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"Would be good if it had the necessary speed"

This is Lotus Challenge. Yet another racing game for PS2. Probably another of those many racing games that lacks the necessity to a racing game, SPEED!There is sufficient options, tracks and challenges, including a stunt mode. That sounds alright, but when you play it, your car moves slower than your granny on her bike. It's just YOUR car that is dead slow. The others move at a reasonable speed or am I wrong? Let me know if I am on the Boards. The graphics are good and the sound is average. Disappointing. Lets have a look:

The graphics are probably the best bits about the game. The cars look as sweet as Gran Turismo 3 and the road looks real. The sky effects are just brilliant and they are just so realistic. This is true PS2 stuff, and it shows. This would give the experience of a racing game with some speed. This is also the first licensed racing game to show damage, and you can either have no damage, damage that doesn't affect your car or damage that can make the car not work right. Now that's something GT3 should've had. Sadly this is what Kuju probably only gave a damn about. But still, they are something else. Score: 10/10

The sound is, um, average. The music is slow to go with the slow gameplay. It ain't much really, some beats and stuff. There could be better music like on GT3. When you do the stunt mode, you have an extremely annoying digitised voice that sounds as if it's from a walkie talkie and says ironic things when you mess up like: ''Jack, you're dog can do this blindfolded!'' or ''Your gran can do better than this!'' Not really that good, to be honest. Score: 5/10

The gameplay is what is bad. The good things are that you can have damage that affects your car, there are some decent tracks to play and there are easy to use options and a fair amount of competitions. End of good points. The stunt mode is OK. You do some challenges that are annoying. I never got round to jumping over school buses, because I couldn't be bothered with the challenges. The gameplay when racing is crud. When you turn with the D-Pad it rarely does it, but it does say it does that in the instruction manual. However, when you use the analogue sticks, it's better, but it doesn't turn enough. When you drive, again it is dead slow, compared to other cars. Extremely disappointing. Score: 4/10

You won't want to play this game a lot. You may like the stunt mode but I don't know. I don't play on it at all, and I barely have. I did to review this game, to check it. There are a fair amount of challenges, but you won't really want to bother. Short length. Score: 4/10

Don't buy this game nor rent it. This isn't one worth bothering with. If you want the ultimate racing game get Gran Turismo 3 or WRCII Extreme.

This game is disappointing. You shouldn't get it. On GT3, there are Lotus cars on it anyway, so there you go! Graphically, impressive, but limited otherwise. Overall score: 5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 03/31/03, Updated 03/31/03

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