How do I kill Zodiark?

  1. How do I beat him? I've fought him about 5 times and died everytime. I can get him down to flashing red but when he uses Darkja it wipes my party out because of the added 'Death'. (My main party is at Lv. 87). I'm not using my secondary party either since, their all at Lv. 30. The only time I use them is to revive someone (and Zodiark usually kills them first) or I swap one in for their Quickenings.

    I read in the guide I need to hit it with a Quickening, but everytime I do (when it's around low HP), it doesn't do anything really.


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  1. .As for Quickenings - you'd need to get them in BEFORE it raises its barrier that prevents physical damage. Else there are very good strategies to be found in the guides that are up here on Gamefaqs.
    Things that help:
    - Keep Faith up, it decreases the success rate of death to hit. Additionally half that risk by having Shell (e.g. switch Shell Shield in)
    - Have a stock of scathe motes for the last stage
    - Aegis Shield against Scathe
    - Fully charged Black Matter

    Btw, look here:

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  1. i just used holy lances and excalibur while wearing black masks. It absorbs dark attacks and is weak to holy. He gets a 0 wait time for magic after you get him in critical, meaning he can cast magic instantly and becomes immune to weapons. then i just used scathe and curaja. did it on my first try at level 75.

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  2. Because Zodiark has a physical immunity shield after its HP drops to 20% (if memory serves), using Quickening after that doesn't work.

    At that point, change all your gambits accordingly.

    What I did was, equip everyone with Mirror Mail. One person (most likely the one with Lure or just Zodiark's target) will use Scathe on himself, with Black Mask on.

    Another two will have Opal Ring and cast Faith on himself/herself. Then Shellga will be cast, because with Opal Ring, magick does not bounce off. Then it's back to using Scathe on themselves.

    Take note at the battle log. When Zodiark starts Darkja, quickly go and equip Dark Mask on everyone. If someone dies, quickly revive them. I recommend having one tanker and two long-ranger. That way, the chances are that the two ranger might not die.

    Also, be sure to cure Blind immediately if it hits. If you're putting it in the gambits, put it just below the one for reviving. Use Blindna instead of Esuna all the way, because you need the MP. Also, no point keeping Ether because you can buy them. Get the license for more MP recovery.

    Don't worry, just keep trying, and change tactics accordingly. I myself died twice before I changed my gambits totally. I got it on my third try. Zodiark's attacks and the satisfactions are all worth it.

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  3. I'm going to be honest now, it's not advised that you use a Quickening, its better to save your magic for healing. I don't remember what level i was when i got him, but i got him on my first try and i didn't use a Quickening at all.

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  4. Well it's quite simple.
    You need some black masks and some "anti-death" equipment like ribbon.
    Then you need to be quick.
    When you see he's going to use Darkja go to the main menu and equip your "anti-death" equipment (usually an accessory)
    The rest is smooth sailing!

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  5. Equip every character with something that absorbs dark element attacks (ie: black mask)
    SHELL ON EVERYONE!!! This halves the chance of death.
    I forget if there is any immune: death equipment, but if there is, equip it.
    Set your gambits accordingly, and don't waste MP on quickenings unless you can get at least 8+ hits and the whirlwind concurance.
    Other than that, it shouldn't be too hard. I beat him on level 71 on the first try without too much difficulty.

    Good luck!

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  6. after it hits about 20% of its hp it will throw up a palling (physical damage immune) and a magic shield (magic immune) the palling only goes down for a second at most but the magic shield goes down for extended periods. during that time make sure to switch your attack gambits and start using non-elemental spells like scourge, scathe and shock. MAKE SURE YOU DISPEL REFLECT FROM ZODIARK IF HE HAS IT ON HIM!!! (you cant until he drops the magic sheild.) just keep pelting him with non-elemental magic while hes vunerable and he will eventually fall.

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  7. what kind of weapons do you have? because you need really good hard hitting weapons.preferably one handed swords(with demon shields!), Great swords(tournesol,save the queen,ultima blade,Ragnarok,etc.) or the high attack katanas(WITH GENJI GLOVES)such as the masamune.
    Basch-Tournesol,maximillian,black masks, and bubblebelt.
    Vaan-Masamune,maximillian," " " " " " " " and genji gloves
    Penolo-Ultimablade,maximillian,same,and bubble belt
    Balthier-Ragnarock,maximillian,same,and bubble belt
    Ashe-Excalibur,maximillian,same,and bubble belt
    Fran-Masamune,maximillian,same, and bubble belt

    fran got the masamune from gilgamesh and vaans was through bazaar. and yes tournesol is worth the excrutiating pain to retrieve.

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  8. Hit him with a spear. make his health go to 0,

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  9. when fighting zodiark you can equip a ribbon to avoid the darkja's death i think im not sure and also you might want to equip a demon shield to absorb dark damage from the darkja oh and use holy weapons too! Youre on the right lv dude! i beat him on my second try at lv 84.

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