What is the best strategy for the zodiac escutcheon on the barheim passage?

  1. I heard of some method called RNG but every time i try, it don't make combos what i need?oh i almost forgot larsa is with me,you think he is the problem?so,i kill him and used the imobilize glitz without damage?i shold wait until he gone?or wait until the hunt of gilgamesh?to obtain the gengi gloves?

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Accepted Answer

  1. I think getting the Zodiac Escutcheon in the Barheim Passage is a really nasty task. I have tried it, and gave up due to the complicated and time-consuming nature of the actions that need to be taken. The pathway to get there is crowded with enemies; when you get to the site you have "traps" to avoid; there is not one but two different chests that appear in the exact same spot.

    As I remember the chest with the Zodiac Escutcheon will appear on top of the other chest that appears there when it appears. Either chest may appear on its own as well. The alternate chest has a 90% chance of appearing and will usually contain a Knot of Rust (90% chance) if it is present and occasionally a Sweep (10% chance).

    However, if you want to try --

    You must have the Diamond Armlet equipped on your active character if you want to get the shield. It will not be available from the chest otherwise.

    Be advised that, without use of the RNG method, the probability of getting the shield is determined by the 30% chance that the chest with the Zodiac Escutcheon will be present when you reach the location of interest in combination with other probabilities. If it appears, the chance it will contain Gil is 40% and, if it does not contain Gil, the chance that the Zodiac Escutcheon will be the content is 10%.

    So, try, try again is one method but it will take "lots" of time.

    From the chances noted, the probability that a Zodiac Escutcheon will be present in the chest upon any attempt to open it will be 0.30 x 0.60 x 0.10 = 0.018 or, about 2%. That means that, on the average, without some assistance, one can expect the shield to appear about once every 50 tries!

    The RNG method if properly applied can produce the Escutcheon much quicker. What RNG does is remove the randomness factors on the contents of the chest so the the 0.06 probability becomes 1.00 when the "right" combination is seen.

    Stiil, owing to the presence of the "other " chest, there will be "false alarms" to deal with as you apply the method to get the Zodiac Escutcheon. You will always have to apply the method to the first chest you find at the location. Unfortunately, more often than not, it won't be the chest you want.

    Yes you do need to use the "immobilize glitch" for success with the RNG. And yes, if you have Larsa in your party that will foul things up royally. He will attack enemies you don't want to bother and, as you know, is not under your control. So, wait until he is gone or, kill him off before you start with the RNG.

    Do not use special equipment to get the four-hit combos (or any other number of hit combos) you need to see under the RNG method. The method is based upon the appearance of "naturally occurring" combos as you continue hitting yourself.

    So, you need not wait to get things like Genji Gloves.

    Do equip your character with strong defensive equipment and make sure the charaxcter is weaponless when you apply the method. You do not want to damage yourself too much as you strike to execute the RNG approach.

    Remember if if the RNG method "works" and you open the first chest that you have found, it is likely that you will get a Sweep instead of the Zodiac Escutcheon. (There is a 7% probability that neither of the two chests will appear, a 63% probability that the alternate chest will appear by itself, a 3% probability that the chest with the Zodiac Escutcheon will appear by itself. and a 27% probability of the simultaneous appearance of both chests.)

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