At the end of Raithwalls tomb how do you defeat the boss?

  1. The one that has an axe

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    knight1029 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Are you talking about the esper? If so, then just keep attacking him and have your best magic user use magicks. Also have someone else use protect or shell if you have them. If you need to heal, then heal yourself with items or magicks if need be. Maybe your just under leveled. If so, then just go around killing stuff for a little while. Hope this helps.

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Other Answers

  1. Belias is weak against water, so have your best magick user cast it on him as much as you can. Equip one character with a gun loaded with Aqua Shot if you have it. Set an "Ally: any -> Handkerchief" gambit too and make sure you have plenty of said item, because his Firaja attack can cause the Oil status effect (and Belias uses a LOT of fire attacks, so this is lethal if you don't remove it quickly).

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  2. Use all of your available buffs before battle, especially on Vossler because of his higher combo rate being able to wreck Belias. Belias's Element is Fire and Firaja's chance of Oil makes the Esper that much more deadly.

    Have an Attacker and 2 Buffers with these recommended Gambits:
    1. "Ally: Any --> Handkerchief"
    2. "Ally: Any --> Phoenix Down/Raise"
    3. "Foe: HP Critical --> Attack" (for your Attacker), "Ally: Any --> Shell/Protect" (for your Buffers, one uses Shell, the other uses Protect)
    4. "Ally: HP < 60% --> Cura/High Potion"
    5. "Foe: Any --> Attack"

    Belias has the following Passives from the Start:
    Safety (cannot instant death or Poach), Null Knockback, Null VIT (automatic Oil Status from Firaja when your Shell is down), Null W&T Effects (attacks and magicks ignore the effects of the Mist haze), CritHP -> MAG+, Half MP Cost

    ...gains these (from this, does this):
    Null EVA (HP < 50%, shields become useless), Attack+ (HP < 50%), Spellspring (HP < 50%, 0 MP cost), Magic CT = 0 (HP < 20%, spells don't charge before casting), HP Devour (Saber, more damage at the expense of HP per hit), Damage Resist (Greater Barrier)

    ...and loses (from this):
    HP Devour (HP < 50%)

    Fire becomes more common after Saber is used (HP < 80%). Firaja comes immediately after Greater Barrier (HP < 50%) then again after every 12 attacks. Belias's regular Attack is the only thing that actually charges, cannot combo, and is the best thing you can get hit by here.

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