Where is agood place to level up?

  1. Hi, i just barely killed tiamat and am currently training on malboros. my levels range from 21-vaan to 26-basch. since im tired of malboros where else is agood place to train and get money for better equipment?

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    Gamerman99999 - 6 years ago
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    I tried the elder wyrm twice and died btw.

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    Gamerman99999 - 6 years ago
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    ok, but how do II get back to the Barhiem Passage? I tryed going from Dalmasca Estersand and a Seeq says that it was caved in and that the boss had the key to the other enterance (who is stuck inside). Plus I don't een know where the other enterance is. So...how do i get in? I'm right before the Elder Wyrm.

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    I beat Elder Wyrm =)
    @Konosxatz I've tried Jelly leveling a LOT and I just take too much damage. I don't have nor can get the Mirror Armour. I keep dieing whenever I try to do that so I gave up.

    @oioioi9537 By "Next major event" Do you mean traveling to Mt. Bur-Omniace? And can I do the first part of the quest after Bur-Omniace or do I havta do it now?

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    I beat the Elder Wyrm so...thank god. I used all 13 of my PDs XD Now I'm training on the Silcon Tortaises like nameless suggested. I have a good stategy better than Oil and Wyrmshot. Since I ony have 1 character that knows Oil at the moment and no wyrmshot or fiery arrows, I use Gravity since 2 characters know it, Ashe and Vaan. I just set their gambits to cast gravity if their health is >1000 then I just have them attack it and it dies in like 3 turns or so. Though gravity uses a lot of magic so... that's a down side.

    Also, I seem to be behind in magic. I only have the first tier magics (IE Fire, Thunder etc.) The only 2nd tier I have is Cura (unless water and aero are considered 2nd). Where can I get Fira, Thundara, Blizzara etc. I have liscenes for a lot of magic, techs and weapons for things I don't have.

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    Gamerman99999 - 6 years ago
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    Thanks guys. I'm in Paramina now with pretty good equipment and spells. Right now, I'm going around stealing and killing from the White Wolves, Wild Onions and Skull Warriors. For those who want to know, you can get quality pelt from WW, Succulent fruit for WO, and Sturdy bones from SW. They all sell pretty well.
    Here's just a funny think happened to me while I was doing this. I stole a Capricorn Gem from a SW and I thought, "OH MY GOD! THIS IS GOTTA BE WORTH A LOT!" (Also, I stole it from a char with Theif's Cuff so I thought it was rare) I run back to the shop as fast as I can to sell it. It was worth a whopping 150 gil!! (sarcasm)
    just felt like sharing this funny with u guys. XD

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    Gamerman99999 - 6 years ago
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    I did some leveling, Vaan 27, Balth 26 Fran 26 Basch 29
    Ashe 28 Penelo 27

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    Gamerman99999 - 6 years ago

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  1. Opinions vary on the best answer to this type of question. The answer really depends upon how you like to approach the game and what interests you.

    Check out Section G3800 "Quick Leveling" by Split Infinity for some general ideas.

    Personally, I like to try to attempt to overcome the fiends in Zertinian Caverns as a level up aid as soon as I can successfully start overcoming them. It is a challenging activity, the exploration is interesting and the rewards are good.

    For a place with good money, go to Special Ops Sector 5 of the Barheim Passage. There are treasure chests there which can be looted for 1000s of Gil without fighting any of the fiends once you get the hang of it. The treasure chests can be reloaded over and over by returning to the Gate Crystal located two "zones" away from Special Ops Sector 5.

    Then, as a bonus, you can also try to steal the Deathbringer weapon from Ithuno in the same area.

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  1. For now, u shud stick with malboros until ALL ur characters are at least lvl 26 or 27. I beat the elder wyrm when my best character- vaan was lvl 26 with demons bane and my other two - basch and Frank were lvl 25. It's very hard when u are under 26 unless u have a very good gambit set up. Once u do beat the elder wyrm, the nxt part, paramina rift, has some good enemies which give about 400 exp. U shud definitely focus on levelling up ur low lvl characters like vaan, because vaan is a very well balanced character. Make sure u have Edina, cura, raise, protect and shield.

