"Ah, some mindless shooting fun..or is it?"

A few years ago this game came out on the PC, where it immediately shot itself to the top of the sales list. While at first sight you'd say it's nothing more then a regular shooter, this game featured 1 special feature no game had ever had, the ability to shoot of limbs, and the enemies reacting differently depending on the place you gave them another airhole. And now, many years after birth, it shows it's stuff on Ps2. Well, better late then never right?


Well let's start off with the graphics, these are a complete disappointment, the Ps2 can do a lot better then this. The environments look like they've had a very nasty pixel attack and look correly and dull.
However, the game is brighter then the Pc version, which was incredibly dark. The weapons look the bizz, but the characters don't even have lipsinck for crying out loud! Which is in the basic package of any current game, this really is a straight port, the pc version didn't have it either.

Graphics 4/10


The background music is decent, not great, the music get's pretty annoying no matter how soft playing it is and there are only 3 different songs! The voices sound very dull, like the voice actors were talking through a thick towel or something, and some of the weapon effects are completely horrid.

Sound 3/10


Finally some better news, the gameplay is okay and the main character (John Mullins) is pretty easy to control around the levels.
Whoever has played the Pc version knows which levels there are, because the singleplayer campaign hasn't changed a bit and that the story mode is very short.
Where this game shines best is it's multiplayer mode, which supports bots and e huge multitude of maps and gametypes. However, the bots act like a bunch of complete morons on some levels, while on some others they are very good, while on some, they are unbeatably cheaty and cheap.
The thing that annoys is that you can not finely adjust their difficulty. The game also has some nasty slowdown when playing 4 player splitscreen and the bots start acting even worse.

Gameplay: 6/10

Buy or rent?

If you own the PC version, do not even think about getting this one, cause the only difference is that the Ps2 version has bot support in multiplayer, but to spend 50 bucks on some moronic bots that sometimes blow themselves up because you are standing behind a wall and they fire at it from 10 inches away? I don't think so.
If you've never played SoF and own all other Ps2 shooters, you might give it a blind try, if you don't own all others shooters yet, rent it first.

So why does the game get a 6 when it scores a 4, 3 and 6? Well, because something in this game made me come back to it's multiplayer mode many times before I tugged it away with the rest of my dustcollecting games. I don't know what, but it was something special, I guess it has it's charm......somehow.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/04/03, Updated 02/04/03

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