How do i enter at Pilgrims Door in Sochen cave palace? And what's behind that door?

  1. How do i enter at Pilgrims Door in Sochen cave palace? And what's behind that door?

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    jhaelv21 - 8 years ago

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  1. To enter, u have to go around in circles between the rooms, but I don't remember how to navigate the rooms to open the Pilgrim's Door, so just look around in the FAQs section. What's behind the door is a rare game monster and either a Koga Blade or Iga Blade. One-time only chest.

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  1. Look in the Rare Monster 41-60 Map for No 42 Anubys and follow it. (Tried to post link, but it would not allow it).

    A one time chest is behind the door and of course the Rare Trophy Anubys. The chest will contain either a Iga Blade or Koga Blade.

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  2. To enter pilgrims door you must get to the center room (do this by going to the entrance on the far east after you enter the area). When you get into that room, turn around and head back to the first area. go to the far west and head through the doorway there. head straight up and exit into the next area by the doorway on the far west. hug the north wall and head through one of the doors to the circular area. head straight to the east and leave the circular area by opening another door. by this point you would have noticed 2 paths that lead south, hug the north wall again and continue east. When you reach the 3rd path that goes south, take it down to the next area. go straight south and out into the first area. go west to the first door to the north and go inside. There will be a popup saying a door opened up in the distance if you've done this properly. head a little ways north and cross to the center of the area and head south to a door. open it. inside is a lone chest which can contain either Iga Blade or Koga Blade as long as you don't have the diamond armlet equipped (don't open the chest if you do have the diamond armlet equipped you get knot of rust) I got this from the official strategy guide for the game.

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  3. That is not correct i did it and it did not open the Pilgrims but another door near the area u described.

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  4. There are 2 doors in Sochen Cave, the first Pilgrim's door is located in Mirror of the Soul. Following the Rare Anubys steps will open it.

    The Second is Ascetics door located in Destiny's March. This door is opened by going up the far right side and entering the doors of hours.
    Then travel in a clockwise manner around the diamond, opening only those doors, until you are back where you started. This will unlock the Ascetics door.
    You will have to find the Ageworn Key later to open the bottom door, which leads to Hell Wyrm.

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  5. Starting from the bottom screen (with a massive row of various entrances north on your map, take the furthest left entrance up. Then take the furthest left entrance up again so you are in the area with the diamond shaped rooms and corridors (bearing hints and writing here and there, and a secret door on the left).

    From here, follow a CLOCKWISE direction going back down to loop back to the bottom screen again (below where you want to go), always taking the entrance that's furthest from the centre room you want to reach, BUT never going through entrances you've been through already. By the time you reach the centre the waterfalls will have rearranged so as to allow you entry to the centre room.


    For better information look it up on Gamefaqs.

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  6. If you still want more info or want to know something else, you should look up an FAQ.

    It should be in the Hints and Cheats section.

    It'll go into detail on what you want to know.

    If you press ctrl + F and put in what you're looking for you'll find it faster.

    Hope this helps. :D

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