How do I beat blood wing?

  1. How do i beat blood wing in the barheim passage? There are many enemy in the barheim passage with a high level. What level should i be?

    User Info: Life112

    Life112 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Also since bloodwing is a flying monster your going to need to use magick or telekenisis against it. (telekenisis is obtainable via necrohol of nabudis from the baknamy merchant in the hidden room in the part accessable from the salikawood. thats where you get scathe too) treck to where you first entered the barheim passage and buy ardor. try to use oil on blood wing. if it sticks sling ardor at it like theres no tomorrow. 9999 damage for every ardor. or use scourge or bio if you have them. if you dont have telekenisis just throw all your strongest magics at it. defeat the enemies since there are only maybe 3 total in the room with blood wing which isnt very strong. i was at high 50s when i fought it and it was beyond easy. so id say about lvl 50 or anywhere from 48~53 for it to be slightly difficult. 54~58 for it to be easy.

    User Info: EyesOfTheEmo

    EyesOfTheEmo - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. You should probably be in ur early 50s or mid fifties but its possible to beat him a bit lower just make sure all of ur characters know curaja and use that against the undead enemies. Also dont run from the monsters because that could make it much harder to beat blood wing. Avoid conflict with the bomb monsters in that level and never fight too close to them.

    User Info: megafire566

    megafire566 - 8 years ago 1 0
  2. first i would get to at least lvl 45 but i rater do lvl 50
    moslt have to worry about specters(some goast looking thing) and dead bones (glowing skeltions but not fully glowing)
    fist all u need is 3 people of any of u want make sure they know
    -libra/float (for traps that might be around there, optinal)
    -shell (if u really need it for spectars the like to do alot of magic but kinda weak)
    -charge(if u run out of mp)
    thats all u really need becides ranged wepons or u can use drain or black magic id keep 2 people with mele wepons for spectars and dead bones
    just have ranged person attck bloodwing while other two kill poping up dead bones/spectars and u can use drain on bloodwing it helps

    thats all u really need to know
    c ya =D

    User Info: sin_city95

    sin_city95 - 8 years ago 0 0

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