How to defeat Behemoth King?

  1. i'm still confused with the faqs massage, because while i fight with Behemoth King, when it's health half, it's cannot be attacked. And please help meeee how to defeat it

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    sxifer - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Designate a tank for your party. I equipped my tank with:

    Durandal - Any one handed weapon will suffice (more on this in a min).
    Aegis Shield - 50% Magic evade works and I feel that it mitigates more dmg than fire or ice shield. Plus you don't have to constantly shuffle equipment for fire/ice/thunder spells.
    Black/White Mask - This is optional to absorb white breath and holy / darkga. Of course if you follow my instructions he should barely ever do white breath.
    Armor optional - you could go with Maximilian but the tank truely doesn't need this unless things get out of hand.
    Bubble belt - Again only truly needed if things get out of hand. If you find that your health is too low to handle his spells. Equip a sage ring with the black mask for more absorb.

    Other members - make sure that they equip non-elemental weapons. I would advise you to control a character with a ranged weapon (I used the Gastrophetes for the criticals). These members will be primary DPS and have the responsibility of keeping Decoy on the tank. You really don't need to bubble these characters unless you have trouble keeping Decoy on the tank. EEquip sage rings on these two for mp conservation during casting cycles (when Behemoth King is immune to physicals) and cat ear hood / genji glove (when not). If you find that too many spells are hitting you even with the aegis shield equip a gauntlet to raise Mevade.

    Strategy - Have the tank continually cast an offensive spell on Behemoth king (yes even when he is immune). This will force it to cast offensive magic as well reducing his dps substantially (especially since your tank is a 50% evade absorbing machine now). If you find that the tank's mp cannot keep up, syphon one of the other two members (they will easily recover on an attack cycle).

    Physical immune cycle - Cast your most powerful non-elemental magic. I used shock due to its short animation.

    Magical immune cycle - Attack, attack ,and more attacking. Remember to cast offensive magic with the tank.

    As always dispel when you can if Behemoth king decides to buff himself.

    Positioning - keep the tank away from the two dps'ers since we don't want our other characters getting splashed from the aoe spells.

    something like this:

    Behemoth king ----->Tank
    | \
    | \
    Dps Dps (ranged)

    Its ok if the far left dps is out of heal range. control the ranged dps character in case you need to throw a chronos tear for stop (in the rare occasion that he does white breath).

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    3esauudh237 - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. U have to survive for like2-3 minutes when he's invincible and he will become invincible more than once. So train like hell to toughen your party up, get some good armor, bubble belts, and some weapons in the 100+ power range. So go start questing for ultimate weapons, like Tournesol, the Zodiac Spear(which u should have gotten by now), 1 or 2 Masamunes, the Excalibur, etc..... And go to Necrohol of Nabudis to buy some Maximillian and Magepower Shishak. Good Luck.

    User Info: D_Spear

    D_Spear - 8 years ago 0 1

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