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" get to blow things up in gory piles! Yeah...was great about six years ago...what a joke."

I never really got into the DOS version of this game and I couldn’t get into the overall premise of what this First Person Shooter {FPS} had to offer. However, seeing that the game really doesn’t have all that much to offer and is more or less a game to take up space in the S department. Given the fact that you have some real world references and that you are going to take on an army as a one man killing machine may seem like a great idea, but it’s been done before and in better fashion. Visually, audio wise, game play and control are all extremely poor in this “Gold-Edition” of Soldier of Fortune and if you’re not careful, you might end up with a waste of money!

The story line really isn’t anything more than a terrorist “I’m going to war” type of deal in which you have to really look and think about what you’re doing and where you’re going. Although you have support characters throughout the game, there really isn’t much to it that will make you see any sort of impressive or ground breaking things here. One of the worst features that this game has to offer, is that the repetitive nature of the game as well as the over abundance of blood and gore really does very little to increase the overall effect that the game is supposedly offering to you! If you can get into the game and you’re a fan of the series, then this might be worth buying, but for me, I can’t see anything more than a rental at best.

Possibly some of the best features that the game has is that it runs you through a complete training course before you’re set out to kill everything in sight. While some of the stages may seem to have a mission in mind, your main goal is to kill everything and splatter whatever isn’t friendly to you. Now, you’ll be able to pick up other weapons and ammunition throughout the stages, when dropped from killed enemies or found in different parts of the stage. Other than that, you really don’t have too much in the game that makes anything memorable with the more impressive features coming through with the multiplayer!

The multiplayer actually makes the game somewhat bearable when you boil it down to brass tacks. With several different types of arenas, you have plenty of options that will give you some interesting goals to work with. However, the fun pretty much ends there and the title ends up being little more than just another FPS game with nothing more to offer but some blood and guts. Speaking of which, there is so much of that throughout the game, you’ll have to really take it in stride and realize that it is as much of the game play as anything else that you’ll run into!

Control is another feature that just doesn’t seem to kick it into high gear. With a really weird weapon switching interface and fine aiming being little more than an exercise in futility, you may find that there isn’t enough precision here to really save yourself from getting killed on a regular basis! Like most FPS games, you’ll find that there are enough features that will remind you of Doom more than anything else, and if you’re a veteran of those types of games, then you shouldn’t have too hard of a time learning the control. However, if you’ve played faster FPS games, then this one seems to move just a little too slow and you’ll find that out the hard way in the later stages!

Visually, the game has a grainy feel to it that the Play Station 2 just seems to amplify. Throughout the game, jagged edges and extremely poor enemy designs seems to plague the game at nearly every corner. If you’re looking for me to give you a high point, I really can’t find one, with this game looking more like an old Super Nintendo Doom game than it does a next generation title! The only other notable aspect of the game is where the blood and gore come in, but it’s so overly done that the thrill of watching heads fly gets old in about ten minutes time.

The audio that you find here isn’t the most stellar of themes and for the most part, the dark and dreary theme that the music portrays seems to take away from the action rather than add into it. The music tends to repeat itself on a regular basis and although the voice overs are well done, there still isn’t enough here to immerse you in this virtual world. Sound effects include the usual assortment of gunfire, explosions and other various noises, but when you’re listening to the enemies, they seem to repeat themselves at regular intervals! All in all, this is a pretty poor attempt to make up for a game that honestly has no true purpose and the audio just seems to make it feel completely rushed.

Soldier of Fortune is a poor excuse for an FPS that features some of the worst visuals, audio, control and game play that I’ve seen yet on the Play Station 2. When you compare this game against other ones that are available, you’ll find that you’re better off with something like Time Splitters than you are wasting your money on this title. For those of you who actually enjoyed the PC game, you’ll find that the action is here, but in the same ancient looking and sounding game that was presented there! If anything, rent this game first and then do it a couple of more times until you’re sure on your decision to buy and spend your hard earned money on something that isn’t worth the disc its programmed on.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 01/27/02, Updated 01/27/02

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