How do I get the whole medallion?

  1. I got the piece u get from the hunting the mark for the contrite thief. I'm not sure how to find the curious woman or find the other pieces.

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  1. 1: You need to complete the Waterway Haunting, first. Go to Lowtown's North Sprawl after completing the hunt and enter the private residence to speak to Deeg. Take the Dusty Later on the table and read it. Now, complete the hunt Lost in the Pudding and speak with Sorbet who petitioned the hunt. With the key on hand, go to the Waterway again and control the gates so that all of the lights are off. Look around where the gate number three is to find the Dull Fragment.

    2: This one is a reward for successfully completing the Crime and Punishment hunt.

    3: Speak to Roh'kenmou in Dalan's place. Then find Filo in Lowtown's South Sprawl.Go to Rabanastre's Southern Plaza and speak to the curious woman at the fountain. Now, go to Muthru Bazaar and speak with two merchants there. After that, go to Yugri's Magicks. Speak to the imperial. Go back to Lowtown's North Sprawl and find Kytes. Then, find Filo again. Lastly, go back to speak with the imperial to receive the fragment.

    4: Return those three pieces to Roh'kenmou. Travel to Archades and enter Charlotte's Magickery in Molberry, and speak to Roh'kenmou there. Go to Old Archades and find Otto in the Muted Sighs. Return to Roh'kenmou.

    Those are all the pieces. Next, travel to Nabreus Deadlands and speak to Ma'kleou. Use the secret path to the right of the northwest corner of the Slumbermead to reach Fog Mutters and Overlooking Eternity. The medallion is at the steps of the shrine. Return to Ma'kleou to receive the key item.

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  1. This question has been asked and answered multiple times. For a list of responses covering this topic see the answer given to the posted question "Where can i find all of the medallion fragments?"

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