How to make my party stronger?

  1. What is the best way to improve my party so i wound not rely too much on limit?

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  1. Level up with vaan before balthier and fran and obtain the est armor and weapons at the start of the game after the rouge tomato hunt

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  1. Train, get the augmentations, get good gear, leveling up in this game and making your team over powered is redicously easy in this game, all you really have to do is farm license points (dalmasca estersand = very good place to do this) the sooner you get the augments the sooner you start being awesome. you really wont need to rely on the mist charges or "limit" as you called it. mist charges are useful though for the fact that if you get 2 or 3 it doubles or tripples your max MP thus MORE SPELLS so getting those is also very important. i personally NEVER use quickenings (mist charges) because i really dont need to. the only use for them is ending a boss battle quickly. but ya all you need to do to make your party better is
    1. for the most part focus on 3 main fighters (get the sub fighters to at least lvl 45 by the end of the game to make things easier and get them to about 30 before archades)
    2. TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN!!! (there are many good training places in this game find a place that works and use it
    3. FARM THOSE LP (LP are used to get the augments quickenings and licenses to use new equipment and magic so GET AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE more LP = BETTER PARTY and remember the 3 main fighters in your party arnt the only ones who get LP the reserve party members do too. as stated previously the dalmasca estersand is a great place to farm for outpost to outpost can net you anywhere between 120 ~ 240 or more depending on if you kill all monsters you see, if the nekhbet spawns and if your using the golden amulet.
    4. GET GOOD GEAR (this one is kind of common sense save the loot you get and when you go to a town SELL SELL SELL and you get money, the more loot the more better gear you can afford. also remember that some monsters drop weapons too.
    5. CHAIN chaining monsters increases the ammount of items they drop and the chances they will drop a good item an example would be the Urutan-Yensas, chain enough of them and an urutan exile may appear and if you have a high chain he can drop a 54 attack katana thats all you really not to mention a chain lvl 4 means monsters are frequently dropping 2~4 of their loot and if the numbers are flashing (chain numbers) they can drop multiples of their rare items 2 (like 3 flame staffs from 1 dustia)

    thats all you really need to know to make your party stronger

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  2. I'm sorry, I haven't played in a while so my memory's a bit rough.
    If you are a moderate level maybe around 50, go to the Nebreus Deadlands,and go to the big plain just west of the gate crystal. Now head north along the east wall until you find a path that's not on the minimap. Go through until the mountain and start pounding zombies into the dust. They give 1000 experience each or 2000 with the embroided tippet equipped. Kill constantly until you get to the top and wait for a few rounds of them respawning so you can continue to kill them. ONce they stop respawning, run back 2 screens, fleeing so you won't break your chain. Then return to the final screen and repeat.
    This method can last you up to an easy 70 with the embroided tippet. At around level 70-75 go to henne mines and look for a cross shaped room with a lever that controls two out of the four gates to be open. Have gambits for 2 people start with
    1. Foe:any-sleepga to put the bats to sleep
    2-4or 7 or whenevr you want to stop:healing allies so you wont die
    then have the last to fire curaja at the sleeping bats which will take 9999 off of them.
    For the other person just remove the sleepga.
    These bats give a whopping 20 000 experiene each or 40 000 with the embroided tippet.
    This way is only for higher-levelled characters, but is massive experience. Level 99 here i come!

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  3. It depends on where you are at:
    lv 1-5 estesands
    lv 6-10 waterway,barheim passage
    lv 11-17 Lhusu mine
    lv 18-19 sandsea, raithwall
    lv 20-25 ozmone plain
    lv 23-28 parimina rifts
    lv 29-32 morphan highwaste
    lv 32-37 silaka wood
    lv 38 phon coast
    lv 38-45 tchita uplands
    lv 45-47 sochen cave palace
    lv 47-50 fey wood ,giruvegan
    lv 50-53 nauberus deadlands
    lv 53-63 nechrohol on naubudis
    lv 63-75 subterra: must have accepted Ixion or Shadowseer:located UNDER pharos
    lv 76+ henne mines: after killing piscododien(hunt in giruvegan) and receiving 10 espers u have to talk to someone in jahara(i dont remember who so just talk to everyone until one says that he is sending someone to henne mines). then teleport to henne mines and go to the area where you fought that wyrm boss then make a right and exit to the next area. keep following the trail until eventually you come to crossover c. then equip your embroid tippet and set your gambits to:
    1) self bubble
    2) ally hp 50% curaja
    3) foe any sleepga
    4) foe status sleep curaja
    then activate the switch and about 11 bats will drop each giving 6000 exp. after they die zone 2 zones back and return to crossover c and reactivate the switch. also make sure youre gambits are alwas set up good, and your weapons,magicks, ect are always up to date

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  4. All these answers are so long its simple ever time one of your people level up trade him/her out for someone who needs to level up

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  5. A really easy way is to kill a TON of wolves and sell the pelts. Buy as many pheonix downs as you can, than go to the westrsands. Go to the northernmost exit, but make sure you have LESS than 10 percent health. If you have gambits by then, make your first priority to use a pheonix down on nearest enemy. Dusti will only show up if your health is below 10%. As soon as he appears and you can choose to, throw a phoenix down to him. Kills instantly, and gives you roughly 1000 xp, and 3 LP. If he drops an item, grab it and run back out of the area BEFORE YOU SEE THE XP AND LP NUMBERS. THEN YOU CAN RUN BACK IN AND HE WILL REAPPEAR, THEN DO IT OVER. This will make a big chain. If you see the numbers, go back to town (or another place 2 areas away) then come back, or else he won't reappear. Easy as pie, just a little expensive.

