the stairs going thru the next door you see. After killing everyone in
    here if you try all the doors you'll notice they are all locked. Well look
    behind the tanks for another pipe for you to crall thru and bam! you beat this
    segment of the level.
    	5b.Here you'll start up in a tunnel. Go forward and up the next ladder you
    come accross to a grating where you'll see an ingame cinema. Next go up thru
    the crating killing all the people you come accross that have guns, because
    those who don't are friendly a.k.a. kill enough and you can't beat the level.
    Anyways in this level try not to fall off the many catwalks you cross. Keep
    following the catwalks killing along your way, down a set of stairs and then up
    a set of stairs. Open the door their and continue on your way. You'll come
    accross a helicopter taking off, don't worry about it, it'll kill itself. Now
    that the helicopter opened the path for you, follow it into an area with a big
    computer and a huge closing door on the ground. You can take two different
    paths here but they lead to the same place. You can either reopen the lower
    doors with the computer in the room and then face a turret gun or shoot the
    lock on the ladder above the closed doors and crawl thru the space up there to
    the next area. Either way you'll come across a huge room with alot of monitors
    and computers. Don't go to the lower level but instead look for a vent on the
    ground thats placed next to a flashing red computer. Shoot it out and crouch to
    get into the next passage. Follow this down the ladder shooting anyone you come
    accross and then go up a ladder. Follow this path and you'll come to a fork in
    the road, you'll see a locked door to the right which you'll come out of later
    in the level. So for now go left following the path winding up and accross a
    small catwalk. You'll see a steaming door so i'd stay away from it til it blows
    up opening the path for you. Follow these catwalks killing people you come
    accross until you reach the end of the level. What? the helicopter knocked out
    the power to this doorway. Oh well, just jump off the catwalk to the right and
    start going thru steal hallways, shooting people who have guns because you
    might run accross people who don't so be warry of who you shoot. Eventually
    you'll see a dark room with generators aligned on either side. Activate both
    and continue on your way, because you can't jump back up to that locked door
    from earlier. Eventually you'll come apon another snow ridden tunnel but tread
    slowly when you see three stacked boxes because soon afterwards a tank will
    crash thru the wall. Just run past it, shooting people, going through the
    previously locked door from earlier,the one at the fork in the road right
    before that one door exploded. So now that you're in a familiar area just
    follow the path over the catwalks and apon going near the last door the level
    ends. hurray!
    	5c. You start off getting off an elevator after killing two guys. Follow the
    path shooting everyone and the window next to the control room. Press the
    button in there to open the huge set of doors in the room and follow that to
    the end of the hallway. Go thru the single sliding door and kill the guys in
    this room. Now either go thru the next single sliding door or shoot out the
    glass and jump thru that. Whatever you choose, wait for a slow witted bad guy
    to open the door to your right and go thru there. You'll shoot two guys each
    standing by their own door. The bigger of the two doors is locked, hence
    useless. So go thru the single door and press the button in the causing a huge
    explosion in the area below which somehow opens that previously locked door. So
    go thru it and shoot out the glass lining the walls. Jump down and look for a
    door without a guy pounding on it. Kill the guy in here and open the door buy
    operating the panel he was by. Follow this path, past more exploding things and
    you'll come across a big sliding door that has an explosion behind it.
    Apperently the explosion was a crashing elevator. So kill its passengers and
    hop down. Crawl out of the elevator onto the next level and follow the path!
