How do I get in Barheim Passage for I can beat the bloodwing?

  1. The game sayes that there is a key to Barheim Passage but how do I get it?

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    Jesse_Orell - 7 years ago

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  1. To be able to return to the Barheim Passage you must complete something called "Desert Patient" sidequest. This side quest is rather convoluted and tricky but fortunately there are resources available to help you complete it.

    Check out the walk through by Split Infinity (Section G0600) for the most detailed explanation of how to pursue that side quest.

    For a undestandable summary (but perhaps a little confusing in presentation) explanation of how to complete the side quest read the posted answers on this board to the following questions:

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    2. Side quest desert pactence? (see the second answer provided)

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    There are a few confusion factors in the discussions.

    1. There is another mini side quest involving getting the ferry restarted that occurs in the same area. you can complete the Desert Patient quest without doing it. However, if you start the ferry reactivation, you will have to complete it before completing the Desert Patient quest.

    2. The Desert Patient quest requires travel to the north bank of the Nebra River (the village is on the south bank). There are three ways of traveling there once the Tomb of Raithwall has been completed (not before). Use the reactivated ferry, rent a Chocobo at Nalbina or defeat a dragon in the westersands. I recommend renting the Chocobo as the "best" approach.

    3. To get the "best" prize from the sidequest, you need the Great Serpent Skin (the product of another Mark Hunt) but it is not essential to completing the quest. The desert Patient quest can be finished without it.

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  1. The Desert Patient Sidequest. Defeat the Flowering Cactoid (Hunt Petitioner is Dantro) and take the Cactus Flower to Dantro's wife. Bring her Semclam Shells (at least 1, 5 is best), Nebralim (at least 1, 2 is best), and Valeblossom Dew (at least 1, 3 is best) when she asks for them (Valeblossom Dew requires you to be able to reach the areas north of South Bank Village). If you have the Great Serpentskin from the Nidhogg Hunt, it gets you a better reward with the Barheim Key.

    Once all of the items have been given, exit the village, re-enter, and talk to the moogle behind Dantro's house for the Barheim Key and the added reward.

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