List of worthy missables?

  1. I am aware that there is a missables FAQ, however, most of them are scenes or other unimportant things. Could anyone possibly list the good items that are either a) the best for end game or b) very good at the time it can be received? I would manually go through the list and compare the item's stats with another guide, however, it seems to be too much work, and someone who has actually beaten the game would probably have an easier time answering it.

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    Sizux - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. .There aren't many real missables. The most important are:

    *small spoilers*

    1) Zodiac spear (though it can be obtained multiple times, the chances are extremely low)
    2) Genji equipment (steal all four parts during the fights with Gilgamesh)
    3) Omega badge (pick up after beating Omega without leaving the screen, else it's gone; needed for Wyrmhero Blade)
    4) Circlet (do not wear Diamond armlet when opening the corresponding chests)

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Other Answers

  1. Well the game does a pretty good job of balancing what you receive and when so that you aren't too overpowered. My suggestion would be to steal from a new enemy when you encounter them. I did this throughout my game and I found that enemies sometimes drop weapons that are slightly stronger than what you can buy at the merchant at the time or they may possess an elemental bonus that particular enemies in your area are weak to. This allows you to be "overpowered" in a sense.

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  2. It's not really a missable, but it's really good from the time you get it to the end of the game. Deathbringer. It's a single handed sword with Deathtouch. You can steal it from Ithuno, a rare game. There's lots of information on it in both Split and Soul's stickies.

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