    You'll be in another big computer room. Kill everyone here and continue on thru
    the next big sliding door. You'll have the choice to either go left or forward
    so go forward for now. You'll see a big explosion and the bridge you needed to
    cross is now out. What to do? Well look for a valve turn it and that will cause
    a vent to fall that would later block your path. Now go down that hallway and
    climb the boxes up into the vent system, follow this vent system past the
    explosions and over the huge firey pit. Eventually at the end of the vent
    you'll fall down and find a shoot out happening. Kill those guys and proceed
    forward. Oh no, you're being gassed. But luckily for you there is a lab
    assistant on the other side. Get his attention by firing a couple of rounds and
    he'll come to your aid. Run around to the opened elevator and ride that to the
    next area. Run out of here with guns a blazin and thru a single door down a
    long hallway and thru yet another door. Kill some more lab guys and open the
    big sliding doors to behold a huge nuke. You'll have to be quick because a
    minute long timer is set on that nuke. Quickly run around to a steal lift and
    ride that up to the next level. Here quickly run to the gold doors and flip the
    switch to stop the count down. Now go to the door accross from the gold one and
    fromt their ride down the elevator to the bottom level. Now just kill everyone
    you come accross, opening the doors to the huge nuke room again and kill
    everyone to beat the mission!
    6. Level 6 or as i dubbed it, a deserty lookin place. A.K.A. Iraq
    	This level is tuff due to the fact its the first level with rocket launching
    bad guys. So try to dodge the rockets ok? Also they are wearing a whole lot of
    body armor, so just keep trying to shoot their head to knock off the face piece
    till they go down. One last thing, lots of friendlies in this level, so watch
    out for who you shoot. Also for most of the level you don't have to worry about
    fighting people as long as you don't have a weapon out, it isn't until later
    that a guy will ask you for i.d. and the brawl will begin, but you know me, i
    like to show up early for the brawl.
    	After going forward a few steps in this level you'll be in an courtyard with a
    rocket launcher guy and some other people shooting at you, take them out and
    head thru the only hallway you can go thru that was adjacent to where you
    started the level. Eventually you'll come accross two open windows, jump out of
    either one and head thru the archways. You'll come to a dead end so do a 180
    and you'll see a ladder. Climb up the ladder and head along the path over roofs
    until you see an open window near a ledge you can jump on. Jump on the ledge
    and crawl thru the window. Jump out of this hallway thru the next window you
    see and fall down the hole in the immediate area. Go thru the path leading out
    side and enter the first door you see for an ingame cinema in witch your
    partner tells you to head out the back and up a ladder. So head out the back
    thru a set of double doors to the right and up the ladder right next to where
    you come out. At the top look to your right and you'll see a wooden platform
    you can jump to. Jump to it and then go to thru door all the way on the left.
    Follow the path down some stairs and eventually you'll be outside again. A set
    of doors will open conveniently by some guy so go thru the same doors and
    you'll come to the area where if you wern't fighting everybody you'd be asked
    for you i.d. and be forced into the fight anyways. Well from here you'll see a
    locked door to your right and some crates to the left. Shoot out the middle
    crates and crawl thru the window behind them. Follow this path, not going up
    the stairs into a room with more crates. Shoot the crate near the window and
    jump up and crawl thru it. You'll be in the area behind the locked door from
    earlier which will now be opened by bad guys so no need goin thru there unless
    your nostalgic for going around in circles. So instead go thru the hallway
    infront of you into an area where you'll have a big huge shoot out. After that
    continue on your way and you'll have another big shootout outside. After
    everyone is dead go to the left side of the big building infront of you where
    former badguys used to be and go in thru the door. Inside climb up a ladder and
    follow the catwalks outside, thru some doors, and you'll see an ingame cinema
    of your friend on a truck. Well jump down and kill everyone, including the
    rocket launcher guy and his two doggies and then turn around and look for two
    guys shooting at you from an open doorway, kill them and press the button they
    were guarding. That opens the fence to the area you saw hawk riding a truck in
    and the segment of the level will be over.
    	6b. This level is like the first but with less friendlies. Start off by going
    thru the double doors you see onto a huge elevator. Press the button there to
    ride it down to the lower level. You can jump down even further then the
    elevator goes down but don't and go thru the hallway located where the elevator
    stopped. Once in here go to the left and you'll see a huge pipe with a valve on
    each side turn both valves and get out of the way of a big explosion causing
    the pipe to get out of the way. Go down to where the pipe exploded and crawl
    thru the ventalation to get outside. Keep following the path, up some stairs,
    over some grating, shooting people, over more grating down some stairs into a
    room with a yellow fork lift, and finally come upon a set of two ladders. The
    one on the right you can't climb so climb up the left one. And once again
    you'll be outside. Shoot everyone in this sandy area and carry on your way
    until you reach a wall that has been knocked down. Past the wall will be a
    guard tower with a rocket launcher guy and some other people so just a warning.
