How do I beat Gilgamesh both times and what level should i be?

  1. I need some tips to beat him and around what level is good to try it.

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    lookingforcheat - 8 years ago
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    Well thanks i beat him. but i was like level 65..... each. just need to pay atttention and pound him. thanks anyway!

    User Info: lookingforcheat

    lookingforcheat - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Gilgamesh is level 40 the first time you fight him, so be at least level 45. There will be cut scenes so after each one, STEAL FROM HIM until you get a piece of Genji armor. This is a rare armor and if you don't get it from him, you won't ever get it. You have a chance to get two pieces in the first fight and the rest of them in the second one.

    The second fight is a lot harder, not only is he stronger but you have to go past a lot of high levels to get to him. I believe hes at level 70 this time, so i suggest being close to level 80. If you see Disma, DON'T bother with it on the way to Gilgamesh; this is a very tough rare monster and it nearly slaughtered me when i ran into it ( i have really bad luck sometimes).

    Another thing with the second fight, he's going to use things like "Level 3 disable" or "level 4 break". This means every one who's level is divisible by 3 or 4 is going to get hit with it. I don't remember if he used it in the first fight. The first fight is pretty easy, just get the strongest armor you can find and watch your health bar. But you have to be very careful with the second fight, cuz like i said its much, much harder than the first. Basically if you can't handle the enemies on the way to gilgamesh, you will have a very hard time beating him. And i also suggest focusing on taking out that mut before you focus on Gilgamesh himself cuz that thing's really going to get in the way and probably make you mad, unless i just have no patience..

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Other Answers

  1. So this guy is a level 70 and im a level 80. And i haven't had any luck getting even close to beating him second time. the mut keaps doing something i think called tri attack. It almost kills me, then Gilgamesh finish's me off. What do i do now!?

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    videonerd - 8 years ago 0 0

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