What is the best strategy for yiazmat?

  1. I need to beat yiazmat but, he is ridiculously hard to beat because he has 3 bars left but, I always have to save myself by going back to save. Please tell what the best strategy is.

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    LKi464 - 8 years ago

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  1. Once you've gotten him down to his 10th or 9th health bar, he'll use something called Growing Threat.
    This is the bad part, but luckily for you I have a simple solution.

    You'll be having to change your gambits. Decide on one person to be a decoy. The way it works: one person is the decoy, others support and recast decoy on the selected fighter. Also you'll be using reverse. So you'll have to turn off your healing gambits or change them.

    Here's an easy set up for the two supporters:
    1) Ally: (Name of Decoy) Reverse
    2) Ally: (Name of Decoy) Decoy
    3) Ally: (other supporter) Curaga
    4) Self Curaga
    5) Ally: any Chronos Tear
    6) Ally: any Soft
    7) Ally: any Esunaga (for backup if you run out of items)
    8) Ally: status KO Arise/Raise (recommend arise)
    9) Ally: status KO Phoenix Down (backup)
    10) Ally: any Bravery/Hastega (one supporter uses one the other uses the other)
    11) Ally: any Protectga/Shellga (same here as the gambit above)
    12) Foe: party leader's target Attack

    For the selected decoy just change Gambits 1 and 2's targets to "Self" instead of "Ally: Name of Decoy" and turn off the healing gambit (except for the arise/rise/phoenix down/status healers), Bravery/Protectga/Shellga/Hastega and keep it down to a minimum if you can for your decoy to cure any status effects.

    Just focus on keeping your decoy the decoy and having reverse on him/her at all times. The Yiazmat will mainly use Rake and attack the decoy. Like before there will be a small scramble when your decoy dies (that short bit between having on reverse and recasting it) but once again, you shouldn't have much trouble getting things back on track.

    I can guarantee that it works, and I swear on everything that is true and good that you can do it in your sleep with the exception of selecting a new leader when yours dies. I did it while I was sleeping...literally! I also beat the Hell Wyrm in my sleep. Both nights I'd stayed up extremely late and fell asleep watching my characters fight, and awoke from a controller rumble on my stomach!

    I beat the Yiazmat in around 6 or less hours.
    I hope I was able to help and GOOD LUCK! :D

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  1. Well you could have your tank with decoy and reverse that should help a bit for example
    ally:vaan or whoever it is: reverse
    ally:vaan decoy
    note have this for all charecters execpt your tank your other charecters should also have the attack gambits on however have all healing ececpt arise off as this will kill your tank
    if the tank is far away from a certain charecter you may use curaja or renew but only if your tank is out of range

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  2. Watch this video:


    This is the "best" way to kill Yiazmat. It's the Auto-Yiazmat Trick. If ur fighting him at full health, u should be able to kill him in less then 3 hours if u can do this trick quickly and correctly. This video will explain everything.

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  3. K im just going to copy and repaste this thing cuz its too long to retype, but this is the answer i gave smily613 a while ago:

    "When you first enter, Dispel him EVERY TIME. And I'm sure you're aware that he uses cyclone, and its considered an elemental move, and its wind. Make sure you buy 3 Windbreakers, located in Rabanastre. Now im not saying wear these the whole time because you WILL die if you do, so make sure you re-equip your good armor. i made that mistake at one point and nearly got myself killed in one hit. Make sure you pay close attention to the top left corner of your screen and when it says he's going to use Cyclone, quickly open your inventory and equip the windbreakers. once you close it, Cyclone will only hit you for half damage so you can quickly switch back to your regular armor and if need be, heal. Don't place your characters close to each other either, because if he uses an attack thats going to hit all 3 characters at once, you're taking a chance of getting all 3 of them killed. Spread them out around him, and if they're close enough to heal each other, then they're too close together and need to be moved. Don't waste your time casting bubble, equip bubble belts. I have the belts equipped to 2 of my people, and i have the Genji gloves equipped to Basch. You can use dark element weapons but most of them are weak and the strongest dark weapon is Yagyu Darkblade I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, and it can only be found by the rare game Bombshell, located at the bridge south west from the orange save crystal in the Lhusu Mines, and it takes a while to get it to spawn and so far i haven't been able to get the sword. But if you want to, go for it. DO NOT USE A QUICKENING on Yiazmat. You will waste your magic, won't have any for healing and it won't really do anything to him. And don't bother with shields, it just makes it go that much slower because the good weapons are 2 handed weapons, like the Ultima Blade and Ragnarok. If you're going to use gambits, use them for items such as Chronos tears, not for healing. Its better to heal yourself than rely on gambits. Well let me go back to what i said earlier about bubble. Like i said, use the belts on your 2 characters, but if you have them, equip your strongest one in the 3 man party with the Genji gloves and bubble manually, and equip them with 2 handed weapons cuz like i said, they're generally the strongest. this method has worked very well for me and im very close to killing him as it stands. Honestly i don't recommend that you try to kill him if you're under level 80. My 3 main characters are at level 95 and I'm still having a hard time with it. I'm not sure how this will work for you if you try it, but i know it's worked for me and I'm sorry that this is all jumbled up but i hope it makes a little sense."

    I myself am still in the process of beating him (mainly because i haven't actually touched my final fantasy game in a couple months) and this is the strategy ive used every time I've gone to him and hes down about 1/4 of his life now i believe.