    After they are dead climb up into the guard tower by way of a ladder on the
    side of it. Once inside the guard tower you'll see a valve next to a window.
    Turn it and you'll see the gate outside being raised. The trick here is that if
    you leave after first turning the valve the gate will fall down again so stay
    here till the gate is opened as far as it can be then make a mad dash past the
    gate. Fight your way up this hill of barricades with guns a blazin. Continue on
    your way thru a system of tunnels and you'll come accross a truck blocking your
    path which quickly moves out of your way so continue killing and following the
    path up some more hills shooting guys behind barricades. Eventually you'll
    trigger a rocket launcher guy coming out of a door. Kill him and go thru the
    door he came out of and the other door inside there. You'll see two platforms
    here and a friendly guy so don't shoot him. The platform on the right is raised
    so stand on the platform on the left and shoot the button near it to cause it
    to raise. Their are alot of guys up here so take your time killing them melee
    style! Once they're dead continue on your way by going down a hole in the
    ground, seeing a pipe explode, following the path some more, and eventually
    you'll come to a dead end and see hawk down to your right. He'll tell you to
    activate the switch on the other side but a guy comes by and after shooting him
    the controlls explode. So wait for hawk to raise the bridge for you and run
    accross. You'll see an area with a booth and a lower area. Go towards the booth
    on the upper area and hit the switch to lower the bridge that hawk just raised.
    Now go to the lower level and continue along the path over the bridge.
    Eventually you'll come accross an open vent so jump in there and crawl baby!
    You'll come to a junction where you can go right or straight so go straight
    because the path to the left is a dead end. You'll be in a room filled with
    water next to a fan that'll kill you if you get to close so instead of
    following the path, jump accross the water to the next vent and crawl thru
    there to yet another water room. Here just continue on the path into the next
    vent and you'll come accross a grating just shoot it out and continue on your
    way to the end of the level.
    	6c. Go thru the first door you see and immediatly start shooting anyone who
    attacks you. Go into the warehouse the truck was facing and you'll find a valve
    there, i don't think i turned it but maybe i did so try turning it anyways.
    Well to continue, on the oposite side of the warehouse from the valve is a door
    so go thru that! You'll see a truck racing accross and people seal up the path
    it was taking. Suspicious?!?!?! Well kill everyone here and go forward past the
    chain link fences and down into the tunnel area. Follow this pressing the
    button at the end opening a door into a huge warehouse. Anyways kill the guys
    directly infront of you and ride the elevator they were standing on down. After
    that look for a ladder to climb and press the button there. Turn towards the
    opening and jump onto a moving platform and ride that to the next area. Once it
    has stopped jump off onto some crates and jump your way down to the ground.
    Press the button down there which opens a door and climb the ladder behind it.
    Go thru the door on top following the path up some stairs and you'll be in an
    area with a truck, not the truck from earlier but just kill everyone here.
    There will be an area that was right above where you entered so run in there
    and follow the path! Eventually you'll find a switch behind a chain link. Shoot
    the lock off the chainlink door and throw the switch to try to knock down the
    next chainlink fence. The first swing doesn't do it so hit the switch again to
    free your path so jump down there and continue onward. Go thru the next
    solitary door near a red light and you'll be outside again with some guys to
    kill. There is a rocket launcher guy and a tank firing so kill the rocket
    launcher guy and look for an area with a huge flame. Run towards the flame, not
    in it, but around it to follow the path. Eventually you'll come accross a huge
    ship with hawk on it trying to defuse the nuke. To complete the level just
    protect hawk from all the enemies trying to board the plane. After a couple of
    minutes, and it seems like a long couple of minutes, the level will be over.