    The easiest way to train your party is to make Vaan a badass BEFORE they permanantly join your party, as their levels are based on yours. You can always redo this to make him stronger you know.

    Hope this helps man!

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  6. Personally I'd have to say that throughout the game the easiest way to level is to avoid missions until you increased your level to five over what had at the end of the last mission. With the Bounties you're going to want to accept them then do a mission then kill the mark. You can also gather espers, these of which are the strongest of spells/summons, for them I suggest Zalera as he can kill virtually anything in moments. You can also generalize abilities, having multiple people using firaga on a fore weak opponent increases your chances of killing it greatly. Other than that I'd have to say that you should power-level (dramatically increase your level in one area through repetitive kills/chains in order to have an edge on opponents.

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  7. Train

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  8. Just use Action Replay.

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  9. -Get all of your characters to at least LV. 30
    -Equip them with the most up to date weapons and armors.
    -Having all three mist charges is recommended because of the MP
    boost you get.
    -A short while after defeating Mateus you will be able to buy
    remedies at loot shops. Buy 15-20 depending on how long you want
    to level up.
    -Get "Remedy Lore 3" on the license board. It allows remedy to
    cure Doom.

    Step 2: Gambit Setup.

    Character 1 (Party Leader):

    Self - Haste
    Ally: HP < 70% - Cura
    Ally: Any - Raise
    Ally: Any - Esuna
    Ally: Party Leader - Remedy
    Foe: HP < 3,000 - Attack
    Self - Charge

    Character 2:

    Self - Haste
    Ally: HP < 70% - Cura
    Ally: Any - Raise
    Ally: Any - Esuna
    Ally: Party Leader - Remedy
    Self - Decoy
    Foe: HP < 3,000 - Attack
    Self - Charge

    Character 3:

    Self - Haste
    Ally: HP < 70% - Cura
    Ally: Any - Raise
    Ally: Any - Esuna
    Ally: Party Leader - Remedy
    Self - Decoy
    Foe: HP < 3,000 - Attack
    Self - Charge

    Step 3: Clear the Stillshrine of Miriam

    Finish the whole stage at least to the point that the "Sword of
    Judgment" is lifted from the path in the "Ward of the Sword-King";
    this is required to be able to clear the whole "Ward of the Sword-
    King" of any enemies.

    Step 4: Hunt for Negalmuur.

    In "Ward of the Sword King" which is the corridor at West from
    Save Crystal (go bottom from Save Crystal), kill all enemies
    there, exit and re-enter. Keep re-entering it might take up to 20
    or more tries before you encounter Negalmuur but each time you
    leave the area make sure it is totally cleared of ALL enemies.

    Step 5: Reap the Rewards.

    During the battle with Negalmuur with the setup above mentioned he
    will summon a Ghast every 4-8 seconds and your characters will
    keep attacking them only because they have less than 3,000HP and
    Negalmuur has over 18,000 HP with each kill you get 1LP and about
    340EXP per character (Assuming you have a party of 3). This can
    also be further enhanced with accessories that multiply the EXP
    and LP gained he will endlessly summon the Ghast. Remedies will
    only be used when Doom is cast on the leader. If any other status
    effect is cast on the leader like Petrify, Esuna will be used.
    Because the other characters have Decoy the leader having Doom
    cast on him will be rare so not too many remedies will be used.
    Once you have gotten to the point where you want to stop DON'T
    kill him leave the room and save in the save crystal in the next
    room and re-set your game this will let you encounter him in the

    Q: Where can I buy remedies?

    A: Remedies can be bought in loot shops after fighting Judge
    Bergan. They sell for 400 gil each. If you don't have enough gil
    for them, start this strategy without remedies but keep an eye on
    it so the leader doesn't die. If he dies switch leaders and the
    other characters will revive the leader automatically. Eventually
    you will get 99 Festering Flesh which sell at any store for around
    50k gil altogether. That money should get you about 80-90

    GET 99 REMEDIES!!!!!!
    leave the game on over night.
    you can get to about level 60

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  10. You can go to the cerobi stepp and train on sheilded wyrms over there they are really good for xp they give 11000xp if u wear embroided tippet so it will become 22000xp which is good

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  11. Well? Juz go and train dats all u nid!! And dont forget to do the quest!

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  12. Get beer.

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  13. Use xRestless's Negalmuur Auto-Leveling Guide (But keep constant watch on it) if you are below level 35.
    Use Cuzit's Jelly Auto-Leveling guide (but keep constant watch on it) if you are above level 35

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  14. Fight lots of the best available enemy to level up. Reset until you get the maximum HP per level up, and save after each level. Buy the best available equipment once they're available. Keep your gambits simple.

    Or just get a strategy guide.

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  15. WEAPON not level.

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  16. Basically, the most important part of any Final Fantasy is leveling up. If you're not willing to stop the story line from time to time and devote a few hours to nothing but running around killing enemies and leveling up, then the game is going to get increasingly difficult. If you're too lazy to do that, then check the "FAQS" page on this site. There are two auto-leveling guides. One with the Negalamuur(spelling?), and another with jellies. I recommend the jellies since they give more experience and, if done correctly, it is impossible to die. You're party will gain levels while you do absolutely nothing. I set mine up, turned the tv off, and went to bed. When I woke up in the morning and checked it, my party had gained over twenty levels.

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  17. nebrus deadlands is all i can say just kill the skellitons in the area with the giant frog tomb?
    i killed like 200 and good some good drops nothing really good they drop but u can sell there aicient bone
    blooddarkend bones and they give alot of eye drops [you can probly get 99 out of 40-60 of them]

    there about 1350xp or 2500 each some where between that and the higher your chain the more xp
    its easy to zone and quickly done :D

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