How do I get the dull fragment at garamsythe gateway??

  1. It really makes me confuse..
    and also..
    please tell me detail to get the medallion of might..
    I've talk to ma'kleou and go to secret path in nabreus deadlands..
    but i can't found it..
    I also can't open the shrine.. T_T

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  1. The Dull Fragment
    You need to have cleared the White Mousse Hunt. Once you have the Waterway Key, close Gate No.11, close Gate No.4, open Gate No.11, close Gate No.3, and open Gate No.4 to hear something falling nearby, like a metallic pebble. Walk around the outer edge of the area and look for a 'Shiny Object' - examine it for the Dull Fragment.

    The Medallion of Might
    *deep breath, cracks knuckles*
    You've already talked to Ma'kleou, so clear the Orthros Hunt (for the Blackened Fragment) and get the Dull Fragment. Talk to Roh'kenmou (the Nu Mou) in Old Dalan's home (Old Dalan was given a Fragment long ago and just gave it back to the Nu Mou).

    Talk to Filo in South Sprawl, talk to 'Curious Woman' near the fountain in Southern Plaza, talk to all 'Merchant' characters in Muthru Bazaar, talk to 'Sotted Imperial' in Yugri's Magicks, talk to Kytes in North Sprawl (near Storehouse Five), talk to Filo again, and talk to the 'Sotted Imperial' again for the Grimy Fragment. Give this to Roh'kenmou in Old Dalan's place.

    In Archades, talk to Roh'kenmu the Nu Mou in Charlotte's Magickery about a man named Otto. Go to Old Archades - Alley of Muted Sighs along the North edge to find Otto talking to a woman. Speak to him and you will obtain Moonsilver Medallion. Give this to Roh'kenmu.

    Go to Nabreus Deadlands - The Muted Scarp to find Ma'kleou, Roh'kenmou, and Roh'kenmu. Talk to them and go through the secret paths to Overlooking Eternity. Inspect the shrine of the frog king at the top and you will obtain Medallion of Bravery, Medallion of Love, and Lusterless Medallion.

    Now find a Save Crystal to use.

    Defeat Fury (use the Medallion of Love to open the Door of Loathing) and Humbaba Mistant (use the Medallion of Bravery to open the Door of Horrors) in the Necrohol of Nabudis to power up the Lusterless Medallion into the Medallion of Might.

    Now find a Crystal and SAVE!!! You don't want to face these two again because of a Game Over from the next boss.

    Use the Medallion of Might on the Door of Despair to face the Esper, Chaos, and his 4 Chaosjets (Water, Fire, Air, and Earth, similar to the Elementals of the same type). Prepare your Attack Gambits to use Souleater or Telekinesis instead of Attack (a Magick Seal prevents use of the Attack Command throughout the battle).

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  1. Dull Fragment:
    First open No. 10 gate. Once all the 4 gates are open (not Lit).

    In exact order listed:
    Close No 11, and No. 4
    Open No. 11
    Close No. 3
    Open No. 4

    Run around to the side with the exits and look for the glint (about the center) obtain the Dull Fragment.

    The Medallion of Bravery consists of 4 Fragments;
    Blackened Fragment given by Samal after defeating the Hunt Orthros.
    Grimy Fragment given by the Curious Woman
    Dull Fragment found in Garamsythe by openin/closing the Sluice Gates in correct order.
    The last fragment is given by Old Dalan.

    The Medallion of Love is found in Archades and you must retrieve it from Otto(Old Archades).

    The Medallion of Might:
    You must speak to the Ma'Kleou and then travel to the shrine where you will receive the Lusterless Medallion.

    Take all 3 Medallions to Nabudis. By opening the doors with the Medallions of Bravery and Love, defeating the enemy within you power up the Lusterless Medallion into the Medallion of Might.
    Which will then open the door for the Esper Chaos.

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  2. They are right, once you get all the fragments and talk to the no mou at the nabudis deadlands, then go to the serect area, and clear all the monsters, if it didn't work, exit and re-enter and make sure there is no other montser that renewed, thats how I got the no mou to show( walk up too the shrine, if all the monsters are all cleared, that may be your problem.)

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