    For getting back into bargain passage, u need to complete a quest which involves u treating someone in. Village north of estersand. Basically they will ask u to deliver ingredients and if u deliver all of them, u will have to wait because the person doesn't heal until you go through the next major event in the game, when u have gone through the next major event, go back to the village and u will find the person at the back of one of the houses in the village, talk to him, and he will give u the barheim passage key. But since ur nxt major event is after the elder wyrm, focus on Lvling ur characters up. And remember to get those +200 hp squares on the license board and some other helpful ones. If u want a fully detailed FAQ on the barheim passage key side quest, go to the berserker walkthrough.

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  2. ok it's easy
    you can use autoleveling jelly methode
    1)you must buy stone magic
    2)go to henne mines where the many jellys are
    3)use gambits foe any brake and no foe any attack
    4)you must wait to petrify them and another jelly will respone
    5)that may take about 3 hours to be from 30 to 60 with the item that doubles the xp
    (also you can skip elder wyrm from feywood.Take a l&#959;&#959;&#954; on the site <final fantasy 12 maps>)

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  3. You say you are on level 21-26, right? I found Giza Plains - The Rain to be a very good place to level up AND make some money while you're at it. First you MUST knock down the six whithered trees around Giza Plains - The Rain to access the Tracks of the Beast area (check some FAQs to see where all the trees are). Around that area you'll find Lv.35 Silicon Tortoises that are fairly easy to kill and often drop Aged Turtle Shells that sell for 1k gil each.

    To kill them easily, equip guns with Wyrmshot Bullets or Bows with Fiery Arrows and cast Oil on them, each hit should take around 2000-3000 HP of the oiled turtles and they should die easily. If you feel like needing it, cast Blind and Slow on them and if everything goes wrong, cast Break and wait until it dies.

    Having Larsa will help if you're underleveled since he will be throwing Hi-Potions and the occasional X-Potion when your health runs low, though Cura will help too. Don't use Fire/Fira on the turtles, they have high magic resistance and it will probably do 0 dmg even when oiled.

    Sadly, there is a downside; there's only 4 Turtles in the area and you'll have to constantly have to run 2 areas away for them to respawn but the entrance to that place is near the Crystal Glade so you won't have to run far . If you're killing them normally and chaining them, DON'T use the Blue Crystals as it WILL break the chains; if you're killing them with Break, feel free to restore health and MP on the Crystal (Petrify/Stone won't give chains). It will take some time, but it is a good place to level up to level 30 - 32. After that, enjoy the Paramina Rift or the Stilshrine of Miriam as your leveling area.

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  4. ahh Classic. this time you should remain at the malboro place but not killing malboro try to kill coeurl this monster can be founded at the entrace of the forest and it also drop a loot which quite expensive to sell if it's about 400 gil each if iam not mistaken if you interest on DeathBringer just forgot this blade as from here you won't able to equip it anyway you will get it along with ensanguined shield later. there's about 13 coeurl from the entrance so if it doesn't spawn again get out and enter again and keep doing this till you satisfied with your gil or your level. about the Elder Wyrm itself you should don't worry to much about him his level are 26 and have 70k hp that's what make this guy hard enough to beat due to it mass hp O_o he has the same hp like Zalera. you must have remedy here with a 3 license on it if your character get confuse just release his/her weapon and put on shield (to avoid brawler license if u have it) as for blind just forget it it just spending your item for silence heal only whose job are healing you should have cura at this place curaga won't hurt either beat those treant first they're so irrittating and Belias also help here Then Good Luck

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  5. Your next major event is reaching mt bur omiscae. now do the first part of the quest BEFORE the major event. Right now you're wasting your time in the giza plains. There are better monsters to kill in Paramina rift. The monsters there are easy to kill, and drop pretty good stuff. You will be able to buy fira, thundara and blizzara once you reach mount bur-omiscae. Focus on getting things like +500 hp, magik potency, shield block, and potion lore on ur license board. if u go south in paramina rift, there are monsters like Emperor Aevis and Twintania which are good monsters to kill for exp. but u shud only go there when u buy thundara

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  6. What are your characters lvls? you need to be at least 30 before you do the next quest

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  7. Keep killing till vaan, ashe and basch are at least lvl 30. You should be strong enough to tackle twintanias and emperor Aevis. go south in paramina rift to find them.

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  8. www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8ZUCzJBMYQ

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  9. I found the best place to level up is Girveagun (or however you spell it) rite b4 go into the Great Crystal. And the best way 2 level up there is 2 equip the Emborbered Tippet (doubles EXP earned) and just have a hay day in there. each time u kill somethin you would orginally get bout 1500-2500 EXP but with the Tippet that will double tat to bout 3000-5000 for each monster.... hope it helps

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