Beating the espers??

  1. On what level i should when i wanted to beat those espers if you suggest??
    and who is the strongest to the weakest esper?

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  1. Adrammelech- to be safe, go about level 45. you should have no problem since the monsters in that part that pop up while youre fighting him are relatively weak. just make sure you have a few bows, or telekinesis if youre at that point in the story line, as he flies.

    Cuchulainn- Need to complete the white moose hunt to get the sluice key, and you need to mess around with the gates a little bit before you can get to him. by that time the monsters in the waterway are around level 40 or just a little higher. so id say a comfortable level for this one would be between 50-55. during the battle a shield that drains your HP constantly, so make sure you have plenty of ethers if you can get to them and many healing items like potions and whatnot if you want to heal quickly. other than that just heal with spells.

    Chaos-Necrohol of Nabudis, don't attempt until at least 55-60. or better yet, until you can handle 3 of the Baknamy hitting you at once with ease. He has elemental Chaosjets surrounding them so take them out before you take him out. Air, water, earth and fire. And since he takes half damage to elements, id suggest you wait for this one until you obtain telekinesis, because your attack command will be SEALED during the entire fight.

    To even think about getting chaos, you need to complete a somewhat long side quest of finding 4 pieces of a medallion. You're given one after you complete a hunt early on in the game, leaving you to find 3 more. one is in the waterway, one is in old archades, and the last right there in Rabanastre. Lots of running around to do, i suggest you find a guide for it that explains what to do since its slightly time consuming. There are also 2 boss battles before you get to chaos, and theyre very easy. just make sure you steal from them before you kill them, some of the loot they might give out prove to be useful later on in the game.

    Zeromus-Obtainable after you defeat Judge Bergan. Talk to the acolyte and he will give you the stone of the condemner. Go to the Stillshrine of Miriam and head all the way to the end and use the teleporter, it will give you the option of using the stone. once you do, it will take you to a small room with a door. behind that door is zeromus. Don't attempt him under level 50. there will be many dark lords that will attack you and keep attacking you throughout this fight while zeromus himself is attacking you. Your magics will be disabled so bring plenty of healing items.

    Exodus- Level 30-40 should be somewhat reasonable for this one. your items will be disabled. bunch of things you need to do, wont be accessible till a little later in the game i believe. dont quote me, im not sure..make sure you look up a detailed guide on what to do.

    Ultima- Located in the Great Crystal after the Giruvegan events. For the love of god, dont go up there if youre under level 70. the monsters up there will beat the life out of you if you are not prepared. you again need a detailed guide on how to get to her, and its quite time consuming and annoying. under 50% hp she'll use reflectga and bouncer her healing magics off of you to heal herself. Under about 20% or so she'll use Holyja and that will inflict reverse. so be very careful in this fight.

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  1. Taking down the 5 storyline Espers requires that your characters are roughly at the level of the local monsters. The 8 Optional Espers are another story.

    Zalera - Make sure your levels are ***EXACTLY*** 49, 77, or 91 to negate his "Level #" Spells.

    The others can be tackled when they are first available, but you'll need lots of planning, foresight, and tactical skills...or this guide:

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  2. As far as Zalera goes, if you can handle all of the monsters on the way to the Esper with ease, you should have no problem fighting him. Just bring items, and if you would like to go as far as to make sure those level number spells don't affect you, go in with odd numbered levels. It's not too much of a bother anyways.

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  3. Zodiark-attempting this one under level 85 is suicide. you need to clear all of the Garifs hunts and obtain 10 espers and talk to the high priest, thats the only way i can remember him so forgive me if that isnt correct, but hes in Jahara. he'll open up a passage for you in the Henne mines where the mosters are roughly 60 or higher. Very dangerous area of the game since many of the bats will attack you at once, and there are passages not shown on your map so you cant completely rely on that. im sure theres a guide on here somewhere to tell you how to get to him. i dont care what people say about strength; make sure you have the strongest 1H weapon you can find and get Demon shields. they absorb the dark element and he will be using banish ray and final eclipse quite a bit. and watch out for scathe and flare, both are non elemental and deal a good amount of damage, especially scathe. and buy bubble belts too!

    **A side note on Zalera** --theres a 5:00 time limit to kill him!! if you fail, you get kicked out to the save crystal and you gotta start all over again. so be ready! I believe he's at level 40 but he's really not that hard to kill. Make sure your level is a multiple of 2, it should negate the effects of his level number spells.

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