    User Info: Kitten3150

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  4. By the time you're down to 3 bars, there's really only one simple strategy you need to deal with. Equip everyone with the strongest weapons you have, then set up your gambits as follows:

    Ally Any: Arise
    Foe Nearest Visible: Attack

    There's no time for buffing or healing because Yiazmat hits hard and fast. You can always retreat and regroup if you need to, but with a little luck it won't come to that.

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  5. My suggestion is be sure you are at level 99. I completed the game my first run-through because I'm picky about being thorough.

    The way I found to be best was have the bubble belt equipped on everybody (your 3 fighters if you only wanna buy three) and having one person with an accessory that prevents stop. Also unequip ANY holy weapons you may have on because you'll really be feelin' it later if you leave them on. The Yiazmat absorbs holy. I had the Tournesol, Ultima, and Ragnarok on because they were the 3 best greatswords to use.

    STOCK UP ON ETHERS! I cannot stress that enough! I even ended up running out at one point. Just go to the Baknamy Merchant in the Necrohol of Nabudis. You'll more than likely have to leave and come back at least once or twice. It gives you enough time to restock on EVERYTHING before blasting back into battle, which is good for you.

    You need to have one person with Protectga, one with Shellga, and one with Hastega

    In the beginning, your gambits should be something like this:
    1) Ally: HP < 50% or 60% Curaja
    2) Ally: any Chronos Tear
    3) Ally: any Soft
    4) Ally: any Esunaga/Esuna (for backup if you run out of items)
    5) Ally: status KO Arise/Raise (recommend arise)
    6) Ally: status KO Phoenix Down (backup)
    7) Ally: any Protectga/Shellga/Hastega
    7) Ally: any Bravery
    8) Foe: party leader's target Attack
    9) Self (one person only) Libra (OPTIONAL but I recommend it for now)

    Before going in, I suggest making sure you cast all the stat boosts.
    AS SOON AS you get into the battle: DISPEL! He has SO many stat uppers that if you didn't get rid of them, you wouldn't want to dare even LOOK at him. So BE SURE to dispel.

    Since you've already cast Protectga/Shellga/Hastega/Bravery before you entered and you've already dispelled, it's time to let them just attack. (I advise saving MP by NOT using ANY quickenings, unless you're itching to get all the concurrences.)

    I was able to do this without touching the controller for about 15 of the Yiazmat's health bars simply because I needed to change the leader so they could resurrect the dead one. There will be a little bit of a scramble when you need to resurrect and such, but don't worry, you should be back on your feet soon.

    If you follow this pattern, you should be good for a while. Like I said, if you need to restock, feel free. He'll probably use Death Strike on your way out so make sure at least two people are up. So you can just run to the exit while holding down "escape" but be sure not to be too long or he'll recover health.
    (Also if Bravery is eating up your MP, feel free to take it off. I even had to at one point.)

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    RahChan - 8 years ago 1 1
  6. A much simpler approach (if you are leveled enough):
    once you get down to the last few bars:

    Ally any: arise
    Ally any: chronos tear
    Foe any: Attack

    You should be ok, just keep an eye on the tv in case you need to switch party leaders due to death

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  7. If you still want more info or want to know something else, you should look up an FAQ.

    It should be in the Hints and Cheats section.

    It'll go into detail on what you want to know.

    If you press ctrl + F and put in what you're looking for you'll find it faster.

    Hope this helps. :D

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  8. If you like your characters to have equality gambits (i do). Then you should probably set your gambits like mine:

    Two pleople:
    1. Ally: status KO----Arise
    2. Ally: status Stop---- dispel (trust me, this works)
    3. Self: status reflect----dispel (for later)
    4. Ally: HP <20%----Curaja
    5. Ally: HP <50%----Curaga
    6. Self: Mp <10%----Charge
    7. Foe: Flying----telekinesis
    8. Foe: any----attack

    One person:
    Flip gambits 4-6 with 7 and 8, so that attacking comes
    before healing. if you want, this person can use the
    Zodiac spear.

    This fight is fairly straightforward as it starts. I managed to kill it at level 74, but speaking from experience, higher levels recommended. it uses mainly physical attacks, stone breath, white breath, and cyclone. As the fight continues, Yiazmat throws in death strike.
    If you plan to leave the battlefield temporarily, always ensure that there is more than one person alive. More than once Yiazmat will try to punish you with death strike if you leave.
    at some point late in the battle (10 or so bars) Yiazmat will intimidate you even more by doubling his already high level. Dont panic though. As long as the reserve members are alive, then just try to power through.
    Zodiark and Quickenings do NOT help, for they hinder more than they help, and they waste precious magic on relatively low damage.
    When you leave to replenish at the save crystals, i recommend taking the left route with the save crystal and the achor. The reason for this is, if you take the upper route you will likely fall victim to a silence gas trap whether leave or returning.
    Always save!!! if you dont have time to kill Yiazmat (who would?) then you can always upload a saved file and enter the battle with Yiazmat already as beaten down as you have made him.
    As Yiazmat starts flashing red, then you need to be careful when reentering the battle. Always have only one person out, and dispel him immediatley. Yiazmat wil then unleash another Cyclone, and theres no need to expose the whole party to it. If you are much farther in the battle, then Yiazmat will cast reflectga on your character. after that happens, you can then bring out the rest of the party.
    Yiazmat gets pretty tough on his last legs. As i have said, just tough out his attacks without wasting magic, and he will go down eventually. It is also best to have all of your augment licenses, and also to be able to weild the Zodiac spear. Having bubble belts on this fight is not an option. you must keep them on at all times, because Yiazmat's attacks come quick, and they hit hard.
    If you are potent in your attacking, then Yiazmat will eventually fall within about 13 stages.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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