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    Weapon Location/Squad Guide by Expert

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    ***********************************THE THING********************************
    Weapon Location and Squad Guide                                     
    By: Expert / The_Expert_47 (Andrew Ziel)
    Email: expert_47 (at) hotmail.com        
    Version 1.60
    These sites have permission to have all of my guides on them:
    Geocities.com/the_expert_47/ (My site.)
    If you find this guide, or portions of it any where else please email me.
    On Gamefaqs, SuperCheats, and Gamez my name is Expert.
    On IGN and Neoseeker my name is The_Expert_47.
    On Cheats.de it credits my work direclty to Andrew Ziel.
    Other than the email above you can contact me at:
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    *****Table Of Contents*****
     -Level Descriptions
     -Ending Remarks
    *Note: There will be a pretty big update to this guide coming soon thanks
           to Overminder, someone who has found some new interesting information!
           Look for it sometime in the future when I have more free time.
    This guide contains the locations of all the weapons in 
    "The Thing". Although most weapons are easy to find some 
    are hidden a bit or can be over looked. Also I have a 
    listing of all the squad members you get throughout the 
    game. The weapons and squad members are listed in the order 
    I think you will come across them in the levels. The levels 
    are listed in the order in which they occur in the game. 
    Every time it goes to the main loading screen I count that 
    as a level.
    Concerning Squad Members: A lot of people think that squad 
    members "go thing" at random times. While this may be true 
    if you get them scared and nervous a lot it can also in be 
    prevented to a point. I have played through the game 
    multiple times on normal and hard both about twice on each 
    difficulty and it seems if you take care of your squad they 
    will all be fine and will not "go thing" until a certain 
    point. Every time I have played through the game my squad 
    members have all "gone thing" approximately the same time, 
    so during the guide I will tell when this is. This way you 
    can have the flamethrower ready or if you want to even have 
    less hassle you can just put a shotgun shell in their skull 
    a couple seconds before its going to happen, but if you do 
    kill them a little early take there gun first so they don't 
    shoot at you.
    Well here goes my walkthrough. When I come to a squad 
    member I will just say their name and when they leave or 
    "go thing". When I say someone "goes thing" I will say the 
    level it happens and if you look at that level I will give a 
    more detailed description of the event. With weapons I will 
    say the name and then location.  Also some levels will have 
    special informational lines such as the first point of the 
    first level.
    *****Level Descriptions*****
    Level 1
    -You start this level with a machine gun.
    -North - Solider - He is with you at the start of the level 
    and leaves at the end of the level. He also starts with a 
    machine gun, which you might as well take from him at the 
    end of the level.
    -Burrows - Engineer - He is also with you at the start of 
    the level and leaves at the end of the level. He also 
    starts with a pistol, which you might as well take from him 
    at the end of the level.
    -Weldon - Medic - He is also with you at the start of the 
    level and leaves at the end of the level.
    -Machine Gun - Walk backwards at the start of the level, it 
    is on the ground.
    -Pistol - After you walk in the building right in front of 
    you at the start of the level you will turn left and go 
    into a large room, adjacent to that room is a small room 
    with a computer in it. The Pistol is on the desk in that 
    room. Note that there will be an explosion in the room when 
    the door is opened.
    Level 2
    -Carter - Engineer - Found in the big room that you have to 
    unlock at the beginning of the level. You will need to heal 
    him when you see him and he "goes thing" during the blood 
    test cut scean at the end of Level 3.
    -Blowtorch - Behind where you fine Carter there are some 
    barrels. Shoot the barrels from a distance to make a 
    doorway into a kind of hidden room with a blowtorch in it.
    -Cruz - Solider - In the same room you find Carter there 
    are some CCTV's, one of them you have to look though to 
    fine a door code. Cruz is in that room. Cruz is scared 
    easier than your average squad member and "goes thing" 
    during the blood testing cut scean at the end of Level 3.
    -Machine Gun - It's on a dead guy outside of the main 
    building, down a hill.
    Level 3
    -You will still have Carter and Cruz at the start of this 
    -Blowtorch - In a hut northeast of where you start the 
    -Pierce - He is found in the supply hut. He doesn't trust 
    you and has you test yourself and your squad with blood 
    test kits. Pierce has a flamethrower when you get him and I 
    strongly recommend you take it from him after you kill your 
    former squad, as he will leave you at the end of the level.