    7. Or as i have dubbed it, level 3 revisted, so just do what you did before and
    follow sam to the new secret area.
    8. Level 8 or as i havn't dubbed it, New York City.
    	Here are alot of familiar faces from the subway level, aww you rememberd. So
    just have fun being all nostalgic by killing every last one of them you come
    	Start off by jumping into a truck near the start and then run out the other
    side of it thru a door. You'll be stuck behind a chain link fence. Look to your
    right and see a solitary crate on a shelf, jump on that and then to the other
    shelf and keep jumping up higher the ceiling, crouching underneath girders and
    crawling along carefully placed steal grates into the previously unaccessible
    area. Jump down and go thru the only door there and you'll be outside again.
    Kill everyone here and shoot the red canisters to cause an explosion knocking
    down a wooden pool into a chain link fence. Climb onto the pole and walk
    accross it into the chain link fenced area. Just follow this ally past a ladder
    and you'll come to an area with enemies and multiple doors. Go past all the
    doors to the one furthest from you and enter it! There are alot of canisters in
    here ignore them and go thru the next door you see into yet another ally. Folow
    this ally thru a door near graffiti and jump accross the huge gap in the floor,
    up some stairs, and thru another door to start an ingame cinema. Afterwards
    jump down and kill everybody and go thru the solitary door down there. Crawl
    under the flatbed truck and turn left going along that same flatbed thru a
    narrow path way. This next area is like a labyrinth and somewhat confusing so
    i'll just give general directions. Head toward the right and look for a guy
    standing infront of an electrical fence and shoot him into it causing a fence
    on the other side to open. So head in the exact opposite direction and thru the
    newly opened fence. Causing an ingame cinema of sabre jumping into a hole. And
    thats the end of new york level 1
    	8b. Here Crawl thru the only piping you see and at the end turn left chasing
    after sabre. You'll come to a junction where you can turn left but just go
    forward following the path ducking under pipes. Just keep going forward
    following enemies and eventually you'll come apon a door. Go thru it and watch
    sabre run away, well climb up the ladder there and chase after him. People will
    jump down from vents in rooms but go thru the door at the end of the hallway
    which leads to the boiler room. So just walk thru here into the next doorway
    onto some steal grating. Jump off of it and follow the path! Go thru the next
    doorway continuing on the path past some steam and some guys will drop done
    from vents so kill them and eventually you'll be in a room with two doors. The
    door to the left leads to the old labyrynth of sewer from earlier so go thru
    the door straight infront of you. You'll be in a room with an explosion so run
    past that and you'll see a guy get run over by a subway train! Jump accross and
    from here on in there's no wrong path you can go thru. So just follow the path
    opening doors past a vent where a grenade falls out of, thru some recently dug
    tunnels just following sabre. Eventually you'll get to a subway like area with
    two sets of stairs and two locked double doors, just kill everyone here and the
    level is done.
    	8c. This level takes place in a hotel. Shoot the guys behind the counter then
    follow the swat members to the left into a shoot out. After that continue
    forward and up the stairs. Now follow the path shooting people who arn't
    hostages past a broken elevator shaft and just keep following enemies and the
    path(the last doors in the hallways) until you come to the next stairwell. Go
    down one flight of stairs into the first door you see and crawl out the single
    window there. Climb up the emergency stairs outside and face the destroyed
    building infront of you. Jump over to it and follow the path until you
    accidently fall thru the floor til ya hit the bottom. Just follow this path
    past the stairways in the first door to your left because they fall down and
    instead go out the last door on the left. As soon as you enter look to your
    right and climb up that ladder. At the top jump off onto the plank to the left
    and just continue on this path over the ruined building opening doors, shooting
    homeboys, and eventually you'll come to a place that has a steal girder leading
    up to the end of the level so climb up that and bam, you beat newyork!
    9. Level 9 or as i have stopped dubbing, Sudan 1.
    	From the beginning head to the right thru the door and follow the path until
    you run accross Hawk who tells you to watch your back which kinda hints at
    someone is going to come at you from behind. Well run past the three locked
    doors you see and follow the path thru the next door at the end of the hallway.
