How do i get to excalibur?

  1. I know I am far enough in the game to get it but the great crystal is confusing. i know where to start but once i get to the barriers with the lvl 60 monsters i have no idea what to do. anyone have an easy method of running through this?

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Accepted Answer

  1. Excalibur can only be obtained from a "tear drop" treasure container in the "optional" area of the Girguvan Great Crystal. Access will be available after you complete Draklor Laboratories.

    The "tear drop" for Excalibur is located in Sirhru Jilaam Pratii'vaa. It is colocated with a second "tear drop" and the Excalibur tear drop will appear beneath the other, "screening tear drop".

    Here is a brief description of how to get to Excalibur's location for the North American version of the game.

    Start at Waystone VIII and move up the path to Waystone IX. Teleport to Waystone X and then move on to the location of Waystone XX. There are multiple ways of reaching Excalibur from the location of Waystone XX.

    One way is to move through gate Sagittarius II to Waystone XII and Teleport to Waystone XIV (Da Vikaan Dhebon Pratii). Move down the path and through Sirhu Phullam Udii Pratii and Sirtiru Jilaam Pratii'dii to Sirhru Jilaam Pratii. Take the downward path to Sirthru Jilaam Pratii'vaa where Excalibur can appear.

    A "screening tear drop" will always appear on your initial visit or after you reset the area after opening the "tear drop". It has an 80% chance of containing Gil and a 20% chance of containing something else. Without a Diamond Armlet equipped, the Gil amount is small, like 1 or 2 Gil. With the Diamond Armlet equipped, the Gil amount is much larger, on the order of 5000. Without a Diamond Armlet equipped there will be a 10% chance of receiving a Knot of Rust when you open the "tear drop" and a 10% chance that you will receive a Sage's Ring. With a Diamond Armlet equipped, 18% of the time you will receive a knot of Rust and 2% of the time a Renewing Morion. These treasures are available over and over if you want to get multiple copies.

    The Excalibur "tear drop" is a special deal and may be opened only once. The "bad news" is that the chance of it appearing Is only 20% so multiple visits to the location of the tear drop will likely be required to see the chest. (The chance of getting Excalibur on the first visit is 20%, the chance of needing exactly two visits to get Excalibur is 16%, the chance of needing exactly three visits to get Excalibur is 12.8%, the chance of needing exactly four visits to get Excalibur is 10.2% and so forth.) For example, the probability that five or more visits will be required to get Excalibur is about 41%. The good news is that, when it appears, Excalibur is always contained in the "tear drop".

    To "reset" the "tear drop" locations, you will need to move away from the locations through four screen changes. For example, move from Sirhru Jilaam Pratii'vaa through Sirhru Jilaam Pratii and Sirhru Jilaam Pratii'dii back toward Waystone XIV. You will also need to pass completely through Sirhu Phullam Udii Pratii for the reset to occur. Then a return to Sirhru Jilaam Pratii'vaa will find a new "tear drop" and you can try for the treasure you want again.

    To "run by" an enemy or group of enemies, hold down the R2 button while quickly moving past the fiends.

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