    -When you test Carter and Cruz they "go thing".
    Level 4
    -Pace - Engineer- You basically start the level with him. 
    Pace starts with a machine gun and goes thing in Level 6.
    -Williams - Medic - In the main building complex you will 
    enter a large room and there will be a cut scean that shows 
    you meeting him. Williams will not trust you until you kill 
    the three walkers roaming the complex. Williams starts with 
    a flamethrower as he so nicely notes in the meeting cut 
    scean, but don't take it until after you gain his trust or 
    he can get a little mad. Williams "goes thing" on level 6.
    -Stun Gun - In the room you meet Williams it is on the desk 
    to the left of the entrance to the room.
    -Flamethrower -In a box in the kitchen adjacent to the room 
    where you find Williams. You must get this if you did not 
    get the one from Pierce and did not take Williams's, or you 
    might fine it just a little difficult to defeat those 
    -Shotgun -Under boxes in the Sleeping Quartes in the area
    where you encounter the third walker. (Credit to Ethan (a.k.a.) Jack el Ripper.)
    Level 5
    -You should have Pace and Williams through this level.
    -Machine Gun - On table in the middle of the central room 
    of the house.
    -Shotgun - In the ammo room on desk.
    -Machine Gun - In ammo room on cabinet.
    -The ammo boxes in the ammo room are all unlimited.
    -Blowtorch - On bed in the bedroom.
    -Blowtorch (2) - On desk of the hut outside the house. You 
    will only have access to it after the humanoids break the 
    door down.
    Level 6
    -You should start this level with Pace and Williams, but 
    they won't end it with you.
    -Pistol - To your right at the start of the level on a dead 
    -After you get out of the first building, by that I mean 
    the only building you can access at the beginning, Williams 
    will "go thing". It is recommended you shoot him before 
    entering as to lessen the hassle. Remember to take his 
    weapon first, I would try out the stun gun beings you never 
    really get a good opportunity to use it other than 
    situations like this. Plus it's pretty funny.
    -Flamethrower - On dead guy behind the weather station.
    -When inside the weather station there will be a row of 
    lockers then a long room at the end. If you turn right you 
    can save, but if you turn left then you go straight until 
    you see a left turn with stairs in it and a hall beyond. If 
    you start down that hall Pace will  "go thing". I recommend 
    you save after clearing the long room, taking Pace's weapon 
    and do him in. Don't feel bad it's for the best.
    -Pistol - Continue down the hall where Pace would have 
    "gone thing" and there it is on a dead guy (don't you see 
    this a lot).
    -You finally meet up with Pierce again but he has to be a 
    good little kid and listen to his dad's advice. He probably 
    would have made the best squad member too.
    -Sniper Rifle - In the room where you find good old Pierce.
    -Pistol - Found on Pierce after he dose the deed.
    Level 7
    -Level 7 contains a boss fight.
    -Collins - Engineer- In room near where you start. He goes 
    thing on this level. When you go down the stairs in the 
    save room and walk a little down the hall he will "go 
    thing". I recommend killing him before you go down the 
    Level 8
    -Grenade Launcher - In Cell 3 where a humanoid is at the 
    beginning of the level. You can see it on the desk when you 
    look through one of the CCTV's in the control room.
    -While in the control room you can look through another 
    CCTV and watch a medic get killed by a humanoid. If you do 
    not watch it then the humanoid will not kill him until you 
    come across him in the level. I have tried saving him many 
    times but never succeeded, I haven't even gotten close 
    enough to get his name to show up on my squad menu. I don't 
    think you can save this one.
    -Pistol - On dead medic talked about above. You will see it 
    because you have to go back there to switch something on.
    Level 9
    -Price - Engineer - Found in the room up and to your left 
    when you start. It's just ahead of the health box on the 
    wall. He leaves at the end of this level.
    -The health box near Price's door has unlimited health 
    -Shotgun - Found in ammo room to your right when you start. 
    Price has to fix the door controls for you to get in.
    -Parnevick - Medic - Found in the first pen you enter he 
    goes thing very early in the pens. With this guy I would 
    just have him heal you and Price and then shoot him. Don't 
    even bother giving him a weapon.