    You'll be outside in a trainyard, run forward and to your right. Just keep
    running forward thru the trainyard past all buildings, past a slowly moving
    train and keep going until a train actually is blocking your path. From here
    head to your left and jump up on the crates where some items are. From here
    jump onto the train where they are connected (because i think thats the only
    place you can reach by jumping. and head toward the wooden catwalk. From there
    head left to the solitary door. The path will split but stay right and you'll
    be in a room with a button you'll have to press three times to get a crane to
    pick up a crate and drop it down in the pit below so your path to jump down to
    the pit will be open. Jump down there and head to the left ignoring the stairs
    onthe right. Just keep following this path until you are outside again. Shoot
    everyone here and look for a ladder near the dual cattle hearding paths. Climb
    up the ladder head right and you just beat Sudan 1.
    	9b. Ok here we are at Sudan level two. Start off this one going down the
    stairs to your right and shooting everyone you find. The path will branch again
    so just go straight up the steps to be in a small room with crates. Jump up
    these crates and into the vent next to them. Follow the vent and eventually
    you'll be on a catwalk outside. Go thru the hallway to your right and just
    follow that till you reach a locked door. Here shoot the window to your left
    and jump thru it but don't jump down to the ground, instead jump thru the
    window to your right and hit the button in there to open up the cattle herding
    path below. So now jump down below, over the guard rails and head to the right.
    Just follow this path, past some cows until you can't go any further and jump
    over the guard rails to get out of there. Shoot everyone protecting the
    solitary door and once you go thru it throw the switch to open up the path that
    was previously blocked  outside. So go back outside and jump over the guard
    rails once again and follow that a really short way till your path is blocked
    again. So jump over the guard rails and you will finally be inside the
    slaughter house, yey! When the path branches ignore the path to your left and
    just keep going forward. Eventually you'll come accross a switch that opened up
    the end of the path to the left that you just ignored. So head that way and
    thru the newly opened door to find a guy being mauled by machinery. Here you
    can either jump down or take the stairs to your left down to that lower area
    where the guy was murdered. When down here walk under the conveyer belt and
    thru the solitary green door. Shoot everyone you come across and you'll get a
    message from hawk about something. Go thru the next green door, going down a
    small step of stairs and eventually you'll find a valve. Turn the valve and
    head down the steal hallway right by it and up the ladder at the end. You'll
    come accross two sets of doors, one to your right and one to your left. Go thru
    the one on your left and shoot everyone inside the freezer. From ehre look for
    an opened vent shaft and crawl thru it. In the next room jump down the hole
    into the slaughter pit. Follow this path turning right at the crossway and down
    another hole ending the level!
    	9c. Start off here by going thru the vent on your right over the conveyer belt
    and you'll run into hawk and talk with him for a bit. Head thru the next vent
    and up the small grate into another vent where hawk will tell you how they are
    all automated. Just follow this one to the next area where you see an elevator
    going up. Ignore that and go thru the next double doors you see.Follow the
    winding path killing everyone and eventually you'll come across a bridge that
    explodes. Go up the stairs to the right and follow the path up more stairs and
    over steal grating till you come accross a yellow button. Press it, turn around
    and jump on the conveyer belt to the right. Carefully run forward past the
    crushing piston like walls and watch hawk run past an explosion. He'll look for
    another way for you to get over there and eventually send a thing of pipes over
    to your right to jump onto. Shoot the red canisters to your right to open the
    window to those pipes and then from the pipes jump to the other side. Go thru
    the souble doors and watch an ingame cinema. After that follow the path, going
    down the wooden stairs into another hallway and down a flight of stairs, jump
    on and ride a mine cart until it stops. Jump off to the left and follow the
    path up the next ladder. Here is a tricky area, follow the train tracks until
    you see a ledge to your left. Jump there to dodge the enemy mine cart charging
    at you. After he's gone coninue on the path, up the elevator and going down the
    long hallway to the left of the elevator. You'll know its the right hallway
    because you'll ask hawk for backup. Anyways continue along the path down the
    ladder throwing the two switches at the bottom to blow up the base. The door
    next to the switches blows off its hinges so go thru there and look for a
    yellow button near the ladder accross the room. From here climb up the ladder
    and jump thru the window you see there. While following the path you'll come
    accros an open vent so jump in and walk thru there. You'll exit onto the
    elevator you used from before so jump up and instead of taking the left path go
    to the right and shoot the guy in the room you come accross and just proceed to
    the end of the sudan levels!
