How do I beat the seer "god or devil"?

  1. Helppp. i cant even find this mark.. and everytime i enter the pharos i get mass jumped... i have 3 of my characters at lvl. 80 and the rest are around 60... and suggestions?

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  1. Finding the seer is a simple, yet time-consuming and frustrating process. The elevator that you took down to penumbra will take you to the bottom floor to fight the seer...eventually. On each floor, there are four rooms full of ridiculously strong enemies. Each room also has a pillar of night in the antechamber. This pillar must be filled with black orbs. The black orbs can only be aquirred by killing enemies and picking them up when they're dropped. The drop rate is completely random, and if you don't grab them within 5 or 6 seconds, they'll fly away, gone forever. When all 4 pedestals(one in each room) has been completely filled, the elevator will take you down one more level where you get to do the exact same thing all over again. Be warned that the enemies will become stronger each time you descend to another level.

    Now as for you getting your butt whipped as soon as you step off the elevator, there are a few things you could do to help prevent this.

    -Make sure ALL of your characters are high levels. I would suggest having all of your characters level 75 or higher. That way, if your primary party is wiped out, your reserves can survive long enough to revive your primaries, or else flee and get back to the elevator.

    -Get yourself some better equipment. You need top-notch weapons and armor if you expect to hold your own in this place. Zodiac Spear, Masamune, Tournesol(if you have the dedication), Sagitarrius or Perseus Bow, and Ragnarok are all great weapons to have. It also doesn't hurt to give one of your characters a strong one-handed weapon like the Deathbringer or Durandal and a good shield(Demon Shield is decent and easy to aquire). Get yourself some good armor as well. The maximillian armor is basically the best you can get without a lot of effort. The grand armor is a bit stronger, but a pain in the a$$ to get your hands on.

    -Bubble Belts!!!

    -Make sure you've got the best spells and the licenses to use them.

    -Keep Libra and Float on at all times. This place has a lot of traps, and some of them can be crippling.

    -The most important thing you can do is make sure your gambits are set up properly. There are plenty of variations on how you can set them up, but here's a basic concept to work from.

    -Make sure everyone has an arise gambit in the #1 spot.

    -Put Ally:HP<70%-Curaga in #2 for everyone.

    -Give your strongest character the Zodiac Spear and let him concentrate on attacking. You might even put his attack gambits before curaga, but not before arise.

    -Give your second character the Masamune or a strong two-handed weapon. Make sure his heal gambits are before his attack gambits.

    -Your third character should have a long-range weapon and only attack as a last resort. This characters purpose is to keep the party healed and buffed. Give him or her gambits for Arise, Curaga, Esuna, Hasteaga, Protectga, Shellga, and Bravery for your main attacker. It may be prudent to give this person a Sage Ring in place of a Bubble Belt. They'll be casting a lot of magic, and the last thing you want is for your main healer/buffer to run out of MP. They should be okay without a Bubble Belt. The long-range weapon should keep them out of the thick of things and help them avoid most of the damage.

    -Make sure you have a good stock of curative items(antidotes, smelling salts, vaccines, etc.) Negative status effects are abundant in this place, and your MP should be conserved for buffing and healing your party, not removing annoying status effects. Vaccines are especially useful, since there a a lot of Disease traps on the first floor. Disease is not removed when a character is killed. If a character is killed while infected with disease, they will be revived with there Max Hp at 1!!! Needless to say, this can be very frustrating.

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  1. This is the same problem I ran into when I began my search for the seer. The next time I went in I was roughly level 85 and my reserves where around level 70.
    My equipment I was using are as shown

    Golden Skullcap
    Cat Ear Hood

    Zodiac Spear
    Jade Collar

    Golden Skullcap
    Genji Gloves

    The Genji Gloves, as you know and may have, are one time only, so if you didn't get them, they're gone forever.
    I'm not sure this will help you, but I had no trouble with killing the seer. If you keep having trouble then take a look at your gambits and check and see if you have the right healing gambits and buff gambits, preferably haste, protect, shell, and bravery (optional although it helps, same with faith). If you don't know how or where to get a maximillian (and at this point I would hope) then look in the faqs under the ultimate equipment area. You can buy it for around 12K gil, which isn't so bad if you've already killed BK and gotten your 500k worths of work.
    HAVE FUN!!!

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  2. Expect the swarms every time you alight from the lift in the Subterra. You can stand and fight, or Flee into a side room.

    To gain access to the Seer, on each of the Subterra's three floors you need to light all four Pedestals of Night (twelve all told). This is done with Black Orbs, which may appear when foes fall in these side rooms. If left too long, the orbs zip away, but congregate as a "massive" orb, so be sure to note the direction the orb leaves. (See the Subterra maps for possible massive orb locations. Many guides reveal the number of orbs needed for each pedestal, too.)

    Also, along the Penumbra's northern stretch you must engage and defeat Phoenix. another boss.

    Once all that is done, the lift offers another floor, called Unknown. There, you'll immediately engage the Seer, so buff and save at the gate crystal before taking the lift.

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  3. ok..... when I fought the seer, I had all my characters in the low 70s. just keep killing enemies in the corner rooms
    (You MUST kill Phoenix) until you can fill all the pedestals of night completely. if you want my gambits, just look at my reponse to the strategy for yiazmat question. as for the crowdedness, you wont have to worry about that after subterra, because thats the only floor with abbadons. When filling a pedestal, always choose the "insert one orb" option.
    As for the battle, just use your (or my) gambits until he summons his buddies. By the way, all my characters had:
    helm: Golden skullcap (burrough in Barheim)
    armor: Maximillian (baknamy in Nabudis)
    sheild: Demon sheild (baknamy in Nabudis)
    weapon: Golden axe (merchant in Estersand- near gate crystal)
    Accessory: Bubble Belt (merchant in Muthru Bazaar- Rabanastre)

    The Boss fights are the same as you fought them the first time, but to avoid trying to hit shadowseer, use the gambit
    Foe: Lowest Max HP
    also try to tough out Shadowseer's status effect(s)- (mostly immobilize) then just keep beating on the summoned enemy.
    When Phoenix comes at the end, definetly have telekinisis so as to not waste magic. after the summons are gone, the battle is easy as pie =)

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