where do I find all of the pieces to the medallion?

  1. This is the side quest to help the creature at dalon's place,the one to get the madallion of love,etc.

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  1. http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/459841/46240

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    You need to complete the Waterway Haunting hunt before getting this key item. Go to Lowtown's North Sprawl after completing the hunt and enter the private residence to speak to Deeg, the seeq. Take the Dusty Later on the table and read it. Now, complete the hunt called "Lost in the Pudding" and speak with Sorbet, the moogle who petitioned the hunt. With the key on hand, go to the Waterway again and control the gates so that all of the lights are off. Look around where the gate number three is to find the Dull Fragment.

    This one is a reward for successfully completing the "Crime and Punishment" hunt.

    Speak to Roh'kenmou in Old Dalan's place. Then find Filo in the southeast corner of Lowtown's South Sprawl and speak to her. Go to Rabanastre's Southern Plaza and speak to the curious woman at the fountain. Now, go to Muthru Bazaar and speak with two "merchants" there. After that, go to Yugri's Magicks. Speak to the imperial. Go back to Lowtown's North Sprawl and find Kytes near Warehouse #5. Then, find Filo again. Lastly, go back to speak with the imperial to receive the fragment.

    Return those three pieces to Roh'kenmou. Travel to Archades and enter Charlotte's Magickery in Molberry, and speak to Roh'kenmou there. Go to Old Archades and find Otto in the Muted Sighs. Return to Roh'kenmou.

    Travel to Nabreus Deadlands and speak to Ma'kleou. Use the secret path to the right of the northwest corner of the Slumbermead to reach Fog Mutters and Overlooking Eternity. The medallion is at the steps of the shrine. Return to Ma'kleou to receive the key item.

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  2. hey I just wanted to tell you that if you accepted the hunt for the Roblon, you will have to fight it before you get the Medallion of Might, because it stands right infront of the shrine. It was not an easy fight either, and my party is the level 50's range. Beprepared if you accepteded the hunt to fight it, but also the dead bones that constantly respawn during the battle.

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  3. Piece # 1: Dalan has this one and automatically gives it to the dude that's looking for it.

    Piece # 2: You must complete the Lost in Pudding Hunt (Sherbet puts the bill up on the Board) and get the key. Then you must open all the gates so the lights are off. Turn on the Eastern-most one (11) and the one closest to it (4). Then Close 11 and open the one on the other side of 4 (which would be 3). Then open 4 and head around to the other side of the little semi-circle of water and check for the sparkle on the ground. That's #2.

    Piece # 3: Complete the Crime & Punishment hunt (avail after Lost in Pudding and being of high enough rank). The hunt requires you to go to where your boss fight with the jellies were on your trip back from the castle. Once there, switch so all your females are out on the field (Fran, Ashe, and Penelo). Go to the center of the area and Orthros will drop in on you. You have a few short seconds before he starts attacking to change to your stronger characters and fight him with them.

    Piece # 4: Go talk to Filo (Rabanastre/Lowtown/South End) who, after being where I told you in prenthesis, is in the little alley straight across from Dalan's House. She'll tell you that her and Kytes have checked everywhere except the city streets. Go to the Fountain area and talk to the Curious Woman (that's what she is labled) who has amnesia and she'll talk about losing her memory and the necklace she has. After you talk to her go to the Muthru Bazaar and talk to the Merchant (he's a green bangaa about halfway down on the west side of the bazaar). He'll tell you he sold it to an imperial. Go to Yugri's Magicks and talk to the Soldier (don't move anywhere and face Vaan's Left and you'll see him). after talking to him, go find the woman (she's not at the fountain so don't waste your time going there). Go into Lowtown and talk to Kytes by the Entrance to Garamsythe Waterway. Then go to Filo and talk to her and ask to see the woman. At the end of your conversation Filo asks you to meet them at Yugri's Magicks (Choice: go by self or save time and go with Filo). Talk to the Soldier and Filo shows up with the woman. There you go, you get the fourth piece of the madallion.

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  4. If you still want more info or want to know something else, you should look up an FAQ.

    It should be in the Hints and Cheats section.

    It'll go into detail on what you want to know.

    If you press ctrl + F and put in what you're looking for you'll find it faster.

    Hope this helps. :D

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