    10. Level 10 or as i have dubbed it, level 3 and 7 revisited for the last time.
    11.Level 11 or as i have dubbed it, little tokyo! A.K.A. Japan
    	Start off by following the path to the right down some stairs into a kitchen.
    Go around the corner in here and up a ladder to find a vent to crawl thru.
    Halfway thru the vent you fall out of it and are ambushed by a couple of guys,
    after they are dead head in the same direction you were going in the vent and
    thru the door leading outside. FOllow the path outside to an ally where there
    is a bad guy in the back of a truck. Go thru the door near there into a parking
    garage and head left. At the end of this path you'll see a room with a red
    button in it. Press it and head back going right at the door this time and
    follow the path to learn that the elevators arn't working. So take the stairs
    down to the lowest level and thru the door there. Ignore the doors that say p1
    and p2, and enter the last door to be in the generator room. Press the button
    in here and head back to the door marked p1, go thru the vent in here and up
    the ladder on the other end. Go thru the vent here and you'll come out on
    parking level #2. Head up one level and take the elevator to the end of the
    	11b. Exit the elevator and go to the womens bathroom on the left. Save the guy
    in here and get the passcode for a door. Exit and head toward the door on your
    left shooting the hostiles while keeping friendly casualties to a minimum. Jump
    over the table that the guy used for cover and head thru the double doors
    ahead. Kill everyone in here and head thru another set of double doors to find
    that a door to the left is locked and needs a password. So for now ignore it
    and continue along this path till you hit an office looking area with lots of
    computers. The two doors on the left wall are unlocked so enter either one and
    kill the badguys in there. Go to the room that was further from you and shoot
    out the windows and jump outside carefully onto the ledge. Walk carefully along
    the ledge to the right until you come to a room with three hostages and two bad
    guys. Kill the bad guys and talk to the hostages to get the pass code for the
    previously locked door. Exit this room thru the double doors and you'll be back
    in the office looking area. Head back to the locked door from here and thru the
    metal hallway. Saving hostages continue forward thru another door into another
    metal hallway. At the fork to the left and up the path to the next room. Kill
    people in here and exit thru the next door. Follow the metal hallway till there
    is a door infront of you and to the right. Go to the door in front and around
    that room to the computer console in the center. Now after an ingame cinema
    head to the door that was on the right from a little bit ago and crawl thru
    some vent and run back thru the level until another ingame cinema triggers.
    It'll show the bad guy using an elevator you past when going to the office like
    area so kill everyone of his goons and jump inside the elevator and ride it up
    after him. And get ready for a boss level that is next!
