Legendary Weapons?

  1. Can someone give me a list of all the Legendary Weapons, how to get them, what they're called and what level you have to be to get them?

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Accepted Answer

  1. [WP1] Arcturus
    [WP2] Artemis Bow
    [WP3] Danjuro
    [WP4] Dragon Whisker
    [WP5] Durandal
    [WP6] Eight-Fluted Pole
    [WP7] Euclid's Sextant
    [WP8] Excalibur
    [WP9] Fomalhaut
    [WP10] Gastrophetes
    [WP11] Grand Mace
    [WP12] Holy Rod
    [WP13] Iga Blade
    [WP14] Koga Blade
    [WP15] Masamune
    [WP16] Muramasa
    [WP17] Orochi
    [WP18] Ragnarok
    [WP19] Rod Of Faith
    [WP20] Sagittarius
    [WP21] Scorpion Tail
    [WP22] Staff Of The Magi
    [WP23] Stoneblade
    [WP24] Tournesol
    [WP25] Ultima Blade
    [WP26] Volcano
    [WP27] Whale Whisker
    [WP28] Wyrmhero Blade
    [WP29] Yagyu Darkblade
    [WP30] Zeus Mace
    [WP31] Zodiac Spear

    Most of them are acquired via chest, and via bazaar. The very 1st ultimate weapon you can acquired is Fomalhaut (gun type) which can be acquired by the chest in time you completed The Giant Mantis Antlion (Antlion Infestation, Rank V) in Lhusu Mines. The chest have a 60% spawn rate and a guaranteed Fomalhaut. If u can't find this chest, go back 2 zones and come back here.

    Here is the hardest weapon u can acquire, TOURNESOL.

    Earliest acces : After the events at Draklor / Phon Coast

    Gemsteell 3x, Empyreal Soul 3x, Serpentarius 3x

    Gemsteel : Awarded from acquiring 8 espers, available after reaching Archades.

    Or sell Scarletite 1 (Emeralditan, Nabreus Deadlands), Damascus Steel 2 (Bune, Pharos at Ridorana or Anchag <-- Rare Monster at Paramina Rift), Hell's Gate Flame 2 (Cerberus, Feywood).

    Empyreal Soul : Awarded from acquiring High Guardian rank (28 marks defeated, 300,000 points accumulated).

    Or sell Wargod's Band 2 (Leynir, Nabreus Deadlands), Soul Powder 1(Reward from hunt Ixtab, or Etem at Henne Mines secret area), High Arcana 1 (Reward from Montblanc for acquiring 4 espers.

    Serpentarius : Reward for Acquiring all espers (13), steal from Zodiark (80% rate)

    Or sell Snake Skin 4 (Wild Snake, Giza Plains the dry), Serpent Eye 2 (Reward from hunt Marilith, or Basilisk at Feywood), High Arcana 1 (See above)

    Well that's it. Ask me if u want to know more.

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