How do I beat Yazmat more easily?

  1. Is just a hell to kill him.I kill Omega easily,but he...
    I use Masamune+Lordly Robe+Magepower Shishak+Hermes Sandals With Berserk and Bravery,with low HP to reach 9999(with 7 to 12 combo) damage in all attacks.others characters,i use them as a decoy.Is this good or there is a better way?

    User Info: Lord_Maninho

    Lord_Maninho - 8 years ago

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  1. Well here's a strategy to use if you want to beat him honestly without using some in-game glitch so you can get some satisfaction out of it:

    When you first enter, Dispel him EVERY TIME. And I'm sure you're aware that he uses cyclone, and its considered an elemental move, and its wind. Make sure you buy 3 Windbreakers, located in Rabanastre. Now im not saying wear these the whole time because you WILL die if you do, so make sure you re-equip your good armor. i made that mistake at one point and nearly got myself killed in one hit. Make sure you pay close attention to the top left corner of your screen and when it says he's going to use Cyclone, quickly open your inventory and equip the windbreakers. once you close it, Cyclone will only hit you for half damage so you can quickly switch back to your regular armor and if need be, heal. Don't place your characters close to each other either, because if he uses an attack thats going to hit all 3 characters at once, you're taking a chance of getting all 3 of them killed. Spread them out around him, and if they're close enough to heal each other, then they're too close together and need to be moved. Don't waste your time casting bubble, equip bubble belts. I have the belts equipped to 2 of my people, and i have the Genji gloves equipped to Basch. You can use dark element weapons but most of them are weak and the strongest dark weapon is Yagyu Darkblade I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, and it can only be found by the rare game Bombshell, located at the bridge south west from the orange save crystal in the Lhusu Mines, and it takes a while to get it to spawn and so far i haven't been able to get the sword. But if you want to, go for it. DO NOT USE A QUICKENING on Yiazmat. You will waste your magic, won't have any for healing and it won't really do anything to him. And don't bother with shields, it just makes it go that much slower because the good weapons are 2 handed weapons, like the Ultima Blade and Ragnarok. If you're going to use gambits, use them for items such as Chronos , not for healing. Its better to heal yourself than rely on gambits. Well let me go back to what i said earlier about bubble. Like i said, use the belts on your 2 characters, but if you have them, equip your strongest one in the 3 man party with the Genji gloves and bubble manually, and equip them with 2 handed weapons cuz like i said, they're generally the strongest. this method has worked very well for me and im very close to killing him as it stands. Honestly i don't recommend that you try to kill him if you're under level 80.

    And yes, I gave this answer to other people before because it does work without using a glitch. It's more interesting without taking advantage of one.

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  1. For first40milion hp u dont need decay have2 character berserk &one character with renew hp<40% but foe last 10milion hp u need atleast 2 character as decay+reverse status and vaan with masamune+lordly robe+magepower shishak+*gengi glove(thisone is need)*and this character must be at hp<6.25% and berserk status keep this for wholetime and say bye to yiazmat

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    Sir_Immortal - 8 years ago 0 1
  2. Check youtube. there is an auto Yiazmat video showing how to abuse an in-game glitch to kill yiazmat with no trouble at all.

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  3. If ur tired of having to take hours to kill him or he's just too hard, then here's a great solution(kinda). This video will show u how to make Yiazmat ur b!tch.You'll be satisfied with this little trick, especially if u've repeatedly tried to kill Yiazmat and failed.

    Watch this video:

    This is the "best" way to kill Yiazmat. It's the Auto-Yiazmat Trick. If ur fighting him at full health, u should be able to kill him in less then 3 hours if u can do this trick quickly and correctly. This video will explain everything. The only negative side to this video is it's 30 minutes long. But it's worth it.

    User Info: D_Spear

    D_Spear - 8 years ago 2 1

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