Draklor laboratory?

  1. Draklor laboratory red and blue what do i do?

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    chad2878 - 8 years ago

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  1. Floor 66: Go to the North Life Terminal and go to the 67th Floor.
    Floor 67: Go to the door labeled C.D.B. to get a cutscene. You'll automatically get a Lab Access Card and a Draklor Laboratory map. Go to the first door on the right 'Rm 6704 East.' There's a save crystal in here. Exit this room and head for 6703 East which should be right next to you, I think. Use the controls in here to open the blue bulkheads. Leave this room and head back to the lift. Go to Floor 68.
    Floor 68: Go to Room 6803 East and switch the bulkheads to blue. Next head for Room 6804 West. Switch the controls to red again. Look for Room 6811 West. I think it's in the southern-ish part of the map. Use the controls and switch them from red to blue. When you're done here you can head back to the lift and head for Floor 70.
    Floor 70: Cutscene. Use the save crystal, and then have fun with the good doctor.

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  1. Utilize this site's array of FAQs and Guides:


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  2. You've got to find a way through, and making it red opens up some doors and closes others, and making the light blue does the exact opposite. It's a little hard but shouldn't be too much trouble, certainly if your characters don't have any trouble with the soldiers that pop up once in a while. It's kinda like in the Henne Mines.

    User Info: Sir_Demii

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