    	11c. The elevator will explode revealing an emergancy ladder so climb that up
    and jump to thru the opened elevator doors. Start running and shooting bad guys
    because all the windows are opening letting the boss in a helicopter with
    rockets shoot at ya. Keep runing around and look for double doors leading out
    to a pool area. Ignore the pool and go into the door underneat the helipad to
    the left of the pool. The helipad has two ladders on either side of the door so
    its kinda hard to miss. Grab all the items in here including the rocket
    launcher and head outside for a final showdown. Just keep shooting at the
    helicopter dodging its fire till only you live and bam, you beat the japan
    12. Level 12 or as i have dubbed it, Iraq revisted!
    	Remember in this legvel like the last couple of levels has friendlys so be
    careful who you shoot. Anyways go forward following the path to come accross a
    big door. Shoot the canister to the right of it to explode the door open and
    follow the path thru a gate and shoot all these guys here. Head thru the hall
    to your right and up some small stairs and eventually you'll come accross a
    room full of crates. Just run to the back of here and shoot the wood board off
    the gate and head thru here to the right. Go around to the back of the truck
    you see, hop in, and climb the crates to the top of the truck. Shoot out the
    window you see on the left, crawl thru over the crates there, and shoot your
    way thru the next window. Jump down and follow the path thru the huge doors
    that some bad guys just walked out of. You'll come accross a big courtyard for
    a good fire fight. After they are all dead proceed up one of the sets of stairs
    and down the long hallway. Down some stairs then up some stairs and eventually
    you'll find a gated area with a rocket launcher man. Kill him if you must, then
    follow the hall that was on the right and take a left at the fork following
    this room to a shoot out in a room filled with crates. After everyone is dead
    continue on the path, past a desk and come apon a terrace. Jump onto the roof
    infront of it and head to the terrace to the right. Go down the hall following
    the path downstairs into a courtyard with another rocket man. CLimb the crates
    to the right of the truck and from here jump over to the roof then to the
    single door you see and go thru it. Follow the path untill you see a ladder.
    Don't go down yet but look thru the gated windows and shoot the red canister
    clearing a path for you down the ladder. So now go down the ladder following
    the path past the mural into a corutyard with alot of bad guys. Kill everyone
    and head thru the big double door adjacent to where you first entered this
    courtyard and the level will end!
    	12b. Start off by following the dustry trail till you find a crate filled
    room. Climb the crates to a vent and shot your way thru there. Eventually
    you'll fall into a room with a tank so just exit thru th edoorway the tank is
    facing and kill everyone in this courtyard. After they are all dead climb up
    the guard tower and hit the button up there opening the chainlink fence down
    below. Go thru there and up a ladder following the tunnel killing bad guys
    along the way. Eventually you'll find a door to go thru leading to another
    courtyard filled with crates and a tank! Keep shooting the tank and trying to
    dodge its fire till it explodes and then follow the path the explosion opened
    up. Just keep on this path past some crossing gates into a white courtyard with
    huge turrets to your left. Run thru the courtyard to the next area past a
    truck, up a ladder, and press that button! Once the canisters stopped moving
    shoot the canister down and follow it into the hole it just created. Follow the
    path down some stares past some vats and up some stairs. Go thru the door at
    the top, head right down into a huge hall with a sadam wall scroll. Head thru
    the single door to your right and follow the path. Go up some stairs thru the
    door and while going along the balcony you'll here "sadam sadam." So continue
    thru the next door still following the path, thru a dining hall and into a
    library. One of the bookshelves can be opened like a door to an ammo cache.
    After reaping the fruits in the secret area head up the stairs in the library
    thru the next door and start off an ingame cinema. After this Go thru the door
    on the left and thru the next one up a flight of stairs and thru yet another
    door which ends the level!
    	12c. Begin by going right at where the path splits up and you'll come across
    alot of vats and pipes behind a chain link fence. There is an area in the
    center of there with a valve, turn it and run back to the start before the
    place explodes.(note,i actually started off by going left and later decided
    while typing this that you should first head to the right so keep that in mind)
    Now that you're back at the fork in the road go down the other path, past a
    hallway leading to a broken elevator and into another area with lots of pipes.
    Turn the valve here to explode them and coninue into the next hall. Before
    going past the three terminals you see, do a 180 and you'll see a very small
    passage next to where you entered. Go thru there and around the piping and turn
    yet another valve. Run back to where the three terminals are and here go right
    and to the next terminal which fixes the elevator and furhters the details of
    your future missions. Now head back past the three terminals into an elevator
    on the left. Ride it up. Follow the path to a room with the final valve. Turn
    it, watch some explosions and that should be the end of the level! Unless i was
    wrong earlier near the note that i made. Otherwise just do the first valve last
    and then the level should end.
