Imobilise glitch???

  1. Anyone can tell me how the imobilising glitch work? or where can i find the faq for this one?

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    blackheart_669 - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    What is the Imobilise Glitch??

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    crab_boy321 - 8 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    Thx everyone, and once again, maybe this is sounds funny because until now i don't know what the diffrerent between "hit and hit combo"... I ask this since it related to "how you get the rare treasure.."
    Honestly, when i read the faq, i don't really get it.. Could anybody tell me more simply? thanks a alot..

    User Info: blackheart_669

    blackheart_669 - 8 years ago
  4. Additional Details:
    so all i have to do is make a certain hit to make a hit combos?
    What if the first hit, i already make a combos? Or certain hit already make a combo that actually not the pattern that i want?
    So the glitch is'nt related to the combo pattern, but to minimize the damage?

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    blackheart_669 - 8 years ago
  5. Additional Details:
    That's small chance to get there without getting hit, because we can't avoid 3 first abysteel, it must strike with gnaw, or blood suck(the other attack.)

    When my first try, i step my foot in front of the chest, then i start hitting myself, but just at second hit, i do 2 combos.. And then continued until 90th, without any combo.. I wonder if i do the wrong pattern or what...
    For the rest of my play, i did't see the chest again(I tried 10 times but just 1 time i saw it), boring, i stop searching....
    sorry for troublling you azorro, but this is really horrible that i can't get one...

    User Info: blackheart_669

    blackheart_669 - 8 years ago

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  1. The "Immobilize Glitch" can be used as a part of the RNG method developed by "FF12 Grandmaster" of obtaining rare treasures from chests. In overview, it can work as follows:

    Turn off "Gambits" on your party members. Set up a Gambit on one of your party members to cast "Immobilize" on "Self". For a second party member (the one who will seek out the treasure chest with the rare treasure inside), remove the equipped weapon. Set up a Gambit on this individual to "Attack" "Self". Form a one person party of the individual who will immobilize him/her self. Activate "Gambits" to see the "Immobilization" occur. Now bring in the second individual as party leader. Run the leader away from the immobilized individual (to be not in the same viewing area). If fiends appear to attack the party leader, quickly cycle leadership back to the immobilized party member and then back to the running leader party member. The fiends attacking the leader will have dissappeared.

    For more detailed information on this and the RNG method, check out the RNG Method Section of Split Infinity's FAQ or check for RNG Topic discussions on the main FF XII board.

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  1. Imobilise Glitch???

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  2. Excerpt from the LL FAQ:

    The Immobilize Glitch involves abusing the PS2's aging processing ability. When
    you enter a zone, bring out a character and cast Immobilize on them. Switch to
    another character and run through the zone. When your runner is engaged by
    enemies, quickly switch to your immobilzed character and then back. The enemies
    will have disappeared! This glitch only works in large zones when there's a lot
    of space between your two characters.

    Hope this helps!

    User Info: silverduchess

    silverduchess (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0
  3. I do not know the "LL FAQ". Perhaps the responder could provide a complete citation to fill out the prior response?

    If you play FF XII on the PlayStation 3, the "glitch" works there too. The basic RNG method is the same but for the PlayStation 3 a few additional action sequences occur that must be dealt with. Some of these have been exposed in the RNG Method discussion threads posted on the main FF XII board.

    User Info: AZorro007

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  4. In response to AZorro007:

    The immobilize glitch does not have to be part of any sort of RNG manipulation. It is a separate (and much older) glitch with just happens to be useful to that method, as well as many other things. Given the original question poster mentioned nothing about RNG manipulation, there's not any need to discuss it here.

    Also by "LL FAQ", silverduchess was referring to the Low Level Challenge FAQ, found here:

    As for the Immobilize glitch itself, like others have said:
    It involves making one character stay back near the entrance to the zone, away from your party leader. This is most commonly done by casting immobilize on them, but things like Stop, Stone etc will also work, or even repeatedly swapping back to them and having them cast cure on themselves. For longer runs, casting both Immobilize and Stop on the character can make it last longer, if just Immobilize isn't lasting long enough.
    Then, once there is some distance between your party leader and this held back character, quickly swapping party leader back and forth between the two will get rid of all enemies around your orignal leader.

    User Info: frozen_josh

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