    -Faraday - Medic -Found in Pen 2. He is killed in a cut 
    scean in Level 10.
    Level 10
    -Just a cut scean where Faraday dies and furthers the plot 
    Level 11
    -You start this level with all your weapons and items gone.
    -Falchek - Medic- Found in the shower room. You can see him 
    through a window of the branch off room to your left when 
    you start. He starts with a machine gun. To get him to 
    trust you give him ammo you fine in the main hallway. 
    Falchek "goes thing" on level 13.
    -Dixon - Engineer - Found in room behind you at the start, 
    the one Whitley is in during the cut scean in level 10. He 
    is my personal favorite squad member you get during the 
    game. He stays with you longer than anyone and never "goes 
    thing" on you. Dixon also never gets scared by anything and 
    is awesome in fights. He dies in the explosion at the end 
    of level 13 or just leaves depending on his position.
    -Flamethrower, Machine Gun, Pistol, Stun Gun - Found in the 
    -Carter - Solider - He his behind a glass door at one end 
    of the main hallway. He has a medic outfit on but it says 
    he is a solider. It doesn't matter though, he "goes thing" 
    in about 10 seconds within opening the door. Have your 
    Machine Gun ready and put some lead in his skull as fast as 
    you can.
    -Stanmore - Engineer - In cell 8 in the big holding room. 
    "Goes thing" in about 10 seconds within the opening of his 
    cell door. Use the same procedure as listed for Carter,
    -Fisk - Solider - Found in cell 6 of the big holding room. 
    Fisk leaves at end of level 12.
    Level 12
    -You should have Falchek, Dixon, and Fisk at the start of 
    the level.
    -Machine Gun - Found in the elevator you start in.
    -Machine Gun - On the floor at the end of the series of 
    hallways to your right when you start the level.
    -Shotgun - In weapons closet in the big room to the left 
    and down a hall from the start.
    -Fisk leaves at the end of this level.
    Level 13
    -This level contains a boss fight.
    -You should have Dixion through this level. 
    -Falchek "goes thing" before you leave the initial starting 
    room. I recommend killing him right when the level starts.
    -Temple - Medic - In office to your left when you leave the 
    starting room. He either dies in the explosion at the end 
    of the level or just leaves depending on his position.
    -Sniper Rifle - In room with Temple.
    -Lavelle - Engineer- He is in the room to your right when 
    you leave the starting room. He either dies in the 
    explosion at the end of the level or just leaves depending 
    on his position.
     -Flamethrower - When you leave the starting room if you go 
    down the stairs and turn right you'll find it in a small 
    -Guy -Solider - At the top of the stairs in the large 
    garage area at the left end of the roadway. He is dressed 
    like an engineer, but says he is a soldier. He "goes thing" 
    as you approach. The best thing to do here is to shoot him 
    with the sniper rifle before you approach him.
    -Grenade Launcher - When you get in the garage with Guy in 
    it kill him, then turn right and throw a grenade at the 
    boxes in the corner. I box will blow up and you can go 
    behind the crates and get it.
    -Shotgun - In the second smaller garage branching off of 
    the big garage with Guy in it. Becomes accessible after you 
    beat the boss.
    -When you get in the elevator there is a cut scean where 
    Dixon, Temple, and Lavelle will either blow up or be out of 
    the explosions path, but either way none of them will come 
    to the next level with you, I would make sure you have two 
    of all the weapon types they are carrying and if not take 
    them, they won't be needing them.
    Level 14
    -Powell - Engineer - You meet him in the Laboratory. There 
    will be some soldiers after him, so I suggest running in 
    with your shotgun ready. He leaves at the end of the next 
    -Shotgun - In the cold room adjacent to the room where you 
    find Powell.
    -Machine Gun - At the end of the hall filled with ammo.
    -Grenade Launcher - In the store room, on the desk next to 
    the computer. There is a message about it on one of the 
    Level 15
    -You should have Powell through this level, but he will 
    leave at the end.