    13. Level 13 or as i have dubbed it, thank god there are only 4 missions left.
    	Start by following the path upstairs to a gate. Shoot the button to open it
    and followt he path down some stairs and you'll hit a water area. Head thru the
    door there and then in the next water area jump in the water to the left and
    shoot the grate. Crawl thru that pipe and then jump out and under the grate in
    the next room. Follow the path down some more stairs into a pool area. Follow
    the ramp on the left and go thru the door. Don't go up the stairs but thru the
    open pipe on the right. Follow this to the end and shoot your way out of the
    pipe. Go up the ladder into the next area and shoot the boxes here to open your
    path thru another pipe. Follow this until you fall out of the pipe. Head left,
    thru two doors, run up some stairs, and a ladder. Continue on the path heading
    right, past a truck till you come accross two rocket launcher guys. In the
    corner beyond them climb up the stairway and turn the valve at the window.
    You'll see a gate being opened so once its opened as much as it can be rush
    down the stairs and duck if you have to get thru that falling gate. Follow the
    path going around the right side of the building into a stable. Go up the
    ladder in here and hit the switch to expose a secret lift below. Go down the
    ladder into the lift ending the level.
    	13b. Follow the path thru the long halls fighting bad guys and up a huge
    stairwell. Continue on your way past a door with a light on it (triggerd to set
    alarm) down the stairs thru a dining room up some stairs into a room with more
    stairs! Go thru the doorway past them and then head left thru the solitary
    door. Go left thru a door leading into the kitchen. Follow the path till you
    reach two doors. Go thru the left one and thru the next and head left entering
    the double doors on the left and up some stairs. Go thru the double doors here
    to start an ingame cinema. Go back inside to the mirror. open it like a door
    and press the button inside. Head back the way you came and enter the first
    door with a green light on it you see. Go thru the single door on the left and
    you'll be in a library. One of the cases down here is a secret passage way, its
    by the stairs I think. Anyways go to the elevator in here to end the level!
    	13c. Follow the path past the locking doors and trip wire door. Go to the
    single door adjacent to it. Go around the crates up the stairs and around this
    walkway. At the end jump on the crates climbing up to the corner then turning
    around and walking along the yellow beam ehading for a vent. Shoot out the vent
    and follow it into the room behind the tripwire door. Hit the blue button in
    here to open one of the locked doors outside. So exit and head left jumping and
    ducking under more trip wires. Go thru the next door up some stairs, another
    door. Press each button of the two buttons in this room and continue down the
    hall pressing more buttons. You'll come accross dekker in the huge missle silo
    so just run around here because the countdown for launch has been started.
    Follow path to machine room and shoot the blue console in here. Go thru the
    single door there into the next room shooting another blue console, just one
    left. Continue thru more doors, down stairs and shooting the final blue
    console. From here continue the path of blue bottons and doors, past a model
    city, past the missle silo again and into a huge room with a lift. Activate the
    lift on the right while your on it and continue the path thru two doors and
    pressing yet another blue botton. Go back down the lift and follow the path of
    opening doors. You'll eventually pass a shooting area with targets on your left
    and after that go in the elevator in the next hall ending the level!
    	13d. This is another boss level so just kill everyone in here, and there are
    alot, they come out of two doors to your left. When they stop coming decker
    will make an appearence whering complete body armor. Just wail on him like he
    was the helicopter from japan and you beat the game!
    F. Answers to the tough toughest spots of the game.
    These places are a bit tricky and since I keep getting emails about them I
    figured why not update the faq.
    First off is the level in Iraq. At somepoint in the level you'll have to jump
    from the roof a building accross a courtyard to a balcony type thing. Basically
    if my memory serves me correctly, all you have to do is jump from the elevated
    ledge and you should make it. If you don't make it, try again!
    Second is the fans which also happen to be in the 2nd part of iraq. Basically
    you're faced with the dilema that if you follow the catwalk, you'll get too
    close to the fans and be sucked in. So how do you get around this you might
    ask? Jump over the water to the other side of the catwalk! You might miss and
    land in the water but no biggy because there happens to be a ladder around
    there for you to climb up and try again.

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