How can i get the Sword of King in the Shrine?

  1. Ive been killing 850 Zombies try to open the Doors or Path Way nothing happens im stuck for Two Weeks now i need help.

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  1. ---------------------------------
    BOSS: Mateus - HP: 34259 - LV: 30

    You may find this to be quite the challenging fight, but I've got a few tips
    that should be enough to turn the tides in your favour. Your first concern
    (of course) is dealing with the little elemental friends that the boss summons
    at the beginning of the battle.

    The easiest and most efficient way to eliminate all of them is to run right in
    the middle, pull as many of them as possible and let loose the biggest
    Quickening you can chain. This should be more than enough to take everything
    down (or leave you in a position where you can finish it off easily yourself).

    If, for whatever reason, that is not a viable option, your next best bet is
    the Thundara spell. On the plus side, the minions are weak to Thunder and
    will all take quite a bit of damage, on the flipside the boss is protected by
    Reflect and this won't likely be a very pleasant experience for the caster.

    Here's how to survive the onslaught of enemies at the start of (and
    throughout) the battle: equip your main tank with an Ice Shield (which I told
    you to buy) and as many other characters as possible with one two. This will
    already halve the ice damage you take.

    In addition, a helpful tactic is to equip the tank with the Dawn Shard. The
    bonus of 20 Magick resist will often yield a wall of 0 damage hits as the ice
    spells come pounding in. It certainly couldn't hurt to cast Decoy on him/her
    either to alleviate the stress on the rest of your party.

    Now that everything is under control, it's time to dive in and pound the boss
    with physical attacks (remember, Reflect, avoid magic). With only about 35000
    HP, you've pounded down larger foes in your time. It's all about maintaining
    control at the beginning.


    Take the southern door and approach the large glowing object to trigger an
    event. The Sword of Kings that you acquire here is an enormous and impressive
    paperweight. As impractical as a paperweight may sound in the context of this
    game, it still remains a better option than swinging this dull blade at an

    Return to the entrance and leave the Stilshrine of Miriam. Doing so will
    initiate another cutscene. Use the crystal to save your game and then
    teleport back to Mt Bur-Omisace.

    This exert was taken from A I e x 's faq

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  1. um... i don't quite under stand but i think this may help you...

    When you get inside, head down a little bit and locate a pedestal on one of
    the east-west walkways. Touching this pedestal will spawn three zombie
    enemies and have no other effect. In order to make it work as it is supposed
    to, you must equip your lead character with the Dawn Shard (which will reduce
    his/her MP to 0), so you probably won't want to keep it equipped for long.

    Get ready to take down some large guardian creature when you appear in this
    area. There is a chest here (behind a trap) which will not respawn. It has a
    50% chance of containing either an Elixir or Megalixir.

    You will also have to face three difficult enemies in the next room, so be
    prepared with AoE attacks (Dark, "-ara" spells, etc) and perhaps a Quickening
    chain. The large stone heads will come to life on the west side when you
    approach them.

    Climb the stairs and approach the pedestal on the east side. You will need to
    re-equip the Dark Shard before touching it again. Return to the room below
    and take either of the new staircases down.

    The green crystal in this room is in fact an enemy that will spawn upon
    examination of the crystal. Defeating it will transform the crystal into a
    regular Save Crystal. In the next room, you need to run down to the south end
    and examine the "Sword of Judgment." Doing so will unlock the door at the
    north end. Head up there and examine the Way Stone to teleport back to the
    dungeon's entrance.

    A bit of an "atypical" situation is coming up. That is, a boss without a save
    point prior to it. For this reason, I suggest you go outside to save your
    game now. Once that is done, return here and go to the northeast corner.
    Take the stairs down to the door that is no longer locked, then take the east
    exit from the Cold Distance.

    * Note - It has been pointed out to me that there may be an error with the
    directions in this section such that the northeast door may be locked,
    requiring you take the northwest door and navigate around to the east side of
    the Cold Distance before you can reach the boss. I apologize for any
    misdirection there may be in this section, and hope that you can still manage
    to reach the correct destination through the use of the map. Credit to
    Michael for this correction.

    This exert was taken from A I e x 's faq

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  2. -----------------------------------
    BOSS: Vinuskar - HP: 15138 - LV: 27

    During your time in Mt Bur-Omisace I mentioned picking up a set of light
    armour for your party, well this battle was the reason. Anyone wearing heavy
    metal armour will be automatically burdened by a Slow effect, making their
    attack turns take almost three times as long as another character clad in
    light armour. Make sure to equip it.

    This is an interesting boss because he really isn't all that... difficult.
    You might think that his HP total is a typo, but it isn't. Almost all your
    attacks will really pound down his health bar, especially guns which penetrate
    all defenses. Your main goal is to just keep pounding this guy down with the
    heaviest attacks you have, His Sword Dance might cut you up a little, but
    it's nothing that Cura can't fix.


    Take the west door and examine the statue in here. Examine the statue, then
    rotate the statue counterclockwise once to face it west. Also, don't miss the
    urn with the map inside against the south wall. Now, exit from here back to
    the Cold Distance and go north to the entrance.

    Save your game once again, and this time take the stairs leading down from the
    northwest corner of the Ward of Measure. Take the west exit from this area to
    reach the Walk of Prescience. Make an immediate right (north) and follow that
    walkway west.

    When you come to the statue at the end of the room, turn it clockwise once so
    that it faces east. Now descend the stairs to the south.

    Follow the path and go through the first door, then continue east through the
    second. If you want treasure, head south and find the treasure room at the
    southwest corner. Since it leads to a dead-end, come back here when you're
    done (ignore the staircase on the way).

    Proceed north and go up. You will have the choice of either going up more
    stairs (south) or staying on this second level (north.) Take the stairs up to
    the third floor and go north. Beyond some enemies you'll find another
    treasure trove.

    Now head south to find another statue. Rotate this one counterclockwise once
    to face north. From here, head east and the north. You may find a couple
    more chests (if they spawn) on your way up toward the north corner where the
    exit to the Cold Distance is found.

    Head back to the Ward of Measure and take the Way Stone teleporter at the
    south end. You will definitely want to make a quick trip east to the Save
    Crystal (a much more difficult enemy that the "miniboss" Vinuskar awaits).
    Once that is done, run to the south end of the Ward of the Sword-King.

    This exert was taken from A I e x 's faq

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