    -Reed - Medic - At the end of the hall with explosive 
    barrels near the generator room. He is being attacked by 
    humanoid. Have your flamethrower and health ready. Give him 
    a weapon as soon as possible. You must be careful not to 
    get yourself killed by igniting one of the barrels. You 
    also might want to think about leaving Powell behind for 
    this, as it is just one more person to worry about. Reed 
    leaves at the end of end of the level.
    Level 16
    -Grenade Launcher and Flamethrower - In a small hut just 
    ahead of you when you start. There is a humanoid inside.
    -Cohen - Medic - He runs by you as you climb out of the 
    ventilation shaft. He leaves at the end of this level.
    -Pistol - On dead guy in the ventilation shaft at he top of 
    the ramps.
    -Shotgun - On the ground next to the first wall gun you 
    -Pistol - On the desk in the Guard Room with the save 
    terminal in it.
    -Shotgun - On rack in the Guard Room.
    -Pistol - In another Guard Room you encounter after the one 
    with a save terminal, on a rack.
    -Machine Gun - In another Guard Room you encounter after 
    the one with a save terminal, not the same one as the 
    pistol above.
    Level 17
    -There is a boss fight in this level.
    -Ryan - Engineer - There is a cut scean showing him and 
    Stolis fighting. After that you have him in the squad. He 
    starts with a pistol and "goes thing" very early in the 
    level. I suggest using a blood test kit on yourself and 
    giving Stolis some ammo before you shoot Ryan so he fully 
    trust you. Remember to take Ryan's gun before you shoot 
    -Stolis - There is a cut scean showing him and Ryan 
    fighting. After that you have him in the squad. Remember to 
    get him to fully trust you before you shoot Ryan. Stolis 
    also "goes thing" during this level.
    -Stun Gun - On desk near Stolis and Ryan.
    -Pistol and Grenade Launcher - On the desk in the room with 
    save terminal 2.
    -Stolis "goes thing" after he jams the security for you. 
    You can't shoot him early or else you will fail the 
    -Pistol (3)- At the firing range booths.
    -If you look into one of the CCTV's you can watch an 
    Engineer dieing. I don't think you can save this one.
    -Peitola -Engineer - Found in the observation building near 
    the firing range. He leaves at the end of the level. 
    Level 18
    -Machine Gun - On the floor on the top of the ramps.
    Level 19
    -Whitley - Solider - This guy is actually not supposed to 
    be attainable, but you can get him. At the start of the 
    mission do not go outside. Use the grenade launcher and 
    stun grenades and shoot them at the wall and try to hit him 
    on the bounce. If you manage to get him as a squad member 
    though you should be warned, he can disappear at any time 
    during the level and doesn't really seem to help you much 
    at all. I suggest you just let him go in the cut scean. 
    However if you want a laugh use the same procedure, just 
    instead use regular grenades. He won't be in the runaway 
    cut scean or the cut scean where you talk to him in level 
    20, but he will still talk. It's kind of funny.
    Level 20
    -Sniper Rifle and Grenade Launcher - In a shack outside the 
    dome, you must go past the snipers first to get to them.
    Level 21
    -This level is just a boss fight and the last one at that.
    -Well, you have beaten the game THE THING, Congratulations.
    *****Ending Remarks*****
    If I have missed any weapons you can contact me at the 
    email address at the beginning of the guide. Please list a 
    good enough description of the location for me to find it. 
    Also if you have any ways of getting the squad members I 
    listed as unattainable then send them my way. You will get 
    credit for anything I post. Just put the subject of the 
    email as The Thing, as that way I will read it faster. One 
    more thing, if you have any good suggestions of things you 
    might want to see in the walkthrough then feel free to send 
    those also. Well, thanks for reading my walkthrough, I hope 
    it helped you.
    This is list of people I want to thank.
    -All the sites this is on, for hosting it.
    -Shawn, my best friend for watching me play The Thing and a bunch of
     other games for hours on end and for finding some spelling errors.
    -Ethan (a.k.a.) Jack el Ripper for the Level 4 Shotgun Location.
     Ethan edits and test walkthroughs for certain Xbox games.
     You can contact him at ethanshafer(at)hotmail.com
    *****Copy Right*****
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    If you want this guide on your site send me an email. I will more
    than likely say it is okay as long as you have the whole thing and
    give me the credit for writing it.
    Copyright 2005 Andrew Ziel {Expert / The_Expert_47}

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